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In the News (Thu 18 Apr 19)

 Rare Earth hypothesis - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The rare Earth hypothesis is a response to the Fermi paradox which explains why we might expect a planet such as Earth to be very rare.
In the Earth, the cores of the original planet and an impacting body are thought to have merged to form an over-massive core that produces a powerful magnetic field to protect against solar radiation.
For example, in the Earth's case, a Mars-sized body might be required to impact it (as postulated by the Giant impact theory).
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Rare_Earth_hypothesis   (1513 words)

 Rare earth - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Strictly speaking, a rare earth is an oxide of a rare earth element.
However, often rare earth elements themselves are loosely called "rare earths", and moreover the term is deprecated by IUPAC.
The correct term for these used by many chemists is Rare terrestrials.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Rare_earth   (88 words)

 rare-earth metals on Encyclopedia.com
The metals usually occur together in minerals as their oxides (rare earths) and are somewhat difficult to separate because of their chemical similarity.
Rare Earth Metals Corp.: Harvest Gold Acquires LeSavage Claims, Rice Lake Gold Belt, Manitoba.
Rare Earth Metals' Appoints Keith Patey as Director of Communications.
encyclopedia.infonautics.com /html/r1/rarearmet.asp   (428 words)

 SETI Book Review: Rare Earth
The rare earth theory is that though bacterial life may be common in the universe, intelligent life -- in the form of terrestrial animals and plants -- is unique.
Rare Earth is organized in the traditional trajectory of such books, tracing the terms of the much-(ab)used Drake equation.
In Rare Earth, the authors present the theories they favor as complete and widely accepted, masking the fact that many are controversial (for example, whether star metallicity is as rare as they describe and whether Cambrian Ediacarans represent additional extinct phyla).
www.setileague.org /reviews/rarearth.htm   (746 words)

 Chemical Elements.com - Rare Earth Elements
All of the rare earth metals are found in group 3 of the periodic table, and the 6th and 7th periods.
The thirty rare earth elements are composed of the lanthanide and actinide series.
The Rare Earth Elements are made up of two series of elements, the Lanthanide and Actinide Series.
www.chemicalelements.com /groups/rareearth.html   (82 words)

 Rare Earth Details
One of the rare earth elements, erbium is 43rd in abundance among the elements of the earth's crust.
It is the rarest of the rare earth elements and ranks 59th in order of abundance of the elements in the earth's crust.
Thulium ranks 61st in abundance among the elements in the crust of the earth and is found in small quantities in such rare earth minerals as euxenite, gadolinite, and blomstrandine.
www.candldevelopment.com /rare_earth_detail.htm   (1787 words)

 Rare Earth MP3 Downloads - Rare Earth Music Downloads - Rare Earth Music Videos
Rare Earth suggested to Motown that the label name their new subsidiary after the band and Rare Earth Records was born.
Rare Earth began as an R&B band called the Sunliners in Detroit in 1961.
The resulting album, Rare Earth, was released in 1977 and made no real waves in the music business.
www.mp3.com /rare-earth/artists/4495/biography.html   (961 words)

 Rare Earth Magnet
Rare earth magnets are extremely powerful per volume, thus miniaturization could be achieved by using rare earth magnets in industrial or consumer applications.
Powder of rare earth elements and some transition metal are melt, alloyed, crushed, milled, pressed and meanwhile magnetically orientated.
Its name "rare earth magnets" comes from the Rare Earth Elements, such as Neodymium, Samarium and others, which are contained in the chemical composition of rare earth alloys.
www.armsmag.com /rare_earth_magnet.htm   (281 words)

 Complex Life Elsewhere in the Universe? Great Debates: Part I :: Astrobiology Magazine :: Search for Life in the Universe
Donald Brownlee, co-author of "Rare Earth," and Professor of Astronomy of the University of Washington in Seattle.
Peter Ward, co-author of "Rare Earth," and Professor of Geological Sciences at the University of Washington in Seattle.
In our book "Rare Earth," we suggest that extraterrestrial life is likely to be near but that complex animal-like life is rare and will probably not be found close to us in space.
www.astrobio.net /news/article236.html   (1877 words)

 Rare Earth
Rare Earth could also write original material, and their third release was proof of this, when "I Just Want To Celebrate" went into the top 30.
The group signed with the label in 1969, in a brilliant marketing move by Motown executives, it was decided to match the band's name with their new record label: "Rare Earth".
Another version of Rare Earth, with two original members, also toured the oldies circuit.
www.classicbands.com /rareearth.html   (442 words)

 Rare earth magnets for fun and profit
They're commonly just referred to as "neodymium" or "rare earth" magnets, and this composition is both more powerful and cheaper than the previous king of the permanent magnet world, samarium cobalt.
Rare earth magnets make a lot of independent thinkers very excited.
NIB rare earth magnets, on the other hand, have surface field strength of about 1T.
www.dansdata.com /magnets.htm   (5513 words)

