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In the News (Sat 23 Mar 19)

  Adobe - Adobe Photoshop CS3: Digital camera raw file support
The Photoshop Camera Raw plug-in became the latest must-have tool for professional photographers when it was released in February 2003.
Camera Raw 4.0 and greater is not compatible with Photoshop CS2.
Camera Raw and Lightroom will open and edit these files but profiling and testing is not complete.
www.adobe.com /products/photoshop/cameraraw.html   (452 words)

  Raw food diet - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Raw foods gained more prominence throughout the 1900s, as proponents such as Ann Wigmore and Herbert Shelton claimed that a diet of raw fruits and vegetables is the ideal diet for humans.
Raw foodists claim that with sufficient food energy, essential fatty acids, variety and density, people of all ages can be successful at eating raw foods, although whether the diet works for any one person depends on their unique metabolism.
Raw foodists argue that since no wild animals cook their foods, and (according to some) since they don't get the extensive degenerative diseases that humans do, it is therefore not logical to cook or process food.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Living_foods_diet   (3684 words)

 Raw Feeding FAQ
People have different ideas about the raw diet and my suggestion if you become confused, is NOT to go back to commercial foods, but start thinking about what is best for your dog (or cat).
For the majority of raw feeders - chicken is the base of the majority of their dogs meals.
Not only is feeding raw cheaper to feed than commercial dog foods, but there are enormous savings to be made by not having all those vet visits to fix your dogs' allergies.
www.rawlearning.com /rawfaq.html   (3678 words)

 Understanding RAW Files Explained
This raw image data, what the imaging chip recorded along with the so-called meta-data (the camera settings and other technical information) is now saved to the card.
A raw file is essentially the data that the camera's chip recorded along with some additional information tagged on.
If we allow the file to be saved in raw format though we have the opportunity to do the conversion on a more sophisticated platform, and to do so again and again if there's any benefit to this in future.
www.luminous-landscape.com /tutorials/understanding-series/u-raw-files.shtml   (2406 words)

 OpenRAW | Digital Image Preservation Through Open Documentation
On January 31, 2006, the Open RAW initiative launched an international survey on this Web site to collect information about the experiences, requirements, preferences, and concerns of digital photographers and other interested parties regarding RAW imaging technology and now we published the results in 5 chapters.
As the digital properties of RAW image files became better understood, many digital photographers embraced RAW technology as the best means to obtain maximum image quality for themselves and their clients.
The 2006 RAW Survey was designed to give photographers and other interested parties an opportunity to have a voice in the further development of RAW imaging technology.
www.openraw.org   (1187 words)

 Iridient Digital - RAW Developer
RAW Developer is a powerful RAW image conversion application designed and optimized specifically for Mac OS X. RAW Developer gives advanced photographers total control over every aspect of their digital camera's output, yet still provides easy drag and drop batch conversion and access to basic adjustments for the casual user.
Reviews of RAW Developer have appeared in magazines including the October, 2006 issue of MACup, the July, 2006 issue of Professional Photographer and the February/March 2006 issue of Leica Fotographie International.
RAW Developer 1.4 was also reviewed by photographer Alain Briot who concludes, "Raw Developer is a Raw converter with several unique features not found in other raw converters, an affordable price point, and the ability to deliver high quality raw conversions." Read the full review here.
www.iridientdigital.com /products/rawdeveloper.html   (862 words)

 Raw Horsepower- Performance wear & performance info
Raw Horsepower provides information and largest collection of connections to the world of high performance cars, boats, bikes, along with hot rods, classic trucks and cars.
Raw Horsepower is a registered trademark and cannot be copied or duplicated.
Raw Horsepower performance clothing, hot rod shirts, chopper shirts, roadster shirts, '57 pickup shirts, skull shirts, flamed shirts, willys shirt, softail shirt, motorcycle shirts.
www.rawhorsepower.com   (1558 words)

 WWE: TV Shows > Raw
McMahon's "win or go home" ultimatum on Raw.
Chris Jericho tells WWE.com that he accomplished two goals by helping Ric Flair on Raw.
Celebrate 15 years of greatness with a 3-hour episode of Raw on December 10, with a special start time of 8 pm ET on USA Network.
www.wwe.com /shows/raw   (394 words)

 Jane Anderson's Raw Learning Site
Let's face it, pet food companies and vets do not want you to feed a raw diet, because it harshly affects their profits.
While many people always knew that it was merely common sense to feed a natural diet to their dogs and cats, a major re-education campaign is underway to help people "discover" again the fabulous benefits of feeding their dogs a raw natural diet.
To learn more about improving dog behavior and how to be the leader of your pack using completely non aggressive methods, click here.
www.rawlearning.com   (718 words)

 The Garden Diet - Raw Food Family Site
raw vegan diet, raw vegetarian diet, vegan cooking, vegan recipes, raw vegan recipes, vegetarian recipes, living food recipes, low carb diet, weight loss recipes, entertaining healthy recipes for kids, adults, and parties.
I became a Raw Vegan in 1972 and after my initial excitement the novelty wore off and because I was catching so much heat from everyone around me I just stopped not only talking about it but even thinking about it.
Raw foods have enzymes in them which are killed by even low heat.
www.thegardendiet.com   (3075 words)

 BARF Diet - Healthy & Natural Raw Food For Dogs & Cats, Pet Health Care Food & Nutrition Products Supply Online
BARF is an acronym for Biologically Appropriate Raw Food and also stands for Bones And Raw Food.
BARF World’s philosophy is that in order to achieve optimum health for your pet from puppy to senior you should feed a "biologically appropriate raw food" or "BARF" diet which is rich in vitamins, minerals, living enzymes, natural protein sources and premium quality fruits and vegetables.
While manufacturers of modern processed pet foods tell us that raw diets may not be safe and lack scientific testing, you have only to look at the spectacular track records of BARF pets to make up your own minds.
www.barfworld.com   (771 words)

