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By the time of the final Robo presentation, Bell was far in advance of the other contractors.
They had refined their aerodynamic configuration in NACA wind tunnels, conducted systems tests of the water and sodium cooling designs, and studied in detail the problems of use of navigation, radar, and electronic and photographic intelligence systems aboard hypersonic aircraft.
They produced 39 papers by the end of Robo, working on their Model 1377 in collaboration with RCA, Honeywell, and Sylvania (avionics); Reaction Motors, Aerojet, and Rocketdyne (liquid propulsion); Grand Central (solid propulsion); and even studied nuclear propulsion.
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The current challenge for the Robo-Erectus project is to develop a team of low-cost soccer-playing humanoid robots that are capable of walking, turning, crouching, and kicking a football past a goalkeeper into the goal.
Robo Erectus tied with Nimbro with a score of 5-5 in the qualifying round.
Robo Erectus scored 3 goals against Team Osaka in the quarter final of penalty kick, RoboCup 2006.
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 Chibi Robo GC Game, Chibi Robo Gamecube
In this inventive, story-driven game, players guide a miniature robot as he completes chores and clashes with enemies in his epic quest to become the highest-ranked Chibi-Robo out there.
Chibi Robo News: Why is Chibi-Robo DS Only at Wal-Mart?
I saw the case for Chibi Robo and I just almost died it was so adorable.
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 Robo Systems Homepage
These products are useful in CAD, CAM, drafting, technical drawing, technical illustrating, and many other applications.
The acclaimed ease of use of these products makes them especially valuable both in education - where time is short - and in industry - where productivity should be high.
Non-Windows Robo Systems products can run acceptably on minimal computers, such as 1MB 386 MS-DOS 5 based hardware, and all our products will run under Windows 98, Windows NT4, or later.
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