 Rare Earth - About the Band
Rare Earth performed on the very first Midnight Special where they set the precedent in performing live instead of lip synchronization to a record.
RARE EARTH has been an established name in the music industry for over two decades, and now they are back performing with the same unique and recognizable sound that has always been their own!
Rare Earth has always been the “People’s Band” and the thirst for performing for a live audience has brought them back to touring the country— performing WITH the audience, not at them.
www.rareearth.com /band   (371 words)

 Rare Earth: Why Complex Life is Uncommon in the Universe
In their book Rare Earth, published by Copernicus Press in 2000, Peter Ward and Donald Brownlee point at Drake's (and other physicists') mistakes in a long and depressing discussion, a discussion that took the wind out of more than one SF author's sail.
The evolution of life on Earth included some surprising leaps; two worth mentioning are the move from simple, single-cellular life to cells which contain internal organs, and the appearance of calcium-based skeletons.
The hypothesis claims that the conditions for creating complex life are rare; but we know for a fact that at least in one case, all the required conditions were met.
www.forum2.org /tal/books/rare.html   (2142 words)

 Mountain Pass Rare Earth Mine
The rare earth carbonatite complex at Mountain Pass was discovered almost by accident when two prospectors using a borrowed a Geiger counter staked a series of claims on a radioactive outcrop they thought might have some potential as a uranium resource.
The "ore" was identified as the rare earth fluoro­carbonate bastnaesite.
The ore consists of 60% carbonate (calcite, dolomite, siderite and ankerite), 20% sulfate (barite and celestite), 10% bastnaesite (rare earth fluoro­carbonate) and 10% silicate phases (chiefly quartz).
geology.csupomona.edu /drjessey/fieldtrips/mtp/mtnpass.htm   (1406 words)

Rare Earth, a science book written by two of my University of Washington colleagues, geologist Peter Ward and astronomer Don Brownlee (WandB) depicts our galaxy as a lonely place dotted with hostile lifeless planets orbiting stars that are mostly too hot, too cold, too unstable, or too short-lived to sustain the development of complex life.
Putting plausible numerical estimates into the Rare Earth equation (not done in the book) suggests that there are only a few planets with complex life per galaxy.
The conclusion of WandB, which I have only been able to sketch here, is that Earth is a rare place where many random factors have conspired to create a nearly ideal site for the evolution of complex life.
www.npl.washington.edu /AV/altvw102.html   (2115 words)

 Rare Earth Hypothesis
If the “RARE EARTH” hypothesis turns out to be true then it greatly increases the significance of loss, each time a plant or animal is driven to extinction and strengthens the responsibility for humans to be good stewards of the planet.
Their book, "Rare Earth" (Springer-Verlag) is producing whoops of criticism and praise, with some detractors saying that the authors have made their own simplistic assumptions about the adaptability of life forms while others call it "brilliant" and "courageous." [
The two authors of “Rare Earth” scientists also call for searches of Mars, the Jovian moons Europa and Ganymede, and Saturn's moon Titan for signs of alien microbes.
fig.cox.miami.edu /~cmallery/255/255life/rareearth.htm   (1999 words)

 Rare Earth Album Discography
Rare Earth was active from 1969 until 1976 and was intended to release psychedelic and underground rock.
The Rare Earth label was orange with black printing, a drawing of a tree growing above the center hole with the foilage of the tree "RARE EARTH" in white.
The best sellers for the label was the group Rare Earth, who started in 1969 and had a career spanning many years and many hits.
www.bsnpubs.com /rareearth.html   (2090 words)

 Voices of Classic Rock & Rockforever.com -- Presents PETER RIVERA
Rare Earth performed on "The Ed Sullivan Show," "American Bandstand," and "Don Kirshner's Rock Concert." They also appeared on "The Midnight Special"---where they were the first act to ever play "live." Peter also recalled a gig where the band lip-sync-ed to "I'm Losing You" while skaters from The Ice Capades interpreted their music.
While Rare Earth was used to an active, enthusiastic audience, Peter explains that being an opening act on their first major set of tours was a learning experience.
Rare Earth arrived on the classic rock scene in the late 60s and early 70s.
www.rockforever.com /singers/rivera/rivera-11292000.html   (1353 words)