 Raw Food Life - Home
I discovered raw food in 1995 at Anne Wigmore's Optimum Health Institute in San Francisco, where I also worked and taught raw food classes until 2001.
My definition of a Raw Foodist is anyone who eats at least 75% of their diet as raw, whole, live uncooked food.
Eating more raw organic foods is in fact the best way to secure your health.
www.rawfoodlife.com   (1051 words)

 Raw Materials Group - Stockholm
For many years, Raw Materials Group has been mining and refining data, to bring you the world's most extensive mining database Raw Materials Data, unsurpassed within the industry.
Raw Materials Data contains more than 22,000 entities, a wealth of mine and project details, and covers 30 commodities.
New update of Raw Materials Data ready to be downloaded.
www.rmg.se   (168 words)

 Raw Food Diet : Learn about the raw and living foods diet
We want to empower you with raw knowledge so you can succeed on the raw food lifestyle and be your own raw guru!
Ok, so eating Raw food is great, we all know this- there are countless scientific studies and to prove that the measure of your health is directly proportional to what you decide to put into your body.
Live food, live body, dead food, dead body, the concept is basic..let not the swirling galaxy of conflicting "Raw Food" empirical dogma confuse the simple Truth.
www.rawguru.com   (320 words)

 Raw Fusion
Check photos from Raw Fusion 11-year anniversary with Bugz In The Attic
Raw Fusion 11-year-anniversaty with Bugz In The Attic (live) 27/10
Download Raw Fusion Club audio recording + photos!
www.rawfusionrec.com   (75 words)

 Raw Food Wiki - Home Page
You can edit most pages on this Raw Food Wiki site.
Thanks to Diamond Organics for featuring my website.
To add a new page put the [title ] in brackets.
www.rawfoodwiki.com /index.php/Encyclopedia   (75 words)

 The Raw Gourmet - raw food, living food, full color recipe book!
It's a full-color recipe, information, and resource book that is filled with pictures and easy-to-follow recipes to guide you to a healthy lifestyle with ease.
This site is here to share information about Raw Food preparation and a Living Foods lifestyle.
Please email The Raw Gourmet to let her know what you'd like to learn to prepare.
www.rawgourmet.com   (219 words)

 EatRaw - Raw Foods, Raw Organic Food, Vegetarian and Vegan Living Foods from Around the World.
Raw, Agave Nectar - Organic Vegan Sweetener 1 Gallon
Raw Chocolate - Cacao Beans w/ Skins 5 LB
Raw Chocolate - Cacao Beans w/ Skins 10 LB
www.eatraw.com   (238 words)

The nonprofit organization was founded to protect the rights of farmers to provide meat, eggs, raw dairy products, vegetables and other foods directly to consumers.
Two recent studies in respected scientific journals found a statistically significant inverse relationship between consumption of raw milk and asthma and allergies.
For the overall health of my family, I am willing to accept the small risk associated with raw milk in order to receive its many health benefits, which include preventing asthma and allergies.
www.realmilk.com   (419 words)

 Raw Deal - the Official WWE Collectible Card Game
Raw Deal - the Official WWE Collectible Card Game
Since we announced that Raw Deal would not be published in 2008, we have received numerous e-mails from players around the world.
After more than 7 years, numerous expansions and thousands of cards, Comic Images will cease publication of Raw Deal as of December 31, 2007, as the WWE and Comic Images mutually decided to end the game due to a declining interest in Raw Deal.
www.comicimages.com /rawdeal   (205 words)

 Living and Raw Foods: The largest community on the internet for living and raw food information
Some of the most delicious living, raw, vegan, vegetarian no-cook recipes are here for you to enjoy!
Online reading materials are available in the articles section for you to learn more about the living and raw food diet as well as related issues.
Help us spread the word about living and raw foods by linking to us.
www.living-foods.com   (290 words)

 Mars Exploration Rover Mission: Multimedia: All Raw Images: Spirit
Spirit: All 105,337 Raw Images - 23 new images since 12/01/2007 08:05:57 PST
Spirit began performing activities requested by the science team during Sol 1390.
The 23 new (or updated) images are marked in orange.
marsrovers.jpl.nasa.gov /gallery/all/spirit.html   (107 words)

 Raw Family | Victoria, Igor, Sergei and Valya Boutenko - Order Books and DVDs from Raw Family
We are the Boutenko family, also known as the Raw Family.
The four of us embarked on a diet of entirely raw foods in 1994, when we became seriously ill. Victoria had arrhythmia and edema and was obese and depressed.
12 Steps to Raw Foods: How to End Your Dependency on Cooked Food
www.rawfamily.com   (121 words)

 Raw Food Juliano's Raw : Raw Restaurant, Raw food Chef, Raw food recipes, California, Uncook in Los Angeles
Raw Food Juliano's Raw : Raw Restaurant, Raw food Chef, Raw food recipes, California, Uncook in Los Angeles
Enjoy Raw Food at the Gourmet LA Raw Food Restaurant, Raw Food Recipes and Books, Uncooking at Juliano's Raw Los Angeles
Raw Superstore - RAW: The Uncook Book - Raw Restaurant - Directions - Raw Clothing - Message Forum - Contact Us - Links - Personal
www.planetraw.com   (110 words)

 Raw Vision - the world's only international magazine of outsider art, art brut, contemporary folk art
Raw Vision - the world's only international magazine of outsider art, art brut, contemporary folk art
Click here to register for news and special offers from Raw Vision
www.rawvision.com   (83 words)

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