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In the News (Thu 25 Apr 19)

  RECIPROCAL - Definition
{Reciprocal proportion} (Math.), a proportion such that, of four terms taken in order, the first has to the second the same ratio which the fourth has to the third, or the first has to the second the same ratio which the reciprocal of the third has to the reciprocal of the fourth.
{Reciprocal ratio} (Math.), the ratio between the reciprocals of two quantities; as, the reciprocal ratio of 4 to 9 is that of 3/4 to 1/9.
The reciprocal of a fraction is the fraction inverted, or the denominator divided by the numerator.
www.hyperdictionary.com /dictionary/reciprocal   (451 words)

 Reciprocal altruism - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Reciprocal altruism is a form of altruism in which one organism provides a benefit to another in the expectation of future reciprocation.
An example of reciprocal altruism is blood-sharing in the vampire bat, in which bats feed regurgitated blood to those who have not collected much blood themselves knowing that they themselves may someday benefit from this same donation; cheaters are remembered by the colony and ousted from this collaboration.
If cheating is detected then reciprocity will end, at considerable cost to the cheater, therefore "the cheater should be selected to make up for his misdeed and to show convincing evidence that he does not plan to continue his cheating sometime in the future".
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Reciprocal_altruism   (785 words)

 Reciprocal - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In mathematics, the reciprocal of a number is its multiplicative inverse, i.e.
In navigation a reciprocal bearing is the bearing that will take you in the reverse direction to that of the original bearing.
In the humanities and social sciences, a social interaction between actors is said to be reciprocal when each action or favour given by one party is matched by another in return.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Reciprocal   (140 words)

 Resource Centre: Reciprocal Teaching [English Online]
Reciprocal teaching may be used as one of several teaching techniques within a balanced reading programme.
Reciprocal teaching may be used as a means of accessing a piece of challenging text to a group.
Reciprocal teaching may be used as an intensive comprehension teaching programme.
english.unitecnology.ac.nz /resources/resources/reciprocal.html   (677 words)

 Reciprocal Teaching
Purpose: The purpose of reciprocal teaching is to facilitate a group effort between teacher and students as well as among students in the task of bringing meaning to the text.
When the students first begin the reciprocal teaching procedure, their efforts are generally focused at the sentence and paragraph levels.
When the same instructional procedure was implemented in larger classes with groups ranging in size from 8 to 18, 71 percent of the students achieved criterion performance as opposed to 19 percent of the control students who were involved in individualized skill instruction.
www.ncrel.org /sdrs/areas/issues/students/atrisk/at6lk38.htm   (872 words)

 Hawaii Enacts Reciprocal Beneficiary Law   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Even though the health insurance coverage to reciprocal beneficiaries is employer-provided, the value of these benefits, less any employee after-tax contributions, is includible in the employee's taxable income unless the beneficiary meets the tax code's definition of a dependent.
Although some reciprocal beneficiaries may qualify as dependents for whom health coverage may be provided through a cafeteria plan, others may not.
Also, it is unlikely that making or canceling a reciprocal beneficiary election (for a qualified dependent) would qualify as a change of family status under federal law for determining whether an existing salary reduction election may be changed.
www.mellon.com /hris/fyi/fyi_10_17_97a.html   (966 words)

 Reciprocal Lattice
The concept of the reciprocal lattice was devised to tabulate two important properties of crystal planes: their slopes and their interplanar distances.
The relationship between the period and frequency is similar to that of the reciprocal and the direct lattice.
However since the reciprocal of infinity is equal to zero, it has a multitude of points laying infinitely close to each other in the direction of the normal.
www.chembio.uoguelph.ca /educmat/chm729/recip/vlad.htm   (1065 words)

 Reciprocal sharing and the evolution of altruism
Genetical models of the evolution of reciprocal altruism (as distinct from cooperation, mutualism, or nepotism) have difficulty explaining the initial establishment of an altruist gene in a selfish deme.
It is possible that classic, selfish selection for reciprocity and aggressive sharing was responsible for establishing emotions that form the basis of the entire reciprocal altruism complex, thus bypassing the problem of the original, lone altruist.
I have argued that reciprocity and aggressive sharing are directly associated with the attainment of rank in chimpanzees and humans, and may represent genetic predispositions; the mechanism of selection proposed here is distinct from that suggested by Trivers for reciprocal altruism.
weber.ucsd.edu /~jmoore/publications/Recip.html   (6151 words)

 About Adobe - Press Room - For Immediate Release
Reciprocal selected Adobe PDF because it is a robust and viable format for representing graphically rich electronic documents and publications, and for allowing documents to be viewed on a wide variety of platforms.
Reciprocal’s DRM service is built to work with the DRM platform technology that best suits customers’ needs, and is currently available on the platform technologies of Microsoft Corp. and InterTrust Technologies Corporation.
Reciprocal is a trademark in the USA and other countries of Reciprocal Inc. All other trademarks are the property of their respective owners.
www.adobe.com /aboutadobe/pressroom/pressreleases/199911/19991108reciprocal.html   (937 words)

