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Topic: Rainier View, Seattle, Washington

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In the News (Sun 21 Jul 19)

  Seattle, Washington
Seattle is known as the home of grunge music, has a reputation for heavy coffee consumption, and was the site of the 1999 meeting of the World Trade Organization shut down by anti-globalist demonstrators.
Seattle's First Hill is also known as "Pill Hill" because, in addition to being the current home of Harborview, Swedish, and Virginia Mason, it was also once the location of the Maynard, Seattle General, and Doctors Hospitals (now merged into Swedish), as well as Cabrini Hospital.
Seattle's climate is mild, with the temperature moderated by the sea and protected from winds and storms by the mountains.
www.teachersparadise.com /ency/en/wikipedia/s/se/seattle__washington.html   (3230 words)

 Online dictionary - Rainier View, Seattle, Washington
Rainier View is a residential neighborhood in the southeast corner of Seattle, Washington.
The city of Tukwila, Washington abuts Rainier View on the west, the Rainier Beach neighborhood of Seattle, lies northerly of it, and the Bryn Mawr-Skyway neighborhood of unincorporated King County can be found beyond its south and east borders.
Rainier View is demographically diverse, comprising roughly equal percentages Caucasians, African-Americans, and Asian-Americans.
www.fact-archive.com /encyclopedia/Rainier_View%2C_Seattle%2C_Washington   (118 words)

 dating Rainier_View _Seattle _Washington - dating-report.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-10)
Washington is the location of many Indian reservations, with some placing prominent casinos next to major interstate highways, and residents have adopted many of the artwork themes of the northwest coast Indians who were noted for totem poles, longhouses, dugout canoes and pictures of animals such as the design used for the Seattle Seahawks.
Washington does not collect inheritance taxes; however, the estate tax is decoupled from the federal estate tax laws, and therefore the state imposes its own estate tax.
Washington is one of eighteen states which has a government monopoly on sales of alcoholic beverages, although beer and wine with less than 20 percent alcohol by volume can be purchased in convenience stores and supermarkets.
www.dating-report.com /Rainier_View%2C_Seattle%2C_Washington   (1891 words)

 Washington State, Washington State Travel, Washington State Vacation, Washington State Hotel
Washington State is one of the most visually captivating and ecologically diverse states in the entire country.
Washington State is also home to the Columbia River, upon which Lewis and Clark journeyed on their historic journey west.
Far from the bustle of Seattle and beyond the sleepy charm of Spokane, the greatest rewards of Washington state travel is in the crisp clean air, the icy visage of the snow capped summits, and the brilliant emerald majesty of the Hoh rainforest.
www.destination360.com /north-america/us/washington/washington.php   (602 words)

 The Seattle Times: Local News: Technology-academy proposal provokes anger at high school
The truth is this, she said: Any student in the Rainier Beach area would be eligible to attend TAF Academy.
Rainier Beach is one of the district's smallest high schools, with about 500 students.
In her talk about boosting student achievement, Dziko struck a sour chord with some parents and teachers, who see Rainier Beach as a strong, family-style school that is educating hundreds of children on a shoestring.
seattletimes.nwsource.com /html/localnews/2003406277_rainier12m.html?syndication=rss   (806 words)

 Rainier Golf and Country Club
Rainier, the second oldest private golf club in Seattle, has matured and evolved into one of the most imaginative and demanding tests of golf in the Northwest.
Rainier is renowned for its greens; they are fast and accurate, serving as a challenge to even the most accomplished player.
Rainier's history is preserved in the good practice of governing its day-to-day operations and future by talented individuals that volunteer their time to make Rainier a premier Northwest Private Club.
www.rainiergolfcc.com   (650 words)

 Illustrated History of the Rainier Brewing Company
Rainier was born in the Territory of Washington, re-located to San Francisco, and Canada, and finally returned to Seattle only to suffer the fate of most great regional brands - a corporate buyout.
So, the story of Rainier is not that of a brewery, but of the Rainier brand itself, and the story of the two families that made it all happen.
The "bay view" referred to their vantage of Elliott Bay, which would eventually be obscured by new building on filled tide lands.
www.brewerygems.com /rainier.htm   (1214 words)

