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In the News (Sat 20 Jul 19)

  Real-time operating system - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
An RTOS facilitates the creation of real-time systems, but does not guarantee that they are real-time; this requires correct development of the system level software.
That is, an RTOS is valued more for how quickly it can respond to an event than for the total amount of work it can do.
Key factors in evaluating an RTOS are therefore maximal interrupt and thread latency.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Real-time_operating_system   (928 words)

 RTOS Home Page Revised October 29. 2005
The Rochester Theater Organ Society (RTOS) was formed in 1964 to preserve theater pipe organs for the residents of Rochester and the surrounding areas in upstate New York.
RTOS is an independent organization incorporated by the state of New York as a not-for-profit educational institution.
RTOS was originally formed to rescue a Wurlitzer 4/21 (opus 1951) from the luxurious downtown RKO Palace Theater, just before that 1928 2916-seat luxurious movie house fell to the wrecking ball of urban renewal.
theatreorgans.com /rochestr   (1062 words)

 Selecting an RTOS: Is It Source or Object Code? | RTC Magazine
From the beginning of commercial RTOS availability, the RTOS has been rightly considered to be a component in the target application just the same as any capacitor, resistor or connector.
Thus was born the notion of a royalty for the RTOS component.
Nevertheless, the concepts of the RTOS as a component and a royalty fee for deploying it survived.
www.rtcmagazine.com /home/article.php?id=100154   (820 words)

 Nohau a DBA of Knowit LLC RTOS page - for Microcontroller In-circuit Emulators   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
The intention with this method call is to let the RTOS module perform any necessary initialization and notify it which emulator it is interfacing to.
The RTOS module can use this method call to understand that the user application is likely to go through its initialization sequence.
The intention is to allow the RTOS module to free allocated memory and unload possible dll’s.
www.nohau.com /pd_rtos.html   (1911 words)

 RTOS Alien
RTOS Alien is a new site focusing on real-time operating systems.
We will be adding more RTOS information, technical papers, vendors, articles, and other resources in the future.
The objects and services that are a part of most RTOS kernels are described and real-time system design is explored in detail.
www.rtosalien.com   (288 words)

 Keil C51 and RTOS   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
And in that case, the RTOS has to deal with the compiler-specific simulated stacks, as well as the 8051 SP.
Bringing use of the '51 to the level of needing a RTOS usually is a matter of reluctance to switch processors.
Well, I think it does, for one the RTOS takes up space, for another the generalized interface is not as efficient as a custom.
www.keil.com /discuss/docs/thread2059.htm   (771 words)

This is the result of years of experience in the RTOS sector.
Be aware that the information is and should be provided and maintained by the RTOS vendors themselves.
RTOS vendors who are not listed yet may request the working procedure.
www.dedicated-systems.com /encyc/buyersguide/rtos/rtosmenu.htm   (148 words)

 Fusion RTOS - Embedded Real Time Operating System
The Fusion RTOS is a priority based, preemptive, multitasking real-time operating system designed and optimized for next generation DSP architectures.
The Fusion RTOS kernel can be configured to operate with as little as 1 - 1.5 K of DSP code space.
The Fusion RTOS kernel is extremely fast and is capable of a higher level of performance than any microcontroller based OS can deliver.
www.dspos.com /DSPOSWeb/rtos/fusion_RTOS.htm   (155 words)

 RTOS FOR DSP, TIGERSHARC, STARCORE, TI DSP, MSC8101, MSC8102   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
Just like any operating system, an RTOS enables an engineer to get the hardware up and running and aware of its environment, such as the memory and debugging interface.
In addition to this, an RTOS will provide a 'realtime' performance for even the most complex and demanding of applications.
The OSE RTOS is available and offers support for several reference design boards and COTS boards based on the TigerSharc.
www.ose-systems.co.uk /dsprtos.htm   (542 words)

 TechOnLine - Tech Topics - RTOS
TechOnLine also offers several articles and viewpoints on RTOS development and their use in various applications.
Applications designed for use with a real time operating system (RTOS) are structured as a set of autonomous tasks.
The RTOS kernel will switch between tasks as necessary to ensure the task with the highest priority that is able to run is the task given processing time.
www.techonline.com /community/tech_topic/rtos   (1215 words)

 RTOS Support
Metrowerks OSEKturbo is a highly optimized and scalable embedded RTOS.
With an outstanding reputation for quality, stability and predictability, this RTOS from Metrowerks is suitable for applications, which requires both performance and real-time determinism.
The OSE RTOS and Illuminator system-level debug tools, together with Metrowerks' CodeWarrior(tm) Development Studio, PowerQUICC III Edition, offer an ideal platform for developing and deploying applications based on the PowerQUICC architecture for high-availability networking and communications systems.
www.metrowerks.com /MW/Develop/Embedded/RTOS.htm   (252 words)

