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Topic: Rastafarian music

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In the News (Wed 20 Mar 19)

  Online Encyclopedia and Dictionary - Music of Jamaica
Jamaica's music culture is a fusion of elements from the United States of America with its R&B, rock and roll, soul, Africa and neighbouring Caribbean islands such as Trinidad with its calypso.
Jamaican music has also had an effect on the musical development of other countries, such as the practice of toasting, which was brought to New York City and became rapping, one of the four elements of hip hop.
Reggae music was intricately tied to the expansion of Rastafarian religion with its principles of pacifism, Zionism, and pan-Africanism.
fact-archive.com /encyclopedia/Music_of_Jamaica   (2193 words)

 Religious music - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Religious music (also sacred music) is music performed or composed for religious use or through religious influence.
Monotheism and tonality, all tones relating and resolving to a tonic, are often associated, and the textures of European homophony, equated with monotheism, may be contrasted with Asian heterophony, equated with poly or pantheism.
Sephardic music, the music of Spanish Jews, was born in medieval Spain, with cancioneros being performed at the royal courts.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Religious_music   (822 words)

 Jim Donovan : Articles : Nyahbingi
Rastafarian music reflects the cultists' perception of the society.
And the source of Rastafarian nyabinghi is vastly elaborate and proves the power and struggle of the African culture to remain strong and ever-developing.
Rastafarians convey this infinite legacy through their faith and music and are in constant loving praise of the One Divine Creator and Supreme Being.
www.jimdonovanmusic.com /Nyahbinghi.html   (3930 words)

 Religious Movements Homepage: Rastafarianism   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-06)
Many Rastafarians believed that his death was staged by the media in an attempt to bring their faith down, while others claimed that Haile Selassie I had trodded on to the perfect flesh, and sits on the highest point of Mount Zion where He and Empress Menen await the Time of Judgement.
Rastafarians came to the United States in large numbers as a result of the general migration of Jamaicans in the 1970s.
Also, eight Lafayette, LA, children, whose Rastafarian values forbade them from cutting their dreadlocked hair, were recently allowed to reattend school after officials banned a school rule excluding "extremes in hair styles." According to the lawsuit, the family had been denied its constitutional rights of free expression and free practice of its Rastafarian religion.
religiousmovements.lib.virginia.edu /nrms/rast.html   (3950 words)

 Reggae, Rasta and Ganga
Reggae music which carries the Rasta's message is essentially non-Christian even though it mentions scriptures and has elements of their principles, it is far removed from historic Christianity.
Music by itself is neither good or evil but it can be an influence for either, depending on the lyrics as well as the beat.
Rastafarians read the Bible and will use the scriptures for guidance as long as it it agrees with their own pre-concieved ideas and understanding.
www.letusreason.org /Cults16.htm   (2244 words)

 [No title]
The Rastafarians believe that all roots of mankind originated in the continent of Africa, and since the Rasta's ancestors were forcibly taken from their homes in Africa and sold into Jamaican slavery, the Rastas feel that they should be able to return to their rightful homes.
The Rastafarians are probably one of the most"natural"groups of people on earth; that is to say, they live with nature, eat the healthiest foods, and do not give in to materialistic things.
Rastafarian art, be it a painting, carving, song, or poem, is perhaps one of the most spiritual and personal art forms known to man. Each piece speaks of the daily struggles of the Rastaman and the hope that still burns inside them.
debate.uvm.edu /dreadlibrary/bagshaw.html   (5228 words)

 Ian Randle Publishers - Book Review
Rastafari, or Rastafarianism, developed in Jamaica in the early decades of the last century among poor, outcast people profoundly alienated from the state they were born into.
Rastafarian art — or, as one 1970 publication put it, the “exciting art of the Rastafarians” — first made its presence felt locally when artists such as Everald Brown and Ras Daniel Heartman started entering their artworks in the Institute of Jamaica’s “All Island” exhibition.
Rastafarian Art is a handsome book, rich in images, with a text that provides a multifaceted background to this enigmatic and engaging religious movement.
www.ianrandlepublishers.com /review35.htm   (1131 words)

