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In the News (Mon 24 Jun 19)

  JewishEncyclopedia.com - RACHEL   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-17)
Rachel and her sister Leah are mentioned as the two women who founded the house of Israel, Rachel, though younger, being mentioned first (Ruth iv.
Rachel and Leah were twin sisters, fourteen years old when Jacob came to their father's house; consequently they were twenty-one years old at the time of their marriage to Jacob (Seder 'Olam Rabbah ii.).
When Jacob met Rachel near the well, and proposed to marry her, she informed him that she had an elder sister, and that as her father was of a deceitful nature, he (Jacob) would be imposed upon.
www.jewishencyclopedia.com /view.jsp?artid=57&letter=R&search=Rachel   (1295 words)

 Rachel - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
When Rachel is introduced in the text (Gen. 29:17), she is lovingly described as being "beautiful of form and beautiful of appearance" (Hebrew: וְרָחֵל הָֽיְתָה יְפַת־תֹּאַר וִיפַת מַרְאֶה).
Today Rachel's Tomb, located between Bethlehem and the Jerusalem neighborhood of Gilo, is visited by tens of thousands of visitors each year.
This is interpreted in Judaism as Rachel crying for an end to her descendants' sufferings and exiles following the destruction of the First Temple in ancient Jerusalem.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Rachel   (550 words)

Rachel ("a ewe"), daughter of Laban and younger sister of Lia.
Rachel, being for a time without offspring and envious of her sister, to whom four children were born, gave to Jacob as a secondary wife her handmaid Bala, whose issue, according to a custom of the times, would be reckoned as her own.
Rachel was buried "in the highway that leadeth to Ephrata, this is Bethlehem.
www.newadvent.org /cathen/12630a.htm   (420 words)

The biblical matriarch Rachel was the wife of Jacob and the mother of Joseph and Benjamin.
Rachel was the second daughter of Laban, Rebekah’s brother.
Rachel was pregnant again and, on the way, suffered a hard labor and died in childbirth.
www.jewishvirtuallibrary.org /jsource/biography/Rachel.html   (807 words)

Rachel dashed out of the bush when she saw me. Meowed hungrily and gave her food.
Rachel hissed at mailbox cat (an unfriendly but good sign as Rachel is gaining back her confidence as queen).
Rachel was found on the stone table, where she used to hang out.
members.fortunecity.com /mettacats3/rachel   (754 words)

 Daily Bible Study - Rachel
Rachel, from the Hebrew name pronounced raw-khale, was the daughter of Laban, niece and daughter-in-law of Rebekah, daughter-in-law of Isaac, granddaughter-in-law of Abraham and Sarah, younger sister of Leah, first-cousin and second wife of Jacob/Israel, and mother of Joseph and Benjamin, from whom two of the Twelve Tribes of Israel originated.
We first read of Rachel when Jacob was sent to Haran (today in Iraq) by his mother Rebekah to live with her brother Laban to escape the deadly wrath of Esau (Genesis 27:43).
After a very eventful return journey in which Rachel stole her father's "household gods" (Genesis 31:19-55), Jacob "wrestled with God" and was then renamed Israel (Israel means he struggles with God) (Genesis 32:22-32), and Jacob met and was reconciled with his brother Esau (Genesis 33:1-20), they eventually made their way back to Bethel (Genesis 35:1).
www.keyway.ca /htm2002/rachel.htm   (1272 words)

 Rachel's Story   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-17)
One of the things Rachel's piano teacher wants to be certain of is that she is aware that the world of music is not all like the piano with that A-440 basis and with every note right on pitch.
Rachel is in year-round school (mainstreamed in a regular pre-school with a Braille Institute Aide), and at the time we taught her the note names she was on a three week break.
Rachel is not yet reading braille, so this was quite a surprise to hear, but they believe that with her aptitude and interest in music, she will pick up the braille music very quickly.
www.growingstrong.org /bvi/rachel.html   (5021 words)

Rachel is primarily intended to run applications with low to moderate parallelism that require large memory bandwidth and/or large shared memory.
Files on a $LOCAL are, however, accessible to you on rachel's front end both while the job is running and after the job ends, either with the tcscp command or with standard Unix commands.
Whether you are transferring files between rachel and golem or between rachel and your remote system, if you have many files--1000 or more--it is much more efficient to tar them up into one file and then transfer this single tar file, especially if they are small files, 64 Kbytes or smaller.
www.psc.edu /machines/marvel/rachel.html   (4216 words)

 ABC.com: Dancing with the Stars - Wednesdays 9/8c
Born and raised in Auckland, New Zealand, Rachel dreamed of being a ballerina from an early age.
Her dreams of dancing were not to come true, because by the age of 17 Rachel was working as an international model.
Rachel posed for Sports Illustrated magazine in 1989 and quickly became one of the most photographed cover girls in the world.
abc.go.com /primetime/dancing/bios/rachel_hunter.html   (214 words)