 Reciprocal Admission
The text of the reciprocal admission rule is in Idaho Bar Commission Rule 204A.
If you are an Idaho attorney and have questions about reciprocal admission in Washington, Oregon or Utah, please contact the Washington State Bar Association, the Oregon State Bar, the Utah State Bar or the Wyoming State Bar directly.
CLE Course Requirements — Reciprocal admission credit can only be earned through courses on basic Idaho law that have been approved by the Idaho State Bar.
www2.state.id.us /isb/adm/reciprocal_admission.htm   (584 words)

 Reciprocal Links. Increase Your Site Popularity and website traffic with reciprocallinks - link exchange. link to us. ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The SiteSell Value Reciprocal Links Exchange is the simplest, fastest, most efficient, and (most importantly) most REAL way to identify high-value sites which want to link to your site.
Reciprocal links exchange is one of the best, and easiest ways to promote your website for free.
Reciprocal linking is one of the most effective ways of driving targeted mass numbers of people to your website.
www.cranendonk.com /reciprocallinks.htm   (3807 words)

 Cybertelecom :: Reciprocal Compensation
Thus, reciprocal compensation is basically a settlement mechanism for telephone traffic transferred between two local networks.
We also seek comment on the potential adoption of a bill-and-keep approach to reciprocal compensation payments governed by section 251 of the 1996 Act, and the eventual application of bill and keep to interstate access charges regulated under section 201 of the Communications Act of 1934, as amended ("Communications Act").
See remarks in the GTE DSL proceeding stating that the FCC is not considering the question of reciprocal compensation but that it will release a decision soon.
www.cybertelecom.org /broadband/Rcomp.htm   (3434 words)

 Reciprocal Links: Are They Really So Bad?
Reciprocal links need a fairer hearing and greater understanding of all of the variations involved.
The reasons for creating reciprocal links are many, but the most important ones revolve around gaining extra website traffic, providing information for site visitors, gaining additional Google PageRank, and adding additional link popularity for a boost in the search engine rankings.
An opponent of reciprocal links will point out that the link is of no value at best and harmful to a website in the search engines at worst.
seochat.com /c/a/.../Reciprocal-Links-Are-They-Really-So-Bad   (952 words)

 Reciprocal Links : The Glue behind the Web   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The process of exchanging reciprocal links is essentially a simple one, but there are various approaches that can be taken in searching out and requesting links, as well as pitfalls that must be avoided.
A reciprocal link is a text and/or banner link to a site that, somewhere in its pages, carries a similar text/banner link to your own site.
My crime: not setting up a reciprocal link for a few days; I freely admitted on the site that I was very busy, and that it might take a week to set up a link.
www.igoldrush.com /missing   (2424 words)

 The Reciprocal Links   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Reciprocal links are text or banner links pointing to a web site, where in return that web site carries a similar text or banner link pointing to your web site.
The traffic that reciprocal links generate is free and ongoing as long as reciprocal links are maintained by both the sites.
Reciprocal linking is one of the important factors for getting a higher ranking in the result pages.
www.the-reciprocal-links.com   (633 words)

 [No title]
Reciprocal operating authority is valid until the expiration date on the alien's amateur service license.
Reciprocal operation in a place where the Amateur Radio Service is regulated by the FCC must comply with Part 97 of the FCC's Rules and the International Telecommunication Union Radio Regulations.
The alien must be a citizen of the country that granted his or her amateur service license.
www.fcc.gov /Bureaus/Wireless/Public_Notices/1999/pnwl9085.txt   (489 words)

 Reciprocal Link Exchange SEO Management Software - Increase Targeted Traffic   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
However, it can become quite tedious having to constantly update and upload your reciprocal links pages, having to monitor whether your link partners are still linking back to you or not and having to search through ALL of the links on your reciprocal links pages when only one of them need to be modified.
When someone else who is using Reciprocal Manager version 3 or higher wants to submit their link to your directory, all they need to do is enter the URL to their directory and the form will automatically be fill-in for them.
Reciprocal Manager is easy to install, easy to use and has no ongoing monthly fees like other reciprocal linking solutions out there.
reciprocalmanager.com   (4354 words)

 Link Exchange Software - Reciprocal Link Exchange Management Script
Using reciprocal link exchange, as a means of promoting your website, product, or service can be a very effective and inexpensive way to help your website traffic grow and succeed online.
Reciprocal link exchange can also increase your website's link popularity, and lead to a boost in your website's search engine ranking.
Our sophisticated reciprocal link checker crawls sitewise smartly and verifies that your link is present in all websites listed on your links pages.
www.linkautomate.com   (1317 words)

 Reciprocal trading - trade vista
Determining where reciprocal product or service comes from is no longer an issue when raw materials, parts and technology criss-cross the globe to be used as inputs in goods manufacturing and service featuring process.
For Reciprocal trading importers and exporters, the process of estimating the value of a product and or service at customs presents no problems that can be justified as the actual customs valuation duty rate as non-fair.
But where and how Reciprocal trader request or offer is executed can impact the overall stock demand, costs of the transaction, including the price Reciprocal trader pay for the exchange.
www.onecer.net /reciprocal   (1039 words)

