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  Rab McCullough Bio   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-16)
Rab's fiery guitar playing and soulful vocals have convinced many a fan that he honed his chops on Chicago's South Side or in some Texas roadhouse, but it was the streets of Belfast that molded and then refined his vital style.
Rab McCullough chose the noble role of father and husband and his reward (and ours) is the reemergence of that talent with his family intact.
Rab's blues is a passageway to that better place and time that we all seek.
www.bluestormmusic.com /rabmcculloughbio.html   (615 words)

  Rab - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Ferries connect the island of Rab with the mainland port of Jablanac and with the neighbouring island Krk.
During the Middle Ages Rab was part of the Byzantine Empire, then, for a short time, part of the Kingdom of Croatia, then in 1358 the island came under the rule of King Louis the Great, the Angevin ruler of Hungary.
The worst disaster in town history was an outbreak of the plague in 1456 that decimated the city's population.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Rab   (513 words)

 Island of Rab - Kvarner - Croatia
RAB, an island in the northern Adriatic, between the islands of Krk and Pag; area 93.6 sq km; population 9,205 (length 22 km).
Rab has mild winters (an average air temperature in January is 6.7 °C) and hot summers (an average air temperature in July reaches 23.2 °C); a mean annual temperature is 15.3 °C; the annual rainfall is around 1,000 mm.
In April 1941 Rab was occupied by Italian troops, and after the capitulation of Italy, by the German army; in 1945 it was annexed to the mother country Croatia.
www.kroatien-online.com /en/tourism/excursions/rab.htm   (580 words)

When connected directly to the bit, the RAB tool uses the lower portion (8-in.) of the tool and the bit as a measure electrode.
The RAB tool provides four depth of investigation measurements to detect early invasion of borehole fluids into the formation, a sensor at the bit to ensure minimum invasion, azimuthal resistivity images of the borehole to detect resistivity heterogeneity, and a gamma-ray sensor for lithology characterization.
Conversion of RAB images into relative porosity using Archie’s equation (Archie, 1942) can be used in combination with density and porosity data to help define the azimuthal distribution of porosity and overpressurized zones which may contribute to fluid flow along planes of structural weakness.
www.ldeo.columbia.edu /BRG/ODP/LOGGING/MANUAL/Pages/lwd_rab.html   (609 words)

 Island RAB, CROATIA. Apartments, holiday home, accommodation
The diversity and allurement of this island of sun, sea, sove and beauty - the Island of Rab - are its numerous coves with beaches of sand, pebbles and rock, luxuriant vegetation, plentiful fauna and colorful submarine world, its massifs with wellattended promenades, as well as the surrounding islets and small rocky islands.
The Town of Rab is a place that makes every chance traveler carry back in his or her memory a picture of a town that has preserved its historical and cultural heritage within the town's walls, medieval buildings and in the hearts of its proud inhabitants.
The town of Rab also boasts a long recorded history that dates back to the year 10 BC, when it is mentioned in an old Roman document by which the Roman emperor Octavian Augustus proclaims it a muncipium and grants it independence.
www.croatia-islandrab.com /ENG/index.asp   (407 words)

 Rab - for the most extreme conditions in the world
Initially the products were made from home where Rab utilised his experience of mountaineering from his years as one of Britain’s foremost mountaineers, and was able to offer products better than any other available at the time.
Traversing the Dru Couloir on the 2nd Ascent of the Leseur Route on the Petit Dru, Chamonix.
Rab featured in the 1991 RAB catalogue as a backdrop to his early nineties range of down clothing.
www.rab.uk.com /expeditions_rab.html   (348 words)

 EPA Federal Facilities: Restoration Advisory Board (RAB) Implementation Guidelines
For an effective RAB to be established quickly, the DoD installation, in coordination with the EPA, as appropriate, and the state, needs to inform and educate the local community about the formulation of the RAB, its purpose, and the opportunities for membership.
RAB members will be asked to meet regularly and review and comment on technical documents and plans relating to the ongoing environmental studies and restoration activities at (name of installation).
RAB members will be asked to meet regularly and review and comment on plans and activities a relating to the ongoing environmental studies and restoration activities at (name of installation).
www.epa.gov /swerffrr/documents/rab.htm   (5844 words)

 Rab ~ Istria - Croatia Forum   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-16)
The most attractive summer event in Rab is the Rab Tournament (reintroduced in 1995), which used to take place as early as 1364, commemorating the defence of the town by the knights in the past.
Rab ACI Marina has 150 berths in the sea for yachts drawing up to 6 m and up to 18 m in length.
RAB, a town and port on the western coast of the island bearing the same name; population 592.
www.istria.info /forum/topic,18,-Rab.html   (621 words)

 Rab Island, Croatia - Island of romance, fantasy and dreaming...
Rab is separated from the mainland by Podvelebitski Kanal (the Velebit Channel) with the shortest distance from land of 1.800m.
Rab and all the Dalmatian islands were originally connected with the mainland; about 20.000 - 30.000 years ago, the lowering and elevating of the land and the penetration of the sea water into the basins resulted in the current island chain.
Rab is first mentioned in 4th century B.C. by a Greek geographer where the islands of Rab and Pag are referred to with a common name of Mertorides.
www.croatianmall.com /croatia/rab/index.htm   (4166 words)

