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Topic: Red Army Day

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In the News (Tue 23 Jul 19)

  Red Army at AllExperts
This organization became the army of the Soviet Union after the establishment of the USSR in 1922, and eventually grew to form the largest army in the world from the 1940s until the collapse of the Soviet Union in December 1991.
The early Red Army abandoned the institution of a professional officer corps as a "heritage of tsarism" in the course of the Revolution.
In 1945 the Red Army adopted the Siminov SKS, a semi-automatic 7.62x39mm carbine.
en.allexperts.com /e/r/re/red_army.htm   (5162 words)

 Lone Sentry: The Red Army Infantryman (WWII U.S. Intelligence Bulletin, June 1946)
The Red Army private receives a total of 600 rubles per year, which is very difficult to access in U.S. dollars, since purchasing power of the ruble to the average Soviet citizen is almost nil.
During his entire army career, and before and after, the Red Army man is subjected to instruction in the doctrines and political philosophy of the Communist Party.
Red Army nursing personnel quite often operate much closer to the actual fighting than is customary in other armies, and there have been many instances of the nurses accompanying units in combat, much as our battalion aid men do.
www.lonesentry.com /articles/redarmyinf/index.html   (2064 words)

 Wikinfo | Red Army   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Red Army is short for Workers' and Peasants' Red Army, (Рабоче-Крестьянская Красная Армия - Raboche-Krest'yanskaya Krasnaya Armiya in Russian), the armed forces organised by the Bolsheviks during the Russian Civil War in 1918.
Every unit of the Red Army was assigned a political commissar, or politruk, who was given the authority to override unit commanders' decisions which were in opposition to the principles of the Communist Party.
Red Army soldiers captured by the Nazi armies were frequently shot in the field, or shipped to concentration camps and executed as a part of the Holocaust.
www.wikinfo.org /wiki.php?title=Red_Army   (1457 words)

  Red_Army   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Although it was officially known as the '''Soviet Army''' from 1946, the term ''Red Army'' is commonly used in the West to refer to the Soviet military after that date, i.e., during the Cold War.
The official '''Red Army Day''' of February 23, 1918 marked the day of the first mass draft of the Red Army in Petrograd and Moscow, and of the first combat action against the occupying imperial German army.
Image:Redarmydayposter.jpeg.jpegthumb230pxleft"You were born under the red banner in the stormy year of 1918", a poster produced for the annual Red Army Day holiday.
goc.subdomain.de /Red_Army_Day   (1506 words)

 Red Vs Blue Wars Story
The night glowed as the Red Army General approached PVT Hill saying "PVT you have been promoted to Sargent for your extreme dedication to this war, and the Red Army." PVT Hill was very excited for his work at coagulation along side with the general paid off greatly.
Red Army slowly walked along the wall hoping to not be noticed by Blue Army closer at the base.
Red Army set up 2 hogs, the spartans pushed one to the top of the base and began firing on the center machine.
www.geocities.com /redvsbluewar/story.htm   (5389 words)

 Russian Archives Online > The Gallery > The Red Army
The Russian imperial army and navy disintegrated after the outbreak of the Revolution of 1917, so the Council of the People's Commissars created the Workers' and Peasants' Red Army on a voluntary basis.
The Red Army faced the problem of creating a competent and reliable officers' corps, leading Trotsky to mobilize former officers of the imperial army.
After initial setbacks in the war, the army was reorganized, aided by the enormous number of recruits and the vastness of the territory.
www.pbs.org /redfiles/rao/gallery/old/redarmy.html   (832 words)

 The Red Army
The army had to be established quickly as it was needed to fight the White Army during the Civil War.
In case of forced retreat of Red Army units, all rolling stock must be evacuated, the enemy must not be left a single engine, a single railway truck, not a single pound of grain or gallon of fuel.
Political leaders in the troops (Red Army) are not recognized as prisoners of war and are to be liquidated at the latest in the prisoner-of-war transit camps.
www.spartacus.schoolnet.co.uk /RUSred.htm   (5205 words)

 World Chechnya Day | History
On Red Army Day, February 23, in every town and village the men were summoned to meetings in the local Soviet building.
Instead of commemorating the Day, the crowds were read the Decree of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet, which announced the complete deportation of the Chechen and Ingush people for treason and collaboration with the German enemy.
Within days, with ruthless efficiency, an entire people had been erased from the land of their ancestors.
www.worldchechnyaday.org /page/History   (1394 words)

 Battle of Normandy - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Rommel was of the firm belief that the only way to defeat an invasion was to counterattack the beaches as early as possible with armour, and wanted at least some armour placed close enough to the beaches to deliver an immediate counterattack.
The 3rd Division's failure to take Caen, an overly ambitious target, on the first day was to have serious repercussions on the conduct of the war for well over a month, seriously delaying any forward progress.
On D-Day, the Red Army was steadily advancing towards Germany and four-fifths of the German forces were in the East.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Battle_of_Normandy   (5958 words)