 Embedded News - Pendulum Selects Accelerated Technology's Nucleus RTOS for CNT-90
Developers at Pendulum began looking for an RTOS with a rich feature set and highly optimized performance combined with a royalty-free licensing model.
Robust and scalable, the Nucleus RTOS provided a solid and reliable foundation from which to build the CNT-90 measurement device.
The Nucleus RTOS has been proven in thousands of embedded applications to meet these requirements," said Robert Day, director of marketing for the Embedded Systems Division of Mentor Graphics.
www.embeddedstar.com /press/content/2004/11/embedded17275.html   (595 words)

 ISS X-Force Database: qnx-rtos-monitor-f(9231): QNX RTOS monitor -f argument could be used to overwrite arbitrary files
QNX RTOS is a realtime operating system for embedded systems.
QNX RTOS version 4.25 could allow a local attacker to modify arbitrary files on the system.
CVE-2002-0793: Hard link and possibly symbolic link following vulnerabilities in QNX RTOS 4.25 (aka QNX4) allow local users to overwrite arbitrary files via (1) the -f argument to the monitor utility, (2) the -d argument to dumper, (3) the -c argument to crttrap, or (4) using the Watcom sample utility.
xforce.iss.net /xforce/xfdb/9231   (335 words)

 Open Source Software for Real-Time Solutions | Linux Journal
Cygnus decided it was simpler to start from scratch and build an RTOS for embedded applications than it would be to strip unnecessary components from Linux to produce an RTOS suitable for embedded projects.
An RTOS suitable for embedding in applications where lives are at stake, such as automobile brakes or pacemakers, must be provably reliable.
Similarly, if your RTOS is not efficient and requires more cycles than another RTOS to do the same job, then even if it meets your real-time constraints, it may still blow your power budget.
www2.linuxjournal.com /article/3576   (2664 words)

Real Time programming & RTOS do come into picture only when there is a need for the controller to react in a combinational way to events that occur simultaneously.
Then what is the point in using a RTOS with high scheduling  capabilities.
But in cases where concurrent execution is no needed, then by using a RTOS, you can very well see from the diagram that you gain nothing and loose a lot of time spent by the OS.
www.geocities.com /michaelanburaj/RTOS_Theory.html   (359 words)

 D. Kalinsky Associates - Whitepaper "New Directions in RTOS Kernels"
The task scheduler is at the center of the kernel – at the very heart of the heart of the RTOS.
There are a number of ways for an RTOS to do deadline scheduling.
The third main section of an RTOS kernel shown in Figure 1 is Timers.
www.kalinskyassociates.com /Wpaper7.html   (2543 words)

 KADAK AMX RTOS, embedded TCP/IP stack, embedded GUI graphics
KADAK provides integrated RTOS, TCP/IP and GUI solutions for embedded developers rushing to deliver their products to market.
real time operating system was the first commercial RTOS to be offered royalty free, with source code included at no extra cost.
TCP/IP Stack was the first to bring point-and-click setup to the real time embedded marketplace, simplifying the porting of network services to your choice of RTOS (or single threaded OS) and target processor.
www.kadak.com   (312 words)

 OS Fingerprinting through RTOs
By measuring the behavior of various operating systems' TCP retransmission timeout lengths (or RTOs), it is possible to distinguish between OSes on a network.
This is what makes RTO measuring stand out from other means of guessing OSes, since it is both efficient and difficult to detect.
As for everyone else, the most direct way to defend against this exposure would be for vendors to reimplement their TCP stacks and force the RTO to conform to some uniform standard.
www.planb-security.net /wp/ring.html   (2027 words)

 Get by Without an RTOS
It seems to me that often the main reason behind a decision to port an RTOS where it is unnecessary is the lack of understanding that by using some simple means and some not-so-complex code, an efficient, fast, and reasonably balanced system can be built.
Moreover, should an RTOS be required some time in the future, this is no longer a painful exercise, as the system can be engineered as self-contained tasks, even in the absence of a "true" RTOS.
Unfortunately, the point where a proper RTOS becomes more of an aid than an impediment is hard to define and depends on the specific system.
www.embedded.com /2000/0009/0009feat4.htm   (4761 words)

 OSE - The Modern RTOS   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
BAE Chooses the OSE Delta RTOS for Battlefield Comms Sysyem..
OSE Delta is a feature rich RTOS for complex infrastructure systems and fault tolerant safety critical projects.
OSE Epsilon is a low cost, small footprint, very fast RTOS for deeply embedded and SoC development.
www.ose-systems.co.uk   (154 words)

