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In the News (Sun 21 Jul 19)

  Rave France / Rave Master (Groove Adventure Rave)
Hello, aujourd'hui sort le tome 27 de Rave en France, sur le thème du pique-nique entre amis...
Retrouvez les personnages de Rave pour célébrer ce troisième anniversaire, avec en maître de cérémonie, Natsu de Fairy Tail, venu spécialement pour allumer les bougies...
Rave France - Rave-fr.com est © Kahwui et protégé par le droit de propriété intellectuelle.
www.rave-fr.com   (3060 words)

  RAVE Act of 2002 (S.2633) Reducing Americans' Vulnerability to Ecstasy Act of 2002
The RAVE Act (Reducing Americans' Vulnerability to Ecstasy) was introduced in the Senate on June 18th, 2002 and passed the Senate Judiciary Committee a week later, without a public hearing or recorded vote.
Tens of thousands of voters faxed or called their Senators and protests in opposition to the RAVE Act were held in cities around the country, including a rave and protest on the lawn of the U.S. Capitol on September 6th.
The RAVE Act was not passed before the 107th Congress adjourned at the end of 2002 therefore did not become law in 2002.
www.emdef.org /s2633   (3107 words)

  Raves - An NDIC Information Bulletin   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Raves were secretive, after-hours, private dance parties and were often held in gay clubs where attendance was restricted to invitees or friends of invitees.
Rave parties are emerging in areas of Colorado, Iowa, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin that are not always prepared to manage unexpected crowds of teenagers.
They are requiring rave promoters and club owners to pay for building or liquor licenses, medical services, and security for their events, all in an effort to force rave promoters to move or cease their operations.
www.usdoj.gov /ndic/pubs/656   (2824 words)

  Rave - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Raves began to expand into a global phenomenon around 1989-1992, mostly on a grassroots basis: people who had travelled to attend the first raves in each region began setting up promotion companies, often informally, to organize their own parties.
Raves were also overshadowed in the press after the deaths of Leah Betts and Anna Wood, teenagers who died after taking ecstasy; journalists emphasized on the drug use of the victims, even though both victims died of water intoxication.
Raves and ravers continued to be vilified by government authorities.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Rave   (4192 words)

 Rave music - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Rave music consists of forms of electronic music for dancing that are associated with the rave scene.
Initially "rave music" was considered a particular style that was a combination of fast breakbeat and more hardcore forms of techno.
A new form of rave is appearing based on the genre "Makina" mainly produced in Spain but also in Italy, Germany and France, it has exploded in the North East of England with many clubs and all night raves.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Rave_music   (454 words)

 MUSTER 1   (Site not responding. Last check: )
RAVE is a data base that covers recent publications (articles and decisions) in public international law and European law by listing them systematically and providing their citations.
RAVE is tailored to the needs of scholars, legal practitioners, law students and the general public interested in getting an overview of recent publications on a specific subject.
RAVE is offered by the Chair of German and Foreign Public Law, Public International Law and European Law.
www.jura.uni-duesseldorf.de /rave/raveeine.htm   (246 words)

 Drug Policy Alliance: Dance, Music and Entertainment
The RAVE Act which threatens to squash live music and free speech was passed in 2003 when it was tacked onto an unrelated child protection bill.
The "RAVE" Act, also referred to as the Illicit Drug Anti-Proliferation Act of 2003, was introduced as an addition to the Child Abduction Protect Act of 2003, widely recognized as the AMBER Alert bill (S151).
The "RAVE" Act was passed despite the fact it did not have a public hearing, debate or vote in Congress.
www.drugpolicy.org /communities/raveact   (766 words)

 Rave Computer Association: Why Rave? - Custom Solutions
Select Rave Computer to help turn your product vision into a reality - whether the vision is to launch a new product based on new technologies that may previously have been foreign to your team, or to simply pick up and enhance a legacy product to extend its life or gain additional marketshare.
Rave's flexibility allows us to deal with these changes when they arise - we assess design impacts and quickly formulate a plan to move forward with the new requirements.
Rave Computer works with your team throughout the project to ensure that on final delivery the product is capable of successful integration within your development environment.
www.rave.net /COMPANY/whyCustom.html   (818 words)

 Center for Problem-Oriented Policing
Raves are the focus of rave culture, a youth-oriented subculture that blends music, art and social ideals (e.g., peace, love, unity, respect, tolerance, happiness).
Rave party problems will be familiar to many police officers working in communities where raves have been held; they will be unfamiliar to many other officers who have never experienced raves or, perhaps, even heard of them.
The rave scene is variously referred to in the literature as the "club scene" or "dance scene" (and the drugs variously referred to as "rave drugs," "club drugs" or "dance drugs").
www.popcenter.org /Problems/problem-rave_parties.htm   (2944 words)

