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Topic: Rave music

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  Rave party
Although raves were happening with increasing frequency in the U.S., the scene developed primarily in the UK and Europe until around 1991 - 1992, at which point it became a much more global phenomenon.
By the late 1990s the rave scene seemed to stabilize with mainstream status, the opening of many more clubs and it is still undergoing change, still finding its way towards becoming a fixture in youth culture.
Opponents of raves seek to outlaw the parties and the people who organize or host them, contending that rave parties are "drug orgies" that exist exclusively for the rampant use and trafficking of dangerous substances.
www.ebroadcast.com.au /lookup/encyclopedia/ra/Rave_party.html   (1153 words)

 OLDSKOOL HISTORY: Elitism in the Rave Culture
A "rave," in the vernacular, "refers to a party, usually all night long, open to the general public, where loud 'techno' music is. played and many people partake in a number of different chemicals" (Hilker, 1994).
With continued publicity of certain rave subcultures (for example the "candy kids"), the "true" ravers see an influx of kids that have no idea what the scene is. The flashy newcomers have made the scene "trendy," about the drugs and escape from "the real world," rather than the music.
The music of the rave culture is classified by its collection of various world beats, sampling, and synthesized sounds.
www.angelfire.com /sd/TechnoWonderland/HCHistory2.html   (1606 words)

 Rave music   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
Rave music consists of forms of electronic music for dancing that are associated with the rave scene.
Rave music got it start in Britain in the late 1980s, closely following the acid house phenomenon.
Initially "rave music" was considered particular style that was a combination of fast breakbeat and more hardcore forms of techno.
bopedia.com /en/wikipedia/r/ra/rave_music.html   (283 words)

 Philip Tagg | From Refrain to Rave - The Decline of Figure and the Rise of Ground (1994)
Rave compilations are qualified by terms like 'urban', 'manic', 'megadance', 'power', 'ultrasonic', 'energy', etc. Most rave runs in regular two-bar periods of 4/4 (or 4 bars of 2/4, if you prefer).
The sampler is central to rave music's originality because it allows musicians to get out of the rut of just singing and playing by providing easy access to practically manageable sonic building blocks of aesthetic and ideological potential that aren't just chords, timbres, rhythm patterns, riffs and so on.
Particularly remarkable is rave music's penchant for the phrygian, a mode virtually unused previously in any form of internationally well-known music apart from what came out of Spain in the form of malgueñas, farrucas, fandangos and flamenco music.
www.tagg.org /articles/pmusrave.html   (7100 words)

 Rave music - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Most often, it is used to describe music that depends heavily on samples and is high energy.
Rave music closely followed the acid house phenomenon.
A new form of rave is appearing based on the genre "Makina", the Spanish word for "machine", although distorsed.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Rave_music   (465 words)

Rave music then spread to other countries and continents, and it considered to have a spot in the music genres' list.
Rave was like a cut and paste style, like cutting a pattern from hip-hop or funk and makes it sound unique, but it fits like a puzzle once you have all the pieces.
Music is just something we need at times, but it can be important for those who want to pursue their dreams in music.
www.angelfire.com /music6/mzz_rave/languageart.html   (652 words)

 Truth About Rave - "The Music"   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
In white dominated South Africa, centers of African music were demolished, while musicians living in exile continued with their music to influence the attitudes of the world against the prevailing political system.
Music that is not composed and presented in tune with that purpose cannot be harmless.
Music that does not lead one to worship, honor, and serve, Almighty God must of necessity, sooner or later, lead one down a path to turning away from God...of growing cold towards God...of rebelling against God...and even of (ignorantly or otherwise) worshipping satan himself.
www.truthaboutrave.com /music.html   (1474 words)

 Rave Clubs in Berlin - Associated Content
The word rave was coined in 60s London by those of Caribbean descent to describe a party.
The terms "rave" and "raver" are still in use, but are not quite as popular in the Berlin electronic dance music community as they used to be.
Music styles continue to grow and evolve, thank goodness, but some genres seem to have established themselves permanently.
www.associatedcontent.com /article/17980/rave_clubs_in_berlin.html   (507 words)

 Center for Problem-Oriented Policing
Raves are the focus of rave culture, a youth-oriented subculture that blends music, art and social ideals (e.g., peace, love, unity, respect, tolerance, happiness).
Rave party problems will be familiar to many police officers working in communities where raves have been held; they will be unfamiliar to many other officers who have never experienced raves or, perhaps, even heard of them.
The rave scene is variously referred to in the literature as the "club scene" or "dance scene" (and the drugs variously referred to as "rave drugs," "club drugs" or "dance drugs").
www.popcenter.org /Problems/problem-rave_parties.htm   (2944 words)

