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Topic: Railway stations in the Netherlands

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 Station Haarlem - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
It is the only train station in the Netherlands that is built in Art Nouveau style.
The station was build outside the city, on the current location of the Centrale Werkplaats of the Dutch railways.
The square in front of the station is not considered to be very beautiful, and the municipality of Haarlem is working on a plan to upgrade the square (Masterplan Spoorzone).
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Station_Haarlem   (233 words)

 Railway stations in the Netherlands - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The practice in the Netherlands is to write the names of stations serving two communities with a hyphen (corresponding to "and") between the two names, thus: Beek-Elsloo; and to use a space where the second term specifies one of two or more stations serving one community, thus: Alkmaar Noord.
They are typically at small stations which have no separate ticket window or counter; an exception is Rotterdam, with a Wizzl at the back side of the station, while separate ticket windows are at the front side only.
Closure of the station at Dalen on the same date was planned, but fell through due to a mistake in the notification procedure.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Railway_stations_in_the_Netherlands   (1551 words)

 North Norfolk Railway
The North Norfolk Railway -- also known as the "Poppy Line" -- is a heritage railway in Norfolk, England running between the coastal town of Sheringham and Holt which is further inland.
www.kiwipedia.com /north-norfolk-railway.html   (45 words)

 Mobile Radio in the Netherlands
The equipment was not only used as base stations; it is recorded that the Link sets had been installed in icebreakers operating on the major Dutch waterways and tug-boats in the harbour of Rotterdam.
As early as 12 April 1949 the first base station in the first phase of the National network was inaugurated, using two semi-duplex radio channels with frequencies repeated throughout nation-wide installed Link type 1498 base stations.
On top of this was a virtually wrecked railway system, large numbers of destroyed bridges, and a waterflooded countryside which made travelling very difficult.
home.hccnet.nl /l.meulstee/mobilophone/mobilophone.html   (2684 words)

 Luuk's Travel Site, Amsterdam, Netherlands
The Netherlands, together with many other European countries (Belgium, Germany, Finland, Greece, Italy, Luxembourg, Austria, Portugal, Spain, Ireland, France) have changed to the European currency.
There are about 750,000 inhabitants (The Netherlands has about 17 million).
Amsterdam is the capital of the Netherlands (Holland to you?).
home.planet.nl /~franc240/amsterd.html   (958 words)

 Routing Trains through a Railway Station
The railway stations are considered one-by-one, and the problem is to find an optimal assignment of trains to routes through the involved railway station.
The track planning problem asks for arrival and departure times of trains from their consecutive railway stations, thereby taking into account the global railway infrastructure, the system of lines, and the connection requirements between the lines.
This problem is relevant within the process of generating a timetable for a railway company, as well as within the process of assessing the required future railway infrastructure.
dmawww.epfl.ch /roso.mosaic/ismp97/ismp_abs_667.html   (253 words)

 Transportation in the Netherlands -- Facts, Info, and Encyclopedia article
A special bus line around (An industrial center and the nominal capital of the Netherlands; center of the diamond-cutting industry; seat of an important stock exchange; known for its canals and art museum) Amsterdam is the Zuidtangent, which has largely its own bus lane, with priority at crossings.
The Hanzelijn project is a planned railway line (Click link for more info and facts about Lelystad) Lelystad- (Click link for more info and facts about Dronten) Dronten- (Click link for more info and facts about Kampen) Kampen and upgrading of the stretch Kampen- (Click link for more info and facts about Zwolle) Zwolle.
(A city in the central Netherlands) Utrecht Centraal
www.absoluteastronomy.com /encyclopedia/T/Tr/Transportation_in_the_Netherlands.htm   (2582 words)

 Transport in the Netherlands
Enschede railway station, like most railway stations in The Netherlands, has an underground rijwielstalling (bicycle parking facilities), with a small shop that sells, repairs and also hires out second- hand bicycles.
The phone number for Enschede’s central railway station, situated at Stationsplein 33, is (053) 483 86 00.
The central bus station in Enschede is opposite the railway station.
www.utwente.nl /en/practical_information/getting_there/transport   (1095 words)

 SSRN-The Impact of Railway Stations on Residential and Commercial Property Value: A Meta Analysis by Ghebreegziabiher Debrezion, Eric Pels, Piet Rietveld
The literature on the effects of railway stations on property value is mixed in its finding in respect to impact magnitude and direction, ranging from a negative to an insignificant or a positive impact.
Railway stations function as nodes in transport networks and places in an urban environment.
Commuter railway stations have a consistently higher positive impact on the property value compared to light and heavy railway/Metro stations.
papers.ssrn.com /sol3/papers.cfm?abstract_id=516742   (416 words)

