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  The Recruit (2003)
Quite frankly, I expected a lot from the movie and probably it was the expectations that killed the film.
The Recruit, though backed by great actors and big money is just an ordinary Spy Vs Spy flick.
The life of CIA recruits, the moles the counter and counter intelligence schemes are all very interesting, especially the games at the training centre "The farm".
us.imdb.com /Title?0292506   (526 words)

  The Kings & Cheshire Regiment - Recruit Training
The recruit training process is spread over six weekends and midweek training evenings, here you will learn a range of military skills including weapon handling, fieldcraft, first aid and map reading.
All potential recruits are required to attend a brief interview with a member of staff from the Regimental Recruit Training Team.
All new recruits will assemble at their nominated TA Center to be met by a member of the Regimental Recruit Training Team.
www.army.mod.uk /kcr/recruit_training.htm   (1178 words)

The goal of the Recruitment Reward and Recognition Program is to build and strengthen AAPG by increasing the Active membership and to recognize and reward the members who work toward this achievement.
Participation is easy – just sign your name in the recruiter’s block on an Active application form and give it to a colleague who is not an Active AAPG member.
The rewards are beautiful one-of-a-kind mineral and fossil specimens such as fossil fish displayed on a brass stand, polished ammonites, petrified wood book ends, onyx bowls, amethyst geodes, megalodon shark tooth, etc. As an alternative, the member may request an AAPG Bookstore voucher of equal value.
www.aapg.org /recruit   (513 words)

  A Recruit Peer Mentoring Program
The Recruit Peer-Mentoring Program, conducted outside the normal chain of command, becomes a link for the recruit to receive answers to questions they may have and to develop self-confidence in their new role.
This function provides the recruit with a sense that everyone in the department is interested in their success, and allows a chance for the mentor and recruit to get to know each other through someone who already knows both of them.
Because of this, the recruit has a greater confidence in the objectivity and advice of the mentor, knowing that it is not someone who will supervise them or even work directly with them on their shift.
www.calea.org /Online/newsletter/No88/recruitpeer.htm   (1152 words)

 Recruit Petty Officers
Recruit Petty Officers are appointed by RDCs and have authority over other recruits in the division within the scope of the duties to which they are assigned.
The RCPO is the primary recruit assistant to RDCs and is responsible for:
The Recruit Master-At-Arms is responsible to the RCPO and RDC's for:
www.nsgreatlakes.navy.mil /recruitjobs.html   (687 words)

 USMC - MCRDSD/WRR - Description of Recruit Training
Forming is the period when recruits are taken to their training companies and they "meet" their drill instructors for the first time.
During Forming's 2 days, recruits learn the basics: how to march, how to wear their uniform, how to secure their weapon, etc. This period of time allows recruits to adjust to the recruit training way of life before the first actual training day.
All recruits train in the camouflage utility uniform, but those upgrading may be required to train in full combat gear, which includes a rifle, helmet, flak jacket and pack.
www.mcrdsd.usmc.mil /RTR/trainingDS.htm   (1493 words)

Recruit one peasant each day for the given number of days.
Peasants may be recruited in any province with more than 100 peasants or any city or city province with more than 1000 peasants.
For example, one player could recruit for up to 10 days per month in a mountain province with 200 peasants, obtaining one peasant on each of the 10 days.
www.pbm.com /oly/tag/Manual/recruit.html   (162 words)

 RecruitZone.com :: Apply To Become A Recruit Athlete
Recruit only takes the athletes that have the skill level, desire, attitude and most important the grades to play at the next level.
Recruit offers a free evaluation interview in order to see if you will qualify both academically and athletically for our program.
Recruit offers a 7 minute professionally edited DVD which is placed on your Recruit profile for the coaches to view.
www.recruitzone.com /faqs.asp   (1585 words)

 RECRUIT   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Recruit has annual sales of approximately 300 billion yen and an operating income of approximately 100 billion yen.
Total circulation of Recruit's information magazines is approximately 7 million, and we also operate a variety of websites, including Recruit Navi, which has more than 500,000 members: this number accounts for most of the prospective university graduates.
Our goal is to continue to contribute to the realization of a richer society by helping both individuals and companies to achieve their own values and providing marketing support.
www.recruit.co.jp /corporate/english   (215 words)

 Ranking System
As a recruit, the student is provided the opportunity to assess whether or not to pursue this form of martial art with commitment.
At the conclusion of the recruit training, the student cannot consider him/herself a fighter just yet, however, he/she will possess the necessary foundational skills build upon and to develop those skills into sophisticated fighting techniques in the scholler level of training.
Upon completing the recruit training, the program is designed so that the student is then in a position and prepared to challenge for the prize of scholler by undergoing a public
www.aemma.org /misc/rank_body.htm   (4819 words)

 Description of Marine Corps Recruit Training
During Forming's 3-5 days, recruits learn the basics: how to march, how to wear their uniform, how to secure their weapon, etc. This period of time allows recruits to adjust to the recruit training way of life before the first actual training day.
Recruits will experience Table PT, a period of training in which a drill instructor leads several platoons through a series of demanding exercises while he stands on a table.
The field meet is a chance for recruits to have some fun and compete against other platoons in their company in a variety of physical events, such as the tug-of-war and relay races.
www.grunt.com /scuttlebutt/corps-stories/newbyfaqs/expect.asp   (1633 words)