 Routes of Reggae - Jamaica Music - Reggae, Ska, Mento
The fabric of our music is woven of many threads and the sources are varied and many, with European and African influences.
Jamaican music rhythms have been a common denominator in the music of the other islands of the West Indies.
During this time, Rastafarian music, with its chanting and syncopated drumming and spiritual messages, which seemed then to appeal to the more aggressive males of the depressed areas began to influence both rhythm and lyrics.
www.jamaicans.com /music/routesofreggae.htm   (971 words)

 Rastafarians - Music Sage   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-06)
Rastafarianism is a 20th century phenomenom originating from the shanty towns of Kingston, Jamaica, and spreading among the African (and non-african) diaspora on the wings of the international music industry and the ganja trade routes.
Rastafarianism had a profound influence on reggae music, which has now become synomomous with the movement and is its chief medium of communication with Blacks around the world.
Rastafarians believe Selassie, or Ras Tafari, was the long-awaited Messiah from the House of David, as prophesised in the Old Testament, who would gather them from their lands where they were oppressed and bring them to Ethiopia, which they considered as home.
www.musicsage.org /topics/Rastafarianism   (3204 words)

 Reggae & Dancehall
Reggae is Jamaican popular music that developed in the 1960s among Kingston's poor fls, drawing on American “soul” music and traditional African and Jamaican folk music and ska (a Jamaican and British dance-hall music).
The experimental pioneering of such producers within often restricted technological parameters gave birth to dub reggae, and is seen by some music historians as one of the earliest (albeit analogue) contributions to the development of techno.
Reggae as a style of music was heavily influence by the ideologies of Rastafari and was also spirited by the socialist movements in the island at the time.
www.orgsites.com /ma/reggaeuganda/_pgg8.php3   (915 words)

 Music of Jamaica - Gurupedia
Jamaican music is music from Jamaica, a Third World nation whose music has achieved international popularity.
Rastafarianism, a religion which soon spread to the rest of the island and abroad.
The Bongo Nation remains a culturally distinct part of Jamaican society, and is known for Kumina, which refers to both a religion and a form of music.
www.gurupedia.com /m/mu/music_of_jamaica.htm   (2154 words)

 Rastafari movement - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Many Rastafarians follow an ital diet which essentially means living by the dietary Laws of Leviticus and Deuteronomy in the Old Testament, or vegetarian or vegan by modern standards.
Babylon: "Babylon" is the Rastafarian term for the oppression they see in modern society, equal in their eyes to that in the ancient city of Babylon.
Music has long played an integral role in Rastafari, and the connection between the movement and various kinds of music has become well known, due to the international fame of reggae musicians like Bob Marley and Peter Tosh.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Rastafarian_music   (6702 words)

 Annotated - Jamaica
Little information is available on Rastafarian music and musicians despite the large amount of data on Rastafarianism, in general.
The text is very well written and explains the musical styles in detail, as well as highlighting many of the major players who have achieved success in music.
He examines how Jamaican social life, poverty, and politics has influenced the music throughout the ages, and how the Jamaican people overcame these hindrances through their own spirituality and creativeness, which was reflected in their music.
www1.appstate.edu /~bentore/world/annot_-_Jamaica.htm   (3149 words)

 Rastafari movement - Alternative medicine - Alternative medicine
In reggae music, a follower of Rastafari may be referred to simply as a dreadlocks or Natty (Knotty) Dread, whilst those non-believers who cut their hair are referred to as baldheads.
Emperor Haile Selassie I, whom the Rastafarians call Jah, was crowned "King of Kings, Elect of God, and Conquering Lion of the Tribe of Judah" in Addis Ababa on November 2, 1930.
Music has long played an integral role in Rastafari, and the connection between the movement and various kinds of music has become well-known, due to the international fame of musicians like Bob Marley and Peter Tosh.
www.famouschinese.com /virtual/Rastafari_movement   (5694 words)