 Williamstown Beach railway station, Melbourne
It is 14.4 km from Flinders Street Station, the center of the city's suburban railway network, and in Metcard ticketing Zone 1.
It is located on the Williamstown line, at Railway Crescent and Forster Road in the suburb of Williamstown.
Williamstown Beach is a railway station (station code: WBH) in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
www.kiwipedia.com /williamstown-beach-railway-station--melbourne.html   (76 words)

 Netherlands - Wikitravel
The Netherlands (also popularly called Holland in English, in Dutch Nederland) is a Benelux country in Western Europe, facing onto the North Sea and the United Kingdom and bordered on land by Germany and Belgium.
The Netherlands is considered to be one of the safest countries in the world.
Avoiding the liberal revolutions of 1848, The Netherlands quietly became a constitutional monarchy and remained neutral in World War I but suffered a brutal invasion and occupation by Germany in World War II.
wikitravel.org /en/Netherlands   (2761 words)

 2004 Timetables - Railway Preservation in The Netherlands
The Museum Steam Tram Hoorn-Medemblik is the officially registered museum that captures the history of the steam tram in The Netherlands, highlighting the role of rural rail transport in the development of the country between 1879 and 1966.
This was one of a batch of seven locomotives that the Dutch railways (NS) purchased from British Rail in 1968.
The collection, incorporating authentic Dutch steam tram stock, as well as the secondary railway line between Hoorn and Medemblik including buildings, signalling, objects and archival documentation, is the basis for a historically correct and recreationally attractive presentation.
www.railmusea.nl /timetables.html   (3618 words)

 Expatica's German news in English: Germany to ban smokingin major railway stations
Following a two-year trial in a few stations, the ban will now be widened in stages to include all big-city stations, said Deutsche Bahn AG spokesman Heiner von der Laden.
Germany has more than 5,500 railway stations, most of which are little more than sheltered platforms in outlying areas.
BERLIN - Smoking will be banned at major railway stations throughout Germany in coming years, with smokers facing fines of EUR 20, a rail official announced.
www.expatica.com /source/site_article.asp?subchannel_id=52&story_id=11064   (241 words)

Railway stations: Leiden Centraal, De Vink, Leiden Lammenschans.
Leiden (also Leyden in English) is a city and municipality in South Holland, The Netherlands.
It is located on the Old Rhine, 15 miles S.S.W. of Haarlem.
www.explainthat.info /le/leiden.html   (996 words)

 Cycling in the Netherlands
No railway station at the ferry terminal (closest is Driehuis at some km), bus service to Amsterdam CS but no bikes taken.
There is no railway station close to the terminal, the nearest station is Maassluis at 10 km, including a ferry crossing.
The railway station is close to the harbour.
www.hsa.lr.tudelft.nl /~bvo/fiets/nlbybike.htm   (4822 words)

The planning is that at the end of 2005 the 47 maximum service railway stations in the Netherlands are optimal accessible for our visually handicapped guests.
Supervisory Office of Architecture and Design of Railinfrabeheer (Netherlands Railways)
An important conclusion we have made in the Netherlands is that the representatives of the blind and partially sighted play an important role in promoting the use of the combination of guidepaths plus spoken information systems.
www.euroblind.org /fichiersGBbis/soeren.htm   (2391 words)

 Lifeissues.net Abortion in the Netherlands
A great deal of interest was generated when they began advertising their offer of help by way of very large posters at bus stops and in Railway Stations.
In the Netherlands the climate of public opinion tends to say 'if you don't want the child, don't give it away — you'd better have an abortion.
I was to discover that the Ministry of Health sometimes suggests that these people should visit VBOK as well as those involved with the provision of abortion services and with NISSO — the Netherlands Institute for Social Sexological Research.
www.lifeissues.net /writers/pry/abr_netherlands_05.html   (3029 words)

 ss 2
SS is the former Dutch "State Railway Exploitation Company", see also Railway stations in the Netherlands#D. This is a disambiguation page; that is, one that points to other pages that might otherwise have the same name.
If you followed a link here, you might want to go back and fix that link to point to the appropriate specific page.
www.yourencyclopedia.net /ss_2.html   (206 words)

 Skiing in the Netherlands?
The Netherlands is one of the best organized countries in Europe...
It's looking pretty slim that I will be cycling through the Netherlands with the reports of the weather being so bad.
Cycling Forums > Regional Cycling Forums > UK and Europe > Netherlands > Skiing in the Netherlands?
www.cyclingforums.com /archive/index.php/t-195613.html   (2242 words)

 Sony Sdm V72w
Railway stations in the Netherlands 43: **Muiderpoort (Asdm ; see Train station) 336: * Schiedam Centrum (Sdm)
The primary reason they did not, is that the railway company Tokyo Kyuko was known as TKK.
When Tokyo Tsushin Kogyo was looking for a romanized nameto use to market themselves, they strongly considered using their initials, TTK.
www.musicians-resource.com /site/46208-sony-sdm-v72w.html   (383 words)

