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In the News (Sun 18 Aug 19)

  Raphael (archangel) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Raphael's Cathedral Parish in Madison, Wisconsin –- seat of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Madison and Saint Raphael's Parish Church, Stalybridge, Cheshire in the Roman Catholic Diocese of Shrewsbury.
Raphael is sometimes shown (usually on medallions) as standing atop a large fish or holding a caught fish at the end of a line.
According to the occultist Johannes Trithemius (1462–1516), Raphael is one of the 7 angels of the Apocalypse (this opinion is derived from Enoch 20) and numbered among the 10 holy sefiroth.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Raphael_(archangel)   (964 words)

 Raphael (painter) - MSN Encarta
Raphael was born Raffaello Santi or Raffaello Sanzio in Urbino on April 6, 1483, and received his early training in art from his father, the painter Giovanni Santi.
Raphael imitated his master closely; their paintings of this period are executed in styles so similar that art historians have found it difficult to determine which were painted by Raphael.
In 1504 Raphael moved to Florence, where he studied the work of such established painters of the time as Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo, and Fra Bartolommeo, learning their methods of representing the play of light and shade, anatomy, and dramatic action.
encarta.msn.com /encyclopedia_761570572/Raphael_(painter).html   (781 words)

Raphael was called to Rome toward the end of 1508 by Pope Julius II at the suggestion of the architect Donato Bramante.
Raphael delegated his assistants to decorate the third room, the Stanze dell'Incendio, with the exception of one fresco, the Fire in the Borgo, in which his pursuit of more dramatic pictorial incidents and his continuing study of the male nude are plainly apparent.
Raphael's last masterpiece is the Transfiguration (commissioned in 1517), an enormous altarpiece that was unfinished at his death and completed by his assistant Giulio Romano.
www.wga.hu /bio/r/raphael/biograph.html   (2415 words)

 CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA: Raphael (1483-1520)   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Raphael's Madonnas are all his own; they have not the melancholy affectation of those of Botticelli, nor the mysterious smile of those of Leonardo.
Raphael wished to display all his knowledge and resources, uniting on the same canvas the qualities of the two masters of the "cartoons" of the Signory, the men whom he most admired and who tantalized him most, Leonardo da Vinci and Michelangelo.
It is probable that Bramante who, like Raphael, was a native of Urbino, actively furthered his young townsman's interest with the pope, and caused him to be received among the inner circle of artists whom Julius II had engaged for the works in his palace.
www.newadvent.org /cathen/12640c.htm   (6882 words)

 RAPHAEL   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Raphael was one of the greatest and most popular artists of all time.
Raphael was born on April 6, 1483, as Raffaello Sanzio.
Raphael died on his thirty-seventh birthday, April 6, 1520, and was buried in the Pantheon amidst universal mourning and acclaim.
www.yesnet.yk.ca /schools/projects/renaissance/raphael.html   (420 words)

 CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA: St. Raphael the Archangel
The story of the adventurous journey during which the protective influence of the angel is shown in many ways including the binding "in the desert of upper Egypt" of the demon who had previously slain seven husbands of Sara, daughter of Raguel, is picturesquely related in Tobit 5-11, to which the reader is referred.
Many commentators, however, identify Raphael with the "angel of the Lord" mentioned in John 5.
The Church assigns the feast of St. Raphael to 24 October.
www.newadvent.org /cathen/12640b.htm   (384 words)

 Soul Calibur 2 - History - Raphael
Raphael, the young master of the Sorel Family, grew up with the tumultuous age as his cradle, the scheming of noble families as his lullaby, and the rapier and medicine as his playmates.
For Raphael, a man who until then lived by his own means, it marked the first time he owed his life to someone else.
Raphael's exposure to life in the slums made him see the world in a whole new light, and realize the meaninglessness of everything.
www.soulcalibur.com /history/raphael.php   (637 words)

Raphael was a painter of the Italian "High Renaissance", considered one of the greatest and most popular artists of all time.
Raphael imitated his master closely, and their painting styles are so similar that art historians have found it difficult to determine which were painted by Raphael, and which were by his master.
Raphael did not paint the standard interpretation of the story, as he combines it with the story of The Healing of the Lunatic Boy.
www.eyeconart.net /history/Renaissance/raphael.htm   (1314 words)