 Gentoo Linux Documentation -- Mentor guide
As a mentor, you are the liaison between a recruit and the recruiters.
Failure to properly mentor, such as abandoning the recruit or not providing the recruit with quizzes and related documentation, results in suspension of your mentoring capability.
Once you identify a potential recruit, make contact to see whether he or she has the desire, drive, ability and time to become part of Gentoo.
www.gentoo.org /proj/en/devrel/recruiters/mentor.xml   (1235 words)

 RecruitZone.com :: Get In The Game
Why should they waste a scholarship or a spot on their team with a recruit that will never smell playing moreĀ»
Recruit Collegiate Sports Scouting would like to proudly announce the beginning of our state wide high school sports combines.
During our first quarter, Recruit will visit such states as Louisiana, New Jersey, Tennessee, Florida (2) and Alaska.
www.recruitzone.com   (143 words)

 Firefighter Recruit Training Program
The Recruit Training Program is pass/fail and recruits are evaluated on a daily basis.
Recruit School confers Firefighter I Certification on its recruits as well as continued employment with the Seattle Fire Department.
Recruit School goes above and beyond Firefighter I training in terms of requirements to be a Seattle Fire Department employee.
www.seattle.gov /fire/employment/ffjob_recruitProgram.htm   (268 words)

 The Recruit - Rotten Tomatoes
Although The Recruit isn't Len Deighton or Robert Ludlum, it is enjoyable until the screenwriters develop a collective brain cramp.
The Recruit is not a bad film, it's just not a very good one.
The Recruit is little more than a fairy tale, one in which the prince gets to shoot the ball to smithereens.
www.rottentomatoes.com /m/recruit   (965 words)

 Careers: Military--Army, Navy, Airforce, Marines, Coast Guard: Raw recruit
Could you please tell me what a recruit to the marines and expect when he first joins.
Recruit training covers all of the basic aspects of being a Marine.
Everything from marksmanship, hand to hand combat, uniform regulations, history, customs, etc. Upon graduation, new Marines go to the School of Infantry for either a month of Marine Combat Training, or, in the case of infantry Marines, several weeks of their actual MOS School in various infantry jobs.
en.allexperts.com /q/Careers-Military-Army-1483/Raw-recruit.htm   (402 words)

 Firefighter Recruit Training
Each Recruit will be issued a video and other instructional materials from the Training Division.
Before Recruit Training begins, a "Welcoming Orientation" is offered by the Seattle Fire Department for both the new Firefighter Recruit and his/her primary partner to learn more about the Training Program and what to expect, as well as ideas on how to prepare for this intensive time.
Recruits who successfully complete the Firefighter Recruit Training Program will become Probationary Firefighters and will be assigned to a Fire Service Operations Division company (Fire Station) and will remain on Probation until successful completion of one (1) full year of employment from date of hire.
www.seattle.gov /fire/employment/ffjob_recruitTraining.htm   (230 words)

 recruit (definition)   (Site not responding. Last check: )
[v] register formally as a participant or member; "The party recruited many new members".
[v] seek to employ; "The lab director recruited an able crew of assistants".
[v] cause to assemble or enlist in the military; "raise an army"; "recruit new soldiers".
lookwayup.com /lwu.exe/lwu/d?s=f&w=recruit   (53 words)

 US planning to recruit one in 24 Americans as citizen spies - smh.com.au
The Bush Administration aims to recruit millions of United States citizens as domestic informants in a program likely to alarm civil liberties groups.
Highlighting the scope of the surveillance network, TIPS volunteers are being recruited primarily from among those whose work provides access to homes, businesses or transport systems.
Letter carriers, utility employees, truck drivers and train conductors are among those named as targeted recruits.
www.smh.com.au /articles/2002/07/14/1026185141232.html   (569 words)

 Firefighter Recruit | San Diego Fire-Rescue Department
Firefighter Recruit is one of the most popular entry level job classifications in the City of San Diego.
A Fire Recruit is under constant supervision while attending the Fire Academy.
The academy prepares recruits for a fire fighting career and also teaches them to perform related work.
www.sandiego.gov /fireandems/careers/recruit.shtml   (198 words)

 The Recruit - Rotten Tomatoes   (Site not responding. Last check: )
It's hard to tell which brand of coffee they're plugging in The Recruit but they sure drink a lot of it.
The Recruit weighs in like a porous brick of recycled polypropylene.
A serviceable spy thriller that stumbles over one too many plot twists, one too many shots of its hero typing desperately at his computer, and a romantic subplot that's nice to look at but awfully silly.
www.rottentomatoes.com /m/TheRecruit-10000793/preview.php   (957 words)

