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Topic: Randall Flagg

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  Movie Villains: Randall Flagg
Randall Flagg is seemingly omnipotent, yet he cannot stretch his hand out to smite the good people of the Boulder Free Zone.
He also seems to know exactly who's coming to get him as he hides away in his Las Vegas fortress of solitude, yet is so lazy that he leaves the dirty work to his minions of lesser intelligence, who are quickly beginning to doubt his power.
Eventually, Flagg is outdone by his arrogance, his blindness, and his overall insufficiency as the complete being of evil he is supposed to be.
www.movievillains.com /archives/2002/05/randall_flagg.html   (351 words)

  Randall Flagg - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Randall Flagg is generally described as having an everyday appearance, dressed in casual American-style clothing.
Flagg is portrayed as the personification of evil set against Mother Abagail, the personification of good, and attracts many drawn to law and order and fascist culture around him in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Flagg appears in the first line of The Gunslinger as "The Man in Black", going by his true name Walter o'Dim (though the character is not identified as Flagg at this time) and practicing the art of necromancy.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Randall_Flagg   (3017 words)

 Randall Flagg, The Dark Messiah   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-17)
Flagg was captured and interrogated by the chief of the village.
Flagg had also lost his memory, but in time this would return, until then, the village chief was content to let him rot in a cell.
Flagg's past was long and dark, living in the slums of Necromunda; he had feasted upon rats until the fateful day when his psychic abilities had come to the fore.
members.fortunecity.com /pangolinsaloon/nc/flagg.html   (1072 words)

 Randall Flagg's Homepage
Flagg is ancient, well over 1,000-years-old, and he has visited Delain several times in the past, not because he loved the land or its people, but because, “for many centuries, the old dark chaos inside him had hated the love and light and order of Delain.” He wished to destroy it.
To the people of Delain he is known as Flagg the Hooded, or simply as the dark man. He appears to hardly age at all, and his purpose is simple: “To have power and use that power to make mischief.” And let it be known, Flagg accomplishes much mischief in Delain.
Now it seems that when Flagg mentions the “wreck of Gilead,” he is referring to the same time as when Roland mentions “as the final crash approached his land.” So it would appear that the timing, the “wreck of Gilead,” fits the theory that Flagg of DT and Flagg of EOTD are the same creature.
www.malakoff.com /skrf.htm   (1861 words)

 Randall Flagg
Roland relates that he has known magicians and enchanters, and that he had seen Flagg long ago, as the final crash approached his land: "One of these men had been a creature the gunslinger believed to be a demon himself, a creature that pretended to be a man and called itself Flagg...
We meet Randall Flagg again towards the end of DT III, when he appears in the missile silo to recruit Andrew Quick "the Tick-Tock Man" in his plans to prevent the band of gunslingers from reaching the Dark Tower.
Some people do not class the Flagg in Eyes of the Dragon as the Randall Flagg that we know and hate, and it may be correct.
vip.cybercity.dk /~nmb21186/flagg.htm   (2285 words)

 TheDarkTower.net | TowerWiki - Randall Flagg   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-17)
Flagg is in the end defeated by a one of his followers in a desperate attempt to be “forgiven” Name: Randall Flagg, The Hard Case, The Walking Dude, Legion, Russel Fairday, Old Creeping Judas {{The Eyes Of The Dragon}}: a novel Concerning ounce again Walter going under the name Randall Flagg.
Randall Flagg (or Walter O Dim as he will be called from now on) is hinted at not being able to recall passed lives and apparently he has had many.
Flagg is in the end defeated by a one of his followers in a desperate attempt to be “forgiven” Name: Randall Flagg, The Hard Case, The Walking Dude, Legion, Russel Fairday, Old Creeping Judas
www.thedarktower.net /wiki/Main/RandallFlagg?action=edit&restore=diff:1156286340:1156284686:&preview=y   (1208 words)