 RAVE Systems
RAVE™ is a revolutionary signal transport system that allows you to route multiple channels of audio over standard Ethernet hardware and cabling.
RAVE is the ideal audio transport system for arenas, theatres, broadcast facilities, and other applications requiring multiple channels routed over long distances free of noise and hum.
RAVE devices route the audio signals over a standard Fast Ethernet network to the signal processors (such as the DSP-3 devices) and the amplifiers.
www.qscaudio.com /products/network/rave/rave.htm   (684 words)

 VampireRave.com - The Ultimate Vampire Resource and Directory.
This shirt is quarter-turned, has a seamless collar, is tapered from shoulder to shoulder, and is fully double-needle stitched.
The Vampire Rave logo is centered and measures about 7 inches square.
The Vampire Rave logo is centered and measures about 5 inches square.
www.vampirerave.com   (606 words)

We describe the RAVE architecture, the Web-client facilities that are required to support it, and three applications we have built using RAVE: a video library, a video mail system, and a video-conferencing tool.
RAVE lies between the Web and the real-time Internet, it provides a framework for supporting wide classes of Web based applications which produce or require access to real-time data, and can readily exploit new codecs or network quality-of-service enhancements as they become available.
RAVE has proven to be an effective architecture for rapid prototyping of some sophisticated multimedia applications that are well integrated with existing Web clients.
www.cs.ubc.ca /local/reading/proceedings/www5/www333/overview.htm   (5184 words)

 Ch. Carousel's Dreaming of Diamonds
After fighting so hard to save her for 4 days, Rave was let go on August 10th, 2005 as there was no possible hope of a recovery and her condition continued to worsen.
While I love all my dogs, Rave and I had a special connection, and her absence in my life has left a profound feeling of emptiness.
Late in 2004 Rave and I had started our journey in obed, her training was going so well, we were having so much fun, I will miss these times and the bright look in her eye about "hey great!
www.carouselmalinois.com /rainbow.html   (286 words)

 IT'S ALL THE RAVE   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Hitting the shelves this month is a new novel by Douglas Rushkoff, the author already notorious for his techno-cult nonfiction classics "Cyberia," and "The Gen-X Reader," "Media Virus" and "Playing the Future," all of which explore the intersections of media, culture and technology as they play out in the lifestyles of the youthful and sub-cultured.
But I wanted to focus on rave culture as a milieu because that is where I see most of the progressively evolutionary conscious forms of spirituality today.
There is a magic moment that can happen at a rave - at 2 or 3 in the morning, when everyone is dancing, you experience a feeling of collective organism, and I think people who have had that experience see the world differently afterward.
www.sfgate.com /cgi-bin/examiner/article.cgi?year=1997&month=06&day=22&article=STYLE2128.dtl   (980 words)

Rave Standard also includes SQL DataViews (drivers) to enable direct connect or web oriented access to reports from Microsoft ODBC, Microsoft SQL Server, Apollo, Advantage, DBXpress, Access & DBIsam databases.
Rave 7.0 BEX continues to easily handle banded style reports (with master-detail to unlimited levels), form letters, invoices, snaking columns, preprinted forms and any other report you will want to create.
The Rave Server is the central repository & library for storage and execution of all Rave reports.
www.nevrona.com /Default.aspx?tabid=30   (303 words)

 rave - Definitions from Dictionary.com
The identical (in form) verb meaning "to wander, stray, rove" first appeared c.1300 in Scottish and northern dialect, and is probably from an unrelated Scand.
Raving is attested from 1475; sense of "remarkable" is from 1841.
`Rave' differs slightly from flame in that `rave' implies that it is the persistence or obliviousness of the person speaking that is annoying, while flame implies somewhat more strongly that the tone or content is offensive as well.
dictionary.reference.com /browse/rave   (586 words)

 NEW! RAVE 1 USB amplifier : Russ took his original RAVE amp away for...
Russ took his original RAVE amp away for R&D and we think you’ll agree that the resulting RAVE amp — the RAVE 1 USB - is really special.
Couple this with RAVE’s high-performance amplification powered by the well-regarded Tripath digital chip, and premium grade audio components, and you’ve got a serious amp capable of delivering the sort of sound quality from situations you wouldn’t normally expect.
RAVE 1 USB does not come supplied with a mains cable or speaker cables - that's so you can choose the quality and length of cable.
www.russandrews.com /product.asp?lookup=1®ion=UK¤cy=GBP&pf_id=4604&customer_id=PAA1412028706019HQXJQRCMVRHGQENS   (343 words)

 Water Trampolines
RAVE Sports offers the largest line and the biggest sizes.
After expanding the fun with Aqua Jump attachments, RAVE created other inflatable swim platforms with bounce-ability in the center.
RAVE uses UV treated and protected 28-oz., 1,000-Denier commercial-grade PVC vinyl tubes for long-lasting fun.
www.ravesports.com /water_trampolines   (249 words)

