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Topic: Racial discrimination

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In the News (Thu 21 Mar 19)

  Kids.net.au - Encyclopedia Racial discrimination -
Racial discrimination is the practice of perceiving or defining persons to be of lesser or greater intrinsic value, capability, or merit, based on their racial characteristics, and acting on that perception to the detriment of its targets.
Racially discriminating actions may include racial segregation, redlining, or differing reactions by employers or neighbors.
In some cases, the basis for discrimination is simply that the people discriminating perceive the targets of discrimination to be different from themselves.
www.kids.net.au /encyclopedia-wiki/ra/Racial_discrimination   (187 words)

 MSN Encarta - Discrimination
Discrimination, different treatment of others based solely on their membership in a socially distinct group or category, such as race, ethnicity, sex, religion, age, or disability.
Racial discrimination in employment by a state government agency was banned in 1972, and U.S. attorneys were authorized to sue noncomplying state agencies; similarly, the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission, established in 1964, was authorized to file suit.
Racial discrimination practiced against Hispanic Americans is also widespread, and has generally assumed traditional forms, including discriminatory policies in employment, housing, and access to the judicial system, but it has also involved such issues as bilingual education, fair treatment by the communications media, and prison reform.
encarta.msn.com /encyclopedia_761573635/Discrimination.html   (1079 words)

 Racism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Racial segregation - the discriminatory practice of separating groups in society along racial lines, often associated with privilege, power and entitlement for a dominant group and disdvantage and oppression for the subordinate one.
While this usually refers to discrimination against minority racial groups in Western societies, it can also (arguably) refer to the opposite situation, and in that case is often called reverse discrimination when it is due to affirmative action or other attempts to remedy past or current discrimination against minority racial groups.
Racism infers an assumption of racial superiority and a harmful intent, whereas separatists sometimes prefer the term racialism, indicating a strong interest in matters of race without a necessary inference of superiority or a desire to be harmful to others.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Racial_discrimination   (8092 words)

 Racial Discrimination
Remedies for racial discrimination are not only for racial discrimination or color prejudice in employment, nor for ethnic discrimination or race prejudice against racial or ethnic groups of people -remedies for racial discrimination exist equally e.g.
Racial discrimination in law is not only about the racist who claiming cultural or colour or national or ethnic supremacy with disregard for race relations advocates racism and racial hatred against ethnic refugees or immigrants not of same race inciting prejudice for color or religion or belief.
Nor is it unlawful racial discrimination where employment involves a requirement that one must be of a specific race and that requirement is a genuine occupational qualification -such as in relation to employing only fl actors to play, e.g., in Shakespeare's play 'Othello' the role of the fl character called so.
www.geocities.com /rcdis   (804 words)

 Human Rights Watch World Report 2001: Special Programs and Campaigns - Racial Discrimination and Related Intolerance
The convention on racial discrimination requires states to guarantee to all individuals the enjoyment of rights without such discrimination--and to ensure that public policies are discriminatory neither in purpose nor in effect.
In the United States, racial discrimination in the criminal justice system was increasingly the object of concern--problems the United States went some way to address in submitting its initial report to the United Nations Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination in September (as required as a party to CERD).
Discrimination in criminal justice and public policy was perhaps most pervasive and deep rooted where discrimination was founded on caste, or, as in the United States, where the heritage of slavery and legislated segregation remained potent factors.
www.hrw.org /wr2k1/special/racism.html   (4920 words)

 Racial Discrimination in Argentina
Discrimination against Korean immigrants significantly worsened after a series of news reports in 1993 on a case of Korean grocers exploiting undocumented Bolivian immigrant workers and stealing electricity from the State appeared in the press.
INADI was established by law in 1995 with the objective of elaborating national policies and concrete measures to combat discrimination, xenophobia and racism, and with the mandate of initiating and fulfilling actions to this end.
Discrimination persists against immigrants, indigenous populations, and other racial minorities, and the government must increase funding to anti-discrimination agencies, collect census data, and launch public education programs to insure that legal measures translate into genuine relief for Argentina's maligned populations.
academic.udayton.edu /race/06hrights/GeoRegions/SouthAmerica/argentina01.htm   (1673 words)

 Race/Color Discrimination   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
It is unlawful to discriminate against any employee or applicant for employment because of his/her race or color in regard to hiring, termination, promotion, compensation, job training, or any other term, condition, or privilege of employment.
Discrimination on the basis of an immutable characteristic associated with race, such as skin color, hair texture, or certain facial features violates Title VII, even though not all members of the race share the same characteristic.
Title VII also prohibits discrimination on the basis of a condition that predominantly affects one race unless the practice is job related and consistent with business necessity.
www.eeoc.gov /types/race.html   (726 words)

 Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission Website: Racial Discrimination
It is racial discrimination to treat someone less favourably because of his or her race, colour, descent, national origin or ethnic origin than someone of a different 'race' would be treated in a similar situation.
It is also racial discrimination to make everyone satisfy the same criterion when the effect is that a higher proportion of people of one 'race' cannot satisfy it, unless the criterion is reasonable and relevant to the particular circumstances.
Other important human rights which can be impaired by racial discrimination include the right to equal treatment by the courts and other agencies in the legal system, the rights to vote and join the public service and the right to privacy.
www.humanrights.gov.au /racial_discrimination/guide_to_rda   (612 words)

 Racial Privacy Initiative / An invitation to racial discrimination   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
But racial discrimination by public agencies and private businesses won't go away if government stops monitoring it: instead, the racial privacy initiative would, if passed, actually encourage racial discrimination by notifying perpetrators that the government will not be watching them.
For at least the past three decades, the main reason government has collected racial data is so that we can devise more effective ways to achieve what most Americans say they wish for: a society in which the color of ones' skin has nothing to do with his or her opportunity.
The idea of "racial privacy" is a transparent fiction that renders government powerless to bring to justice those who use race to discriminate because there is no record- keeping of that discrimination.
www.sfgate.com /cgi-bin/article.cgi?file=/chronicle/archive/2002/05/10/ED83663.DTL   (733 words)

 Reader's Companion to U.S. Women's History - - Racial Discrimination   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Discrimination, or the formal practice of racism, was manifest in discourses on nationhood, citizenship, and individual rights.
Discrimination against Asian immigrants followed nineteenth-century legal and political understandings of race, understandings that were primarily defined by Black-white experiences.
Intentional discrimination may be strictly monitored now, but actions and habits that produce discriminatory effects continue to constrain the life chances of people of color.
college.hmco.com /history/readerscomp/women/html/wm_031100_racialdiscri.htm   (1470 words)

 Press kit: Issues - Gender and Racial Discrimination - World Conference Against Racism
The injustices suffered by victims of racial discrimination and related intolerance are well-known: limited employment opportunities; segregation; and endemic poverty are only a few among these.
When a woman's race is factored in to her experience, the double burden of gender and racial discrimination and related intolerance becomes evident.
Women who suffer from double discrimination will be looking to the Conference to come up with concrete and realistic proposals to address their problems and would accept no less, she added.
www.un.org /WCAR/e-kit/gender.htm   (1079 words)

 Lesson 18: Understanding and Preventing Sexual and Racial Discrimination (Lesson Material)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Discrimination is an unlawful employment practice that occurs when an employer fails or refuses to hire, discharge, or otherwise discriminates against any individual with respect to compensation, terms, conditions, or privilege of employment because of race, color, religion, sex, national origin, age, reprisal, physical or mental disability.
Racial Discrimination is defined as: to make assignment decisions based primarily on a member’s race instead of his or her qualifications.
Like sexual discrimination, it is also the action taken by an individual to deprive a person of a right simply because of their race.
level2.cap.gov /Prof_Dev_Modules/cap_lesson_18/lesson18_html/lesson18.htm   (1812 words)

 Human Rights and Equal Opportunity Commission Website: Racial Discrimination
Racial discrimination happens when someone is treated less fairly because of their race, colour, descent, national origin or ethnic origin than someone of a different 'race' would be treated in a similar situation.
Racial discrimination can also happen when a policy or rule that treats everyone in the same way has an unfair effect on more people of a particular race, colour, descent, or national or ethnic origin than others.
Acting Race Discrimination Commissioner Dr William Jonas said the International Day for the Elimination of Racial Discrimination (21 March) is an important occasion to reaffirm our commitment and resolve to fight racism and inequality through tolerance, understanding and respect.
www.hreoc.gov.au /racial_discrimination   (2397 words)

 Racial Profiling at the Airport - Discrimination we're afraid to be against. By Michael Kinsley   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Until recently, the term "racial profiling" referred to the police practice of pulling over fl male drivers disproportionately, on the statistically valid but morally offensive assumption that fl male drivers are more likely to be involved in crime.
But if "racial profiling" means anything specific at all, it means rational discrimination: racial discrimination with a non-racist rationale.
The truth is that racial profiling and affirmative action are both dangerous medicines that are sometimes appropriate.
slate.msn.com /?id=116347   (1423 words)

 Nat' Academies Press, Measuring Racial Discrimination (2004)
5 Causal Inference and the Assessment of Racial Discriminati..., pp.
Measuring Racial Discrimination Bobo, L.D., J. Kluegel, and R. Smith 1997 Laissez-faire racism: The crystallization of a kinder, gentler, anti-fl ideology.
Measuring Racial Discrimination Williams, D.R., and H.W. Neighbors 2001 Racism, discrimination, and hypertension: Evidence and needed research.
www.nap.edu /books/0309091268/html/254.html   (6417 words)

