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Topic: Razor Smith

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In the News (Sat 17 Aug 19)

  Razor Smith - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Razor Smith (William Charles Smith; born October 4, 1877, Oxford, Oxfordshire; died July 15, 1946, Bermondsey, London) was a Surrey slow bowler.
Nicknamed "Razor" because of his extreme thinness, Smith was generally prone to serious injury and could rarely get through a full season's cricket, but when sound, could command the sharpest off-break among bowlers of his day.
Smith was discovered by the great W.G. Grace in the late 1890s and recommended immediately to Surrey, where he had already taken up residence.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Razor_Smith   (638 words)

 Sharpen a Razor Instructions
People, who often use razors, know: the cutting edge is growing, meaning that the very fine burr on the cutting edge (which can be seen under the microscope) changes whenever the razor is used, but it finally goes back to its old position and will become very fine again.
The basic materials for good straight razors are standard steels with a carbon content of 0.6% and greater and which attain a maximum of hardness, elasticity and resistance to wear in a careful process of tempering and treatment.
This unnecessarily caused the straight razor to function far from optimal, and therefore comparable with the new inventions, which of course was the beginning of the end.
www.knifecenter.com /knifecenter/sharpen/instrazor.html   (4831 words)

 [No title]
Smith, one of the respected citizens of the town was found dead on the second floor of his barn.
Her brother C. Smith, was in the house and as soon as he learned of his father’s fate rushed to the barn but soon returned only to verify the report that his father was dead.
Smith was so shocked by the news of her husband’s death that for several hours her condition alarmed the other members of the family.
skyways.lib.ks.us /genweb/civilwar/Charles_Smith.htm   (917 words)

 Winston Smith Winfo: Press: Juxtapoz, May/June, 1999
Smith explains that although he had done collages earlier in life, "It became an obsession with me when I contrasted what I had left to what I'd come back to and how things were represented in the '40s, '50s, and '60s, and how things became in the '70s, '80s, and '90s.
Smith found this interpretation of his work ironic, since his intention was to criticize the people making money off Christ rather than the figure himself.
Smith says of the piece, "It was just an obvious idea, although a lot of people were shocked by it because they attach a lot of emotional weight to imagery.
www.winstonsmith.com /winfo/press/juxtapoz.99.05.html   (1505 words)

 Razors Reviews   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Smith was also part of the Rockabilly scene who with his gang the Balham Wildkatz battled it out with punks, skinheads and other rivals at a time when the various London subcultures were tearing into each other at every opportunity with boots, fists, and whatever else was handy.
Smith loads his memoir with enough raucous mayhem to more-than-satisfy on the entertainment front, but also often pauses for intelligent, analytical reflections on the workings of his own criminal mind, and the life he has spent "fashioning the chains that now bind him".
Smith appears remarkably candid in recounting his youth and how he gravitated toward the criminal life, not only because it beat working in more traditional means to earn a living, but because such petty criminality is remarkably common in England.
www.antique-book-reviews.com /Razors   (5721 words)

 RAZOR - ELECTRONIC TRUCK JACK   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
RAZOR is mounted directly on the existing leg crank-handle shaft and a steel torque arm that is added to the leg.
RAZOR is two speed and it will run in high speed unless the torque advantage of the low speed is required to match the legs lifting capacities in the order of 24 tonnes.
RAZOR was regularly tested lifting weights of 20 plus tonnes and it came through with flying colours.
www.razorinternational.com /about.htm   (897 words)

 May '98 Song of the Month
Smith was of English birth, and by the time the 140th was raised in 1862, was quite well known around Rochester.
His trade was selling razor strops, used to sharpen straight razors.
Smith can be remembered by this song, and should be.
members.aol.com /Jerund/may98.html   (775 words)

