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Topic: Ra (Stargate)

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  Ra - LearnThis.Info Enclyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Ra is a self-creating god, fashioning himself from Mehturt, a mound (see Ogdoad) that came from the waters of Nu, or a lotus flower.
Ra traveled through the underworld every night in a ship, and was protected (such as from the monster Apep) by Set and Mehen.
Ra quickly decided he missed her, but she changed into a cat that destroyed any man or god that approached.
encyclopedia.learnthis.info /r/ra/ra.html   (444 words)

 Ra (Stargate) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The premise for the movie was that Ra was actually a humanoid alien who posed as a god to enslave the peoples of Earth.
Ra was defeated before he could do this, and decided to leave Abydos in his pyramid-shaped Ha'tak, leaving the nuclear bomb armed and counting down towards detonation on Abydos' surface.
Ra has appeared only once on Stargate SG-1, in the season eight episode "Moebius Part 1", in which the SG-1 crew, using an Ancient time machine, traveled to Earth's past before the revolution against Ra.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Ra_(Stargate)   (462 words)

 Ra (Stargate): Just the facts...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Ra was killed in the original film Stargate (additional info and facts about Stargate).
The premise for the movie was that Ra was actually a humanoid alien who posed as a god to enslave the peoples of Earth (The 3rd planet from the sun; the planet on which we live).
This portion appears to be in direct contradiction to the Stargate SG-1 series, as the true Goa'uld (additional info and facts about Goa'uld) appears to be a serpent-like creature which occupies the brain stem in order to control the host.
www.absoluteastronomy.com /encyclopedia/r/ra/ra_(stargate)1.htm   (385 words)

 Encyclopedia: Ra (Stargate)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Stargate is a science fiction/action film released in 1994, directed by Roland Emmerich and written by Dean Devlin and Roland Emmerich, with a soundtrack by David Arnold.
Stargate is a science fictio/ action film released in 1994, directed by Roland Emmerich and written by Dean Devlin and Roland Emmerich.
Out of all of the memorable moments in "Stargate", the most clever and well-executed one was the switcharoo near the end when the transporter/elevator takes James Spader and his wife away from Ra and simultaneously decapitates Ra's guard and delivers the head to him/her back on the pyramid ship.
www.nationmaster.com /encyclopedia/Ra-(Stargate)   (1188 words)

 Characters - Ra
Ra, the deceased sun god of Abydos, represented Earth's first exposure to the Goa'uld.
Ra is believed to be one of the aliens responsible for taking humans from Earth and seeding them all across the galaxy.
Ra had a bride, Hathor, whom he exiled to Earth.
www.gateworld.net /omnipedia/characters/r/ra.shtml   (383 words)

 Arduinna's Stargate SG-1 Handbook: Goa'uld   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
The stargate was inside the structure and protected by a forcefield that functioned very similarly to Earth's iris, preventing anyone from passing through.
The stargate on Erebus is protected by a forcefield that functions like the Tau'ri iris -- you need to have the right code to send through the gate to deactivate it, or you die trying to pass through.
On her way to the stargate to leave, Amaterasu told Weir to tell Camulus that he would forevermore be branded a traitor and a coward among the System Lords.
www.stargatehandbook.org /sg1/goauldmain.html   (15928 words)

 Stargate SG1 question (Ra) - Topic Ars OpenForum
Ra was the most powerful system lord and Anubis was kicked out of the council by Ra and the others hundreds/thousands of years prior to the movie/series.
Ra was destroyed by a naquida enhanced nuclear weapon, in another episode, humans manage to destroy an entire world with one once it starts a chain reaction with the naquida in the soil.
Since Ra never figured he would die he probably never laid out any sort of heir to the throne so they all were fighting to be the new Ra with the strongest one winning.
episteme.arstechnica.com /eve/ubb.x/a/tpc/f/34709834/m/904008378631/r/346002678631   (2148 words)

 Stargate   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Stargate is a sci-fi phenomenon for the 21st Century.
Ra had once ruled over both Earth and Abydos, and had brought people from ancient Egypt to Abydos to serve as slaves before an uprising on Earth buried the Stargate and set the people of Earth free.
Ra and Apophis are merely two of hundreds of Goa'ulds, a parasitic alien race that controls hundreds of worlds all over the galaxy.
www.bsu.edu /web/kaharris/Stargate.htm   (2862 words)

 Filmtracks: Stargate SG-1 (Joel Goldsmith/Arnold/Kiner)
Stargate SG-1: (Joel Goldsmith, David Arnold, Kevin Kiner, Richard Band, and Dennis McCarthy) It's easy to be skeptical whenever a television series follows a popular film, and especially a film that has a score that has risen to the status of "cult classic" in the years since its composer has become famous.
When the first Stargate SG-1 album came out, it was a surprise to many people who had enjoyed the film score, but were not familiar with the television show.
The opening titles are a great compilation of the original Stargate themes; though hasty, he managed to fit all three of Stargate's primary themes into a one minute cue.
www.filmtracks.com /titles/stargate_sg1.html   (1224 words)

