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Topic: State Radio

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In the News (Thu 18 Apr 19)

  State Radio - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
State Radio is a rock band formed by former Dispatch member Chad Urmston in 2002 after Dispatch announced their indefinite hiatus (after about two years on hiatus, the band announced a break-up and a final show).
State Radio's songs, written by Chad, are primarily a mixture of roots reggae and rock interspersed with more somber, low-key numbers.
State Radio is known for their outstanding stage presence, and like to often have the audience join in the fun.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/State_Radio   (301 words)

 United States Early Radio History
Radio at Sea (1891-1916) - The first major use of radio was for navigation, where it greatly reduced the isolation of ships, saving thousands of lives, even though for the first couple of decades radio was generally limited to Morse Code transmissions.
Radio During World War One (1914-1919) - Civilian radio activities were suspended during the war, as the radio industry was taken over by the government.
Amateur Radio After World War One (1919-1924) - Although there was concern that amateur radio stations would not be allowed to return to the airwaves after the war, in 1919 the wartime restrictions were ended.
earlyradiohistory.us   (1641 words)

 South Dakota Department of Public Safety
State Radio provides communications service to federal, state, and local government agencies.
State Radio is a communications link between the public and those agencies, and between the agencies themselves.
The goals of State Radio are to save lives, prevent injury, protect property, and provide professional and timely communications service.
www.state.sd.us /dps/stateradio.htm   (210 words)

 Radio Astronomy and SETI - Big Ear Radio Observatory Home Page
The land on which the observatory was sitting (owned by the Ohio Wesleyan University, Delaware, Ohio) was sold by them in 1983 to land developers who later claimed their rights to develop the land.
This website is meant to serve as a memorial to that unique radio telescope, to its designer and builder (the late Dr. John D. Kraus) and the many persons involved with the telescope, and to the discoveries made with that instrument.
The Observatory was named after the Big Ear Radio Telescope (demolished in 1998) -- a Kraus-type radio telescope (named for Dr. John D. Kraus, the founder and director of the observatory, who was also the designer and builder of the telescope).
www.bigear.org   (613 words)

 Radio: Audience
There were theories that Internet radio streaming, which makes it possible to listen to radio on the computer, at work or at home, and to pick from among many more stations than just those in the listener's own city, would radically transform radio.
While this report is primarily concerned with the state of radio journalism on over-the-air stations these satellite networks are enabling radio listeners an increasing amount of control over the content they listen to thanks to a finely delineated formatting scheme.
This may mean that even though radio is perhaps the most narrowly targeted communications medium, it could still involve one component of news consumption that has been unique to broadcasting, the idea that listeners might come across information they did not know they would or should be interested in.
www.stateofthenewsmedia.org /narrative_radio_audience.asp?cat=3&media=8   (1973 words)

 State Wide Radio
State troopers went door to door to check on still-standing structures as well as their occupants.
Radio coverage quality suffers in many counties due to antiquated systems developed to provide mobile instead of portable radio coverage.
Although critics of the idea of hanging onto old radio systems say they are already too crowded, especially during emergencies, interoperability proponents say these new channels will help at least for the time being with the clogged law enforcement and public safety radio waves.
www.county.org /resources/library/county_mag/county/133/radio.html   (1897 words)

 Chapter 354 - Educational Television and Radio; Translator
The State of Oregon is not liable for any loss or damage resulting from errors introduced into the materials supplied by the Legislative Counsel Committee, by a user or any third party, or resulting from any defect in or misuse of any search software, drivers or other equipment.
The State Board of Higher Education is declared the managing agency of the FM radio station KTEC, licensed to the Oregon Institute of Technology, and as such shall prescribe rules and regulations in conformity with the regulations and laws of the United States Government relating to educational FM radio stations.
The proposal shall state that an emergency exists and specify with distinctness the facts and reasons constituting the emergency.
www.leg.state.or.us /ors/354.html   (3215 words)

 Radio Services
Radio services will assist in the creation and production of public service announcements (PSAs) to help promote an issue, awareness campaign, or event.
Radio staff can provide the voice over and also has a talent pool of state employees with broadcast experience.
Radio Services maintains a list of more than 300 stations, including foreign language stations which will accept PSAs via email in both.mp3 format and script form.
www100.state.il.us /ioci/radioservices.cfm   (135 words)

 KBSS: Idaho's first DIGITAL radio station
HD Radio technology was developed by iBiquity Digital and approved in October 2002 by the Federal Communications Commission.
KBSS was built with funds contributed from the public radio listeners of the Wood River Valley and with a grant from the US Department of Commerce.
Boise State Radio operates twenty broadcast facilities in Idaho and northern Nevada.
radio.boisestate.edu /digitalradio.html   (534 words)