 The Book 'Rare Earth' Punctures Alien Assumptions - UFO Evidence
In Rare Earth: Why Complex Life is Uncommon in the Universe, geologist Peter D. Ward and astronomer Donald Brownlee present a thoughtful, well-argued case that animals (let alone astronomers) are rare and perhaps limited to Earth.
The authors seem to believe that intelligent life probably exists somewhere else in the galaxy, but their line of reasoning also leaves open the possibility that Earth is, as they put it, "extraordinarily rare." Interestingly, if the authors are wrong about bacterial life, this would strengthen their main argument.
Less convincing, however, is their assertion that the "Rare Earth Hypothesis" gives added reason for protecting endangered animal species on Earth.
www.ufoevidence.org /documents/doc1436.htm   (616 words)

 Amazon.com: Rare Earth: Why Complex Life is Uncommon in the Universe: Books: Peter Ward,Donald Brownlee
Their rare Earth hypothesis predicts that while simple, microbial life will be very widespread in the universe, complex animal or plant life will be extremely rare.
For busy readers I recommend "Where is everybody" by Stephen Webb who covers far more scenarios because his chapter 5 is an abstract on Rare Earth as Stephen acknowledges.
Chapter 6 is called "Snowball Earth," and describes the earliest known ice ages on earth, which date to 2.4 billion and 800 to 650 million years BP.
www.amazon.com /exec/obidos/tg/detail/-/0387987010?v=glance   (3309 words)

 Rare Earth Mighty Magnets
These rare earth magnets can be mounted with the mounting screws and or double stick tape included in the bag or may be glued into the window.
GRI Mighty Magnets make use of a rare earth alloy which allows the size of the magnet to be significantly reduced while still retaining or improving the gap involved.
These rare earth magnets are less than 1/8" high and install fast and easily without worry over damage to the window itself.
www.grisk.com /accessories/rare_earth_magnets.htm   (118 words)

 Hefa Rare Earth Canada Co. Products list.
It is one of largest rare earth enterprises in China, with five rare earth processing factories and greater than 5000 metric ton rare earth oxide (REO) capacity.
Our emphasis on quality and competitive pricing has made us a favored provider of rare earth products to company in many countries around the world.
brings your business the opportunity to purchase rare earths directly from one of the world's largest and most experienced producers.
www.rareearth.ca   (198 words)

 ScienceDaily: We Are Not Alone - Or Are We?
A key condition for life on Earth is the presence of carbon, because of its unique properties.
In fact, recent evidence showing simple microbial life can survive extreme conditions on Earth is an indicator that such life also might be widespread in the galaxy and the universe.
Someday, some way, evolution on Earth will end.
www.sciencedaily.com /releases/2000/01/000126080531.htm   (1294 words)

 Rare Earth Magnets
These rare earth magnets are extremely strong for their small size, metallic in appearance and found in simple shapes such as rings, blocks and discs.
They are called rare earth because their composition elements found in the "Rare Earth" or Lanthanides portion of the Periodic Table of Elements.
There are two types of rare earth magnets available:
www.magnetsource.com /Solutions_Pages/rareerth.html   (100 words)

In the course of researching RARE EARTH, Destination: Space repeatedly came across 'media bytes' that portrayed the Rare Earth Hypothesis as a blanket statement that life does not and can not exist beyond our world.
In their controversial book RARE EARTH, distinguished paleontologist Peter D. Ward and noted astronomer Donald Brownlee propose nothing less than a new hypothesis about life in our universe.
Dead Mars, Dying Earth - Did mankind begin on Mars?
www.destinationspace.net /frontier/rareearth.asp   (369 words)

 Gold Corporation, Mineral Mining & Exploration, Rare Earth Metals Corp. Stocks, Investing, Funds, Investment,Investor
Rare Earth Metals Corp, (REM.V), is presently developing four major resource properties to attract senior joint venture partners and related financial organizations.
REM has two Nickel projects (South Bay and Lynn Lake), a VMS or Copper-Zinc project (Reed Lake), and a Rare Earth Elements/Uranium property (Eden Lake), all located in mining-friendly Manitoba, Canada.
© Copyright 2002-2006 Rare Earth Metals Corp. All rights reserved.
www.rareearthmetals.net   (209 words)

 Rare Earth, Breeder of Exotic Reptiles
The phrase "Rare Earth Bloodlines" used by many breeders is an indication of the quality of animals that are produced at our facility.
Rare Earth has been involved in the reptile business for more then a decade.
There are not too many species of animals that Rare Earth has not worked with.
www.rareearthinc.com   (173 words)

 Rare Earth, MP3 Album Music Download at eMusic
It would be remiss to not mention that Rod Stewart had a huge album with the same title in 1977, indicating the "new" Rare Earth was watching the hitmakers and restructuring the music.
Though far and away the best of the three Prodigal discs (even though Rare Earth's final hit would be on the Band Together LP), the move to funk is too blatant, and feels too calculated.
The problem is, again, that Rare Earth's success was always in transferring one genre to another.
www.emusic.com /album/10868/10868986.html   (515 words)

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