 Event Movies -- Stargate   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
The idea of the stargate itself was a great concept and Ra's guards looked menacing with their now-you-see-them-now-you-don't head gear.
Most noticeable was the shoddy job done on the morphing effects for the helmets on Ra's guards and for Ra himself, er, herself, er, whatever.
And Ra's hand-held brain-blender that he/she uses on one of her guards and on James Spader was a little silly.
www.geocities.com /eventmovies/stargate.htm   (1415 words)

 Compare Prices and Read Reviews on Stargate at Epinions.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
STARGATE has an unintended audience in political-science students, and is also suited for sci-fi buffs.
STARGATE is about - duh - a stargate which is basically under armed guard; there is an equivalent stargate on a desert planet at the other end of the galaxy.
Kurt Russell, a serviceman, and scientist James Spader are sent through the stargate to see what's on the other side after decoding whatever it is that unlocks this thing.
www.epinions.com /content_73455210116   (747 words)

 Database of Snakes
An ancient Egyptian solar deity, also known as one of the Eyes of Ra, the title of an "avenger" god who is sent out specifically to lay waste to the enemies of Egypt and her gods.
In Stargate, he was such an evil god that his priests had punished him by locking him up in a sarcaphogus with a creature that ate him.
He is also known to have protected Ra during his travel through the underworld against attacks by Apophis and is named Lord of the Northern Sky in the Book of the Dead, which means he's responisble for stormy and cloudy weather.
www.chezcorine.com /database-of-snakes.htm   (2550 words)

 Review: Stargate   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Ra, it seems, created human society on Earth and on this world as well as the stargates, and was displeased when the ancient Egyptians closed their side of the space/time corridor, confining him to one planet.
The first half of the film, which includes the setup, Jackson's intense struggle to break the stargate's code, the expedition to Ra's world, and humankind's first contact with an alien culture, is handled reasonably well.
Stargate is peppered with numerous minor faults, some of which - although not all - are easily forgiven.
movie-reviews.colossus.net /movies/s/stargate.html   (593 words)

 Stargate SG-1 Story Arc Map
A reporter with knowledge of the stargate project is killed by a suspicious hit and run.
Daniel determines that the Ancients were the builders of the Stargates.
The second gate is installed at the SGC to replace the stargate lost at sea.
rdanderson.com /stargate/arcs/arcs.htm   (3016 words)

 Abydos (Stargate) - tScholars.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Between the events of the film and television series Stargate SG-1, it was believed to be the only other planet the stargate could dial to.
In the ancient past, the Goa'uld Supreme System Lord Ra moved a number of ancient Egyptian people from Earth to Abydos via the stargate and forced them to mine naqahdah (Abydos is also the name of an ancient Egyptian city, and is possibly where those brought to the planet originated from).
The banished System Lord Anubis destroyed Abydos' stargate, the pyramid of Ra, and the surrounding human settlement with a superweapon built from five components ("Eyes") that had once belonged to various prominent System Lords.
www.tscholars.com /encyclopedia/P8X-873   (329 words)

 Story and Revelation, an essay by Bill Johnson
That the mineral the natives mine was used to create the stargate, but on Earth, there was a rebellion, so RA brought slaves to this world to continue its existence, outlawing writing so there could never be another rebellion, i.e.
Spader and RA talk, and we learn RA plans to send bomb back to Earth with mineral so it will ruin gate on Earth by generating a major explosion, and RA will be left undisturbed as a God.
Because it's not established that the stargate is inherently dangerous to humanity, what's at stake over the outcome of the story isn't made clear until late in the story.
www.storyispromise.com /wrevela.htm   (2223 words)

 CocaColaCarter's Stargate Lab :)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
The Stargate, which lays dormant in a secret facility in Cheyenne Mountain is activated from an offworld source and Stargate Command is attacked.
He is forced to admit that the report he submitted at the end of the first mission (in the film) was "not entirely accurate." Whilst the alien threat was destroyed (O'Neill and Daniel Jackson blew up Ra's ship) the Stargate on the planet Abydos was left intack.
The Commanding Officer of the base where the Stargate is located aka Stargate Command is Major General George Hammond..
www.stormpages.com /cccarterstargatelab/COTG.html   (1043 words)

 [No title]   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Their fight for life against the ruler, Ra (Jaye Davidson), and even a love interest in the "other" world, the beautiful Sha'uri (Mili Avital) makes for exciting science fiction; if that is a genre that turns you on, go for it.
"Stargate" does not quite deserve to be panned (as it has been by many critics): at its best, it is an enthralling science-fiction mystery, and at its worst it is still an average action movie.
STARGATE is the story of an Egyptian artifact, that seems to have several symbols of the magical kind that connect into something else that most anyone can not figure out.
www2.lysator.liu.se /sf_archive/sf-texts/movies/Stargate.mbox   (5580 words)