 Rab travel guide - Wikitravel
Rab (Italian Arbe) is an island and a town of the same name located just off the northern coast of Croatia in the Adriatic Sea, today in the Primorje-Gorski Kotar county.
Rab is one of the most popular islands in the north Adria, with the town as beautiful as Dubrovnik, and with green woods as on Mljet.
After Opatija, Rab was one of the first vacation and wellness oases in the Kvarner archipelago region, also known as the pioneer of the nudism.
wikitravel.org /en/Rab   (178 words)

 ACI Club: Rab   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-16)
On the western coast of the island of Rab lies the town and harbor of the same name, with a long and rich history.
The beautiful town park Komrčar from the turn of the century reflects the long tourist tradition of Rab, as does the public beach and Imperial Hotel in the town center which is nearly a century old.
A special tourist attraction and cultural event are the knightly games of Rab that date from 1364 (revived in 1995) and are a reminder of the knightly defence of the town in the distant past.
www.euro-agent.com /marine/rab.htm   (333 words)

 Restoration Advisory Board Implementation Guidelines   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-16)
For an effective RAB to be established quickly, the DoD installation, in coordination with the EPA, as appropriate, and the state, needs to inform and educate the local community about the formulation of the RAB, its purpose, and the opportunities for membership.
The RAB is intended to bring together community members who reflect the diverse interests within the local community, enabling the early and continued two-way flow of information, concerns, values, and needs between the affected community and the installation.
RAB members will be expected to serve as a liaison with the community and be available to meet with community members and groups.
www.acq.osd.mil /installation/reinvest/manual/rab.html   (5783 words)

 Croatia - Rab
Rab, The island of Rab is placed between the islands of Krk and Pag, in the northern part of the Adriatic Sea.
Rab offers a variety of accommodation facilities (hotels, bungalows, apartments, marina), as well as various sports and recreation opportunities (tennis courts, boccia and bowling alleys, miniature golf, underwater fishing, water skiing).
Barbat na Rabu, is situated on the south shore of the island of Rab in the safe Barbat Channell which is attractive for boaters and windsurfers.
www.croatiatouristcenter.com /rab.htm   (802 words)

 Croatia - The island of Rab - Apartments Marijan
The island of Rab is a part of the island archipelagos of the Kvarner bay in the Adriatic, in the north-western part of Croatia.
Together with the old town of Rab, different parts of the island are occupied by seven idyllic posts; Barbat, Banjol, Palit, Kampor, Mundanije, Supetarska Draga and Lopar.
Around 300 members of different associations in costumes are trying to picture the work, food and fun of the middle Ages to the tourists.
www.rab-jano.com /index.html   (445 words)

 Island Rab - Apartment Dora - Banjol Rab - accommodation in apartments Rab, Croatia
Welcome to Rab, beautiful island situated on the north coast of Adriatic Sea in Kvarner.
Our house is situated in I Padova bay, opposite to the Hotel "Padova", close to the ACI marine and 300 m from the center of town Rab.
Here in Rab you can find both, crowded place with wild night life and quite different places with slow rhytm and with sounds and smell of untouched nature.
www.dora-rab.com   (217 words)

 Hill Air Force Base Restoration Advisory Board - HillRAB.org
RAB meetings are open to the public and advertised in local newspapers.
The RAB is co-chaired by a representative of the community and the Air Force.
RAB members are asked to review and comment on draft documents and reports.
www.hillrab.org   (271 words)

 Rab C. Nesbitt - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Rab C. Nesbitt was a Scottish comedy programme produced by BBC Scotland.
Rab is comforted by his pals at the pub and things are made even worse when Rab is forced into work after being called into the job centre.
Rab and Jamesie have a run-in with a Cannibal.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Rab_C_Nesbitt   (930 words)

 The RAB executables
RAB is not intended to be used for an automated, unattended backup, so there is no way to circumvent prompting.
Rab will show you the ISO9660 image file to be written, and you may try to burn this image file manually.
In particular, RAB is not intended to recreate the base operating system, you should have this on a CD or DVD, anyway.
rab.sourceforge.net /manual/x616.html   (1328 words)

 Croatia :: Island of Rab :: Private accomodations :: Holidays :: Apartments on the beach
Although the island of Rab is rather small in comparison to the other Adriatic islands, it has been a very popular tourist destination and has a 100 year old tradition of tourism.
It is the reason why so many tourists choose the island of Rab as their destination.
The town of Rab is famous for its antique history and its four church turrets, its rich architecture and cultural inheritance from the Antique times.
www.otokrab.biz   (231 words)

