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Topic: Recording studio

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  Recording Studio
Echo Echo Studios - The Recording Studio for Cape Girardeau and Southeast Missouri
While a lot of the work I do is with overdubs and only requires two channels of recording at one time, I new that there were bands that wanted to record all of their instruments live.
While some simply toss some carpet on their walls (which is probably the worst thing a recording studio can do), I'm working on designs that will give me the same sound as the big boys are using.
www.echoechostudios.com   (1446 words)

 The Linux-Based Recording Studio | Linux Journal
Like anything, what you need to buy for your studio and how you set it up is determined by a few key decisions, especially when it comes to studio hardware.
It is capable of simultaneous recording of 24 or more channels of 32-bit audio at 48KHz...." Ardour needs a 2.4 or later low-latency kernel, 0.9 series or later ALSA sound drivers and JACK (Jack Audio Connection Kit).
Studios consist of some combination of control room, recording space and isolation rooms.
www.linuxjournal.com /article/7205   (2655 words)

 The Perfect Home Recording Studio by Steve Leedy - ArticleCity.com
Home computer music recording has become extremely popular, both as a hobby and as a legitimate means of live recording and mixing.
Recording can be accomplished by using a "mixing board" to pre-mix multiple signals with their corresponding analog effects (if desired) before sending them to the computer, or each "plain" signal can be recorded independently to its own track through a computer audio interface, software effects applied, and the individual tracks then mixed together.
More and more, musicians are realizing the high quality and low costs associated with producing their own recordings, while those interested in the technical side of recording can see the increased benefits of digital recording, mixing and mastering.
www.articlecity.com /articles/music_and_movies/article_457.shtml   (678 words)

 recording studio experience day,recording studio experiences
Our recording studio is located in the heart of the countryside, in an outstandingly scenic part of the borderlands - a rare treat for photographers, and lovers of the wilder countryside, although convenient for Wales, Shropshire, Gloucestershire, Cheshire, Birmingham and the Midlands, and most of Central England including Derbyshire.
The recording studio experience is a full five hour day in the recording studio, and as such is frequently taken up by professionals and amateur alike.
A growing percentage of recording studio experience customers coming to us want to record their own tracks, and we are happy to accommodate this, and to provide arrangement facilities as well as professional level production for the finished track.
www.coolstars.co.uk   (1841 words)

 Highbeam Encyclopedia - Search Results for Recording studio
The acclaim that greeted Gould's first recording of Bach 's Goldberg Variations (1955) led him to abandon his interest in composition and to instead develop an international career as a pianist.
The recording market is one of the industry's fastest-growing categories and appeals to a broad range of users, from amateur instrumentalists to professional sound engineers.
For the record, dream came true ; The idea for a recording studio was hatched in the '60s and was finally reality in the '90s.
www.encyclopedia.com /SearchResults.aspx?Q=Recording+studio   (982 words)

 Recording studio in Galway Ireland - ShaysStudio.ie
Shay's Studio is a professional recording studio, catering for all musical styles and genres, from trad to death metal (and if I missed anything, bring it on!).
The Studio's recordings have been played on major radio stations worldwide and many received great reviews, but just as important, I do it because it's what I love to do, I have endless patience, and the atmosphere in this country side location is r e l a x e d.
The studio is located in Co. Galway, Ireland, 3 hours from Dublin, less than an hour and a half from Limerick in a quiet rural area with a beautiful scenery.
www.shaysstudio.ie   (206 words)

 Buy Korg D888 8-Track Digital Recording Studio online at Musician's Friend
The Korg D-888 Digital Recording Studio is an eight-input/eight-output mixer and eight-track hard disk recorder in one easy-to-use unit.
The recording section has easy-to-use tools like punch-in/out, copy and swap operations, four editing locate points for each song, one hundred mark points, non-destructive editing, Undo and Redo functions, eleven types of digital master effects, and 3-band EQ on each channel.
Not only did I get 4 more simultaneous recording tracks (4 to 8) but these additional capabilities: V tracks (multiple takes that are easy to switch between) Undo/Redo (saved me from over recording a good track or two) Seamless connectivity with my PC for archiving and transferring tracks to and from my Home studio software.
www.musiciansfriend.com /product/Korg-D888-8Track-Digital-Recording-Studio?fg=82&sku=702914   (1077 words)