 Raves - An NDIC Information Bulletin
Raves were secretive, after-hours, private dance parties and were often held in gay clubs where attendance was restricted to invitees or friends of invitees.
Rave parties are emerging in areas of Colorado, Iowa, Louisiana, Michigan, Minnesota, and Wisconsin that are not always prepared to manage unexpected crowds of teenagers.
They are requiring rave promoters and club owners to pay for building or liquor licenses, medical services, and security for their events, all in an effort to force rave promoters to move or cease their operations.
www.usdoj.gov /ndic/pubs/656   (2824 words)

 MSN INDIA - Contribute - Rave or Weird Lifestyle?   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
The new Rave is not only about crazy, weird music but it goes with the fashion and the accessories along with the ‘Attitude’ you wear at the parties.
In Delhi, the  the Rave n Jazz has slowly become the fashion but as we think of the Rave music influence, it is sure a chilling ecstasy music which could spell it’s effects to a positive or a vice versa on the new wave generation.
The weird attitude with the weird edgy fashion and lifestyles go with the Rave music as it spells its influence making the younger generation live to the edge of the mood.
content.msn.co.in /Contribute/Lifestyle/UCStory1316.htm   (582 words)

 Rave Summary
A rave is a large, typically overnight dance party with a focus on techno and related forms of music.
A rave is a large, typically overnight dance party, with techno usually the preferred form of music.
A rave (sometimes referred to as a rave party) is an all-night dance event where DJs and other performers play electronic dance music and rave music.
www.bookrags.com /Rave   (308 words)

 DJ Vision.co.uk - Dance and Rave Music
The United Kingdom based rave hardcore scene of the 1990s encompassed several native based styles through the years, specifically bouncy techno and happy hardcore being the dominant styles north and south respectivly in the country for much of this period.
A rave party, more often called a rave, is an all-night dance event where DJs and other performers play electronic dance music and rave music.
Therefore at some rave places they are presented as "safety materials." In some cases, the sale of glow sticks during rave parties has been presented as evidence of illegal drug use.
www.djvision.co.uk   (1609 words)

 Goa Music : Goa's Traditional Konkani , Rave & Trance Music
Though the Goans have derived their music from the Portuguese, Goan Folk Music is a blend of Western music and Hindu temple Music.
The main feature of the music and musicians of Goa is their remarkable adaptability to the changing fortunes of their land.
Yet another popular form of Goan music is the 'dulpod', it is a song of joy, embracing all life (flora and fauna).
www.amchegoa.com /music.htm   (891 words)

 Amazon.ca: Classic Rave 2: Music: Various   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-01)
Over all a good look at the early rave scene and many of the tracks wont let you stay still, buy Classic Rave 1 if you dont alreayd have it, C.R. 2, and Classic Acid also, which is part of this series.
It is a compilation of rave music from the early 1990's.
The Internet was just a Government resource and pop music was still centered on rock and roll 'hair bands.' The Rave scene was the only real outlet for many of us Techno heads.
www.amazon.ca /Classic-Rave-2-Various/dp/B00004SBWR   (428 words)

 Rave - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A rave (sometimes referred to as a rave party) is an all-night dance event where DJs and other performers play electronic dance music and rave music.
Section 65 allows any uniformed constable who believes a person is on their way to a rave within a five-mile radius to stop them and direct them away from the area; noncompliant citizens may be subject to a maximum fine not exceeding level 3 on the standard scale (£1 000).
Raves were also overshadowed in the press after the deaths of Leah Betts and Anna Wood, teenagers who died after taking ecstasy; journalists emphasized on the drug use of the victims.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Rave   (6507 words)

Raves are supposed to be spontaneous and self-organizing, but the reality of the matter is that the high-tech equipment used to pull them off doesn't come cheap; so they are largely organized by "party entrepeneurs" who travel between the major U.S. cities, holding raves wherever they know they can make a profit.
Rave is political in the U.K. only insofar as their civil liberties tradition there is a good deal weaker than that of the U.S., and ravers can claim to be striking blows for the right to freely assemble, speak, and, of course, party.
Rave is supposed to be a multimedia, multisensual experience, and thus there will even be attempts to stimulate the sense of smell and touch of the ravers, with incense and scented oils, dry ice, and fans.
www.fiu.edu /~mizrachs/housemus.html   (8535 words)