 Music: Spliff Splash (April 24 - April 30, 1997)
Traditional Rastafarian music, which consisted of only drums and vocals, predates ska by a few years.
He's received both flak and admiration for being the first superstar of a musical style--his break-up with the original Wailers, Peter Tosh and Bunny Wailer, was particularly bitter.
The fact that the beloved Marley died of cancer is equal parts tragic and ironic: He was machine-gunned at a musical rally for peace, organized to bring candidate Michael Manley and his opponent together during Jamaica's violent election season in the late '70s.
www.tucsonweekly.com /tw/04-24-97/mus.htm   (1196 words)

 Mento Music: Edric Connor, Louise Bennett and Jamaican Folk Music   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-06)
As mento music was first developing in Jamaica from a variety of influences, it is likely that the first lyrics used in mento music came from Jamaican folk songs.
Sheet music published 1947 in the UK Perhaps the first professional presentation of Jamaican folk music was by the Cudjoe Minstrels in the 1930s, though sadly, this group never recorded.
The role of Jamaican folk music in everyday life is also explored by Louise Bennett and others, along with demonstrations of a number of well known folk songs.
www.mentomusic.com /edricConner.htm   (4536 words)

 The Conscious Rasta Perspective
Today Rastafarians are easily identified by their distinct look, often characterized by wearing their hair in distinctive dreadlocks fashion as well as a range of fashionable adornments ranging from Rasta tams (knitted hats), the sporting of the Pan-Afrikan colors of red, green, gold and fl.
In Rastafarian Nyahbinghi circles, Afrikan drumming is used to induce a trance-like spiritual state and to reinforce transcendent spiritual bonds between Rasta brethren and sistren within the community.
Unfortunately, such accomplished teachers of the Rastafarian way of thinking are too few and far between and largely overshadowed by less conscious celebrities within popular music culture, many of whom are elevated and promoted by forces hostile to the emergence of the true Afrikan identity.
afgen.com /rasta.html   (4129 words)

 Rastafarian   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-06)
Rastafarian Religion - Brief introduction to the religion.
Rastafarianism - Contains information on what Rasta is; Rasta symbols; Marijuana and Rasta; Rasta and Reggae; and a Rasta language dictionary.
Rastas-Home - Resource on Rastafarianism, Haile Selassie I and Jah; includes dictionary of terms, history, pictures; pages on reggae music, marijuana, Ethiopia, and Jamiaca; a messageboard and slide-show.
www.om-sweet-om.net /links_Rastafarian.htm   (484 words)

 NPR : Ras Michael, Putting His Faith into Music
Ras Michael popularized Rastafarian Nyabingi music by blending it with reggae.
On his birthday, Rastafarians around the world will celebrate with feasts, prayer and hymn singing in a style called Nyabingi music.
Michael, a devout Rastafarian, talks about his faith and his music.
www.npr.org /templates/story/story.php?storyId=4764726   (210 words)

His ability as a band leader is exemplified by the trust and loyalty of his group, several of whom have been with him since the group's beginning and many who return (from the far corners of the globe) to perform year after year.
His music continues to influence people with a powerful synergy of uplifting music and thought provoking lyrics, truly medicine for the hungry and afflicted soul, spreading a message of love and unity for all beings.
His conviction to the Rastafarian faith, combined with his unique understanding of world music, music production, healing arts, technology and spirituality, comprise a man on a mission: to deliver the message of love, unity, and survival to millions of people worldwide through live performances, recordings and radio broadcasts in over 72 nations.
www.mp3tunes.com /album_details.php?album_id=42779   (638 words)