 Want to pass an unpopular bill then attach it to a popular bill. | MetaFilter   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The almost universally hated RAVE Act is back and attached to an unrelated child abduction bill.
The “RAVE” Act threatens free speech and musical expression while placing at risk any hotel/motel owner, concert promoter, event organizer, nightclub owner or arena/stadium owner for the drug violations of 3rd parties – real or alleged – even if the event promoter and/or property owner made a good-faith effort to keep their event drug-free.
Late on Thursday, April 10, 2003, the Senate and House the Illicit Drug Anti-Proliferation Act (formerly known as the RAVE Act) as an attachment to the Amber Alert Bill (a child abduction bill).
www.metafilter.com /mefi/24999   (2001 words)

 IGN: Rave Master Review
Rave Master basically follows in the footsteps of frenzied brawlers such as Powerstone on the Dreamcast and Nintendo's Super Smash Bros. series.
Where Rave Master tries to set itself apart from the competition is through its funky, musically-inclined theme and magical artifacts called Rave and Shadow Stones.
Rave Master also boasts a number of weapons, each of which feature different strengths, weakness and special attacks.
cube.ign.com /articles/610/610616p1.html   (999 words)

 Rave-Cotton Chenille Scarf - knit lengthwise - free scarf knitting pattern from Crystal Palace Yarns
Use the 14 pieces of RAVE you cut at the beginning to tie 7 doubled to each scarf end for fringes.
It is not to be used in any publication in print nor should it be reproduced in electronic/digital format without permission.
Knitting shops carrying CP Yarns Cotton Chenille and RAVE are welcome to print and share this pattern with customers of our yarns.
www.straw.com /cpy/patterns/scarves/rave-cottonchenille-scarf.html   (278 words)

 Rave - YTMND wiki, explaining the Internets one article at a time
Rave sites involved images of people dancing to various rave songs, sometimes holding glowsticks.
In addition, various songs will often be remixed into rave songs using either audiotools, or hte intenet to find various remixes.
Some fads may be remixed into "rave remixes" with their dialogue set to the music.
wiki.ytmnd.com /Rave   (232 words)

 RAVE - the Radial Velocity Experiment
Searching for stellar streams in the local Milky Way disc in the CORAVEL and RAVE surveys astro-ph.
- July 06: RAVE data release paper will appear in the October 2006 issue (Vol.
The final dimension to fully define the motion of stars in the Galaxy is provided by RAVE.
www.rave-survey.aip.de /rave   (106 words)

 Living | Rant and Rave! | Seattle Times Newspaper
A rave to the transient and other kind person who found the bag and contents and called us to recover it.
Also a Rave to the young couple who "adopted" the trees and ferns.
Rave "To the young man in Belltown who paid for my parking with his credit card as I struggled to get the machine to accept my cash.
seattletimes.nwsource.com /html/living/rantrave.html   (611 words)

 YouTube - rave
If that rave were in Baltimore that whole crowd would be LIT with glowsticks.
you must come to spain where raves taking part in churchs or tunnels under roads...fucking you!!!
you guy's need to cum to Australia our raves are better then this and legal and on more often we also have clubs similar to this on every weekend!!!
youtube.com /?v=deXKOBSDDAc   (213 words)

 Introduction to the Spirit of Raving   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The rave experience is unique to each individual and no single person can define what raving means for anyone but hirself.
The Spirit of Raving archives contain the thoughts, feelings, visions and dreams of ravers and others who are associated with the global rave culture.
There has never been a definition or manifesto on what rave ideology is supposed to be.
www.hyperreal.org /raves/spirit/intro.html   (375 words)

 Downloads - Download Music - Download MP3s
The single "Everybody's Free" became a big hit in 1993, leading to her nickname "Queen of Rave." She released an album soon after and remained a familiar name on European and American dance charts during the 1990s, though...
True, Flint's spiky hairstyle and numerous piercings often made for better advertising, but it was producer Liam Howlett whose studio wizardry launched the Prodigy to the top of the charts, spinning a web of hard-hitting breakbeat techno with king-sized hooks and unmissable samples.
Holm was a session cellist -- with credits including Dream Academy's "Life in a Northern Town" -- when she met Carnell at a warehouse rave in Essex and agreed to form a band.
www.mp3.com /genre/267/subgenre.html   (2386 words)

 Rave Master Manga   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Rave Master bundle: DVD v1 and Manga v1
The sinister secret society known as Demon Card is using the power of Dark Bring to destroy everything in their path.
Unfortunately, the Rave Stones were scattered around the globe in an explosion 50 years ago, so now they must be collected by the Rave Master in order to stop Dark Bring once and for all.
www.tokyopop.com /dbpage.php?propertycode=RAV&categorycode=BMG   (127 words)

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