 Generation E: British rave ArtForum - Find Articles
Rave music is where Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari's "principle of asignifying rupture" (cut 'n' mix) meets up with an antipolitics of rapture (techno as euphoria generator without pretext or context).
Rave is a culture of clitoris envy, a lowbrow version of Lacan's green-eyed feelings about the mystic Saint Teresa.
Rave's epileptic bombardment of stimuli (staccato beats and strobes) reflects the subculture's essence: "nympholepsy," "an ecstasy or frenzy caused by desire of the unattainable."
www.findarticles.com /p/articles/mi_m0268/is_n6_v32/ai_15204416   (815 words)

 Techno Music
"Dance music's rebirth in the '80s, culminating in the electronic intensity of house music, turned a decisive corner from the older, man-made grooves inherited from funk, R&B, and disco toward techno's intense vision of electronic dance music.
What began as a cult of hard-beat fanatics entranced by funk samples and seminal rock-synthesizer architects first broke free from its underground status in England, and it has already generated distinct variants including hardcore, jungle, and drum & bass.
Techno music is music which is denoted by its slavish devotion to the beat, the use of rhythm as a hypnotic tool.
project.cyberpunk.ru /idb/technomusic.html   (178 words)

 Downloads - Download Music - Download MP3s
The single "Everybody's Free" became a big hit in 1993, leading to her nickname "Queen of Rave." She released an album soon after and remained a familiar name on European and American dance charts during the 1990s, though...
The fledgling hardcore breakbeat sound was perfect for an old hip-hop fan fluent in up-tempo dance music, and Howlett began producing tracks in his bedroom studio during 1988.
Music for the Jilted Generation entered the British charts at number one and went gold in its first week of release.
www.mp3.com /genre/267/subgenre.html   (2386 words)

 The cult of rave music?
I'm from england and been into rave music since the early ninetys when it was at its peak.
Also rave music originated in detroit-usa as detroit techno with arstists like derrick may and has influenced so much artists of today.
If you dont know much about rave music, it is a highly rhythmtic and atmospheric music thats been around since the early 80's.
www.belowtopsecret.com /thread104799/pg   (546 words)

 Rave Music
House music is where it all began, when Chicago DJ's started playing around with their Kraftwerk 12"'s with their soul records, and a brand new object called a DRUM MACHINE which they discovered they could use in their set.
The connection between modern-day raving and ancient musical and cultural rituals is thus established, and the dancer can be transported to a more primal self (in theory).
The appelation of "progressive" was given by a music magazine, so many people wouldn't call it that, but so far no other name has come to replace it, and it is fairly different from straight house.
jigarnaik.tripod.com /rave03.htm   (1129 words)

 Rave Culture and New Technology: Article Four
Rave culture, as we see it in the mainstream public today, go hand and hand with new technology.
Techno music itself is virtually devoid of lyrics, and thus presents itself as a form of music that is universally understood, shared, and appreciated throughout the world.
The connection between new technology and rave culture is not limited to just cyberspace, but can be traced back to the roots of the rave subculture itself, and as far back to the origins of techno music.
www.soundry.com /rave-culture-technology.htm   (366 words)

 Essays: Rave
The Rave credo is "Peace, Love, Unity and Respect" (or PLUR for those of you who prefer acronyms).
Well, Rave music is to the 20th century what classical music was to the 19th century.
Anyone with an ear for brilliance has to admit that Rave music, whether it be Deep House, Jungle, Trance, Garage, Funky House or whatever flips your party skirt, is able to deliver as much as any Mozart sonata or Beethoven opus.
www.williambowles.info /musicsa/essays/rave.html   (600 words)

 Tuning into rave music
Rave music is really a collection of dozens of styles of electronic dance music, played at high volume.
Generally, rave is based on a 4/4 beat that is created electronically or with a drum machine.
Because rave music often has few or no words, its adherents see it as free of judgment and ideology.
www.oregonlive.com /O/entertainment/index.ssf?/base/entertainment/1144284927173550.xml&coll=7   (421 words)

 American Civil Liberties Union : Feds Seek to Shut Music Clubs
WASHINGTON -- The federal government is seeking to shut down "rave" music and dance clubs in an effort to wipe out the drug MDMA, which is known as ecstasy, Reuters reported.
Joe Keefe, chief of operations for the Drug Enforcement Administration in Washington, told Reuters in an interview that use of ecstasy at rave houses is rampant and growing, and that promoters and proprietors of these venues are running criminal enterprises that encourage and facilitate dangerous drug use.
Rejecting the argument of rave operators that they search for drugs and confiscate what they find -- and actively discourage the use of ecstasy and other drugs -- Keefe insists they "are doing a pretty good job of helping facilitate it" by providing chill rooms, ice water, pacifiers and other items.
www.aclu.org /drugpolicy/raves/10866prs20010503.html?s_src=RSS   (736 words)

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