 The Stand - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Randall Flagg - A recurring villain who appears in many of King's works, Flagg is an antichrist-like being who is trying to stop civilization rebuilding after the Superflu.
Flagg is apparently killed at the end of the novel when the hand of God is turned upon him and causes a nuclear bomb to detonate, destroying Las Vegas and his followers.
Flagg, being aware of her identity, summons her to his office and attempts to have her reveal the third spy who he cannot see.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/The_Stand   (5643 words)

 The Eyes of the Dragon - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Flagg has been covertly attempting to assassinate Queen Sasha (who is more intelligent than her husband, and therefore more of a threat) for some time; he finally succeeds by bribing the Queen's midwife to slit an unidentified vein open while Sasha gives birth to Thomas.
Flagg (Randall Flagg), the villain of this story, is directly involved with the Dark Tower series, appearing as one of Roland of Gilead's main antagonists.
King references Lovecraft's Cthulhu Mythos when he mentions that Flagg's spellbook was "written on the high, distant Plains of Leng by a madman named Alhazred", is bound in human flesh, and can cause madness after too much exposure.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Eyes_of_the_Dragon   (1451 words)

 King, Stephen Easter Egg : R.F.   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-17)
Flagg and "IT" are but messengers of this evil as is the Crimson King from Insomnia.
And Randal Flagg isn't the son of the devil.
Randall Flagg surely first (chronologically in Stephen's mind) appeared in "Tears of a Dragon", as a direct reference to the evil one.
www.eeggs.com /items/1925.html   (6018 words)

 Shootclub: Promos: GSW
Flagg: Good, because GSW is proving a bit more of a challenge than I had hoped.
Flagg raises two fingers on each hand and crooks them in the universal "quote" motion...
Flagg: Bloodewing tells me he is close to a discovery of the man's identity.
shootclub.com /SC/S/Promos?promoId=63513   (739 words)

 SoundClick artist: Randall Flagg - Randall Flagg in intense unusual metal band combining elements of hardcore with a ...
Randall Flagg is an intense unusual metal band from NJ, combining elements of hardcore with a unique sense of rythym and style
Randall Flagg is a NJ/NYC based band that combines alternative metal and hardcore to create a distinctive musical style.
Departing from typical mainstream music, Randall Flagg has been quickly gaining positive response from a number of venues and a growing following of fans thanks to their unique sound.
www.soundclick.com /randallflagg   (321 words)

 CD Baby: RANDALL FLAGG: Issue #1
From forming in a Rockland County, NY garage to performing at New York City venues such as CBGBs, The Knitting Factory and Don Hill's, RANDALL FLAGG has evolved into something distinctly special in the heavy music scene.
Concentrating on communicating an original sound-often thunderous, always compelling-rather than fitting into the heavy metal band stereotypes, RANDALL FLAGG leaves the metal to their music.
Its strange to me, its like Randall Flagg has elements of alot of styles but blend it all to sound totally unique.
cdbaby.com /cd/randallflagg   (919 words)

 {NMN} New Music Network   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-17)
Randall Flagg is a NJ/NYC based band that combines alternative metal and hardcore to create a distinctive musical style.
Striving to emphasize the importance of perseverance, intuition, and social intellect, their style of music reflects the growing consciousness of the band as a whole.
The strength behind Randall Flagg's creativity comes from the shared background of all members.
newmusic.clearchannel.com /artist/randallflagg   (251 words)

 Stephen King characters in HERO - HERO GAMES Discussion Boards
Basically, Flagg is either Satan, the Anti-Christ, or simply a force of chaos that hates humanity, depending on your reading.
Hmm, the Flagg man would be an interesting character to create, but I would be worried he would be a wee bit too powerful at the start.
I am toying with the idea she might be an NPC ally trying to redeem herself rather than necessarily the cliche villain route.
www.herogames.com /forums/showthread.php?t=24017   (1429 words)