 RTOS - MQX Real-Time Operating System (RTOS)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
MQX RTOS is designed to be easy to configure to balance code size with performance requirements; alternative settings can be selected, benchmarked and iterated to optimize cost and performance.
MQX RTOS delivers the performance that demanding customer have come to expect in leading RTOS solutions as well, on a 200 MHz PowerPC® MPC8248, interrupt latency came in at 0.331 μsec and context switch time was benchmarked at 0.558 μsec.
MQX RTOS is at the center of a wide array of protocol stacks and run-time components, all available from MQX Embedded in source form, that work with the MQX RTOS to round out the capabilities of today's advanced embedded devices.
www.psti.com /products/mqx   (1019 words)

 RTOS Selection Guide - real-time operating system, criteria, latency
In the ideal case, their worst-case performance is well understood and documented.
To earn the distinctive title "Real-Time Operating System" (RTOS), an operating system should be deterministic and have guaranteed worst-case interrupt latency and context-switch times.
Given these characteristics and the relative priorities of the tasks and interrupts in your system, it is possible to analyze the worst-case performance of the software using a technique such as rate monotonic analysis.
www.netrino.com /Articles/RTOSes   (1185 words)

 Embedded News - ATI's Nucleus RTOS Integrates with Xilinx's FPGA Soft Processor Core
The Nucleus RTOS from Accelerated Technology (AT) is highly optimized to provide the most efficient foundation for an embedded application.
The Nucleus RTOS, integrated with the MicroBlaze processor, provides access to embedded designers who have standardized on the Nucleus RTOS while accelerating the adoption of a lower cost, high-performance programmable embedded solution.
"The Nucleus RTOS is very widely used in several embedded applications that can benefit from the power and versatility of the MicroBlaze architecture," said Mark Aaldering, senior director of the IP Division at Xilinx.
www.embeddedstar.com /press/content/2003/9/embedded10424.html   (835 words)

 Metrowerks RTOS and OS
With CodeWarrior for QNX RTOS Version 2.1, you have all the tools for developing applications for the QNX operating system within the CodeWarrior Integrated Development Environment (IDE).
One of the most powerful features that CodeWarrior for QNX RTOS offers is the application level debugger with multiple process and thread awareness support.
The OSE RTOS and Illuminator system-level debug tools, together with Metrowerks' CodeWarrior Development Studio, PowerQUICC III Edition, offer an ideal platform for developing and deploying applications based on the PowerQUICC architecture for high-availability networking and communications systems.
www.metrowerks.com /MW/Tools/RTOSOS.htm   (314 words)

 Green Hills Software - The Leader In Real Time Operating Systems
Based on our record sales and #1 market share growth in 2001, we are now the second largest RTOS company.
Our INTEGRITY™ real time operating system represents the leading RTOS technology, setting a new standard for RTOS reliability and security that has been adopted for the avionics, radar, and weapons systems of over twenty military aircraft, including the F-35 Joint Strike Fighter, the largest military procurement in history.
SA real-time operating system, or RTOS, is a type of operating system that is specialized for use in electronic control systems.
www.ghs.com /RTOSLeader.html   (858 words)

 RTOS Modeling for System Level Design   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-07)
While real time operating systems (RTOS) are an increasingly important component in system design, specific RTOS implementations can not be used directly in high level models.
In this paper we propose a RTOS model built on top of existing SLDLs which, by providing the key features typically available in any RTOS, allows the designer to model the dynamic behavior of multi-tasking systems at higher abstraction levels to be incorporated into existing design flows.
Experimental result shows that our RTOS model is easy to use and efficient while being able to provide accurate results.
csdl2.computer.org /persagen/DLAbsToc.jsp?resourcePath=/dl/proceedings/&toc=comp/proceedings/date/2003/1870/01/1870toc.xml&DOI=10.1109/DATE.2003.10140   (236 words)

 Comp.realtime: Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) (version 3.6)
A RTOS (Real-Time Operating System) has to be multi-threaded and preemptible.
A good RTOS should have a good documentation, should be delivered with good tools to develop and tune your application.
For example a RTOS supporting many devices will have more advantages than a simple very good nano-kernel.
www.faqs.org /faqs/realtime-computing/faq   (4907 words)

 FreeRTOS.com -- NicheTask - Free Open Source RTOS
The API has been designed so that later the application can easily be mapped to more sophisticated embedded operating systems, such as µC/OS-II, without adding any overhead by simply
This means that you can start with NicheTask and upgrade or convert to a different RTOS or more complex architecture at a later time without having to re-port their protocol stack and application code.
Tasks can be dynamically created, with each task having its own stack and control structure.
www.freertos.com   (305 words)

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