 Mt Rainier Washington, Mount Rainier, Mt Rainier, Mt Rainier Lodging, Mt Rainier Cabins
One of the largest Washington Mountains at over 14,000 feet, Mt Rainier soars thousands of feet over surrounding peaks, and is visible from hundreds of miles away.
Over 35 miles of ice and snow cover the summit of Mt Rainier Washington, so at any time of year, the mountain glows white or reflect the changing colors of the sunrise or sunset.
Mount Rainier does not have a tourism infrastructure as developed as some of the ski resorts in the state, but there are still places to stay if you want to spend a day or two exploring the enormous park.
www.destination360.com /north-america/us/washington/mt-rainier.php   (657 words)

 Beeline Tours - Seattle Washington - Creative Excursions - Mt. Rainier Excursion
Mount Rainier Park established on March 2, 1899 contains vast expanses of pristine old-growth forests, sub alpine flower meadows, and spectacular alpine scenery, all of which you can witness first hand from the comfort of a luxury motor coach while you cruise the scenic back roads.
Other viewing areas include Bald eagles, grizzly bears, cougars, wolves, etc. This stop is a great addition to the excursion and complements the park experience perfectly.
Rainier was called Tahoma ("the mountain that was god") by the native people of the Puget Sound area.
www.beelinetours.com /creative_rainier.html   (251 words)

 Seattle Washington Travel Guide - USA Tourist
Seattle, Washington is located in the far northwestern corner of the United States, if you don't consider Alaska.
Seattle Center, dominated by the 605-feet high Space Needle, is located 1 mile north of downtown and is easily accessible via a short Monorail ride.
Seattle Center is also the location of the Pacific Science Center, the Children's Museum, the Children's Theater, the Opera House, the Bagley Wright Theatre, the Seattle Center Playhouse, the Key Arena and the new Experience Music Project.
www.usatourist.com /english/places/washington/seattle.html   (1532 words)

 Real Estate listing for Rainier Valley, Washington. - Rainier Valley
Way to the west, Lake Washington to the east and the city of Tukwila and unincorporated Skyway to the south.
The community of Rainier Valley is part of a broader valley that includes the neighborhoods of Mount Baker, Columbia City, Brighton, Dunlap, Rainier Beach and Rainier View.
Rainier Valley is getting $50 million in public money to help offset some of the effects of having Sound Transit's light rail line run right through it, down Martin Luther King Jr.
www.seattlelistings.com /index.cfm?fuseaction=page&page=9792&parent=9706   (480 words)

 EO Newsroom: New Images - Mt. Rainier, Washington
Rainier is an active volcano located next to a large population center, supports several large glaciers, and presents the largest volcanic hazard in the country.
This view shows off Rainier’s spectacular landforms, including details of the approximately 400-meter-diameter (1,280-foot) summit crater and the glaciers that radiate from the summit.
The large debris fields that fill the valleys draining the glaciers comprise one of Rainier’s geohazards: potential landslides and debris flows triggered by earthquakes, eruptions, magma-water interactions, or sudden snow or ice melting.
earthobservatory.nasa.gov /Newsroom/NewImages/images.php3?img_id=17043   (369 words)

 Rainier Yurts: Raven
Rainier's Raven model yurt was designed to serve as a more economical living alternative and as guest lodging in state parks and camps.
It is the finest modern yurt design available, other than the Rainier Eagle.
Built for cold climates or warm, the Raven yurt is the perfect alternative to the premium Eagle model.
www.rainieryurts.com /raven.html   (163 words)