 'Career Criminal' goes down easy as 6 pints and a knuckle sandwich | The San Diego Union-Tribune
Smith was barely literate when he was first locked up, but somewhere along the way he picked up a reading jones and a mesmerizing literary voice.
In their defense, Smith tends not to be the most cooperative of inmates, frequently greeting the first screw – sorry, guard – in the escort-to-solitary party with a roundhouse right.
Smith is not a murderer; furthermore, he claims to have reformed, professes newfound empathy for his victims and even has a few kind words, as it were, to say about the occasional screw.
www.signonsandiego.com /uniontrib/20050417/news_lz1v17salm.html   (1282 words)

 Independent Publishers Group
Razor Smith is the real thing: someone who has lived the life and lived to write about it.
Brutal and violent, this tell-all is a personal account of the life of Razor Smith and the world in which he lived, where ruthlessness, viciousness, and savagery are prized and admired.
Razor Smith has 58 criminal convictions and has spent most of his adult life in prison, where he taught himself to read and write, gaining an Honours Diploma from the London School of Journalism.
www.ipgbook.com /showbook.cfm?bookid=1556525710   (452 words)

 Roanoke Riot - newspaper clippings
Smith left the building and attempted to board a hopper of a coal train which was passing under the bridge, but he was pushed off by a colored brakeman.
Smith rolled off and Baldwin after him, and before the people realized what was being done the two men were behind the heavy door and Smith was being hurried to the steel cage on the second floor.
Their verdict, as ascertained from the evidence, was that Thomas Smith came to his death at the hands of parties unknown to the jury, who took him from the custody of the officers of the law and hanged and shot him until he was dead.
www.blueridgeinstitute.org /ballads/rnkoutragenews.html   (4668 words)

 Fightnews   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Smith came out in the first like a bull in a china shop.
Smith pivoted and tossed a beautiful right hook up top then immediately threw a right upper cut under Quick's arms to free himself.
Smith posed in the ring and followed his showboating with some razzle-dazzle as he made a windmill motion with his right hand and landed a booming left hook.
www.ufcfightnews.com /silverstar.html   (1187 words)

 Warren Waste and the tarring and feathering of Joseph Smith
Joseph Smith, the founder of Mormonism, was tarred and feathered on March 24, 1832.
Joseph Smith was occupying the room of a house brother Johnson was living in, at the same time; it was a two story building, had steps in front.
Smith was taken from the Johnson house, Rigden from his own log cabin across the road.
www.fourth-millennium.net /family-travels/warren-waste-articles.html   (1290 words)

 2.10: Act Like Nothing's Wrong
Using Uhu gluesticks and an Olfa stainless steel razor blade, Smith harvests photographs from old magazines, combining them into works that target the "nothing's wrong" attitude, as he calls it, prevalent in today's media.
When Smith returned to the US after six years in Italy, two of them at the Academy of Fine Arts in Florence, he was struck by the level of corporate control endured by most Americans.
Smith uses images from the mass media, twisting them into the Frankenstein children of Madison Avenue.
www.wired.com /wired/archive/2.10/nothing.wrong_pr.html   (321 words)

 Razor Smith - Slider
However, it was in 1909 that "Razor" became one of the leading bowlers of the day – despite injuries again keeping him out of many games.
1912 was a wet summer that suited Smith's bowling, yet prior to the last three games he had been so out of form – bowling when clearly unfit – that he had the poor record of 69 wickets at 21.43 each.
1913 was basically a repeat of 1912 – "Razor" came into form only at the tail end of the season – and in 1914 Smith could rarely play due to injuries continuing to recur.
enc.slider.com /Enc/W.C._Smith   (615 words)

 Winston Smith Winfo: Checkered Past
Armed with razor blade and a fiendish wit, Winston Smith's modus operandi since the 1970's has been to kidnap "innocent" images from the pages of vintage magazines and then to diabolically glue them into compromising or politically revealing positions in his surreal collage landscapes.
That album, which was subsequently banned in England and condemned by the American Religious Right, landed Smith and Dead Kennedys a permanent spot in the punk culture hall of shame.
Smith, once known only to DK fans and the punk underground cognoscenti, has been gaining popularity in mainstream culture.
www.winstonsmith.com /winfo/past   (463 words)