 800 MHz System   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
On October 15, 1993 the State of Delaware purchased a Statewide 800 MHz Digital Trunked Radio System to provide statewide communications for all state, county and municipal government agencies, fire and emergency medical services, and a select number of federal agencies.
The State contracted with Motorola, Inc. for a digital system, which is compatible with the Association of Public Safety Communications Officials-International, Inc. - Project 25 (APCO 25) standards, such as the “common-air-interface” standard.
In July 2000 the State appropriated funds to resolve those issues and improve in-street coverage in the Rehoboth, Claymont and Hartly areas.
www.state.de.us /pscomm/800mhz_radio_system.htm   (638 words)

 Department of Emergency Services | State Radio Communication System | What's New? | Digital Radio
The entire state radio system is now operating on the new network, running in the analog mode.
The State has opted to leverage a digital radio system as part of its plan to break out of obsolescence and to live up to the Federal narrowband initiative.
The State’s Motorola contract guarantees equal or better coverage with the new radio system compared to the coverage that exists with the old system for mobile voice and data communications.
www.nd.gov /des/radio/new/dig-radio.html   (495 words)

 State Radio Association Of Broadcasters - Buffalo
Our state association, in partnership with the National Association of Broadcasters, conducted a survey of television and radio stations in Idaho to determine the extent of industry in Washington and at the state and local levels.
Radio and TV stations that belong to state broadcaster trade Alliance of State Broadcasters Associations The members of Check with your state association for relevant The Texas Association of Broadcasters is the largest state broadcast association in the nation, representing 900+ radio and television stations.
TAB was formed to promote and protect a favorable or channel of the station), the City and State where the program was seen or heard, and a chief executive officer of the National Association of Broadcasters.
www.buffalobroadcasting.com /state-radio-association-of-broadcasters.htm   (310 words)

 Amazon.com: Us Against the Crown: Music: State Radio   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
You can rest assured that State Radio, on the heels of 'Us Against The Crown', is sure to have the same success as Dispatch, while starting down the road to a second incredible independent career.
Almost four stars, State Radio has a definitive Dispatch rythm and vibe but it lacks the creative impression that Dispatch listeners fell in love with.
The best thing that i can say about state radio is that they deliver an infectious vibe that will leave songs stuck in your head for days and days.
www.amazon.com /Us-Against-Crown-State-Radio/dp/B000E1JOSY   (1273 words)

 Radio-Info.com - Home
Those in the radio trade publication arena knew of Doug's passion for tracking call letters, formats and mapping signals.
In 1999 Doug Fleming's concept of an online radio community was realized when the domain was purchased and Radio-Info.com was born.
Last week's FCC media ownership hearings in Nashville were the very definition of a dog and pony show, with apologies to dogs and ponies.
www.radio-info.com   (400 words)

Since that inception, STATE RADIO has toured heavily behind music ingrained with the ideals of progressive politics and an infectious blend of rock, punk, and reggae beats.
Even though Mejia was released from prison on February 15, 2005, State Radio have released the song as the first single on the bands upcoming album, Us Against the Crown, to bring the issue of conscientious objection to light.
State Radio, thanks for be in my friend's list and to appreciate my music, I want to wish to you and to your friends a marry christmas holidays and a happy new year :-)
www.myspace.com /stateradio   (1134 words)

 ITG Guide to Services Section Six
Two-way radios are extensively used throughout the State to support public safety, law enforcement, natural resource management, the operation of public facilities and delivery of emergency medical services.
The VHF two-way radio network consists of one (1) simplex and three (3) repeater frequencies that are spread throughout the state's two-way radio sites.
These radios are programmed to a number of Public Safety frequencies that are commonly used throughout the state.
www.state.ak.us /local/akpages/ADMIN/info/Guide/6_5strs.htm   (1801 words)

 Internet Archive: State Radio
Shows which State Radio is headlining or coheadlining may be taped.
Shows for which State Radio is an opener must follow the taping policies of the headlining act.
State Radio Live at Tweeter Center for the Performing Arts on 2006-08-20
www.archive.org /details/StateRadio   (368 words)

 A Vision for Boise State Radio
The strategic goals of Boise State Radio recognize the need to respond to ever-changing technologies, evolving market conditions, and a challenging resource base, while maintaining and improving the quality of existing services and programming, including classical, jazz, and news.
These strategic goals are intended to enhance Boise State Radio’s position in the public broadcast arena, as well as its relationships with its listener base and Boise State University.
Boise State Radio’s first priority is to enhance its funding base through new, innovative revenue sources, including exploration and creation of national partnerships that have the potential of bringing both revenue and recognition to the radio network.
www2.boisestate.edu /gmsearch/a_vision_for_boise_state_radio.htm   (744 words)