 The Recording Engineering and Music Production Program
And it is in the studio where Recording Workshop students spend the majority of their time.
The studio classes are taught to small groups of 3 or 6 students, allowing much personal attention.
And although recording and mixing music is the main activity, our students also broaden their studio skills in other important areas of audio engineering such as editing, radio spot and sound-for-picture production.
recordingworkshop.com /RecWFiveWeek.html   (1254 words)

 Pachyderm Recording Studio
Pachyderm is a residential recording studio located in a 50-acre private forest 35 miles south of Minneapolis / St.Paul in Cannon Falls, Minnesota.
A short walk from the house is the recording studio, a 2,500 square foot building, naturally lit by large picture windows that frame the landscape, with five acoustically isolated recording areas including an acclaimed live room and a spacious control room.
Pachyderm is outfitted with the best in recording technology, both analog (classic Studer tape machines) and digital (Pro Tools HD3 Accel), supplemented by the best of the old and the best of the new supporting outboard equipment.
www.pachydermstudio.com   (229 words)

 Marrs Recording Studio,Nashville,CD's,Demos,Mastering
Welcome to Marrs Recording Studio.You've found a Nashville recording studio for songwriters and independant artist's that need quality and creativity that is affordable.
Writers from all over the country send their songs to us, usually on a cassette or CD or MP3 {through Email}, that they have made at home, and we take their ideas and turn them into a finished, professional song demo that can be used to pitch to artists or publishing companies.
The purpose of Marrs Recording Studio is to offer quality recording in a home studio environment with professional attitudes and techniques that are applied in major studios in Nashville and around the world.
www.marrs-recording-studio.com   (431 words)

 Home Recording Studio
Using my home recording studio, I can record music midi files including Sibelius, Finale, Cubase, or any midi or handwritten file and you will be amazed at how realistic your composition will sound.
Make use of my home recording studio today, this is the place to record music with the highest degree of accuracy and quality.
Inside my page, I have demos that you can listen to which were recorded with my own home recording studio to prove to you the quality recording.
www.recordhall.com   (244 words)

 Nashville Recording Studio - the Junction
With over sixty years experience in the Nashville recording industry, the Junction Recording Studio is ready to assist with your music recording needs: Song Demos, Music Production, Mastering, CD Design and Manufacturing, Artist Development, Music Videos and Web Marketing.
Our recording packages are quoted and based on our experience with the amount of time needed to record a song or project.
Each artist or songwriter, whether it's a demo or master recording, receives the same attention and unique musical experience to develop and capture his or her own sound.
www.junctionstudio.com   (683 words)

 audio recording studio
to the studio to be recorded onto compact disk or digital audio tape must be...
Audio Recording Studio specializes in acoustic recording in the studio and on location.
Audio Mecca is a community of musicians, recording studio producers and engineers, recording artists, and professional audio enthusiasts.
www.metaeureka.com /cgi-bin/nph-metaeureka.pl?terms=audio+recording+studio&where=worldweb&best=10&cluster=recording+studio   (344 words)

 ireland.com - The Irish Times - Thu, Oct 26, 2006 - Recording studio in mixed-use scheme for Windmill Lane site
Watch this Space: Dublin City Council is considering a planning application for a recording studio, offices and apartments at Windmill Lane, near Sir John Rogerson's Quay in the south city centre.
The proposal for Windmill Lane comprises two blocks, one six-storey with 37 apartments over two ground floor retail units and the other one a four-storey office block with a penthouse set back.
The recording studios would be housed in a part new build, part-refurbished 19 Creighton Street.
www.ireland.com /newspaper/property/2006/1026/1161565775181.html   (368 words)