 TSW: Amber Smith   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
When supermodel Amber Smith decided to leave the catwalks and exotic tropical beaches and head for Hollywood, she was not prepared to be told that she was too tall or too beautiful for many of the roles she desired.
In addition to working for Vogue and other fashion magazines, Smith became a popular swimsuit model for Sports Ilustrated, appearing in two consecutive issues of their celebrated Swimwear Edition.
Smith was then chosen to be the Vargas Girl of the 1990s by Esquire Magazine.
www.angelfire.com /80s/babes0/Amber_Smith   (227 words)

 Occam's Razor (page 1)
As formulated above by Smith, I believe Occam’s razor is a reasonable rule of thumb in pursuing truth.
Smith’s application of Occam’s Razor assumes that an explanation is simple only if it incorporates constructs that are necessary.
To support his position, Smith develops a dialog in which use of the five senses is an acceptable way to perceive reality.
abound.biz /faith/sample.htm   (520 words)

 1855 New York Daily Times
SMITH made a very sensible speech, in which he claimed that as those within the circle were honest, respectable persons, they would not behave in a ridiculous manner, if they could help it.
SMITH, still maintaining the bag of shavings position, thought that was the most ridiculous question he ever heard.
SMITH jumped and twisted and sprung and acted as if he were a cork-screw, turned by some goblin giant, and screamed and at last sat down, foaming.
www.spirithistory.com /55times.html   (3404 words)

 Shootclub: Event: The Best of CHW Caribbean Carnage
Razor opens his mouth, and we can see that there is a lot of blood coming from inside his gullet.
Razor slowly lifts the stunned Rider to his feet and, using the remainder of his strength, he whips Rider to the ropes.
Razor Richardo Smith exacts some revenge for his loss earlier in the night, and surprises Stelth when he and Venom powerbomb Stelth through the table that was meant for Storm Rider.
www.shootclub.com /SC/S/EventReport?reportId=1480   (23167 words)

 Razor Blades Sent To Animal Researchers / Group sends 88 letters, makes threats of violence
The letters, which concealed the razor blades inside the top flap of plain white envelopes, were characterized as an act of ``terrorism'' by Kevin Smith, vice chancellor for research at UC Davis.
David Smith, a UC Davis anthropology professor who does genetic research on monkeys, said that a letter that arrived for him yesterday was intercepted in the mail room and that the university had received at least four others this week.
However, he said, the letter with razor blades addressed to him warned that ``this is a drop in the bucket compared to what you will experience if you don't stop doing research on primates and that they will do something much worse next time.''
sfgate.com /cgi-bin/article.cgi?file=/c/a/1999/10/28/MN38546.DTL   (748 words)

 William Smith - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
William Laird Smith, Australian representative for Denison from 1910 to 1922 and Minister for the Navy from 1920 to 1921
William Smith (chief justice) (1728–1793), historian, Chief Justice of the Province of New York, and Chief Justice of the Province of Quebec and later Lower Canada
William Kennedy Smith (born 1960), physician and Kennedy family scion who was acquitted of rape in 1991
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/William_Smith   (617 words)

 Beauty walks a razor's edge - Bob Dylan and Patti Smith Interview - Find Articles
The Patti Smith of 1988 grew out of the Patti Smith of 1975, that La Passionara of punk who wove together a religion out of Burroughs, the French symbolists, the Velvet Underground, and hometown American surrealism.
Under all these veils was a woman who had been a skinny, sickly kid from southern New Jersey; who had suffered through scarlet fever, tuberculosis, and an eye tremor that forced her to wear an eye patch for a time; and who loved fl pop music and Bob Dylan.
Without Patti Smith (and, of course, Chrissie Hynde), girls with guitars would never have found that open door at the end of the '70s.
www.findarticles.com /p/articles/mi_m1285/is_n2_v26/ai_18082726   (926 words)