 OKCupid! The Angel Test / Raphael   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Raphael is the Patron Angel of doctors, scientists, writers, and anyone working in the field of endeavour in the liberal arts or sciences.
Raphael is said to be the friendliest and funniest of all the Angels.
Raphael can be seen on the Tarot card Key 6 — the Lovers, which symbolizes our three layers of consciousness, with the man being the conscious, the woman being the sub-conscious, and the angel being the super-conscious.
www.okcupid.com /tests/describescore?testid=2537800488750284301&category=7   (444 words)

 Sanford & A Lifetime of Color: Study Art   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Raphael's mother died when he was eight years old and his father died three years later, leaving Raphael an orphan.
Raphael was known to be sweet-natured and agreeable--in fact, the opposite in temperament of his peer, Michelangelo.
Raphael was not only considered, in his day, to be the greatest painter of all time, he was also an architect and a specialist in Greek and Roman art.
www.sanford-artedventures.com /study/bio_raphael.html   (207 words)

 Raphael   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Raphael created The Marriage of the Virgin before he was even 21 years old, and he was still Perugino's apprentice.
Many other artists before Raphael portrayed Mary as an angelic-like woman that did not look too much like a human woman, which was due to a lack of emotions and the lack of a halo on many of the Madonnas.
Raphael was summoned to the Vatican to paint things like stanzas, and was probably recommended to the pope by Domato Bramante, an architect.
centros5.pntic.mec.es /ies.miguel.fernandez/web/raphael.html   (1289 words)

 RAPHAEL'S ELIODORO CEILING   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Although Raphael changed the composition to a horizontal format to fit the dado space, the center section with Abraham standing over a nude and bound Isaac accompanied by two angels is esssentially identical in conception.
Raphael seems to have preferred the last explanation, so much so that he included the angel bringing the ram in both his Eliodoro composition and the one created for the Logge balcony several years later.
Raphael's association with humanist scholars in the court of Leo X could also support the hypothesis that the source of the motif was a humanist's reference to Josephus or an obscure Hebrew literary source.
harpy.uccs.edu /eliodoro/elio.html   (1811 words)

 Oil and Canvas - Raphael   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Raphael, the last of the three greatest painters of the Renaissance, was born Raffaello Sanzio in Urbino, in the province of Umbria.
Under the influence of Michelangelo and Leonardo, both of whom were in Florence during this time, Raphael, whose early work already surpassed his master's, soon lost any provincial tendencies as he began to adopt Michelangelo's vigorous energy and Leonardo's sfumato and spiritualism.
Raphael's work became luminous in atmosphere, rich and clear in color, harmonious in movement, sculpturally three-dimensional, and perfectly balanced in composition.
www.oil-and-canvas.com /ClassicArt/ClassicArtist16-0.htm   (301 words)

 St. Raphael in Scripture
So Raphael was sent to heal them both: to remove the cataracts from Tobit's eyes, so that he might again see God's sunlight; and to marry Raguel's daughter Sarah to Tobit's son Tobiah, and then drive the wicked demon Asmodeus from her.
When Tobiah heard Raphael say that she was his kinswoman, of his own family's lineage, he fell deeply in love with her, and his heart became set on her.
Raphael gave Gabael his bond and told him about Tobit's son Tobiah, and that he had married and was inviting him to the wedding celebration.
www.raphael.net /Scripture/straphael.htm   (917 words)

At Federico's court, Raphael was introduced to the works of such artists as Paolo Uccello, Luca Signorelli, Melozzo da Forlí and Francesco di Giorgio, as well as the Flemish artists Hieronymus Bosch and joos van Gent.
In large, arched frescoes Raphael brought to life the subjects he had been instructed to paint: the theological Disputa (Disputation Concerning the Holy Sacrament) and its pendant, The School of Athens, portraying the secular sciences of philosophy.
Leonardo, Michelangelo, and Raphael in Renaissance Florence from 1500 to 1508, by Serafina Hager.
www.artchive.com /artchive/R/raphael.html   (2468 words)

 Raphael - Biography and Gallery of Art
We may indeed say that thosewho possess such gifts as Raphael are not mere men, but rathermortal gods, and that those who by their works leave anhonoured name among us on the roll of fame may hopeto receive a fitting reward in heaven for their labours andtheir merits.
Raphael was born at Urbino, a most important city of Italy, in1483, on Good Friday, at three in the morning, of Giovanni de' Santi,a painter of no great merit, but of good intelligence and well able toshow his son the right way, a favour which bad fortune had not grantedto himself in his youth.
Raphael, who was courtesy itself, in ordernot to be surpassed in kindness, did two pictures for him in atransitional style between the early manner of Pietro and of the otherwhich he learned afterwards, and which was much better, as I shallrelate.
www.artist-biography.info /artist/raphael   (745 words)

