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Topic: RFID

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  EPIC RFID Privacy Page
The purpose of an RFID system is to enable data to be transmitted by a portable device, called a tag, which is read by an RFID reader and processed according to the needs of a particular application.
RFID technology also enables retailers and corporations to peek into the lives of consumers in ways that were, until recently, off limits.
This move is predicted to hasten the deployment of RFID tags and lower the cost by increasing visibility and demand for the technology.
www.epic.org /privacy/rfid   (6461 words)

  RFID - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
If the RFID tags are visible, then location sensing with milimeter accuracy is possible from a few meters by adding a low cost photosensor on the tags and using a structured light projecting device, such as a video projector.
RFID tags are often envisioned as a replacement for UPC or EAN barcodes, having a number of important advantages over the older barcode technology.
Although RFID tags are only officially intended for short-distance use, they can be interrogated from greater distances by anyone with a high-gain antenna, potentially allowing the contents of a house to be scanned at a distance, something distinctly Orwellian in nature.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/RFID   (6404 words)

 RFID Position Statement of Consumer Privacy and Civil Liberties Organizations
RFID readers have already been experimentally embedded into floor tiles, woven into carpeting and floor mats, hidden in doorways, and seamlessly incorporated into retail shelving and counters, making it virtually impossible for a consumer to know when or if he or she was being "scanned."
RFID must not be used to track individuals absent informed and written consent of the data subject.
RFID tags have varying read ranges depending on their antenna size, transmission frequency, and whether they are passive or active.
www.privacyrights.org /ar/RFIDposition.htm   (3857 words)

 RFID - Internetnews.com - Webopedia.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
With RFID, the electromagnetic or electrostatic coupling in the RF portion of the electromagnetic spectrum is used to transmit signals.
An RFID system consists of an antenna and a transceiver, which read the radio frequency and transfer the information to a processing device, and a transponder, or tag, which is an integrated circuit containing the RF circuitry and information to be transmitted.
RFID systems can be used just about anywhere, from clothing tags to missiles to pet tags to food -- anywhere that a unique identification system is needed.
inews.webopedia.com /TERM/R/RFID.html   (351 words)

 RFID tags: Big Brother in small packages | Perspectives | CNET News.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
RFID tags are miniscule microchips, which already have shrunk to half the size of a grain of sand.
RFID tags are, on the whole, a useful development and a compelling technology.
Matrics of Columbia, Md., said it has claimed the record for the smallest RFID tag, a flat square measuring 550 microns a side with an antenna that varies between half an inch long to four inches by four inches, depending on the application.
news.com.com /2010-1069-980325.html   (1835 words)

 RFID Chips Are Here
RFID chips cost up to 50 cents, but prices are dropping.
For instance, Delta is testing RFID on some flights, tagging 40,000 customer bags in order to reduce baggage loss and make it easier to route bags if customers change their flight plans.
Wal-Mart would love to be able to point an RFID reader at any of the 1 billion sealed boxes of widgets it receives every year and instantly know exactly how many widgets it has.
securityfocus.com /columnists/169   (1693 words)

 What is RFID? - A Word Definition From the Webopedia Computer Dictionary
With RFID, the electromagnetic or electrostatic coupling in the RF portion of the electromagnetic spectrum is used to transmit signals.
An RFID system consists of an antenna and a transceiver, which read the radio frequency and transfer the information to a processing device, and a transponder, or tag, which is an integrated circuit containing the RF circuitry and information to be transmitted.
RFID systems can be used just about anywhere, from clothing tags to missiles to pet tags to food -- anywhere that a unique identification system is needed.
www.webopedia.com /TERM/R/RFID.html   (765 words)

 Technorati Tag: RFID
RFID Journal RFID Journal is a leading RFID news and features information source for professionals and amateurs alike.
Capture and store 100% of your RFID data and keep it as long as needed for ten percent of the cost of a relational database.
RFID Data - Kiosks.com A top-name in the kiosk industry.
www.technorati.com /tag/RFID   (495 words)

 RFID Update - The RFID Industry Daily
While roughly a year overdue, BizTalk RFID does not disappoint, according to a number of sources familiar with the offering.
RFID Forum at MIT Discusses the Future of NFC Thursday September 20th
See a recent sample issue, then subscribe for free to join the more than 13,000 executives that rely on "the Update" for RFID news.
www.rfidupdate.com   (205 words)

 RFID Journal - FAQS - Q&A Section about RFID Uses & RFID Technology   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
If RFID has been around so long and is so great, why aren't all companies using it?
I've heard RFID can be used with sensors.
I've heard that RFID doesn't work around metal and water.
www.rfidjournal.com /faq   (520 words)