 State: Radio debate for governor offers an earful
A radio debate, however, offers no such distractions and takes away the pressure of being on camera.
The Bush campaign thinks that a radio format favors the governor because the emphasis will be on substance and detail.
Jim Polling -- director of operations for Florida's Radio Networks, which is sponsoring the debate -- said 1-million people are expected to tune in.
www.sptimes.com /2002/10/15/State/Radio_debate_for_gove.shtml   (719 words)

 State Radio live at Universalbuzz.com!!!
In addition to these, Dispatch's "Time Served" and parts of "Cut it ya Match it" have recently become a State Radio staple.
State Radio joined their first major tour in the summer of 2006, the Vans Warped Tour.
In the tour they got a lot of recognition as a rising band, and seemed to be raising attention every stop they made.
www.universalbuzz.com /catalogresults.asp?ArtistNumber=394   (269 words)

 CNN.com - Transcripts
Then State Radio has just reported that has been, what State Radio is describing, as a controlled explosion now.
Now a witness telling State Radio, we monitored that broadcast, that some of the action is accruing here near a building where what she called Arab immigrants live in this building.
One from State Radio that says there has been an explosion which State Radio believes to be a controlled explosion.
transcripts.cnn.com /TRANSCRIPTS/0404/03/bn.01.html   (895 words)

 Libertarianz - State Radio Gets More Loot to Promote the State
"The vacuous ravings of Steve Maharey that because commercial radio is motivated 'entirely by profit' and is therefore 'susceptible to the business interests of their owners and advertisers' completely ignores that Radio New Zealand is motivated entirely by taxpayer funding and is susceptible to political interference," says Wilson.
You don't, because Radio New Zealand is fed entirely from money taken from people who in most cases would not choose to fund it," Wilson exclaimed.
"Radio New Zealand virtually never allows a perspective to be broadcast that challenges the view that the government should solve everyone's problems with other people's money.
www.libertarianz.org.nz /?libzpr=130   (416 words)

 Hungarian Radio   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
For this very reason, it is necessary to make the alternative, on-line radio broadcasting more popular, since the key to - and importance of - the experience of radio listening happens to be its being up-to-date.
This also requires informativeness and speed from a public service radio station in the 21st century.
The easily accessible, down-loadable material creates the possibility for Hungarian Radio, an institution with a grand history, to become - in this new dimension, the world of Internet - the intellectual centre for Hungarian cultural and public life, and the radio station of the nation paying attention to the needs of listeners.
www.english.radio.hu   (193 words)

 List of radio stations in New York - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
List of radio stations in New York and List of United States radio markets
List of radio stations in New York in cities with names A to L. See also: Radio stations in cities with names M to Z.
WLLG - 99.3 - FM edit] Radio stations M-Z
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/List_of_radio_stations_in_New_York_State   (1440 words)

 90.7 KFSR - Fresno
Every etown show is taped in front of a live audience, and features performances from many of today’s top musical artists as well as thought-provoking interviews and the presentation of the e-chievement award recognizing everyday people who have made a difference in their community or environment.
Full Spectrum Radio is our belief in the power of radio to connect people and enrich lives through unique programming that spans genres, labels, topics and ages.
Full Spectrum Radio is a commitment to bringing you diverse programming, from jazz to world music, blues to independent pop, electronica, latin rhythms, local public affairs and beyond.
www.csufresno.edu /kfsr/KFSRhome.html   (878 words)

 Tri States Public Radio, College of Fine Arts & Communication, Western Illinois University
The Tri States has a lot to offer, so send in your beautiful pics of bountiful fields, contented livestock, sunsets and parks.
We also need photos that introduce us to the people and daily lives of our communities, the events great and small, the interior landscapes, the humorous and the dreadful, the graceful and graceless.
By submitting, you give permission for use of your photo on the Tri States Public Radio website and assert that you have the right to give such permission.
www.tristatesradio.com   (259 words)

 The Nature Conservancy in Idaho - Outdoor Radio Show debuts on Boise State Radio   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
The show, produced by veteran radio producers Jeff Rice and Jyl Hoyt, introduces to fascinating natural history and conservation issues.
The Nature Conservancy, a global conservation organization with headquarters in Arlington, Virginia, has a stated mission of conserving the diversity of plants and animals on Earth.
She has traveled the world for her stories and has received numerous grants to produce pieces on the environment and the humanities.
www.nature.org /wherewework/northamerica/states/idaho/press/press806.html   (497 words)

 PlugInMusic.com : Review - State Radio - Us Against The Crown
Never is State Radio more likable than when their light pop melodies make the pounding percussion background on “Camilo” and the bright “Mr.
Elsewhere State Radio are full and lively for fluid movement on “Man In The Hall” and the speeding punk and rock spin that is added for the nonchalant attitude of “The Diner Song.”
Treating the listener well, like an old friend, State Radio are able to make their appeals without State Radio has laid the groundwork for their future.
www.pluginmusic.com /review.php?page=stateradio   (273 words)

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