 Biography of Rachel Jackson
Wearing the white dress she had purchased for her husband's inaugural ceremonies in March 1829, Rachel Donelson Jackson was buried in the garden at The Hermitage, her home near Nashville, Tennessee, on Christmas Eve in 1828.
Rachel Donelson was a child of the frontier.
Scandal aside, Rachel's unpretentious kindness won the respect of all who knew her--including innumerable visitors who found a comfortable welcome at The Hermitage.
www.whitehouse.gov /history/firstladies/rj7.html   (423 words)

 Rachel Carson .org
Rachel Carson, writer, scientist, and ecologist, grew up simply in the rural river town of Springdale, Pennsylvania.
Her mother bequeathed to her a life-long love of nature and the living world that Rachel expressed first as a writer and later as a student of marine biology.
Rachel Carson died in 1964 after a long battle against breast cancer.
www.rachelcarson.org /index.cfm?fuseaction=bio   (551 words)

 Lake information report: Minnesota DNR
An assessment of the fish population was conducted on Rachel Lake in June of 2002.
Rachel Lake is a small lake located in south central Douglas County south of Holmes City.
Rachel and Little Rachel Lakes are considered the same body of water with the same Division of Waters number and will continue to be treated as one lake while the northern pike regulation is in place.
www.dnr.state.mn.us /lakefind/showreport.html?downum=21016000   (545 words)

 Help Find Rachel Cooke
Rachel, an accomplished cross-country runner, left her home in the Northlake development on FM 3405 northwest of Georgetown, Texas (north of Austin) on the morning of Thursday, January 10, 2002, to go on her usual 3-4 mile morning jog around the neighborhood.
When their search proved unsuccessful, Rachel's family decided to call in a Search and Recovery team whose success rate in returning missing people to their loved ones is higher than average.
Rachel was confident that she was okay jogging in her own neighborhood.
www.rachelcookesearch.org   (620 words)

 Rachel; and True Individuality by Carrie Wilson
Rachel acted as she sang, and passers-by were struck by the intensity of this pale, slight girl with her deep voice.
Rachel had many close relations with men in her life, most of whom were highly placed.
Rachel herself wrote in her copy of Racine, words which have that gratitude and respect which is fulfillment for the self:
www.aestheticrealismtheatreco.org /CWarticlerachel.htm   (2863 words)

 CD Baby: RACHEL BISSEX: Remembering Rachel--Songs of Rachel Bissex
I first heard Rachel at First Night in Burlington, VT, a few years ago, when she was playing bald and brave, and I'll be going to the tribute concert at First Night this year and crying all over again.
Rachel played "In the Middle" for me and my wife at the Stoweflake on Valentine’s night a few years ago because she knew I liked it.
Rachel was a very special soul and had an incredible way of touching everyone through her music.
cdbaby.com /cd/rachelbissex5   (1238 words)

Rachel left ler legacy in the lives around her.
Rachel wasn't afraid to let God know what was up in her life and how things were going.
Rachel left behind many good lessons of how to live life and many quotes of great thoughts.
www.geocities.com /complete87/rachel.html   (869 words)

 Rachel Green - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Rachel, unlike Monica, was popular during high school, and had always been promiscuous, which is steadily reflected in a comical sort of way throughout the series until the last couple of seasons.
Still, Rachel Green is popular culture's most obvious Jewish-American Princess stereotype, from her storyline of the (aborted) early marriage to the dentist Dr. Barry Farber to the nose job to the jobs at Bloomingdale's and Ralph Lauren to the overbearing doctor father to the obsession with looks and clothing.
Rachel declared that she was still in love with Ross even though he was still married to his British wife Emily in a disastrous wedding ceremony.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Rachel_Green   (664 words)

 Rachel's Daily Diary -- introduction
Chapter 97, in which Rachel waddles through her 8th month of pregnancy, celebrates her 1-year wedding anniversary, goes to her 10-year high school reunion, and celebrates her husband's 30th birthday.
Chapter 95, in which Rachel waddles through her 7th month of pregnancy and settles into the routine of her two jobs.
Chapter 88, in which Rachel begins a new year of preschool teaching and nannying, now as a married woman, and in which she plots how to buy a house and when to have a baby.
www.reinyday.com /rachel/daily/diary.html   (266 words)

 Rachel's Page
Rachel is very attractive and has a lot of energy.
Rachel seemed to have the special qualities that I was looking for.
Rachel is open to a lot of things and very good at them.
www.secretly-yours.com /Rachel/Rachel.htm   (1366 words)