 RFID Solutions- RFID Solutions Online
RFID Anywhere is a flexible software platform that integrates business logic and processes with a variety of data collection and sensor technologies, giving organizations a powerful, scalable infrastructure for implementing, monitoring, and managing intelligent sensor networks.
The RFID Center of Excellence at Penn State Behrend was established in early 2005 as a collaborative initiative with the Center for E-Business and Advanced IT (eBizITPA).
The initial applications of RFID technologies that received attention were not generating a significant benefit outside of the fact that it kept suppliers on the good side of the gorillas.
www.rfidsolutionsonline.com   (3545 words)

 RFIDa - RFID Technology
The RFID consumables will be used as part of a strategic initiative to help improve Lemmi's speed to market, inventory management, and order accuracy.
Using these RFID tags, information on the distribution and use history of the products - from the pharmaceutical manufacturer via the wholesalers to the medical institutions through to use - can be shared (federated), and the basis for a tracking mechanism can be established.
RFID provides a means for positive identification and trace-back of objects that have been identified with a Low Frequency (LF) microchip or RFID tag.
www.rfida.com /weblog/blogger.html   (3374 words)

 The RFID Weblog
Wal-Mart's requiring of their suppliers to use RFID tags are certainly one reason for the projected growth, as well as potential applications in both the industrial and retail sectors, such as the tracking of inventory.
A new study from ABI Research indicates that RFID is definitely one of the hotter technologies and momentum continues to grow for its adoption by a number of companies in all sorts of applications.
According to their research, Gartner believes that businesses are looking to use RFID tags in a number of data collection applications specific to their own industry, ranging from retail environments to hospitals, as well as what is currently being leveraged in warehouses to keep track of inventory and shipping.
rfid.weblogsinc.com   (1965 words)

 RFID Tribe - Home
RFID Tribe, a global organization with local chapters, is a rapidly growing forum for radio frequency identification.
RFID Tribe has members in over 65 countries and in more than 500 companies.
RFID Tribe is a group of active, productive industry experts and technology users.
www.rfidtribe.com   (267 words)

 :: Society :: Issues :: Science and Technology :: RFID   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
RFID Privacy Workshop - Material relevant to those who attended and organized the RFID Privacy Workshop held in November 2003, including a group blog.
The goal of the RFID Privacy Workshop was to bring together RFID technologists, boosters, critics, privacy advocates, and journalists covering the space to establish some technical truths and a framework for discussing the policy issues.
Ross Mayfield's Weblog: RFID Hacks - Blog entry argues that the more people grapple with RFID to learn how it operates and how it can be manipulated, worries about its misuse should decrease.
www.localadsearch.com /Society/Issues/Science_and_Technology/RFID   (387 words)

 RFID in TutorGig Encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-26)
Alien Technology is a manufacturer of RFID technology headquartered in Morgan Hill, California.
RFID payment systems of it s kind, debuting nationwide in 1997 far ahead of today s VISA and MasterCard..
A swipe card is a typically credit card size badge incorporating a magnetic stripe, an RFID RFID tag, a transponder transponder device and or a microchip mostly used for business premises access control..
www.tutorgig.com /es/RFID   (630 words)

RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) is used in all areas of automatic data capture allowing contactless identification of objects using RF.
With applications ranging from industrial automation, access control, animal identification, ePassport and ticketing, RFID technology solutions are receiving much attention in the research and development departments of large corporations.
RFID is a major growth area in auto ID, providing the technology behind contactless smart cards, production automation and the electronic supply chain.
www.rfid-handbook.de   (300 words)

 AIM Global : RFID Technology - The global trade assocation for automatic identification
AIM Global is committed to the intelligent adoption of RFID.
Hampton Products RFID deployment is a success story that other consumer product goods companies can replicate.
In the city of Vejle, Denmark, the main bus terminal had too little capacity to handle all incoming buses and passenger service was at a low.
www.aimglobal.org /technologies/rfid   (692 words)

 spychips.com - how RFID will compromise privacy, security, freedom
On the eve of a major RFID apparel and footwear conference, privacy activists are asking questions about an Orwellian industry video presentation depicting the use of Radio Frequency Identification at an American Eagle Outfitters store...
RFID readers can be placed invisibly in the environment.
RFID tags can be placed on clothes and in peoples belongings.
www.spychips.com   (1203 words)