 Racism and Human Rights (World Conference Against Racism, Racial Discrimination, Xenophobia and Related Intolerance - ...
Express recognition is required that caste-based discrimination bars millions from the exercise of their civil and political, and their economic, social, and cultural rights —; a precondition for international programs to support the abolition of caste discrimination and to remedy abuses.
Throughout the world, refugees, asylum seekers, migrants and internally displaced persons are the victims of racial discrimination, racist attacks, xenophobia and ethnic intolerance.
The de facto denial of remedies to particular groups within a criminal justice system or the disparate effect of de jure disenfranchisement of members of a particular group may be evidence of unjustified racial discrimination regardless of the intent of lawmakers and public officials.
www.hrw.org /campaigns/race   (898 words)

 People For the American Way - Racial Discrimination
Although racial segregation of public schools continues to be a serious problem, a Scalia-Thomas majority would severely limit government's ability to end that segregation.
Later in 1992, Scalia was the sole dissenter from an 8-1 ruling that Mississippi had failed to remedy the effects of discrimination in higher education.
Justice Thomas' views on racial discrimination are almost as extreme.
www.pfaw.org /pfaw/general/default.aspx?oid=11154   (682 words)

 Using the international human rights system to combat racial discrimination - a handbook - Amnesty International   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Yet discrimination on grounds of race, colour, descent, or national or ethnic origin persists in many forms in every country of the world.
Racial discrimination is itself a violation of human rights.
This Amnesty International Handbook is intended to be of use to non-governmental organizations and others who wish to address and combat racial discrimination.
web.amnesty.org /ai.nsf/Index/IOR800012001?OpenDocument&of=THEMES\RACISM   (240 words)

 Discrimination based on Race   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Racial Discrimination: Influences and Impacts (What are some of the causes and impacts of racial discrimination?)
Racial differences are a normal and natural part of humanity that contribute to our uniqueness.
Make sure groups have identified and are illustrating examples of discrimination and/or resistance, including acts of resistance that failed or were prevented due to repression.
cyberschoolbus.un.org /discrim/race.asp   (3850 words)

 International Convention on the Elimination of All Forms Racial Discrimination
Reaffirming that discrimination between human beings on the grounds of race, colour or ethnic origin in an obstacle to friendly and peaceful relations among nations and is capable of disturbing peace and security among peoples and the harmony of persons living side by side even within one and the same State,
States Parties condemn racial discrimination and undertake to pursue by all appropriate means and without delay a policy of eliminating racial discrimination in all its forms and promoting understanding among all races, and, to this end:
States Parties particularly condemn racial segregation and apartheid and undertake to prevent, prohibit and eradicate all practices of this nature in territories under their jurisdiction.
www.civicwebs.com /cwvlib/constitutions/un/e_un_conv_racial_discrimination.htm   (3295 words)

 About HRI
Particular efforts shall be made to prevent discrimination based on race, colour or ethnic origin, especially in the fields of civil rights, access to citizenship, education, religion, employment, occupation and housing.
An end shall be put without delay to governmental and other public policies of racial segregation and especially policies of apartheid, as well as all forms of racial discrimination and separation resulting from such policies.
No discrimination by reason of race, colour or ethnic origin shall be admitted in the enjoyment by any person of political and citizenship rights in his country, in particular the right to participate in elections through universal and equal suffrage and to take part in the government.
www.hri.ca /uninfo/treaties/9.shtml   (1168 words)

 Racial Discrimination
Discrimination by Chinese authorities against Tibetans on the basis of their race is prevalent in many spheres of life, including public representation, employment, education, health and social services.
Various methods of discrimination against Tibetans relative to Chinese students were described: higher school fees; charges for chairs, desks and books and anything broken in the school; and used books and equipment.
A long-standing requirement that all students pass an entrance examination in Tibetan was reported to have been dropped in 1997 and all except one of the 17 university courses are now taught in Chinese,(49) despite the fact that 80 per cent of students and many of the teachers at Tibet University are Tibetans.
www.tibet.com /Humanrights/HumanRights97/hr97-7.html   (1579 words)

 SFBG News: December 23, 1998: No room at the bank   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-07)
Racial discrimination is not limited to the private sector: in Oakland, ACORN reports, African Americans seeking government-backed loans were rejected more than white applicants by a ratio of three to two.
Sentinel executive director Mona Breed told us that much of the discrimination these testers experience is quite subtle: minority members are often quoted different terms and conditions or are not offered the full range of available programs.
Breed says that this is because "many lenders just don't want to lend in certain neighborhoods." She told us the group has gathered "evidence of differential treatment in almost every test" it has conducted in Oakland.
www.sfbg.com /News/33/12/Features/oakland.html   (1000 words)

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