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Topic: Red Hat

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In the News (Mon 25 Jun 18)

  Red Hat and RealNetworks Partner to Offer Linux Desktop Users Access to the Internet's Best Audio and Video Programming
Red Hat will also offer a no-cost upgrade to RealPlayer® 10 for Linux to Red Hat customers upon their initial installation of the Red Hat Desktop when the player is available later this summer.
Red Hat, the world’s leading open source and Linux provider, is headquartered in Raleigh, NC with satellite offices spanning the globe.
Red Hat’s Open Source strategy offers customers a long-term plan for building infrastructures that are based on and leverage open source technologies with focus on security and ease of management.
www.realnetworks.com /company/press/releases/2004/real_redhat.html   (992 words)

 redhat.com | Red Hat Patent Policy
Red Hat has consistently taken the position that software patents generally impede innovation in software development and that software patents are inconsistent with open source/free software.
Red Hat representatives have addressed this issue before the National Academies of Science, the U.S. Federal Trade Commission, and the U.S. Department of Justice.
Red Hat is also a signatory to a petition to the European Union encouraging the EU not to adopt a policy of permitting software patents.
www.redhat.com /legal/patent_policy.html   (670 words)

  Red Hat Enterprise Linux - Offered on Fully Managed Dedicated Servers
With commercial based updates and rock solid development Red Hat Enterprise on your dedicated linux servers will offer you the ease and comfort of having direct updates from the Red Hat network.
Red Hat Enterprise is fully compatible with Plesk Dedicated Servers and cPanel Dedicated Servers.
By offering subscriptions to open source solutions, Red Hat is able to continually provide the new features and fixes you want along with the expert support resources you need.
www.fastservers.net /hosting-software/linux-redhat-enterprise.html   (418 words)

 redhat.com | Red Hat Launches Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4
Red Hat Enterprise Linux v.4 has the performance, scalability, security, and application portfolio needed to make Linux the sensible choice for every deployment, from servers connected to client and desktop systems.
Red Hat has collaborated with the community to bring to market mature open source technologies such as SELinux and Firefox, which greatly increase security and browser experience from servers through desktops and clients.
RED HAT is a registered trademark of Red Hat, Inc. All other names and trademarks are the property of their respective owners.
www.redhat.com /about/presscenter/2005/press_rhel4.html   (1360 words)

  Fool.com: Red Hat Gets Tipped [News] March 27, 2000
Red Hat consolidated all of the numbers in today's report with those of two newly acquired companies, Cygnus Solutions and Hell's Kitchen Systems, both of which were completed in January, 2000.
Red Hat intends to gain an additional 25% in annual sales from acquisitions over the next five years, though that figure would depend upon finding the right deals.
Red Hat may be the leader among Linux providers, but it remains far from clear that the company can increase revenues substantially enough to justify its price.
www.fool.com /news/2000/rhat000327.htm   (653 words)

 MSN Encarta - Romania
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 [No title]
www.rotravel.com /romania/history/cap1.php   (262 words)

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 Amnesty International Report 2002 - Europe - ROMANIA
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 Rome and Romania, Roman Emperors, Byzantine Emperors, etc.
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 O'Reilly Media | Learning Red Hat Linux
Learning Red Hat Linux will guide any new Linux user through the installation and use of the Red Hat ® version of the free operating system that is shaking up the world of commercial software.
Learning Red Hat Linux will guide any new user of Linux through the installing and use of the Red Hat® version of the free operating system that is shaking up the commercial world of software.
I have been reading learning red hat Linux.(by Bill McCarty) This person knows how to get certain points across that are difficult to understand.
www.oreilly.com /catalog/redhat   (988 words)

 Red Hat Case Study | Managing the Digital Enterprise
Red Hat, the world's leading open source and Linux provider, is headquartered in Raleigh, NC with satellite offices spanning the globe.
Red Hat is leading Linux and open source solutions into the mainstream by making high quality, low cost technology accessible.
Red Hat's Open Source strategy offers customers a long term plan for building infrastructures that are based on and leverage open source technologies with focus on security and ease of management.
digitalenterprise.org /cases/redhat.html   (178 words)

 Red Hat Magazine | Geek gift guide 2007
Send an email to contest@redhat.com on one of the following topics: tell us what you’d like to read about in Red Hat Magazine in the coming year, the open source story you’ve never told, or just whatever open source topic is rattling around in your head this week.
Dual core CPUs are supported as of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 update 1.
In a recent Red Hat Magazine article, Paul Frields gave some examples of how SSH port forwarding can be used to remotely gain access to resources, or ports, from a remote location.
www.redhatmagazine.com   (553 words)

 Open Sources | InfoWorld | Red Hat: the mother of all business models | January 15, 2006 05:49 AM | By Matt Asay
Red Hat helps to drive Linux development, ensuring momentum and competitiveness for the open source project.
Red Hat is able to deride competitors who have hybrid models while effectively having one itself, scoring marketing points and positioning itself as the one, true open source Linux vendor.
Red Hat is able to lower the barriers to trying out its products without abandoning the ability to convince customers to pay upfront and ongoing support/license fees.
weblog.infoworld.com /openresource/archives/2006/01/red_hat_the_mot.html   (1573 words)

 Red Hat tumbles after Oracle opens pricing war - USATODAY.com   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Global Equities Research analyst Trip Chowdhry believes Red Hat might turn into a prime takeover target, but predicted IBM (IBM) is more likely to be the buyer than Oracle.
Red Hat Chairman Matthew Szulik downplayed the threat to his company, hailing Oracle's move as a positive development for Linux —; an alternative to the dominant Windows operating system that fuels Microsoft's profits.
Red Hat's handling of the JBoss deal was just one of several factors that irritated Oracle, Chowdhry said.
www.usatoday.com /tech/techinvestor/corporatenews/2006-10-26-oracle-red-hat_x.htm?csp=34   (702 words)

 Red Hat files suit against SCO | CNET News.com
It's not random that Red Hat's suit moves the action away from the Utah court where SCO filed its suit against IBM, