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In the News (Sat 8 Dec 18)

  American Red Cross - Credit Card Contribution:
Your local Red Cross chapter is committed to meeting the humanitarian needs of the people in your area, be it in disaster preparedness, disaster response, first aid and CPR training, or disease prevention.
The American Red Cross is not a government agency and all Red Cross disaster assistance is free thanks to the generosity of people like you.
The value of your donation is increased by the fact that the ratio of volunteer Red Cross workers to paid staff is almost 36 to one.
american.redcross.org /site/PageServer?pagename=ntld_main   (479 words)

 American Red Cross - Preparing Communities for Emergencies and Keeping People Safe - Preparedness
After four hours of continuous rain and unstable ground conditions, volunteers from the El Salvador Red Cross successfully managed to rescue Jennifer Vanessa Cerna, a five-year-old girl trapped in mud and rubbish after a brick building collapsed next to her home.
The Pakistan Red Crescent and Indian Red Cross responded immediately and continue to lead search and rescue efforts, provide emergency supplies, and assist with emergency medical needs.
The American Red Cross has teamed with the Southern Baptist National Convention and Red Cross society workers from France, Norway and Canada to feed victims of Hurricane Katrina in St. Tammany Parish, La.
www.redcross.org   (451 words)

 Red Cross New Zealand
The American Red Cross is launching the largest mobilisation of resources in its history for a single natural disaster.
New Zealand Red Cross has begun distributing $165,000 in grants to nearly 100 families affected by flooding and earthquakes in the eastern Bay of Plenty in July.
The International Red Cross relief operation is continuing at full force almost six months on from the Boxing Day earthquakes and tsunami.
www.redcross.org.nz   (1269 words)

 Welcome to the Irish Red Cross Society   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The International Committee of the Red Cross is an independent, neutral organization ensuring humanitarian protection and assistance for victims of war and armed violence, in accordance with the Geneva Conventions.
The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies' programmes are grouped into four main core areas: promoting humanitarian principles and values; disaster response; disaster preparedness; and health and care in the community.
The Irish Red Cross today allocated €100,000 and is launching an urgent appeal for victims of the Pakistan earthquake, where government sources, fear more than 19,000 people may have died, at least 42,000 may be injured and some four million may be left without shelter, in the country....(cont)
www.redcross.ie   (568 words)

 American Red Cross of Greater Los Angeles
Red Cross training will teach you to: Care for conscious and unconscious choking victims, perform CPR, use an automated external defibrillator (AED) on a victim of sudden cardiac arrest.
The board of directors of the American Red Cross of Greater Los Angeles has voted to sell its Wilshire and 7th Street facilities and relocate the current chapter workforce to other facilities currently owned or leased by the chapter.
The 2004 American Red Cross of Greater Los Angeles Annual Report is in PDF format and you will need the free Abobe Acrobat Reader to open and view the file.
www.redcrossla.org /index.php   (484 words)

 American Red Cross of Greater Columbus
The American Red Cross is recruiting and training volunteers in the greater Columbus area as part of Give Hope Now—Hurricane Response Volunteers, a nationwide drive launching in September to recruit and train 40,000 new volunteers by November 30, 2005.
Red Cross, FEMA and others have recognized that the scope of this disaster - ARC alone may need more than $1B to deliver our relief program - requires a new, streamlined financial assistance component.
The American Red Cross, a humanitarian organization led by volunteers, guided by its Congressional Charter and the Fundamental Principles of the International Red Cross Movement, will provide relief to victims of disasters and help people prevent, prepare for, and respond to emergencies.
columbus.redcross.org   (773 words)

 Welcome to the American Red Cross in Southeastern Michigan
Red Cross Spending $35 Million a Day on Financial Assistance for Hurricane Katrina; Half as Much that Was Spent on All Four Hurricanes Last Year
American Red Cross extends appreciation to residents who responded to the critical summer blood donation appeal.
Please continue your support of the Red Cross by donating blood four times a year.
www.semredcross.org   (191 words)

 American Red Cross - American Red Cross of West Central Michigan ::: Home   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The American Red Cross, through services directed and performed by volunteers, seeks to improve the quality of human life by helping people prevent, prepare for and manage individual, family, local, regional and national emergencies and disasters.
To encourage the participation of our community at this critical time, the American Red Cross of West Central Michigan is facilitating additional Disaster Training Courses to prepare new volunteers for response to National Disasters.
With limited communication from the disaster area, Red Cross is still uncertain about the extent of the devastation.
www.wcm.redcross.org   (354 words)

 American Red Cross - Southeast Louisiana Chapter ::: Home   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The American Red Cross is a humanitarian organization, led by volunteers, that provides relief to victims of disasters and helps people prevent, prepare for and respond to emergencies.
All American Red Cross disaster assistance is free, made possible by voluntary donations of time and money from the American people.
The Red Cross is not a government agency.
www.arcno.org   (235 words)

 American Red Cross Badger Chapter Home Page   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Due to logistical and transportations expenses, the Red Cross cannot accept individual items to be sent to the impacted areas Only bulk, palletized shipments can be sent to distribution sites serving the hurricane victims.
The Red Cross is currently deploying trained experienced Red Cross volunteers into the hurricane affected areas.
Because of the scope, magnitude and expected duration of this disaster, the Red Cross has implemented an expedited volunteer training program and deployment process for individuals qualified and capable of potential 3-week deployment with the Red Cross relief operation.
www.arcbadger.org   (519 words)

 Red Cross Red Crescent - Make a donation
In a world of poverty, war, displacement and disaster, the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies serves those in need without regard as to race, religion, class or political belief.
Together with Red Cross and Red Crescent National Societies, the Federation acts locally to respond to humanitarian challenges everywhere, everyday.
Please note that you may also make a donation directly to the Red Cross or Red Crescent in your country, and so attract any national tax relief.
www.ifrc.org /helpnow/donate/donate_response.asp   (288 words)

 Donate Now! -- American Red Cross
From floods and tornadoes to wildfires and residential fires...from hurricanes that devastated entire communities throughout the southeast U.S. to a catastrophic earthquake and tsunami that caused a giant wave to crash into parts of southern Asia and eastern Africa destroying lives, families, homes and livelihoods.
Because of the public's generous support, the American Red Cross has been able to respond immediately whether the need was around the corner or halfway around the world...
In response, the American Red Cross is launching the largest mobilization of resources for a single natural disaster involving thousands of trained disaster relief workers, tons of supplies and shoulders to lean on.
www.redcross.org /donate/donate.html   (562 words)

 American Red Cross Minneapolis - CPR, Nurse Assistant Training, First Aid, Lifeline, health, safety, lifeguard, ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
Contributions to the Disaster Relief Fund may be sent to the Minneapolis Area Red Cross or to the American Red Cross, P. Box 37243, Washington, DC 20013.
As a national society linked to the Pakistan Red Crescent and the Indian Red Cross through the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies, the American Red Cross is prepared to help its sister societies.
American Red Cross Lifeline gives you the confidence and freedom to live on your own, because there is always someone standing by to help whenever you need it.
www.mplsredcross.org   (1774 words)

 American Red Cross, Cincinnati Area Chapter Homepage
The first threads of the American Red Cross flag were spun when a Massachusetts schoolteacher began serving the wounded of the Civil War.
The International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement have a strong presence in the affected region.
Since the disaster struck last Saturday, Red Cross and Red Crescent Society partners have begun to mobilize staff and volunteers and deploy teams to the affected areas.
www.cincinnatiredcross.org   (909 words)

 American Red Cross - Health and Safety Services
American Red Cross first aid, CPR and AED programs are designed to give you the confidence to respond in an emergency situation with skills that can save a life.
Red Cross Preparedness programs in first aid, CPR and AED are available for any age and can be tailored to the needs of specific groups and individuals.
Whether you work with children, want training for employees, are a professional rescuer, or simply want to know how to help someone in an emergency, the American Red Cross has a program for you.
6l3zyr.redcross.org /services/hss/courses   (172 words)

 American Red Cross - St. Louis Area Chapter - Home
The disaster caused by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita is unprecedented in Red Cross history, in terms of the number of people affected, the extent of the area impacted and the scope of the destruction.
Perhaps the largest example of the boost in volunteerism can be found at the St. Louis Area American Red Cross.
To make it easier for people to find one another, the Red Cross teamed with Microsoft and San Diego Supercomputer Center to consolidate information from many different websites.
www.redcrossstl.org   (482 words)

 International Committee of the Red Cross (ICRC) - Home English
Since 1996 the Croatian Red Cross, supported by the ICRC, has been alerting the public to the danger of mines and other explosive remnants of war.
An additional emblem alongside the red cross and red crescent
The International Red Cross and Red Crescent Movement has welcomed the intention of the Swiss government to convene a diplomatic conference in the near future to adopt an additional emblem alongside those of the red cross and red crescent.
www.icrc.org /eng   (717 words)

 Red Cross Flags from The World Flag Database
It adopted the red cross on a white field as its emblem.
In 1876, during the Russo-Turkish war, the Ottoman Empire decided to use a red crescent on white instead of the red cross.
Egypt also decided to use the crescent and Persia later decided to use a red lion and sun on white.
www.flags.net /ICRC.htm   (156 words)