 Back at the Ranch music recording, production and mastering information ., Christian Recording Studio
Careful planning and preparation for your recording sessions will help to guarantee the best sound quality and most efficient use of your time and finances.
Church music teams, choirs, and independent Christian music groups have discovered that a quality recording of their music is a tremendous fundraiser, as well as a powerful ministry tool.
Recording Studio - Brian Konzelman - Session Planning - Praise + Worship
www.ranchstudio.com   (452 words)

 Online Multi-Person Podcast Recording Studio Open to Podcasters During Women's Podcasting Expo, July 14-16, 2006   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
The first online Podcast Recording Studio will be opened to the public during the Women's Podcasting Expo, July 14-16, 2006.
The Podcast Studio can accommodate large groups, so Podcasters can invite their audience to participate in sessions such as workshops, seminars, round tables and Q and A. The built-in Studio LiveCast recording software provides far superior audio quality than the best teleconference recordings
Studio LiveCast Sessions are provided on a first-come, first-served basis, and due to the limited number of Slots remaining, must be reserved in advance.
www.prweb.com /releases/2006/7/prweb408321.htm   (557 words)

 Video Games: Bratz Rock Angelz Recording Studio   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
In keeping with their image, the Rock Angelz Recording Studio bypasses the basement and heads straight for the sleek, with a rose and thorn motif to match the Angelz rocker girl chic.
Your favorite Bratz can slip in through the studio's side door to record her solo while her band mates sip on smoothies, jam along, or check the recording levels on the deck outside the window.
With tons of scorchin' studio accessories plus a little help from you, these girls will be top of the pops in no time.
www.blogherald.com /shop/shop.php?c=8&n=165969011&i=B0007XIDMM&x=_Rock_Ang_Rcording_Stu_Playset   (647 words)

 Sacred Heart Recording Studio | Duluth, MN |
Sacred Heart Recording Studio is located in Duluth, Minnesota, on the South shore of Lake Superior, inside the Sacred Heart Music Center : a beautiful brick and brown sandstone cathedral built in 1894, replete with stained glass windows, carved marble altar, wooden balconies and 100-year old, 1493-pipe, Felgemaker pipe-organ.
We record everything -- punk rock, rock and roll, alternative, choral, country, indie and acoustic, to acapella, experimental and ambient.
Sacred Heart Recording Studio is an ideal location for tracking, mixing or mastering your next EP or full-length CD.
www.spinoutrecords.com /studio   (197 words)

 NAB Store | Browse by Category
Its the one reference no recording studio should be without.
Hip hop or Bach, whatever you record, if you want a smoothly functioning, beautifully performing recording studio, Tom McCartney's Recording Studio Technology, Maintenance, and Repairs is the only comprehensive, practical guide to getting it right, from first idea to final tweaks, from fixes to foolproof follow-throughs.
Written by a recording studio service pro, this illustration-packed guide shows you how speakers, microphones, mixing boards, amplifiers, meters, oscilloscopes, and all major pieces and types of recording equipment work.
www.nab.org /AM/Template.cfm?Section=Browse_by_Category7&template=/Ecommerce/ProductDisplay.cfm&ProductID=1605   (213 words)

 Welcome to Globalsound Recording Studio!!!
Globalsound is the perfect recording studio for any musician, whether you are a beginning artist doing your first demo, or a seasoned band working on your next album.
recording studio is a 64 track digital workstation featuring world class ProTools HD3 technology for the highest quality audio and unlimited editing.
Our studio is at a convenient location in Broomfield.
www.globalsoundstudio.com   (239 words)

