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Topic: Railway Enthusiasts Society

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In the News (Mon 23 Apr 18)

  Canterbury Railway Society - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In 1944, a group of railway enthusiasts across New Zealand came together to form the country's first dedicated railfan organisation, the New Zealand Railway and Locomotive Society.
Interest quickly grew and major branches of the Society were formed in Auckland, Waikato, Manawatu, Wellington, Canterbury and Otago, as well as informally constituted groups in other areas.
When the requirement for full membership of the parent society began to be enforced there was a move for the Canterbury Branch to follow the lead of the former Auckland, Wellington and Otago Branches and form a separate Society.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Canterbury_Railway_Society   (816 words)

 Canterbury Railway Society - History
The Canterbury Railway Society is the successor of the Canterbury Group and then the Canterbury Branch NZRLS.
Restructuring of New Zealand Railways which had begun in the early 80s resulted in the closure of various local railway facilities and produced further acquisition opportunities for the Canterbury Railway Society, though the Society had to shift its meetings venue from Addington Workshops to Ferrymead.
The other major event of the early 90s was the privatisation of New Zealand Railways to become Tranz Rail Ltd. It was during this period that excursion train operation for many smaller groups became uneconomic with the result that the Canterbury Railway Society ceased to be involved in such activities.
www.trainweb.org /canterbury/history.html   (1277 words)

 SurfWax: News, Reviews and Articles On Railway Enthusiasts
Railway enthusiasts from all over the UK crowded onto the Gatwick Express on Thursday to say goodbye to two engines being retired after more than 40 years.
RAILWAY enthusiasts are planning to go full steam ahead for charity when they embark on a journey into the past next Saturday.
Railway enthusiasts who have visited North Korea have described steam and electric locomotives, originating mostly from the former Soviet Union, former Warsaw Pact countries, and Japan (which occupied Korea up until 1945) -- but including some pre-war models from the United States, apparently delivered to the Soviet Union during World War II..
news.surfwax.com /hobbies/files/Railway_Enthusiasts.html   (851 words)

 New Zealand Rail Organisations and Museums
The New Zealand Railway and Locomotive Society Inc, PO Box 5134, Wellington, founded in 1944, is New Zealand's longest established and largest railway enthusiast organisation.
The Railway Enthusiasts Society Inc, PO Box 13 684, Onehunga, Auckland, formed in 1958, serves the interests of railway enthusiasts generally.
The Ferrymead Railway, PO Box 13-039, Christchurch, is a project of the Canterbury Railway Society.
trains.wellington.net.nz /organisations.html   (1469 words)

 SRHS   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
The Finnish Railway History Society (SRHS) is a national organization for enthusiasts of railways and their history.
The Society was founded in 1967 and functioned under the name of "Locomotive Friends" until 1975.
The purpose of the society is to uphold and activate interest in railways and their history; to collect and safekeep documents, railwayana, photographic and audial material; and to be involved in publishing.
www.saunalahti.fi /~srhs/srhseng.htm   (276 words)

 Open Directory - Recreation: Trains and Railroads: Miniature   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
Altona Miniature Railway - The vision of AMR is to develop the railway site into one of Australia's premier miniature railways for the safe enjoyment of the local community and to provide a high quality facility for model engineers and miniature railway enthusiasts.
RHandDR - The Romney, Hythe and Dymchurch Railway - The Romney, Hythe and Dymchurch Railway (RHDR).
Weston Park Railway - Weston Park Railway is located in the grounds of Weston Park, a 1,000 acre estate situated on the borders of Shropshire and Staffordshire in the UK.The railway is built to a gauge of 7¼in and runs through a wooded section of the Park.
dmoz.org /Recreation/Trains_and_Railroads/Miniature   (6246 words)