 Train station at opensource encyclopedia
Amsterdam Sloterdijk station (ass): at ground level we have the railway from Amsterdam (asd) to Haarlem (hlm) and to Zaandam (zd), with branches to Alkmaar (amr) and Purmerend (pmr), Hoorn (hn), at elevated level the railway from Amsterdam (asd) to Schiphol Airport (shl) (and further to Leiden (ledn), Den Haag (gv/gvc)).
Amsterdam Muiderpoort station (asdm): serves the line from Amsterdam to Utrecht and the line from Amsterdam to Weesp, and is situated just after the junction; the platforms are at different angles.
Blaak station (rtb) in Rotterdam, in the tunnel under the Nieuwe Maas waterway.
springknow.com /Train_station.html   (1138 words)

 wikien.info: Main_Page
North Holland: (Dutch: Noord-Holland) is a province of the Netherlands, located in the northwest part of the country.
www.hostingciamca.com /index.php?title=North_Holland   (173 words)

 Articles - Nederlandse Spoorwegen
The increasing number of convenience stores on railway stations and the relatively short duration of most train journeys in the Netherlands have lowered the demand for on-train services.
The smoking of cannabis was already forbidden, though it happens occasionally and is not as severely punished as in some other countries (it is punished the same as tobacco smoking).
Smoking is allowed near smoking-zones (Rookzones), poles with an ash-tray built in, seemingly randomly scattered around stations.
www.sinoz.com /articles/Dutch_Railways   (548 words)

 Hitchhiking (ad-hoc-carpooling) in the Netherlands by Frank Nature
In the Netherlands the density of roads and villages makes it a bit tricky to choose a good initiail point for departure to the destination you wish for by hitchhiking.
From the Central Station walk to the east some hundreds of meters and the north beside the motorway (which is right of you, but lower situated) until you find the official place, indicated with a small blue sign with a tumb ("lifters") and a luxuriuos strip of asphalt.
The patrol station is rather okay as it used to be a spot for changing money in pre-Euro time on the border and still a spot for travellers just to have a break on longer journeys.
www.franknature.nl /hitchhike/hitchhike.htm   (6337 words)

 The Internet Guide to Amsterdam
Trains in the Netherlands are fast, frequent, comfortable, punctual and cheap; well, they were until they got privatised, when their punctuality started to suffer.
Taxis are normally not hailed in the Netherlands, but taken from a taxi rank, of which there are many (there is an environmental advantage to this: taxis aren't constantly driving round looking for custom).
The main one in Amsterdam is opposite the Central Station (and with a second office on Platform 1), with a smaller branch at the Leidseplein.
homepages.cwi.nl /~steven/amsterdam.html   (7000 words)

 Profiel: The Netherlands
Drivers and conductors distributed leaflets to passengers at a number of major railway stations across the country to explain their message: Do you think aggression is normal?
Although not always exciting, Dutch news can be extremely revealing about the Netherlands and its people.
WAGENINGEN, 10 APRIL.The Butterfly Foundation has claimed that two million guilders will be needed over the next four years to preserve much of the Netherlands butterfly population.
www.nrc.nl /W2/Lab/Profiel/Netherlands2000/news.html   (1335 words)

 celex-txt - 31999M1787 -
Wizzl is a mere holding company, all shares held by Wizzl B.V. The latter is operating stores at railway stations in The Netherlands.
The parties claim that the relevant geographical markets are defined by the railway stations where the stores are operating and the nearest surroundings.
DB StationandService AG operates passenger stations and offers services to rail transport and railway track undertakings, passengers, station visitors and other people.
europa.eu.int /smartapi/cgi/sga_doc?smartapi!celexplus!prod!CELEXnumdoc&lg=en&numdoc=31999M1787   (618 words)

There were sleeping cars at a supplemental fee, but many people spent the night sitting in a seat, or, if it was not crowded, lying on seats.
ICM train in Zwolle station; the doors in front are opened when two trains are combined
The Koploper (ICM) (Intercity Materieel) is a 3- or 4-car multiple unit that when coupled with another one, allows passengers to walk through (Koploper is literally "head walker").
www.tuxedo-shop.com /search.php?title=Trains_in_the_Netherlands   (743 words)

 Digital Media Europe: News - Utrecht central station hosts Dutch railway’s first wi-fi hot-spot
NS and Servex, the operator of cafes and shops at railway stations in the Netherlands, are jointly offering the service, with engineering firm Winq responsible for installation and maintenance.
NS is planning similar hot-spots at other railway stations, but these will only be rolled out after the results from the experiment in Utrecht have been analysed.
According to De Tijd’s spokesperson, “We noticed that many business people were choosing the station as a venue for their appointments and using our facilities for meetings.
www.dmeurope.com /?ArticleID=6391&cachecommand=bypass&Print=true   (495 words)

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