 [No title]
For this reason the day of February 23, 1918 was proclaimed the birthday of the Red Army.
At present the Red Army and the German fascist army are fighting on equal terms, man for man. Moreover, the German fascist army is directly supported at the front by the troops of Italy, Rumania, and Finland.
The day is not distant when the Red Army's powerful blows will drive the enemy from Leningrad, clear him from the towns and villages of Byelorussia and the Ukraine, from Lithuania and Latvia, from Estonia and Karelia, will free Soviet Crimea, and the red banners will again fly victoriously over the whole Soviet land.
www.ibiblio.org /pha/policy/1942/420223a.html   (2004 words)

 Red Army information - Search.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
This organization became the army of the Soviet Union after the establishment of the USSR in 1922, and eventually grew to form the largest army in the world from the 1940s to the early 1990s.
Red Army T-34 tanks outclassed any other tanks in the world, yet most of the Soviet armoured units had hopelessly outdated models; likewise, the same supply problem handicapped even the formations equipped with the most modern tanks.
To mark the final step in the transformation from a revolutionary militia to a regular army of a sovereign state, the Red Army gained the official name of the "Soviet Army" in 1946.
www.search.com /reference/Red_Army   (5107 words)

 "PEARL HARBOR" -- by Randall Wallace   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
PACIFIC - DAY Evelyn stands on the deck of a ship headed in the opposite direction, on another ocean, the sky is clear, the breeze is warm, the light of a glowing sunset bathes her face.
Red pisses along the wall as he races to the barracks, trying to get his pecker back into his drawers.
Red runs out with his machine gun and keeps firing even when the planes have passed, trying to shoot them right up the ass.
www.cinema.art.br /arquivos/roteiros/pearlharbor.htm   (17967 words)

 [No title]
And Liberty's hands were not clean In the day of her pride unchained, Her royal hands were stained With the life of a King and Queen; And darker than that with the blood Of the nameless brave and good Whose blood in witness clings More damning than Queens' and Kings'.
His cheek was red And his eye was clear and bright; He ate and drank with a kingly zest, And peacefully snored at night.
Days long ago, when in her eyes The only heaven I cared for lay, When from our thoughtless Paradise All care and toil dwelt far away; When Hope in wayward fancies throve, And rioted in secret sweets, Beguiled by Passion's dear deceits, - The mysteries of maiden love.
www.knowledgerush.com /pg/etext04/pkcb10.txt   (18479 words)

 Red Army Studies, Review: Battle for White Russia: the Destruction of Army Group Centre, June 1944   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
For every day until the 7th of July, Niepold explains the actions undertaken by higher command authorities, and the operational situation on the battlefield, with the Korps as his primary unit of analysis.
It is commendable that unlike so many other German authors, General Niepold acknowledges the operational skill of the Red Army at this stage of the war.
This is a great work, dealing in a very cold and analytical way with one of the worst defeats that the Wehrmacht suffered at the hands of a Red Army that had significantly grown in proficiency by the summer of 1944.
www.redarmystudies.net /books05.htm   (462 words)

 English Russia » Combination Of Russian Army Bad Things   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Army day is not a celebration of the army, but all the defenders that have ever served and died.
Unfortunately the majority of men in the army are fighting for themselves, just to save their asses and make it home alive.
It is the day, when Red Army formed in 1918 so it is communist holiday.
englishrussia.com /?p=709   (1991 words)

 Make A Difference Day
Make A Difference Day, he teamed with 16 inmates and church volunteers to renovate a rundown Denver hotel to be used as transitional housing for 25 needy families.
Soldiers and their families, Scouts, Army civilians, Eastern Star members and students from Bradwell Institute and Liberty County High in Hinesville perked up equipment with fresh paint and cleared the heavily treed grounds of 200 garbage bags of debris and pine straw.
Hoping to brighten long winter days for residents of Shady Lawn Nursing Home in Cadiz, 18 members of Buffalo Lick Baptist Church, including 13 youth, planted 50 daffodil bulbs, 250 tulip bulbs and 80 winter pansies where the blooms could be seen from a lounge window.
www.usaweekend.com /diffday/honorees/2002/2002honoreesa_m.html   (14652 words)

 BBC - Radio 4 What If -What If D-Day had Failed?
On the eve of D Day he even wrote a communiqué that he would have released had the landings failed.
The weather - D Day had already been postponed for 24 hours by 6 June - it's quite conceivable that it might have had to be delayed again.
During that time the Red Army is likely to have continued its westward advance unopposed.
www.bbc.co.uk /radio4/history/whatif/what_if_dday.shtml   (518 words)

 Hazing Victim Honored on Russian Army Day - FEATURE - MOSNEWS.COM   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
During the era of the Soviet Union, it was marked as Red Army Day or the Day of the Soviet Army and Navy.
None of my friends or colleagues has even been to the army — most, having been lucky to be born into well-to-do and caring families and get enrolled in universities before the conscriptions age hit, some — ironically — because they were “lucky” to be diagnosed with or faked some terrible disease.
It should also be noted that Feb. 23 marked across the country as the Army Day is also marked by the Chechens both in Russia’s restive southern province and in exile as the Chechen Deportation Day.
www.mosnews.com /feature/2006/02/25/armyday.shtml   (2087 words)

