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In the News (Thu 18 Jul 19)

  Raahen kaupunki - Raahen Kaupunkiopas
1900-luvun puoleen väliin saakka Raahe eli pienimuotoisen saha- ja konepajateollisuuden sekä sataman varassa.
Raahe tunnettiin myös koulukaupunkina opettajaseminaarin, Raahen Porvari- ja Kauppakoulun sekä Lybeckerin käsityökoulun ansiosta.
Saloisten kunta liitettiin Raaheen vuonna 1973, ja uusi Raahe syntyi Raahen kaupungin ja Pattijoen kunnan yhdistyessä vuonna 2003.
www.raaheopas.com /kaupunkitietoa   (389 words)

 Raahe travel guide
The Town of Raahe is situated between the diversified industrial regions of Ylivieska and Oulu, next to the main high way and the railway routes.
The harbour of Raahe operates all year around and it is one of the busiest ports in Finland.
The total population of the Raahe District, including municipalities of Raahe, Pyhäjoki, Siikajoki, Ruukki and Vihanti, is 36.101 (31.12.2001).
www.world66.com /europe/finland/raahe   (778 words)

 RAAHE | Regional Association of Adult Higher Education in the Cincinnati area
The Regional Association for Adult Higher Education (RAAHE) is a consortium of regionally accredited local colleges and universities who offer degree programs specifically designed to meet the needs of working adults.
We coordinate and conduct Education Fairs at businesses in the Greater Cincinnati Area.
The fair typically lasts two to three hours and can be designed to accommodate your company’s physical space restrictions, as well as employees’ varying shifts (i.e.
raahe-cincinnati.org   (119 words)

 Dariush - Raahe Man | Music Review | Bia2.com"
“Raahe Man” is the result of an elaborate collaboration between Dariush and four of his long-time partners in Art, namely Farid Zoland, Iraj Janati Attaie, Ardalan Sarfaraz and Shahyar Ghanbari.
And “Raahe Man” is the perfect proof for the musical conservatism and traditionalism that the post-Yamini era has brought upon his works.
The sound delivered in ”Raahe Man” is, although beautiful, mainly a recycling of what has already been delivered during the past 20 years by its creators.
www.bia2.com /music-review/review.php?id=119   (881 words)

 Old Raahe - History of Raahe   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The increasing prosperity of the town and the growing diversification of the means of livelyhood is shown by the rapid increase in the number of craftsmen.
Due to the recovering shipping, Raahe began to prosper and grow in the 19th century The town was extended several times.
The Raahe Burgher and Commercial School was founded in 1882 by the funds left by Johan and Baltzar Fellman.
www.kirjastovirma.net /vanharaahe/historiaa?lang=en   (2178 words)

  Raahe Information
Raahe (Brahestad in Swedish) is a town and municipality of Finland.
Founded by Swedish statesman and Governor General of Finland Count Per Brahe the younger in 1649, it is one of 10 historic wooden towns (or town centers) remaining in Finland.
Raahe is located on the northern shores of the Gulf of Bothnia in the province of Oulu and is part of the Northern Ostrobothnia region.
www.bookrags.com /wiki/Raahe   (237 words)

 Old Raahe - Myhrberg Park   (Site not responding. Last check: )
It is the oldest preserved dwelling house in Raahe.
The people in Raahe liked Art Nouveau style, whereas they did not become enthusiastic about changing their houses to revival styles like other towns did during the latter part of the 19th century.
Houses in the spirit of Art Nouveau are also represented by the small dwelling house owned by the Sovelius foundation on the north side of the Sovelius’ main building on Rantakatu, and by the small house at Saaristokatu 4 with its embellished windows.
www.kirjastovirma.net /vanharaahe/myhrberg?lang=en   (640 words)

 YouTube - Travelling in Finland part 1 - Raahe, people
Raahe is also notorious of it's Technopolis, Lybecker School of Handiwork, Raahen Porvari & Kauppakoulu (business school) and one of the biggest Colleges in Finland, Raahen Lukio.
Raahe is located in the middle part of Finland, 74km south from Oulu.
Raahe is a beatiful city with a glorious past of sea travel and trade.
www.youtube.com /watch?v=emPxCGSx3yI   (191 words)

 FiLT - Language Technology Documentation Centre in Finland
The steel mill of Raahe monitors the amount of the sulphur dioxide in cooperation with the town of Raahe in the air of Raahe on three measuring stations which are located at a distance of 1-5 kilometres from the factory area.
Moreover it is intended to intensify the dust removal of the sintering plant, to build the dust extraction system of the discharge station of pellet wagons, to increase the cleaning efficiency of the electric precipitator of the blast furnace and to renew the desulphurizing equipment of the blast furnace.
Raahe Steel Works observes the amount of the sulphur dioxide in cooperation with the town of Raahe in the air of Raahe on three measuring stations which are located at a distance of 1-5 kilometres from the plant area.
www.ling.helsinki.fi /filt/info/articles/tyonayte-en.shtml   (1431 words)