 Rab 100-500
A document shall be considered filed with the board when it is actually received by the board in their offices, by a board member or staff who is hereby delegated the authority to receive and maintain the records of proceedings governed by this chapter, and conforms to the requirements of this chapter.
License/certification applicants shall meet the prerequisite educational requirements set forth in Rab 302 to be qualified to sit for the uniform state certification or licensing examination approved by the AQB, offered and administered by the testing provider approved by the AQB, and graded according to AQB standards.
A minimum of 2 years appraisal experience which meets the requirements set forth in Rab 302.01 through Rab 302.06 shall be required as a prerequisite to sit for the uniform state certification or licensing examination approved by the AQB, offered and administered by the provider approved by the AQB and graded according to AQB standards.
www.gencourt.state.nh.us /rules/rab100-500.html   (13291 words)

 RAB Awards Information
The RAB Outstanding Large Section Award will be awarded to one Section to recognize the excellent work of the Section in the past year.
The RAB Awards and Recognition Committee to review the nominations submitted by the Region Awards Chair and selects and endorses the recipient.
The RAB Outstanding Section Award will be awarded to one Section to recognize the excellent work of the Section in the past year.
www.ieee.org /organizations/rab/rab/Awards/section-recognition.html   (1193 words)

 Rab-Croatia.Org ( Island Rab, Croatia )
The Komrcar park, with its laurel, poplar, cypress, Indian fig-tree, rosemary, pine and hundred-year-old agave is now the pride of Rab.
Because of these numerous springs, Rab is considered to be the greenest island in the A
Rab belongs to the group of Kvarner Archipelago Islands of the North Adriatic.
www.rab-croatia.org /index.html   (316 words)

 Apartman Maricic island-RAB,Croatia
The island of Rab belongs to a group of inner Kvarner islands.
The Velebit canal divides the island from the mainland, and there is a distance of 1800 metres from the nearest, southeastern cape, to the mainland.
According to the regulation about local government the island of Rab is one district, and the settlement Rab is administrative, governing and cultural centre of the whole island.
www.rab-island.com   (301 words)

 World War 2 Panorama: Rab - Landmarks of WWII in Fullscreen 360 QTVR panorama
Beside Italian concentration camps at Treviso, Gonars, Padova and Renicci the Rab concentration camp was the largest one.
The camp was a collection of more than a thousand open-air tents arrayed across a valley nearby the coast and surrounded by barbed wire and guard towers and with some hovels.
After the Italians capitulated, a group of young Jewish men who were in decent physical shape joined the emaciated Slovenes to form a military unit – the Rab Brigade to fight the German occupying army.
ww2panorama.org /panoramas/rab   (273 words)

 Rab Hotels - Online Hotel Reservations in Rab, Croatia
For each Hotel in Rab you can check a file card with presentation, pictures, useful information and location of the property on the map of Rab.
The hotel is famous for its distinct atmosphere in the heart of the beautiful medieval town of Rab.
Our hotel is situated directly on the beach, on the little peninsula, in one of the most beautiful and greenest parts of the island (5 km from the town Rab).
rab.traveleurope.com   (235 words)

 More on Rab Proteins
rab stands for ras in the brain, and rabs define a group of membrane associated proteins that localize to discrete subcellular compartments (Figure 1).
Guanine nucleotide Exchange Factors (GEFs) catalyze the exchange of GTP for GDP and membrane targeting of rabs, and GTPase Activating Proteins (GAPs) stimulate the native GTPase activity of rabs causing the hydrolyis of GTP to GDP and Pi.
While Rab 'activity' is regulated by GAPs and GEFs, rab proteins are thought to exert their effects on the secretory pathway via proteins which bind rab proteins specifically in the GTP bound state.
thalamus.wustl.edu /nonetlab/ResearchF/rabprot.html   (417 words)

 RAB Lighting
RAB has lead the outdoor lighting field with quality and innovations for over 50 years.
RAB FF Future Floods 35 - 150 Watts HPS & MH
RAB MegaFloods 175 - 400W HPS & MH
www.elights.com /rabman.html   (79 words)

 RAB LIGHTING - Terms of Use
RAB Lighting Information is protected by intellectual property laws, and any unauthorized use of such information may violate applicable law in addition to this agreement.
RAB Lighting generally has not reviewed such third-party sites and does not control and is not responsible for any such sites or their content.
RAB Lighting does not endorse or make any representations about them or any information, software, or other products or materials found there, or any results that may be obtained from using them.
www.rabweb.com /termsofuse.htm   (800 words)

 CD Baby: RANDOM RAB: The Elucidation of Sorrow
Rab's unique vocal style and driving music have evolved into a luscious, unique, and uplifting journey of pure perfection.
First heard random rab at burningman 2003, and when I finally got this cd I was splitting atoms with joy.
Random Rab is a master at transporting you to a primordial state where you can kick back and know that you are coolest guy on the planet.
www.cdbaby.com /cd/randomrab2   (1272 words)

 Rab - Wikipedia
Rab ist die südlichste der Kvarner-Inseln in der Kvarner-Bucht, Nachbarinseln sind Krk und Pag.
Rab ist auch der Name der schon seit vorchristlicher Zeit bestehenden Hafenstadt an der Westküste der Insel.
Der Schutzpatron der Stadt und der Insel Rab ist der Heilige Christophorus, dessen Schädel als heilige Reliquie auf der Insel Rab aufbewahrt wird.
de.wikipedia.org /wiki/Rab   (219 words)

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