 RFID Tags, Readers and Antenna Technology from Symbol
The first organization to implement working RFID solutions, Symbol is committed to developing and supporting open standards to ensure your investment is protected.
Our RFID infrastructure products, together with our mobile computers, scanners, data management tools and industry-leading partner applications, provide the reliable, scalable foundation you need to cost-effectively build and adapt your mobile enterprise as your business grows and changes.
RFID tags and inlays from Symbol Technology identify products and assets for rapid, accurate radio frequency identification (RFID) capture and movement to reduce operational costs and improve response.
www.symbol.com /products/rfid/rfid.html   (333 words)

 Auto-ID: The worst thing that ever happened to consumer privacy
RFID couples radio frequency (RF) identification technology with highly miniaturized computers that enable products to be identified and tracked at any point along the supply chain.
RFID employs a numbering scheme called EPC (for "electronic product code") which can provide a unique ID for any physical object in the world.
Though many RFID proponents appear focused on inventory and supply chain efficiency, others are developing financial and consumer applications that, if adopted, will have chilling effects on consumers' ability to escape the oppressive surveillance of manufacturers, retailers, and marketers.
www.nocards.org /AutoID/overview.shtml   (1768 words)

 STMicroelectronics - RFID and RF Memory ICs
ST is strongly pushing the adoption of Worldwide RFID standards such as ISO 14443 type B, ISO 15693, ISO 18000 and EPCglobal.
ST offers a wide range of RFID tags, and contactless memory products including a contactless chip reader.
RFID and RF Memory ICs at Conferences and Exhibitions
www.st.com /rfid   (185 words)

Libraries, schools, the government, and private sector businesses are adopting radio frequency identification tags, or RFIDs — a technology that can be used to pinpoint the physical location of whatever item the tags are embedded in.
While RFIDs are a convenient way to track items, they are also a convenient way to do something far less benign: track people and their activities through their belongings.
Letter from the ACLU [PDF, 14k] to the San Francisco Board of Supervisors stating opposition to RFID deployment at the SF Public Library.
www.eff.org /Privacy/Surveillance/RFID   (373 words)

 RFID in Japan
I Safety uses RFID tags to track kids for their security and parents' peace of mind.
A consortium led by a Waseda University professor developed systems that utilize RFID tags to efficiently deliver machinery and material to construction sites, and thereby reduce the amount of carbon dioxide emitted by trucks.
The wristbands are made of silicon rubber and Hitachi's mu-chip RFID tags.
ubiks.net /local/blog/jmt/stuff3   (830 words)

 RFID Journal - RFID (Radio Frequency Identification) Technology News & Features
While constructing its new facility, the San Bernardino County Library is integrating RFID into its circulation and security systems, including the anti-theft locking boxes used for DVDs.
The semiconductor maker's two new RFID chips require less power to operate and work across the entire UHF RFID frequency range, from 840 to 960 MHz.
The time is right for Mexico, Central America and South America to embrace RFID, and companies are doing so to compete at home and abroad.
www.rfidjournal.com   (252 words)

 The RFID Weblog - Main page - Implementation and Application of RFID technology - rfid, scm, chips, radio frequency, ...
He then got hold of some buzzers and beepers to complete the job but these RFID readers didn't work when connected to 5 volt USB-power and a seek rag command was all that was needed to set it right.
After this it was decided to use these readers with RFID skimmers which is another of Willem's project as data could not be collected in standalone mode and the rackets were needed to be connected to a laptop to make them work.
Here is a RFID Starter Kit from Wavetrend which gets you started with RFID and automation either at your office or home but you need to have HomeSeer or Creston System to use.
www.rfid-weblog.com   (1392 words)

 HomeSeer 2.0 RFID Software Starter Kit - The Ultimate Driveway Sensor
This RFID Starter kit includes virtually everything you need to get started with RFID and automation whether it is in your home or business.
The R500 RFID (Radio Frequency IDentification) Reader provides near field or long range coverage for real-time detection of people, pets, vehicles or anything else you can identify with one of the various RFID tags.
The R500 can simultaneously read multiple RFID tags at ranges of up to 450 feet, and can also register and report the disappearance or unauthorized movement of individual RFID tags.
www.iautomate.com /homeseer_rfid.html   (633 words)

 InformationWeek | Hardware | RFID Tech Center
Guests at a resort in Niagara Falls will be given RFID wristbands to access rooms and pay for service during their stay.
A researcher who suggests that computer viruses could be spread by RFID technology sets off a firestorm of debate.
RFID: A Meeting Of The Minds - A Report On Larstan's RFID Executive Roundtable
www.informationweek.com /hardware/rfid   (563 words)

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