 Suomiopas   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The historical town of Raahe is located by the northern Gulf of Bothnia.
Raahe Museum is the oldest local heritage museum in Finland.
The view over Raahe and the off-shore islands can be admired at the lookout terrace on the top of the water tower.
www.suomiopas.fi /index3.php?page=2244   (526 words)

 Raahe, Finland
52km/32mi south of Liminka on Road 8 is Raahe (Swedish Brahestad; pop.
In the Pekkatori, a square surrounded by burghers' houses, can be seen a statue of Per Brahe (a copy of the original, which is in Turku).
Unauthorized duplication in part or whole without prior written consent prohibited by international laws.
www.planetware.com /finland/raahe-sf-oln-raa.htm   (152 words)

 Raahen Ammatillinen Aikuiskoulutuskeskus   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The activity Raahe VAEC concentrates, is organizing and developing vocational adult education in the region of Raahe.
Raahe VAEC fights against unemployment by increasing ones choice of study opportunities and availability of adult education.
Raahe VAEC’s quality-system is implemented by steering the process with internal auditing system and by connecting the results with the decision-making system.
www.raahenaakk.fi /english.htm   (506 words)

The Raahe functional Unit of the University of Oulu, for the education part, consists of the education unit, which is administratively under the administration of the University of Oulu but functionally at the moment, the common Unit of technical and scientific faculties.
The business idea of the Raahe functional Unit is the development of the economic life by training experts especially to the needs of information and metal industry.
The task of Raahe functional Unit is to develop and to carry out cooperation practices which produce the multidisciplinary study, education and development of the international level in chosen focus areas.
www.oulu.fi /raahe/operation.htm   (651 words)

 Ari's HomeCave
I was born december in 1972 a city called Raahe.
Raahe is a little city in Finland, about 75 kilometers south from Oulu.
There's about 22800 citizens in Raahe and most jobs are on steel and hightech industry.
www.geocities.com /akatajam   (243 words)

 Raahe British Embassy, Helsinki
Raahe, thus, was the first town to be approached, on the morning of 30 May, by Vulture, Odin and Leopard, leaving Valorous behind out of the ice floes.
The attack on Raahe became a source of considerable debate and criticism in the House of Commons, where the Quakers raised funds to offer compensation to the residents of Raahe.
These funds were used to construct a new road in Raahe, amongst other things, which is to this day known as Kveekaritie – the Quaker Road.
www.britishembassy.gov.uk /servlet/Front?pagename=OpenMarket/Xcelerate/ShowPage&c=Page&cid=1077042153683   (370 words)

 Raahe LAN Party 2005
We are a group of five from the Oulu Polytechnic, Raahe Institute of Technology and Business.
One part of this is to work on a project, and we decided to organize this Raahe Lan Party event.
We hope to fulfill the job given to us, and maybe this document could be in help when the next group decides to make even better work.
www.ratol.fi /raahelanparty/projekti2.htm   (200 words)

 Raahe hotels, for discount hotels in Raahe
All lodgings, bed and breakfast or guest house accommodation near Raahe and the surrounding area can be viewed without obligation.
Hotels in Raahe can be booked online, and you can be confident we've got the best hotels with over 60,000 hotels worldwide.
All distance calculations are provided for convenience and purely informational purposes, and we recommend that you check the location of your hotel and the distance from your desired location before making a reservation.
www.travel-hotels-europe.com /pohjois-pohjanmaa-hotels/raahe-hotels-1.htm   (343 words)

 Impact of Higher Engineering Education on the Emergence of Hitech Industries, and Regional Employment   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The purpose of the program was to provide research oriented personnel locally in order to attract research institutions and research and development departments of hitech industries to launch businesses in Raahe and provide jobs to people who otherwise have to leave the area to Oulu or some other major city in Finland.
The city of Raahe is investing in the infrastructure of the Technology Park where the companies can start their businesses.
Raahe region is a good example of these policies.
www.eaeeie.org /conf2001PG/abstract/232-en.htm   (325 words)

 In English
Raahe is a small city by the sea.
I have lived almost all my life in Raahe or Pattijoki, which is a small village next to Raahe.
My first fishing places were the small reservoirs near Raahe, where to I had to ride my bicycle.
kotisivu.dnainternet.net /morpat/in_english.htm   (587 words)

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