 Jouvert: Imagining Danger
Ra's unnaturally produced family is certainly shown in a negative light next to the more traditional, patriarchal families of Nagada.
Ra and the Japanese also intentionally make their methods of control unclear, and it becomes the duty of the US forces to demystify their power.
Ra maintains control over his empire by holding a monopoly on violence and by figuring himself as the supreme divine entity in his subjects' religious perspectives.
social.chass.ncsu.edu /jouvert/v2i2/cheung.htm   (6041 words)

 Goa'uld Characters from StarGate SG-1   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
She is believed to be responsible for wiping out all but one of the inhabitants of P8X-987, plus four members of the SGC ("Singularity").
Ra, the deceased sun god of Abydos, was Earth's first exposure to the Goa'uld.
Ra had stumbled upon the planet Earth millenia ago, and captured an aboriginal boy as his host.
gabi.utgjiu.ro /sg1/goauld.php   (3677 words)

 GateWorld - Stargate SG-1 Season Two: 'The Tok'ra, Part 1'
Carter has been experimenting with techniques to help her remember things left in her mind by Jolinar of Malkshur, a Goa'uld symbiote who recently possessed her body for a short time ("In the Line of Duty").
At their previous base of operations, the Tok'ra kept their Stargate within their facility (presumably underground), as seen in Carter's initial vision of the evacuation.
Before his defeat by the first Stargate team, Ra was the "Supreme System Lord," and therefore probably the most powerful Goa'uld in the galaxy ("Stargate" the movie).
www.gateworld.net /sg1/s2/211.shtml   (1517 words)

Trade Quartz is a Stargate Segment, the 4th combo shot, and probably also counts for the White Pyramid of the right Guardian.
Stargate Multiball is a 3-ball multiball, and all 7 major shots are lit for Jackpots (of 20M) at once.
It is paramount that you have a high SJ for Eye of Ra and Stargate Multiball, or they'll mostly be wasted.
geraldflip.neuf.fr /flippers/stargate/stargate.htm   (5827 words)

They arrive on a desert world with cultural (and apparently supernatural) ties to Earth's ancient Egypt, where the sun god Ra (played by Jaye Davidson from The Crying Game) rules a population of slaves with armored minions and startlingly advanced technology.
After being warmly welcomed into the slave camp, the earthlings encourage and support a rebellion, and while Russell threatens to blow up the Stargate to prevent its use by enemy forces, the movie collapses into a senseless series of action scenes and grandiose explosions.
It's all pretty ridiculous, but Stargate found a large and appreciative audience, spawned a cable-TV series, and continues to attract science fiction fans who are more than willing to forgive its considerable faults.
www.thescorestation.com /Stargate.html   (118 words)

 RA announces Stargate Atlantis Cards - Topic Powered by Groupee Community
May 16, 2004 09:21 AM I know it was inevitable but RA have announced plans for Stargate Atlantis set due for release some time in later half of 2005.
May 16, 2004 03:29 PM Since the show hasn't even aired yet, it will be interesting to see if we ever see this set and if so in what type of format.
May 18, 2004 11:54 PM I haven't decided if this is going to be as good as SG-1 or not, but I'll give it a chance though.
nonsportupdate.infopop.cc /eve/ubb.x/a/tpc/f/955604453/m/977102794   (348 words)

 Filmtracks: Stargate (David Arnold)
Stargate: (David Arnold) By the early 1990s, young British artist David Arnold had scored exactly one feature film: Young Americans.
The overture suite and cue representing the first discovery of the stargate in Giza are easily the highlights of the album, with not only the whole power of the Sinfonia of London and Chameleon Arts Chorus, but a performance by a single female voice.
Much of the style that Arnold established in Stargate would mature in Independence Day and Godzilla before he returned to combine his pop music experience with his orchestral talents for his affiliation with the James Bond series in the late 1990s.
www.filmtracks.com /titles/stargate.html   (959 words)

 Amazon.co.uk: Stargate [Original Soundtrack] [Soundtrack]: Music   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
"The Stargate Opens" begins with West's "Show him", ending as the probe is sent through (not including the creepy passage as the robot approaches the gate).
Daniel's narration of the hieroglyphic record of the rebellion is accompanied by Ra's theme in the film, but that particular recording is not included as a separate track on the CD.
Ra's torture of his guards is accompanied only by a standard extract from Ra's theme, so it isn't a separate track.
www.amazon.co.uk /exec/obidos/ASIN/B00008O88Q   (1186 words)

 Ra - Stargate Information Archive Forums
Well in egyptian mythos Ra was the Sun God and full control of light.
Well Ra is also generally represented as being in his chariot going across the sky, so I would assume that it would be his ship that would have the ability to cloak and not him literally.
So Ra, technologically, probably wasn't that advanced; as even in the movie (if you can consider this a fair comparison) he appeared to be nowhere nearly as advanced as the Go'uld we see in SG1.
www.sg1archive.com /forums/index.php?showtopic=6053   (315 words)

 World War 1 and 2 - Ra (disambiguation)
Ra - the sun god of ancient Heliopolis
Ra - the character from the film Stargate.
The Ra Cailum and/or the Ra Cailum class battleship
www.worldwardiary.com /history/Ra_%28disambiguation%29   (69 words)

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