 SC: Profile: Randall Flagg
description: This is primarily a German Belly-to-Back Suplex that is held and repeated 3 times, Flagg arching his back to hold the opponent's shoulders down for a pin after the third one.
Stepping over and straddling him/her while facing towards the head of the opponent he grabs each wrist, one in each hand.
Both combantants look to the ramp with curiosity as Randall Flagg appears at the entrance, and walks down the ramp.
shootclub.com /SC/S/Profile?unitId=7559   (205 words)

 The Stand
But after Flagg orders a surprise attack on Boulder, Mother Abigail is forced to send a small group of her most faithful followers on a mission from which none are likely to return!
But, even as Flagg plots to secure his future by choosing a bride to bear his unholy heir, rising unrest threatens to rip his ruthless empire apart.
Meanwhile in Las Vegas, the final conflict is approaching, as Flagg incites his wild-eyed disciples for the confrontation that will wipe out the forces of good once and for all.
www.corinnemec.com /stand.htm   (497 words)

 Amazon.com: The Stand: Expanded Edition: For the First Time Complete and Uncut (Signet): Books: Stephen King   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-17)
As the citizens of the Boulder Free Zone attempt to reform society and make a new life for themselves, they are forced to come to terms with the fact that they are caught up in a struggle defined by their spiritual leader in religious terms.
They must destroy Flagg or be destroyed by him - in a word, they must make their stand.
I must admit the climax of the great struggle just doesn't seem to be all it might be, but the first 1000 pages of this novel are so good that even Stephen King could hardly be expected to top what he had already accomplished in the framing of this ultimate conflict.
www.amazon.com /Stand-Expanded-Complete-Uncut-Signet/dp/0451169530   (2815 words)

 Stephen King The Stand - Ultimate disaster recovery and Good Vs Evil   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-17)
Helped Randall Flagg with a car and papers.
Flagg eventually chose her as his wife, and she cheated him out of a son by jumping out of a window in Las Vegas.
The 16 year old girl Nick met in the drugstore, she wound up in Las Vegas and identified Tom as one of the spies from the Free Zone to Flagg.
www.horrorking.com /stand.html   (1420 words)

 CD Baby: RANDALL FLAGG: Issue #1
The members of RANDALL FLAGG may look like your typical New Jersey guys, but once the band's vehement sound-a seamless blend of hardcore and death metal-begins blasting from the stage, it's apparent they're an extraordinary crew.
Like the writings of Stephen King-whose apocalyptic antagonist in The Stand is where the band grabs its name from-RANDALL FLAGG's music is intense, dark, thought-provoking, captivating, and enduring.
One of the more interesting metal albums we've had come through here in quite some time, Randall Flagg's "Issue #1" shakes together a blood-boiling combination of hardcore and death metal that's unapologetically in-your-face and yet carefully structured and thoughtfully written.
www.cdbaby.com /cd/randallflagg   (919 words)

 Randall Flagg
Randall Flagg is another name that The Dark Man used on the old Troll Kingdom, the signature is exactly the same as one he used there too.
It's not the signature he was using most recently though.
Well, in Stephen King's The Stand, the character (supposedly the physical incarnation of Satan) went by the name Randall Flagg, as well as The Dark Man, and The Walkin' Dude.
www.angelfire.com /zine2/trekbbsexposed19/dec02_71.htm   (315 words)

 Coolest Badguys - Movie Forums!
Randall Flagg was awesome and immensely creepy to boot.
I should be able to come up with a bunch but im dead tired let me think on it.
flagg, fannin, paddock, and multitude of names he lives under will always be the best.
www.moviesonline.ca /forum/showthread.php?t=6553   (706 words)

 find out which partiton   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-17)
Hi Randall, you could use the Microsoft TechNet: Scriptomatic Tool http://www.microsoft.com/technet/co...s/wmimatic.mspx to generate a script which gathers information through wmi.
> "Randall Flagg" wrote: > > Hi Randall, > > you could use the Microsoft TechNet: Scriptomatic Tool > http://www.microsoft.com/technet/co.../tools/wmimatic >.mspx to generate a script which gathers information through wmi.
Hi there i have to find out which partitions do exist on harddisk 0 on a large number on computers.
www.codecomments.com /message277272.html   (1071 words)