 Build a home recording studio for less than $1,000 ~ Linux Fanatics
The biggest problems musicians face in building a home recording studio stem from all the myths and pseudo-truths that have developed around the art of recording.
To record basic tracks, we’ll be using Ecasound, a popular command-line sound recorder and processor.
More specifically, we’ll be using it to play back tracks already recorded while recording new tracks, and we’ll be recording the tracks one at a time.
www.lockergnome.com /nexus/linux/2004/10/29/build-a-home-recording-studio-for-less-than-1000   (505 words)

 Recording Studio   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-05)
The Arelinda Recording Studio is located high in mountains of Telluride Colorado.
Stay at lodging in the town of Telluride or be close to the action and stay at the living quarters at our Studio complex.......
The Arelinda Studio acoustics and equipment are ideal for capturing a natural and accurate sound.
www.arelinda.com /studio.htm   (123 words)

 Audio: Home Recording Studio (Music) / Recording Software
The Home Recording Sound Card is a tool I created to greatly simplify the process of choosing a sound card (or audio interface).
This article is intended for anyone who is considering attending recording school or who simply plans making a career out of recording music.
There are numerous definitions to help explain what can be intimidating to anyone starting a recording studio or simply wanting to play music.
www.recordingreview.com   (1157 words)

 Nashville Studio Recording - Nashville Studio Recording in Tennessee, Nashville Studios, Nashville Productions, NSP, ...
You no longer have to deal with going from the studio to a designer to a pressing plant to finally receive your finished product.
Recording - Getting your song recorded in Nashville has never been easier than with Nashville Studio Productions, from simple song demos to a full blown production.
Writers - We cater to writers of all genres and all we need from you is a rough demo (vocal demonstration recording with or without an accompanying instrument) and a typed set of lyrics.
nashvillestudioproductions.com   (327 words)

 Recording Studios Albany NY, Recording Studio, CD Duplication, Lessons, Store
Blue Sky Recording Studios is the Albany areas premier full service recording studio offering audio recording, mixing, cd mastering, cd duplication, audio transfers and restoration, music production, commercials, custom jingles, on location recording, and much moreĀ…
Recording Studio - CD Mastering - CD Duplication - Improve Your Home Recording - Records and Tape to CD - Music Production Services - On Location Recording - Video and Graphic Design Services - Testimonials
Offering everything from bass & guitar lessons to drum & percussion lessons, saxophone lessons to trumpet lessons, piano lessons to voice lessons, engineering classes, children’s music classes, ensemble workshops, and more, all taught by the Albany area’s finest teachers.
www.blueskyrecording.com   (230 words)

 Method Man
Method Man's solo debut, Tical (1994, 1994 in music) was critically acclaimed and extremely popular, entering the American charts at #4 and eventually selling in excess of one million copies.
He soon collaborated with Mary J. Blige and Redman for a series of hit singles, one of which (the Blige duet "I'll Be There For You/You're All I Need") won a Grammy, before recording the second Wu-Tang album, Wu-Tang Forever.
The album sold even better than his first, though reviews were mixed and its long runtime and abundance of intermittent comedy skits were widely criticized.
www.spikerecording.com   (1195 words)

 Professional Recording Studio and Broadcast Supplies: Recording Tape, Microphones, FireWire Drives, DVDR, CDR, DAT, ...
Represented here are US Recording's most popular items, which we've carefully chosen from the thousands of available products.
recording and archive supplies anywhere including many that you won't find anywhere else.
All trademarks, photos, service marks, and logos are owned by, registered to, or licensed for use to US Recording and are trademarks of their respective owners including US Recording Media.
www.usrecordingmedia.com   (580 words)

 Recording Studio;Ventura CA, sound recording studio, music studio, recording studio southern CA, low cost high quality ...
Sound and recording engineers on staff have over 10 years experience in providing superior sounding, high-quality recordings.
Visit our high quality, affordable west coast recording studio.
Check out our impressive studio client list or listen to some recent song recording samples.
www.castaway7.com   (188 words)

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