 Raphael - Olga's Gallery
Raffaello Santi, known as Raphael, or Raphael of Urbino, was born in Urbino on Good Friday 6 April 1483, the son of Magia di Battista di Nicola Ciarla and Giovanni Santi di Pietro.
Raphael's father was not an outstanding painter, though he was a man of good sense.
According to his first biographer Vasari Raphael was apprenticed to Perugino, although there are no sources, which confirm that he worked with Perugino before 1500.
www.abcgallery.com /R/raphael/raphael.html   (302 words)

 St. Raphael - Catholic Online
Raphael is one of seven Archangels who stand before the throne of the Lord.
Raphael's name means "God heals." This identity came about because of the biblical story which claims that he "healed" the earth when it was defiled by the sins of the fallen angels in the apocryphal book of Enoch.
Raphael is also identified as the angel who moved the waters of the healing sheep pool.
www.catholic.org /saints/saint.php?saint_id=203   (605 words)

Raphael, who was already starting to heal walked over and taking Maria from the other vampire's arms, carried her to his bike and covered her with his coat.
Raphael had fallen in with a group of six garou, who themselves were survivors from something they called the Green Hills Sept. Apparently the Green Hills werewolves had been driven from their homes by the predation of humans, workers of arcane power who called themselves magi.
Raphael made no move toward her, for he knew that he was now marked, and that any kindred seen with him, even in Elysium, was going to get hell from Purdy, literally.
www.santacruzchronicles.com /crphl.html   (20973 words)

 Ray Raphael Homepage
This nation was founded not just by the handful of “Founding Fathers” we have come to revere, but also by the revolutionary activities of hundreds of thousands of patriots dedicated to the notion that all government must be firmly rooted in “the body of the people,” as they said at the time.
Raphael’s critically acclaimed People’s History of the American Revolution, the first volume of Howard Zinn’s People’s History Series, highlights the experiences of common people of the Revolutionary Era — farmers and farmwives, artisans and laborers, African Americans and Native Americans.
Ray Raphael is currently working on an inclusive, popular narrative of our nation’s birth, casting people from diverse levels of the social hierarchy as “founders.” Seven lead characters drive the story forward, interacting with one another and evolving over the entirety of the Revolutionary Era.
www.rayraphael.com   (503 words)

 Raphael (Getty Museum)
Raphael, born Raffaello Sanzio, was crowned the "Prince of Painters" by Giorgio Vasari, a sixteenth-century biographer of artists.
By the age of twenty-one, Raphael had moved to Florence, where he embraced the works of Michelangelo and Leonardo da Vinci.
Raphael was soon placed in charge of all papal projects involving architecture, paintings, decoration, and the preservation of antiquities.
www.getty.edu /art/gettyguide/artMakerDetails?maker=508&page=1   (222 words)

 Amazon.com: Raphael: Books: Pierluigi De Vecchi,Raphael   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
All of Raphael's most important paintings as well as a significant number of his drawings and engravings are reproduced, principally in color, in this splendid new tribute to one of the most admired artists of the Italian Renaissance.
Raphael (1483-1520), whose birth and death were on a Good Friday, belonged to a family of merchants; aside from his training in the studio of Perugino, little is known about his earliest years.
He reminds us that the most "profound" element of Raphael's art was his striving to express in his work the dialectic between earthly and heavenly love, which was an important concern of his contemporaries The coverage of the text extends beyond the paintings to Raphael's significant work as an architect and designer of interiors.
www.amazon.com /exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/0789207702?v=glance   (935 words)

Raphael is also called the Angel of Science and Knowledge.
It is said that Raphael is the most sociable of the archangels.
Raphael is Regent, or Angel of the Sun.
www.angelicartistry.com /raphael.htm   (333 words)

 St. Raphael   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Raphael is the name given to one of the seven archangels who stand before the throne of God.
Initially reluctant, Raguel is persuaded by Raphael to allow it, and on their wedding night Tobias follows Raphael's advice and drives off the demon.
For I am the angel Raphael, one of the seven who stand before the Lord." Tobit offers a prayer of praise and thanksgiving to God, and the book concludes with the happy news that he lived to see his great-grandchildren, while his son Tobit lived to see his own great-great-great-grandchildren.
www.smart.net /~tak/Patrons/raphael.html   (588 words)

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