 Bob Marley
The group then auditioned for famed Jamaican producer Coxone Dodd's and he recorded their "I'm Still Waiting" and "It Hurts to Be Alone" for his Studio One label with now World-renown guitarist Ernie Ranglin as arranger.
One of the most recognizable faces on the planet, Marley is loved by people of diverse backgrounds and is regarded by many as a musical prophet.
He was given a place in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, a star on Hollywood Boulevard's walk of fame and a lifetime achievement Grammy award.
www.afiwi.com /music/reggae/artists/bob_marley.asp   (549 words)

 Afiwi.Com - Your Caribbean Online
In 1981 Nasio moved to St. Maarten and was introduced to Reggae music and the Rastafarian faith.
In 1986, Nasio recorded his first single “Born to Be Free,” and thanks to steady airplay “Born To Be Free” sold just over 5,000 copies on St. Maarten, the first time a local artist sold that amount of records.
In 1994 Nasio he took his music to the US where he also gained the expertise a manager Lenny Shillingford.
www.afiwi.com /people2.asp?id=79   (325 words)

 Cymande MP3 Downloads - Cymande Music Downloads - Cymande Music Videos   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-06)
Invigorating head music done Rastafarian style by Cymande.
This album is available for download from our partnered music services.
From Earth, Wind & Fire and L.T.D. to the O'Jays and the Dramatics, many of the great soul outfits of the 1960s and 1970s paid more than their share of dues.
www.mp3.com /albums/4089/summary.html   (412 words)

 Rastafari: The Life of Bob Marley   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-06)
The roots, core beliefs and practices of Rastafari lie close to Bob Marley's music and philosophy.
Makeda has published the guide book "Rastafari: The New Creation", served as Jamaica's first Independent Senator in the Parliament, and was one of the first journalists to cover Jamaica's burgeoning Reggae scene in the 1970s.
Islandlife asks Makeda about her life, the Rasta Information Service, the Rastafari Nation, herb, politics and music.
www.bobmarley.com /life/rastafari   (87 words)

 Routes of Reggae (Jamaica)
A profound songwriter and a prolific musician, Marley died at age 36 from
His meteoric rise to international cultural importance and musical
For New Yorkers singer BluFox, singer/actor/musician Leon, and the RandB duo Deep, fusing the drum and bass sounds of the Caribbean with American sounds such as Hip Hop, Rock, Rap, and RandB to create a unique distinctive sound is what they were trained to do as native New Yorkers.
www.jamaicans.com /music/articles_reggae/routesofreggae.shtml   (1187 words)

 Scotsman.com Living - Music - Rastafarian Burns defies Scottish artistic traditions   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-06)
Then there’s a heartfelt rendering of The Slave’s Lament by a young fl Rastafarian man, which is powerful in terms of the history and meaning of the song.
This summer, however, he’s concentrating on matters closer to home, the arrival of his second child.
Fagen is an ideas man. He may or may not have hands-on input in the finished work, but you can be sure he has overseen it carefully, pulling together the necessary expertise to realise his idea - rose growers, bronze casters or, in this case, a music producer.
living.scotsman.com /music.cfm?id=145632005   (996 words)

 Cymande: Reviews, Discography, Audio Clips, and more ||| Music.com
A laid-back "One More" lulls you into subliminal meditation before "Getting It Back" jolts you into some scintillating Jamaican funk-fusion.
"Zion I" is a spiritual chant put to music, setting the mood for Cymande.
Portions of Content provided by All Music Guide ®, a trademark of All Media Guide, LLC.
www.music.com /release/cymande/1   (342 words)

 Rastafarian.net / Rastafarian.org   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-06)
Also to be Rastafarian does not mean a belief in smoking anything, just belief in JAH.
Hi, My name is Heather and I am trying to research the Rastafarian culture and I am having trouble trying to find information about Rastafarian artworks and Rastafarian artists.
How does the Rastafarian mind place me, as White and beneficiary and freedom fighter and African?.
www.rastafarian.net   (1931 words)

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