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Topic: Rattus rattus

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 Black Death - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The fl rat (Rattus rattus) was originally introduced from Asia to Europe by trade, but was subsequently displaced and succeeded throughout Europe by the bigger Norwegian or brown rat (Rattus norvegicus).
Combining information on the biology of Rattus rattus, Rattus norvegicus, and the common fleas Xenopsylla cheopis and Pulex irritans with modern studies of plague epidemiology, particularly in India, where the R.
rattus is a native species and conditions are nearly ideal for plague to be spread, Twigg concludes that it would have been nearly impossible for Y.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Black_Death   (6750 words)

 Encyclopédie :: encyclopedia : Rat   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-20)
Le rat est un mammifère omnivore de la famille des muridés.
On appelle communément rat les diverses espèces du genre Rattus, qui comprennent en particulier le rat noir, ou «rat des champs» (Rattus rattus) et le rat brun, ou «rat des villes» (Rattus norvegicus), mais aussi de nombreuses autres espèces de genres différents de murinae, voire de muridae.
Wikispecies, le répertoire du vivant a une entrée pour : « Rattus ».
www.encyclopedie.cc /Rat   (2994 words)

 Major Historical Events [encyclopedia]
Most scientists believe that the Black Death was an outbreak of bubonic plague, a dreaded disease that has spread in pandemic form several times through history.
The plague is caused by the bacterium Yersinia pestis which is spread by fleas with the help of animals like the fl rat Rattus rattus) -what we would call today the sewer rat.
Sometimes, the term "Black Death" is used for all outbreaks of plague and epidemics.
www.artzia.com /History/Events   (369 words)

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