 Rachel McAdams Online  /  rachelmcadams.org
Rachel is currently in talks to star in the movie "The Time Traveler's Wife".
TMZ reports that Rachel McAdams (Wedding Crashers, Red Eye, The Notebook) is in talks to star in New Line's The Time Traveler's Wife, based on Audrey Niffenegger's bestselling novel of 2003.
I added 2 pictures of Rachel on the set of "Marriage".
www.rachelmcadams.org   (301 words)

 AskMen.com - Rachel Roberts
The Biotherm poster girl, Rachel was already a household face, appearing in many fashion and women's magazines, before her acting debut in the much-anticipated film Simone, where she appears alongside Al Pacino.
Rachel Roberts is the newest addition in a line of accomplished supermodels that includes Cindy Crawford, Rebecca Romijn-Stamos and Elle Macpherson, to try her hand at the big screen.
Discovered at a young age, Rachel moved up the modeling ladder quickly, often the case with a new face in her industry.
www.askmen.com /women/models_100/148_rachel_roberts.html   (453 words)

 The Official Rachel Shelley Fansite
Rachel' movie Gray Matters which also stars Heather Graham and Alan Cummings is due for release in the US on 14th February 2007.
Rachel Shelley was born in Swindon, England on 25th August (the year remains a closely guarded secret, but Rachel is in her 30's).
Rachel was a well established actress in the United Kingdom with successful movies under her belt, such as "Photographing Fairies" (1997) with Ben Kingsley, "Everybody Loves Sunshine" (1999) with David Bowie, and "Lagaan" (2001) which received an Academy Award nomination for Best Foreign Film.
www.rachelshelleyonline.com   (641 words)

 Rachel Bilson Photos - Rachel Bilson News - Rachel Bilson Information
More Pictures Rachel Bilson is enjoying a successful and continually developing acting career in television, feature films and on the stage.
Rachel's stepmother is Heather Medway, an actress and the mother of Bilson's two-year-old half-sister Hattie.
Rachel Bilson is my favourite actress from the O.C. She is just so versitile, she can be funny, witty, smart, sophisticated, or any thing.
www.tv.com /rachel-bilson/person/174698/summary.html   (591 words)

   RACHEL McADAMS CENTRAL • Your Online Rachel Source   [Rachel-McAdams.com]
I've added candids (both HQ and regular) of Rachel leaving Conan O'Brien and also pics(HQ and regular) of her from a recent Yves Saint Laurent sponsored Guggenheim Artists Ball.
I also have caps of Rachel from ET Canada yesterday (a video coming soon too!) And caps from her appearance on Conan O'Brien last night, and a video of that appearance as well (Thanks Travis!).
And hopefully Rachel will get the chance to do a bit of promotional stuff for "The Family Stone" so be sure and let me know if you hear anything.
www.rachel-mcadams.com   (1247 words)

 Rachel - 27219   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-17)
Rachel requires parents who are willing to love and challenge her.
Rachel’s family will be supportive of her endeavors in school and monitor her progress in speech therapy and special education classes.
Rachel will benefit from a family that has time to spend one on one time with her as well as get her involved in some extracurricular activities.
tare.dfps.state.tx.us /search/ChildDetail.jsp?TareId=27219   (218 words)

 Be Significant: Rachel Dickson-Affordable Web Design, Fast & Effective
Rachel Dickson's life and work experiences continue to steer her enthusiastic approach to new challenges.
Rachel Dickson of Be Significant has found that many folks are struggling with these very issues and she now offers Computer House Calls to show you how!
Rachel Dickson's Professional experiences include 6 years of working with the Whitewater Rafting industry.
www.rachel-dickson.com   (477 words)

 AskMen.com - Rachel Nichols
True, Rachel Nichols is not hard on the eyes by any stretch of the imagination; her modeling career has proven that innumerable times.
Rachel Emily Nichols was born on January 8, 1980, in Augusta, Maine.
At 5'10" and in her 20s, Rachel has thus far managed to pack in a lot of living.
www.askmen.com /women/actress_250/285_rachel_nichols.html   (487 words)

Rachel was Laban's second daughter, and Jacob's second wife.
Bilhah gave birth to Dan and Naphtali, who were considered legal sons of Rachel.
Later, Rachel gave birth to Joseph and Benjamin.
www.aboutbibleprophecy.com /p90.htm   (158 words)

 ArtandCulture Artist: Rachel's   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-17)
Ry Cooder, in his vast exploration of international music, points out the global prevalence of the garage band: the guitar-and-drums standard is being adapted to other styles of music, such as Gamelan and Okinawan folk music.
Rachel's and June of '44: Diverse Indie-Rock Flavors
Pheonix magazine compares sibling bands Rachel’s and June of ‘44, both offspring of Indie-rock band Rodan, after the two share the stage at a Louisville club.
www.artandculture.com /cgi-bin/WebObjects/ACLive.woa/wa/artist?id=114   (245 words)

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