 Razor Smith   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
However, it was in 1910 that he reached fame: his 247 wickets was 72 ahead of his mearest rival and cost only fractionally more than in 1909.
Deadly bowling in the last three games improved his record, yet he was a complete failure (aside from his onyl first-class century at No.11) on an MCC tour of the West Indies.
First-class bowling in each season Smith, Razor Smith, Razor Smith, Razor Smith, Razor Smith, Razor
razor-smith.iqnaut.net   (640 words)

 Amazon.com: A Few Kind Words and a Loaded Gun: The Autobiography of a Career Criminal: Books: Razor Smith   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
The brief biographical blurb about Smith on the dust jacket, describing his "58 criminal convictions," as well as his gaining "an Honors Diploma from the London School of Journalism" while in a U.K. prison, captures the irony and waste of the author's life.
Smith, who abandoned his given name of Noel for a street nickname derived from his weapon of choice, presents himself as a slightly wild but basically normal London adolescent whose descent into crime was fueled by police brutality.
Tragically, Smith's choices devastate his family as well, and he belatedly realizes the toll his life of crime imposed on them.
www.amazon.com /Few-Kind-Words-Loaded-Autobiography/dp/1556525710   (3169 words)

 www.myspace.com/musicfortsmith   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
Any bands that are interested in playing a show at Music Fort Smith.
we are at shooters in ft smith ar fri n sat night the 10th and 11th with kick axe come party with us!!!force up!!!!
Razor Fate, Omega Red and Black Metal Brew.
www.myspace.com /musicfortsmith   (320 words)

 razor - OneLook Dictionary Search
Razor, razor : LookWAYup Translating Dictionary/Thesaurus [home, info]
Phrases that include razor: occams razor, occam's razor, ockham's razor, ockhams razor, razor clam, more...
Words similar to razor: razored, razoring, shaver, more...
www.onelook.com /?w=razor   (241 words)

 Razor Magazine Shuts Down
Razor launched in November 2000 by editor in chief /CEO Richard Botto as a hip lifestyle title for twentysomething men.
Circulation for Razor had fallen from 350,000 in 2003, to just 200,000 as of June 2005.
Razor published ten issues yearly with a cover price of $4.99.
www.mediaweek.com /mw/news/recent_display.jsp?vnu_content_id=1001054190   (270 words)

 [No title]
Razor Ramon defeated WWF IC Champion Jeff Jarrett via count-out at 5:37 when Jarrett walked out of the match after sustaining a clothesline to the floor; after the bout, Razor threw the Roadie back inside the ring and dropped him with the Razor's Edge
Razor Ramon fought WWF IC Champion Jeff Jarrett to a double count-out; during the bout, the Roadie was placed in a small cage above the ring; after the contest, Razor hit the Razor's Edge on the Roadie and threw both he and Jarrett into the cage before it was raised back up (WrestleFest 95)
WWF IC Champion Jeff Jarrett defeated Razor Ramon in a ladder match; Razor grabbed the title belt but the referee was knocked out; the Roadie attacked Razor, handed the belt to Jarrett to show the ref, and he retained the title
www.angelfire.com /wrestling/cawthon777/95.htm   (12057 words)

 Noel (Razor) Smith - Penguin UK Authors - Penguin UK
Noel ‘Razor’ Smith was born in London in 1960.
He has fifty-eight criminal convictions and has spent the greater portion of his adult life in prison.
Razor is currently serving a life-sentence for armed robbery.
www.penguin.co.uk /nf/Author/AuthorPage/0,,0_1000063744,00.html   (142 words)

 Shaving Razor Quality Solutions from 1BodyCare.com
"The Rolls Razor is very easy to use and when you have be accustomed to this modern method of shaving, you will enjoy the best shave it is possible to have." Here it is. The latest in shaving technology.
The modern most widely used form of the razor is sometimes described.
Shaving Pubic Hair Prevent Razor Bumps, Razor Burns Shaving pubic hair causing razor bumps an burns Treatment is the only guaranteed solution to post razor shaving and all other post body hair removal irritation.
www.1bodycare.com /hair-removal/shaving-razor.html   (458 words)

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