 :: rogerebert.com :: Reviews :: The Recruit (xhtml)
At one point would-be agents are given a time limit to walk into a singles bar and report back to the parking lot with a partner willing to have sex with them.
He recruits an MIT whiz-kid named James Clayton (Colin Farrell), who turns down a big offer from Dell Computers because he wants to know more about the fate of his late father, a CIA agent.
Clayton is taken to The Farm, a rustic hideaway somewhere in Ontario, doubling for Virginia, where during the entrance exam he locks eyes with the lovely and fragrant Layla (Bridget Moynahan).
rogerebert.suntimes.com /apps/pbcs.dll/article?AID=/20030131/REVIEWS/301310303/1023   (665 words)

 The Recruit (2003)   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Farrell is recruited by a CIA agent to be trained as one and we get to see how they are trained in a place called the `Farm', which is a special school for the CIA.
All in all this is good viewing but could have been much better but it's apparent that the makers were ok with just ok, and that's ok.
Discuss this title with other users on IMDb message board for The Recruit (2003)
www.imdb.com /title/tt0292506   (567 words)

 MSP - Recruit School
  Recruits are dismissed on Friday evening and are expected to report to the Academy on Sunday afternoon.
  It is imperative that recruits begin recruit school in good physical condition to avoid any unnecessary physical stress or nagging injuries during the school.
The recruits are dismissed from physical training at approximately 6:45AM, and have 15 minutes to shower and change into their recruit uniforms before reporting to breakfast at 7:00AM.
www.michigan.gov /msp/0,1607,7-123-1594_3551_5846---,00.html   (437 words)

 CNN.com - Review: 'The Recruit' doesn't succeed - Jan. 31, 2003
For the most part, "The Recruit" is a taut drama involving CIA recruit-in-training James Clayton (Colin Farrell) and his recruiter, Walter Burke (Al Pacino).
The most interesting element of the film is the supposedly inside look at how the CIA recruits and trains its operatives.
However, one must assume some details are correct, since CIA spokesperson Chase Brandon, a covert field operations officer for 25 years, was on the set providing inside tips about the Agency's facilities, training methods and recruitment processes.
cnn.com /2003/SHOWBIZ/Movies/01/30/review.recruit   (800 words)

 Cambridge Dictionaries Online - Cambridge University Press
Charities such as Oxfam are always trying to recruit volunteers to help in their work.
Raw recruits (= completely new soldiers) were trained for six months and then sent to the war front.
It's all part of a recruitment drive intended to increase the party's falling numbers.
dictionary.cambridge.org /results.asp?dict=B&searchword=recruit   (134 words)

 The Recruit Business Ltd
We have three operating divisions - Recruit Engineers, Recruit Telecoms and Recruit Technology each of which focuses on supplying permanent and contract personnel to the engineering, telecommunications and IT industries respectively.
Our system enables us to respond rapidly to our clients needs by giving us instant access to a wealth of employment information and to numerous suitably qualified jobseekers.
Our charges are balanced by the direct cost of a professional recruitment campaign, including media and administrative costs, which does not guarantee success.
www.recruitbusiness.com /default.asp   (173 words)

 Amazon.com: The Recruit: DVD: Conrad Bergschneider,Tony Craig,Colin Farrell,Ron Lea,Chris Owens,Al Pacino,Eugene ...   (Site not responding. Last check: )
James Clayton might not have the attitude of a typical recruit, but he is one of the smartest graduating seniors in the country - and he's just the person that Walter Burke wants in the Agency.
Surrounded by potential deception, a newly recruited CIA officer (Colin Farrell) must determine if his manipulative instructor (Al Pacino) is being honest when he identifies Farrell's fellow recruit and love interest (Bridget Moynihan) as an enemy "mole" assigned to steal a dangerous computer virus from CIA headquarters.
While claiming to offer an insider's look at CIA training methods, this engrossing yet ultimately predictable plot is pure Hollywood fantasy; any resemblance to reality is purely coincidental, leaving the perpetually unshaven and scruffily coiffed Farrell to fend for himself in Pacino's cynical arena while tracing his familial roots in the spy game.
www.amazon.com /Recruit-Conrad-Bergschneider/dp/B00005JLX2   (1233 words)

 Recruit   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Recruit is a set of Perl scripts to support academic recruiting/hiring committees.
Recruit enables a department's search committee to easily accept, manage, review and annotate job applications on the Web.
The Recruit system is copylefted free software released under the terms of the GPL
informatics.indiana.edu /fil/Recruit   (99 words)

 Recruit Ireland, Jobs In Ireland and Irish Jobs - Job Ireland
Recruit Ireland, Jobs In Ireland and Irish Jobs - Job Ireland
Irish Life and Permanent to recruit 100 financial advisers
© TCH Recruit Ireland Limited, 97 South Mall, Cork.
www.recruitireland.com   (37 words)

 Definition of recruit - Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary
(2) : to enlist as a member of an armed service b : to increase or maintain the number of recruited her population from Europe> c : to secure the services of :
d : to seek to enroll prospective students>
Learn more about "recruit" and related topics at Britannica.com
www.m-w.com /cgi-bin/dictionary?book=Dictionary&va=recruit   (89 words)

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