 Chapter Excerpt: Ten Days to D-Day by David Stafford   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
That same day, in a sweltering and occupied Paris, a middle-aged man, caged in a tiny room on the sixth floor of an apartment building on the rue des Ecoles, worried frantically about his children.
In the east, Stalin's Red Army had capitalized on its great victories at Stalingrad and Kursk the year before and was now advancing steadily west toward the German heartland.
Whit Sunday was the hottest day of the year so far, with fourteen hours of sunshine across the Dover Strait, the thermometer reading a record-breaking 94 degrees Fahrenheit in the sun and 79 in the shade.
www.twbookmark.com /books/64/0316605611/chapter_excerpt18576.html   (9029 words)

 [No title]
The clouds made day a gorgeous bed; He saw the splendour of the sky With unmoved heart and stolid eye; He only knew the West was red.
Far down along beautiful beeches, By night and by glorious day, The throng of the gifted ones reaches, Their foreheads made white with the spray, And a few of the sons and the daughters Of this kingdom, cloud-hidden from sight, Go down in the wonderful waters, And bathe in those billows of light.
Day by day, day by day, nearing and nearing, Hid under greenness, and beauty and bloom, Cometh the shape and the shadow I'm fearing, "Over the May hill" is waiting your tomb.
www.gutenberg.org /dirs/etext02/pmchr10.txt   (16241 words)

 1.JmA - Vodka in the red army
The control of the vodka expenditure is performed badly by the Military Councils of the Fronts and Armies; accounting of vodka quantities in the units and warehouses is in the unsatisfactory condition.
The distribution of vodka among the personnel of Armies and other formations should be co-ordinated with the Chief Purveyance Officer of the Red Army according to the directions of General Staff and the applications of Military Councils of Fronts and Armies.
The remaining personnel of Red Army Field Force should be given 100 g of vodka to each serviceman per day on the occasion of revolutionary and social holidays mwentioned in the Sate Committee of Defense Decree N 1889 of the 6th of June 1942.
www.1jma.dk /articles/1jmaarticlesvodka.htm   (1422 words)

 Russia Holidays
During the era of the Soviet Union, it was marked as Red Army Day or the Day of the Soviet Army and Navy (marking the day of the first mass draft of the Red Army in Petrograd and Moscow or of the first combat action against the occupying imperial German army).
On the first two days of May, the workers of Russia are honored, along with the coming of spring.
Day of People’s Unity (or National unity day, in Russian), first celebrated in 2005, commemorates the popular uprising which ejected the Polish occupying force from Moscow in November of 1612[1], and more generally the end of the Time of Troubles and foreign intervention in Russia.
www.southtravels.com /europe/russia/holidays.html   (611 words)

 Russia: On Army Day, Chechens Quietly Remember Mass Deportation - RADIO FREE EUROPE / RADIO LIBERTY   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Initially called "Red Army Day," the holiday was renamed "Soviet Army Day" in 1946 and, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, changed its name to the current "Defenders of the Fatherland Day."
About half the deportees are estimated to have died either during the journey or within the year that followed their deportation, succumbing to cold, hunger, and disease.
Musayeva says she plans to spend the day looking at old family photographs and remembering her many relatives who died as a result of the deportation.
www.rferl.org /featuresarticle/2006/02/a274fcce-e56e-4415-9f5d-7b0d26549133.html   (833 words)

 Red Army | United We Stand |
The Red Army is a supporters group based at the Northern End of Hindmarsh Stadium.
Adelaide were supposedly up against it in their first AFC Champions League match against Chinese Champions Shandong Luneng but the players put in a gritty and inspired performance, showing they could prove to be fierce competition in Group G of the 2007 AFC Champions League.
Despite a late flurry of shots, the Reds lacked polish in front of goal for most of the night and Vidmar conceded it was an area of concern.
www.redarmyaufc.com   (3515 words)

 Amazon.ca: DVD: The Longest Day   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
From the German high command and front-line officers to the French Resistance and all the key Allied participants, the screenplay by Cornelius Ryan, based on his own authoritative book, is as factually accurate as possible.
It includes the Ally soldiers waiting to be deployed after being put on standby several times, the Germans not expecting the landing of the large force, the glider and paratroop missions, the beach landings, and the land invasion.
While "The Longest Day" was not intended for children, there is no content that would be deemed objectionable for them to see, minus perhaps the situation to which the movie pertains.
www.amazon.ca /exec/obidos/ASIN/B00005PJ8S/dvdhills0e-20   (1365 words)

 Make A Difference Day
The teens also painted a recreation room at the Salvation Army, removed graffiti, painted picnic tables and widened a trail at 6 parks, and cleaned a stretch of roadway adopted by the school.
They spent the day cleaning (furniture, bathrooms, the kitchen and the 20 emergency apartments), painting the clinic and serving meals.
The local Catholic Knights Society went to a nursing home and picked a king and queen for the day, based on the contributions made to the lives of fellow residents -- whether it was pushing a wheelchair-bound resident to dinner or simply sitting and visiting.
www.usaweekend.com /diffday/honorees/2001/2001winnersm_z.html   (16320 words)

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