 Open Directory - Recreation: Models: Railroad: Clubs: United Kingdom   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
Historical Model Railway Society - The Senior Society in Britain for the collection and exchange of information for historians and modellers of the railways of the British Isles.
S Scale Model Railway Society - History of the society and the scale used, membership and events.
Uckfield Model Railway Club - Railway modeling in 2mm, 4mm and 7mm scales, and model railways in 5 inch and 7¼ inch gauges in Uckfield, East Sussex, England.
www.dmoz.org /Recreation/Models/Railroad/Clubs/United_Kingdom   (1056 words)

 Cardiff & Avonside Railway Society
Cheaper fares on Society trips, a monthly magazine reporting on local notes and news, stock alterations, reports on preservation and industrial sites, and trip reports of both Society and members own visits.
The Society was formed in 1971 with the aim of enabling railway enthusiasts in the south Wales and Avonside areas to visit places of railway interest.
The Society run at least one trip per month, these are usually of one day duration although the trip run at Easter is usually a more extensive one of three or four days.
www.cardiffandavonside.org.uk   (414 words)

 Ormondville Rail Preservation Group Inc - 'Hubs & Spokes' excursion 2000 pt.2   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
I am assured that to be historically accurate, having received one's food - and drinks - one should in fact fight one's way back out the original door - despite the others in the queue who are trying to fight their way into it.
In addition, instead of the peas being cooked to perfection, they should instead be from a large can and sufficiently overcooked and mushy as to spray their individual contents all over whoever is trying to eat them.
A special feature, though, was the presentation to the Railway Enthusiasts Society of the tablet key to Glenbrook Station, a station that forms part of that society's Glenbrook Vintage Railway.
www.geocities.com /ormondvillerail/ex/hubsspokes2.html   (510 words)

 List of New Zealand railway museums and herit... - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
List of New Zealand railway museums and herit...
We don't have an article called "List of New Zealand railway museums and herit..."
Search for "List of New Zealand railway museums and herit..." in...
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/List_of_New_Zealand_railway_museums_and_herit...   (61 words)

 Ocean Beach Railway - Links
This is a historic rural railway using both vintage steam and diesel-electric locomotives on 12.8 km of scenic line the unique limestone beauty of the Weka Pass...
The Strathspey Railway, located in the Central Highlands of Scotland, runs between the communities of Aviemore, Boat-of-Garten and Broomhill...
Model railways from Z gauge to G gauge and all accessories for the enthusiast...
homepages.paradise.net.nz /~gregwhit/obr/links/home.html   (300 words)

 Ruislip Lido Railway Society   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
The Ruislip Lido Railway Society are a group of volunteers providing a fun and friendly day out for the whole family.
Bordering around the railway itself are a childrens play area, a beach on the Woody Bay side.
Surrounding almost all of the Railway is the attractive scenery of Ruislip Woods.
www.ruisliplidorailway.org   (165 words)

 About Us
The Canterbury Railway Society (Inc) is the successor of the Canterbury Branch of the New Zealand Railway and Locomotive Society.
A permanent turnout was installed by Railways connecting the Ferrymead Railway to the NZR track so that shuttle services could be operated between Christchurch and Ferrymead, also allowing locomotives and rolling stock to leave the site for operation on NZR tracks during the Festival.
Restructuring of New Zealand Railways which had begun in the early 80s resulted in the closure of various local railway facilities and produced further opportunities for the Canterbury Railway Society to acquire additional equipment.
www.trainweb.org /ferrymeadrail/about.htm   (1240 words)

 The Narrow Gauge Railway Society   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
On behalf of the Committee of the Narrow Gauge Railway Society it is my privilege to welcome you to the fascinating world of Narrow Gauge Railways.
Since the formation of our Society in 1951, interest in narrow gauge railways has grown in leaps and bounds, and this has been reflected in the expansion of our membership.
What was envisaged as being a small correspondence group of specialist enthusiasts has grown to a large international society with a truly international outlook.
www.ngrs.demon.co.uk   (268 words)