 Seattle Bed and Breakfast Washington WA Inn Lodging Accommodations Hotel
This charming private Seattle Bed and Breakfast Cottage is nestled on a quiet hillside amongst the Evergreens - surrounded by panoramic views overlooking the waterways of the Puget Sound along with incredible views of the snow-capped Olympic Mountain range and breathtaking sunsets.
Located just 15 minutes South of downtown Seattle, WA and 10 minutes from Sea Tac airport - An Olympic View Bed and Breakfast Cottage is a tasteful retreat, providing guests with pure comfort and relaxation.
Olympic View is conveniently located in a quiet, scenic neighborhood in the Three Tree Point area, one block off the water, just 10 minutes from Sea Tac airport.
www.olympicviewbb.com   (602 words)

 Rainier View Elementary - Federal Way college and high school sports recruiting from Athletes Advance
Seattle Post Intelligencer - From a taxpayer point of view, that is the most unacceptable project.
Rainier View Elementary Seattle SCORES My Big Sister My big sister, She is my big sister I love her very much She is in 5 th grade She has a dog and I want to keep it.
Rainier View Elementary, Boys Team Thomas Martin Roxhill Elementary, Boys Team Thomas received a B.A. in Visual Art and then went on to get his M.A. in Teaching at City University.
showhighschool22921.athletesadvance.com   (1295 words)

 CVO Website - Mount Rainier Volcano
Hot lava and rock debris from Rainier's eruptions have melted snow and glacier ice and triggered debris flows (mudflows) - with a consistency of churning wet concrete - that have swept down all of the river valleys that head on the volcano.
Mount Rainier has been active for the last 500,000 years; so the 2,200-year interval since the last known lava eruption is less than half a percent of the lifespan of the volcano.
Active fumaroles were recognized at the summit of Mount Rainier at the time of the first authenticated climb to the top of the volcano in 1870, and the lavas of the summit cone have locally been hydrothermally altered to a loose, sandy, clay-bearing material.
vulcan.wr.usgs.gov /Volcanoes/Rainier/description_rainier.html   (10304 words)

 Visiting Seattle, the Official Site of the City of Seattle
Seattle welcomes visitors from all over the world.
The City of Seattle provides many types of public information in 26 different languages on its web site.
The new public library in downtown Seattle is a world-reknowned building and an important community resource.
www.cityofseattle.net /html/visitor   (368 words)

 Rainier Valley-Seattle Real Estate and Homes for Sale in King County, Washington
Rainier Valley in King County, Washington, consists of several urban neighborhoods located a short distance from downtown Seattle.
Rainier Avenue South is the valley’s main thoroughfare, bisecting it from southeast to the northwest.
Seattle’s first-time homebuyers often land in Rainier Valley, due to the affordable housing and proximity to downtown.
www.rainiervalley-realestate.com   (526 words)

 Seattle Sightseeing Tour City Highlights Washington Mt. Rainier
Seattle City Sightseeing and Cruise, San Juan Islands Cruise, Visit Mt. Rainier National Park, Mt. St.
Boeing is an integral part of Seattle's past and future, with manufacturing centers all over the area.
The ride from Bainbridge to Seattle is considered one of the most romantic in all of the United States.
www.canadarailtours.com /seattlesightseeingtour.html   (1442 words)

 Web Cams   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-10)
These are live views from various locations on the University of Washington campus.
The view on the UWIN Page is a video image.
The moon is waxing gibbous with 94% of the moon's visible disk illuminated.
www.washington.edu /cambots   (157 words)

 Seattle Property For Rent - Houses - Condos - Homes Seattle , Washington.
We are a searchable database of Seattle home rentals, homes for rent, rental homes, rental houses, houses for rent, condos for rent in Seattle Washington, homes for rent in Seattle WA, houses for rent, duplexes, town homes, lofts, condo rentals and other properties for rent and can be searched for FREE.
Property owners, landlords, managers, Seattle property managers, agents and others post home rental ads advertising their homes for rent in Seattle WA.
Our Seattle site has attracted a very high level of visitors and we have many Seattle landlords who are frequent users.
www.homerentalads.com /washington/seattle.htm   (1000 words)

 Washington bed breakfast inn lodging hotel accommodations vacation rental
Washington State is one of the most landscape dramatic in the country with its Pacific Northwest bordering Canada.
Its largest city, Seattle is cosmopolitan and vibrant protected the the mighty peaks of Mt. Rainier.
Not quite as rainy as the mountains to the northeast, the southern coast is flatter and more accessible.
www.virtualcities.com /ons/wa/waonsdex.htm   (324 words)