 Philadelphia Red Cross
Give to the American Red Cross to support Hurricane Katrina relief.
Learn about what the American Red Cross is doing to help.
Last year, your Red Cross responded to 804 local disasters, helping more than 4,000 people.
www.redcross-philly.org   (56 words)

 KC Red Cross: Helping Kansas City Stay Safe & Healthy
Discover the variety of ways you can donate to the Red Cross and help those in need.
American Red Cross Announces 2005 Flu Shot Clinic Schedule
Red Cross Eases Wartime Stresses for Troops and Their Families
www.kcredcross.org   (127 words)

 Red Cross
The American Red Cross of Central Oklahoma raised over $50,000 at this year’s MASH Bash, which was held at Gaillardia Golf and Country Club on June 25.
During the Annual Meeting, the Red Cross honored the many donors who have contributed over the last fiscal year, elected new officers and board members and recognized volunteer and staff achievements.
Nancy Hall was honored as the 2004-05 Board Member of the Year and was also recognized for her work as Service Delivery Chair.
chapters.redcross.org /ok/okc   (149 words)

 British Red Cross - Home Page 2005
On 8 October a severe earthquake devastated areas of Pakistan, India and Afghanistan, killing at least 30,000 people and leaving 2.5 million homeless.
A team of British Red Cross logistics and assessment experts have flown to Pakistan to help people affected by the earthquake.
British Red Cross, UK Office, 44 Moorfields, London EC2Y 9AL
www.redcross.org.uk   (156 words)

 International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC)
The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies is increasing its preliminary appeal to more than 70 million Swiss francs, in order to bring assistance to some 150,000 families (750,000 people), victims of last Saturday’s devastating earthquake which hit the northern parts of Pakistan, India and Afghanistan.
The International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies is the world's largest humanitarian organization, with 181 member National Societies.
All our work is guided by seven fundamental principles; humanity, impartiality, neutrality, independence, voluntary service, unity and universality.
www.ifrc.org   (188 words)

 Jamaica Red Cross Homepage
Jamaica Red Cross is part of the International Federation of Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies.
Our work is always done with the purpose of helping those most vulnerable in any situation, whether it is a national disaster; a conflict situation; or helping the needy in our society.
Did you know that the Red Cross and Red Crescent emblems are protected symbols under international humanitarian law and national laws?
www.jamaicaredcross.org   (148 words)

 Welcome to swpa.redcross.org
The American Red Cross has its International Response Team, a group of trained relief workers, on-call for deployment to the affected region.
Additionally, the American Red Cross has pre-positioned non-food relief supplies located near the region that will be sent upon request.
Collect donations for the Red Cross on your company website.
swpa.redcross.org   (320 words)

 American Red Cross - Santa Clara Valley   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The American Red Cross is responding to an unprecedented natural catastrophe and devoting every resource to this humanitarian relief effort.
The American people can be confident the Red Cross will spare no effort to meet the needs of hundreds of thousands of Hurricane Katrina survivors.
American Red Cross – Santa Clara Valley Chapter
chapters.redcross.org /ca/scv   (227 words)

 Welcome to the Canadian Red Cross- Canadian Red Cross
Red Cross Red Crescent signs biggest mosquito net distribution in Africa More»
A swim around Vancouver Island to raise awareness of the importance of Water and Boating Safety.
All content copyright © 1999-2005 Canadian Red Cross
www.redcross.ca   (178 words)

 American Red Cross of Massachusetts Bay   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-21)
The American Red Cross is there for those affected by Hurricane Katrina.
The American Red Cross of Massachusetts Bay is offering opportunities to individuals who would like to volunteer for Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Rita and other disasters throughout the United States.
Able to participate in a mandatory 2-day training set up by the American Red Cross of Massachusetts Bay Chapter.
www.bostonredcross.org   (274 words)

 Welcome to the American Red Cross in Connecticut
enables the Red Cross to meet the critical needs of victims of this and thousands of other disasters each year.
Each year, the American Red Cross responds immediately to more than 67,000 disasters, including house or apartment fires (the majority of disaster responses), hurricanes, floods, earthquakes, tornadoes, hazardous materials spills, transportation accidents, explosions, and other natural and man-made disasters.
The American Red Cross relies on the voluntary donations of the American public to provide its life-saving services.
www.ctredcross.org   (155 words)

 Capital Area Chapter of the American Red Cross
he Capital Area Chapter of the American Red Cross and the Florida Baptist Association partners in disaster communications.
he Capital Area Chapter of the American Red Cross encourages families to discuss school bus safety procedures and to follow these
f you are an employee of the State of Florida, Leon County or the City of Tallahassee, you could become eligible for 15 days of Disaster Leave by becoming an American Red Cross Disaster Services Volunteer.
www.tallytown.com /redcross   (346 words)

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