 The Railway Correspondence and Travel Society   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
Members of the Society have been faithfully observing the railway scene in Great Britain and Overseas for many years and collectively they have accumulated a vast store of knowledge.
This knowledge has enabled the Society to publish a series of widely acclaimed detailed locomotive histories, which are regarded as definitive reference books for researchers and modellers alike.
The Society has its own central library currently holding 3000 plus books and pamphlets and 1500 plus bound volumes of magazines.
www.rcts.org.uk /index.htm   (496 words)

 HMRS Online : The Historical Model Railway Society   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
The Historical Model Railway Society, a UK Registered Educational Charity built on a proven reputation for Historical Accuracy.
HMRS - "The Senior Society in Britain for the collection and exchange of information for historians and modellers of the railways of the British Isles." The Oxford Companion to British Railway History, Pub O.U.P. The Definitive Rail History Source...
Whether you are a railway modeller, a railway historian or a railway enthusiast you will find plenty to interest you here.
www.hmrs.org.uk   (348 words)

 Australian Narrow Gauge Railway Museum Society   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
The Australian Narrow Gauge Railway Museum Society (ANGRMS) was formed in January, 1971 when a group of railway enthusiasts met to discuss the possibility of preserving a representative collection of locomotives and rolling stock used on the Queensland sugar mill tramways.
Here, an operating heritage railway has been established and a static museum is to be set up for the purpose of diplaying this fine collection of unique, interesting and historic narrow gauge locomotives and ancillary equipment for the benefit of future generations.
The Society's collection of locomotives will continue to grow slowly over the years as we continue to obtain early diesel locomotives which are now being phased out.
www.angrms.org.au /story.htm   (368 words)

 Bristol VR Enthusiasts' Society - incorporating the Bristol VR Preservation Society, for the latest society news.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
For the lastest news about the society, its fund raising efforts and vehicle share ownership scheme (open to members of the Bristol VR Enthusiasts' Society or Preservation Society only) www.freewebs.com/bristolvrpreservation
Set up in order to supplement the VR Times when its not in production, we are intending using this as a forum to allow our members to ask the committee open questions, make suggestion, critisums, complaints etc. Obviously no personal attacks, abuse or any other type of unwarranted posting will be permitted.
The society helps the railway twice a year at its Thomas the Tank Engine weekend event but supply a bus free of charge for its park and ride service.
www.freewebs.com /bristol_vr/links.htm   (497 words)

 Open Directory - Regional: Europe: United Kingdom: Recreation and Sports: Transport: Public Transport: Rail   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
Bassetlaw Railway Society - Founded to promote railways, both models and full-size, in the North Nottinghamshire area.
Railway Correspondence and Travel Society - Railway enthusiasts Society, bringing together all interested in railway operation - past, present and future.
Stephenson Locomotive Society - Society for the study of railways and locomotion.
www.dmoz.org /Regional/Europe/United_Kingdom/Recreation_and_Sports/Transport/Public_Transport/Rail   (428 words)

 New Zealand Museums - View Museum Detail   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
The museum which includes the society's administration and meeting room is an historic building relating to the railway history of New Zealand.
Although not on the original site, it is still located near a railway line and still located in the vicinity of its original site.
We have an excellent collection of railway engine number plates (originals) and now out-of-print publications, plus carriage plates and photographs.
www.nzmuseums.co.nz /MuseumDetail.asp?MuseumID=198   (93 words)

 The LNER Webring   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
The Hull and Barnsley Railway Stock Fund exists to record and preserve the rolling stock and history of the H&BR.
The objectives of The Great Northern Railway Society are to foster interest in, and to record and preserve the history of the Great Northern Railway.
Fox Transfers are manufacturers of precision screen printed model railway New Waterslide Transfers of the British standard gauge railway system from the nineteenth century to the present day.
s.webring.com /hub?ring=lnerwr   (818 words)