 Patti's Teacher's Corner
Reciprocal teaching is an instructional procedure designed to enhance students' comprehension of text.
The procedure was designed by Anne Marie Palincsar, from Michigan State University and Anne Brown, from the University of Illinois.
Incorporate text that is representative of the kinds of materials students are expected to read in school.
teams.lacoe.edu /documentation/classrooms/patti/2-3/teacher/resources/reciprocal.html   (726 words)

 Reciprocal Clubs   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Using reciprocal clubs is easy and opens a worldwide network of over 160 clubs offering dining, overnight accommodations and/or athletic facilities for members of The Racquet Club of Philadelphia and their spouses.
Such reciprocal charges are subject to a 5% surcharge.
However, due to currency exchange requirements, it is necessary for Racquet Club members to settle any charges upon departure at any club outside the United States.
www.rcop.com /body_reciprocal_clubs.html   (139 words)

 Microsoft and Reciprocal Extend Strategic Alliance to Deliver Digital Rights Management Solution Based on Windows Media ...
Reciprocal's digital rights management solution offers all-encompassing DRM capabilities for content owners, aggregators and distributors that want to enter the digital marketplace quickly and on a scale and budget that meets their needs.
Reciprocal's DRM solution is available in limited release now, with general availability expected in the third quarter of this year.
Reciprocal, formerly Rights Exchange Inc., offers a global DRM solution that enables copyright protection, distribution, usage of and payment for digital content such as text, music, images or software via the Internet or any electronic medium.
www.microsoft.com /presspass/press/1999/Apr99/RecprclPR.mspx   (1047 words)

 Reciprocal Net
Reciprocal Net a distributed crystallography network for researchers, students and the general public
Reciprocal Net is funded by the U.S. National Science Foundation as part of the National Science Digital Library project.
The Reciprocal Net is a distributed database used by research crystallographers to store information about molecular structures.
www.reciprocalnet.org   (350 words)

 Reciprocal licenses
Applicants for a Colorado journeyman reciprocal license are required to submit a completed State of Colorado Application for License by Endorsement, the non-refundable application processing fee, and a copy of their qualifying license.
If you have previously applied for a Colorado journeyman electrical license and failed the examination, you are not eligible to apply for a reciprocal license.
Colorado electricians wishing to apply for a reciprocal license in a participating state must contact that state for specific requirements and fees.
www.dora.state.co.us /Electrical/reciprocal.htm   (163 words)

 Reciprocal links explained
Reciprocal links are also known as "link swaps", "link exchanges" and "link partners".
Reciprocal links also play a major role in boosting your rankings in search engines.
Reciprocal Linking Tools costs only $8.95, or slightly more in printed format.
www.associateprograms.com /reciprocal-links.shtml   (1198 words)

 Link Popularity and Link Building Basics-Linking101.com
Well using Reciprocal Links or Link Exchanges, as a means of promoting your website, product, or service can be a very effective and inexpensive way to help your website grow and succeed online.
Reciprocal Links: The mutual agreement between two web sites to display the other's link somewhere on their website.
Larry provides his advice based not on bleeding edge theories or what he has heard from others, but on what he has actually implemented himself and found to be successful.
www.linking101.com   (1139 words)

 Events - American Horticultural Society
Before visiting a listed garden, you may wish to check their website to verify hours of operation and see if the garden is sponsoring any special events – these change frequently.
Be aware that some special events are not included in the reciprocal benefits of this program.
Remember that the gardens you visit rely on admissions and donations to maintain their property and gardens for all to enjoy.
www.ahs.org /events/reciprocal_events.htm   (378 words)

 Walter E. Helmke Library: Reciprocal Borrowing   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Reciprocal borrowing cards can only be issued to IPFW faculty, students, and staff whose library accounts are in good standing.
Reciprocal borrowing cards are available at the Service Desk.
The CIC Reciprocal Borrowing Program includes all of the Big Ten Universities, the University of Chicago, the University of Illinois-Chicago, and Penn State University.
www.lib.ipfw.edu /720.0.html   (359 words)

 Reciprocal constructions in Spanish   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Reciprocal Reflexes are similar to the Reflexive Pronouns.
Except instead of referring to oneself, the Reciprocal Reflexes refer to one another or each other.
Notice that in reciprocal constructions that we use only the plural reflexive pronouns.
www.drlemon.net /Grammar/reciprocal.html   (202 words)

 R2 TRADE, Reciprocal Results, Corporate Barter, Media Barter, Corporate Media Barter, Structured Finance
Since then, Reciprocal Results first evolved from being a corporate barter specialist to a media service company providing media planning, buying and research and advising on marketing and communications strategy.
Reciprocal Results further evolved into a full service advertising, media, marketing, PR and communications company, creating a need to re-brand its barter practice as
Reciprocal trade can also recoup some of the costs associated with excess or underutilized capacity.
www.r2trade.com   (2398 words)

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