 Seattle, Washington
Seattle, Washington is a multi-faceted city located in the Pacific Northwest, an area that has grown increasingly popular over the last two decades.
Seattle is home to many successful startup businesses such as Microsoft, Starbucks, Eddie Bauer, Nintendo, Amazon.com, and REI.
Seattle is host to a wide variety of cultural events and fairs, including the Seattle International Film Festival, Northwest Folklife, Seafair, the Bite of Seattle, Bumbershoot, Hempfest, and Independence Day celebrations.
www.citytowninfo.com /places/washington/seattle   (938 words)

 Mount Rainier Seismicity
In addition to locating regional earthquakes, the Pacific Northwest Seismograph Network (PNSN), in cooperation with the Cascades Volcano Observatory, is also responsible for monitoring seismic activity at volcanoes in the Pacific Northwest.
Seismicity at Mount Rainier currently is at background levels, with 1 well-located earthquake (quality BB or better) occurring in the month of May, with a magnitude of 0.8.
Seismic Detection of Rockfalls at Mount Rainier and elsewhere.
www.geophys.washington.edu /SEIS/PNSN/RAINIER/rainier.html   (427 words)

 DouglasFir.net | 20 acres timberland w/ Mt. Rainier view   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-09-10)
A few acres are heavily forested with Douglas Firs, a few acres are lightly forested with mature Douglas Firs and a few acres are young trees.
This property has enough open space to make it great for horses but still enough trees to be out in the woods.
It has a great view of the mountain.
www.douglasfir.net /wl83/index.html   (333 words)

 Yurts by Rainier
The serene, circular space and natural light of a Rainier Yurt seems to offer a more open connection to the natural world.
Year round, the superior engineering, mat erials and craftsmanship that go into a Rainier Yurt will keep you safe and secure anywhere you choose to raise it.
Whether you want to get closer to nature, or simply prefer the cost and space efficiencies provided by a unique structural alternative, Rainier Yurts are built to be the best.
www.rainieryurts.com   (102 words)

 The Seattle Times: Education: 2005 Seattle school statistics
Seattle Public Schools owns more than 100 properties--nearly all of which are school buildings--citywide.
Now, for the second time in a year, district officials are weighing whether to close schools.
The Seattle Times analyzed statistics from the school district and the state Office of the Superintendent of Public Instruction and provided data on each property, linked to the map below.
seattletimes.nwsource.com /news/education/links/2005profile   (167 words)

 Seattle Post-Intelligencer
Democrats in Washington offered a $463.5 billion budget Monday that will slash -- or eliminate -- spending on thousands of government programs, including public housing in King County and air traffic control at Sea-Tac Airport.
Tolls to finance a proposed new six-lane floating bridge across Lake Washington could be nearly $10 when it opens.
The Seattle area on Tuesday welcomed a baby girl, Alexa, to the world of gridlock around 8:40 a.m.
seattlepi.nwsource.com   (1058 words)

 Overview of the Sport of Rally
Rainier Auto Sports Club is devoted to promotion, participation, and enjoyment of car rallys.
By definition, a "rally" can be just about anything that involves cars moving on public roads, with some sort of scoring system to reward the best rallyist.
Originally an 800 mile weekend tour of Washington, the rally evolved to be a Stage Rally in the mid-70's.
www.rainierautosports.com /reference/overview.htm   (1369 words)

 Columbia City Library, Seattle WA
NOTE: In order to view the 360 panoramas you must have JAVA enabled on your internet browser.
Seattle architects W. Marbury Somervell and Harlan Thomas designed the Beaux-Arts, Georgian Revival style building.
The expanded branch has more seating, 24 public computers, modern electrical, mechanical and ventilation systems, a more efficient interior layout, better access for people with disabilites, parking for 17 vehicles, and an updated collection.
www.rainiervalley.org /library.htm   (138 words)

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