 Switzerland HQ : Swiss Railways
Information for passengers and enthusiasts on the extensive narrow gauge systemsof Switzerland.
Railway Gazette International, providing business news to the...
Switzerland HQ excludes all liability of any kind (including negligence) in respect of any third party information or other material made available on, or which can be accessed using, this Website.
switzerlandhq.com /swissrailways/index.php   (678 words)

 Egham and Staines Model Railway Society
We were formed in 1965 by a small group of Model Railway Enthusiasts living within the local area.
In the late '60's we purchased the remains of Staines stock-car stadium and rebuilt it on the edge of Hummer Road car park, where we remain today.
On the land behind the hut we are constructing a garden railway so that we can run live steam and electric trains in O Scale, 32mm and 45mm narrow gauges.
www.egham-staines-mrs.co.uk   (236 words)

 New Zealand Report
On Friday March 1, 2002, I joined a Railway Enthusiasts Society (RES) evening charter on the Rainforest Express a 2ft gauge line which follows the water pipe from Jacobson Creek to the Upper Nihotupu Dam for about 5.5 km through many tunnels.
This preserved railway which features street running through Kawakawa and scenic views is temporarily closed for track upgrade.
Railway Maps of North and South Island courtesy of Andreas Illert and Fernexpress
homepage.ntlworld.com /john.raby1/nz.html   (843 words)

 [No title]
I regard ICRS as one of the premier railway societies catering for the needs of rail enthusiasts in this country.
Since its formation back in 1973 the railway has changed beyond all recognition and ICRS along with it, adapting to the needs of members.
ICRS continues to support you, the rail enthusiast with its expanding range of publications, and with this excellent and up to date website.
www.icrs.org.uk   (182 words)

The German Railway Society was founded in 1981.
Whilst we do not intend to duplicate the worthy work done by other societies, it is impossible to separate many of the aspects of the German and Austrian systems.
We are a national society with local groups who hold meetings in many areas of Britain.
www.grs-uk.org   (154 words)

 Entertainment-Resources.com - Trains and Railroads - Organizations
Feilding and District Steam Rail Society was formed with the intention of rebuilding a New Zealand Steam Locomotive
The only real narrow-gauge railway line operated by children throughout the year, located in Budapest, Hungary.
A Society dedicated to the restoration to full working order of ex-New Zealand Government Railways locomotives and rolling stock for operation on the Tranz Rail-owned railway lines of New Zealand.
www.entertainment-resources.com /Trains-and-Railroads/Organizations.html   (175 words)

 UK Railway Enthusiasts   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
The society meets every Wednesday evening in the former Buffet on Platform 1 of Retford Railway Station.
Growing collection of railway related photos from mostly the south of England.Everything from DMUs,EMUs,Locos to MPVs.New collections every month which in turn are updated at least twice monthly from around the region.
Information about model railways and EFE and diecast models, complete UK swap meet calendar, toy and train fairs around the world, and a UK model railway club directory.
g.webring.com /hub?ring=britishmodelrail   (490 words)

 RailServe.com: Live Steam & Garden Railway Resources
Frontenac Society of Model Engineers - Society of enthusiasts sharing an interest in model engineering including the building and operating model steam locomotives, traction engines, hot air engines, steamboats, IC engines, clocks, and workshop equipment; Kingston, Ontario, Canada
San Joaquin Valley Garden Railway Society - Group of families with an interest in large scale model railroading in the garden; California
Seven and a Quarter Gauge Society Ltd. - UK based society for all enthusiasts of 7.25" and 7.5" railways
www.railserve.com /Models/Live/index.html   (2328 words)

 TSGR   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-29)
It is now a service and retirement town serving the Coromandel and Hauraki Plains areas and has a population of 8000.
In 1993 a group of enthusiasts got together and formed the
With a lot of hard work, fund raising and help a site was granted by council on the Thames fore shore where 900metres of 5" and 7.25" dual gauge track was completed and opened in 1998.
homepages.paradise.net.nz /sgjames   (164 words)

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