 Randall Flagg Day? - Book & Reader Forums
Flagg is a character in The Stand (obviously):
The personification of evil also known as The Walking Dude, RF, Ahaz, The Dark Man,The Man with No Face, Anubis, Astaroth, Richard Fry, Ramsey Forrest, Robert Franq, John the Conqueror, The Midnight Rambler, Nyarlohotep, Old Creeping Judas, R'yelah, Seti.
New Science Fiction Thiller: The End of Time by Randall Towe
www.bookandreader.com /forums/showthread.php?t=11465   (256 words)

 TV REVIEW_The Stand
If Jeff Goldblum (as rumored) had accepted the role of Flagg, we might have had a respectable screen-demon on our hands - instead, the movie miscasts Jamey Sheridan as the Dark Man of our nightmares: a toe-tappin' redneck with a Def-Leppard-roadie hairdo.
Even in the book, simply laughing in the face of the Bad Guy in order to cause empire-crumbling dissension was an obtuse disconnect; a tale so wonderfully kinetic and operatic - brick-walled when one realizes that the author himself had no clear notion on how to wrap that beargarden with any serious impact.
King is justifiably proud of this work; what were once simply motes of his imagination, transferred to typewriter keys, now walking, breathing townsfolk.
www.poffysmoviemania.com /Stand.html   (675 words)

Clay makeup concepts for Randall Flagg by Norman Cabrera from XFX Studios
Flagg's incarnation as a scarecrow, makeup by Bill Johnson
Stephen King, Producer Richard Rubinstein, Jamey Sheridan (Randall Flagg), and Miguel Ferrer (Lloyd Henried)
www.geocities.com /thestandwebsite/bts.html   (209 words)

Randall Flagg's Latest Blog Entry [Subscribe to this Blog]
Either way- just rollin' thru to say what up Randall Flagg!?
Randall Flagg will also be mentioned and played if JJ send me a song.
www.myspace.com /randallflagg   (567 words)

 Is Locke really fashioned after RANDALL FLAGG? [Archive] - The Fuselage
I recently read the interview where damon states that much of LOST is fashioned after, and inspired by, THE STAND.
Since then I have read a few different posts claiming that Locke is modeled after Randall Flagg, who is, in King's verse - the devil.
i know that damon is a major stepehn king fan, but lost is it's own animal with its own life and integrity, so even if damon was inspored by king, the direct juxtaposition or locke/randall flagg is probably not a fair/accurate one.
www.thefuselage.com /Threaded/archive/index.php/t-27920.html   (202 words)

 Randall Flagg: Show Flyer   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-17)
When Divine Rapture is the only previous band noted in their member bios, one might expect Randall Flagg to be some iniquitous death metal band....
Randall Flagg is more akin to the knife-in-the-gut riff-churning spasms of Botch, early Drowningman and Keelhaul meshed with the early '90s, post-hardcore stylings of Snapcase, Quicksand, Refused and even Helmet.
Crystal-goddamn-clear production and perfectly sequenced time changes revolve around the record's constant groove.
www.randallflagg.ws /cdreview_metal_maniacs_100106.html   (133 words)

 Randall Flagg: Unique NJ Metal
"Our style is unique," says Browning; "A hybrid of insane, hardcore throwdowns with artistic and melodic metal." It is this amalgam that separates RANDALL FLAGG from most other heavy metal bands.
From forming in a Rockland County, NY garage to performing at New York City venues such as Don Hill’s and the Pussycat Lounge, RANDALL FLAGG has evolved into something distinctly special in the heavy music scene.
If you have any questions regarding information in these press releases please contact the organization listed in the press release.
www.prleap.com /pr/17954   (445 words)

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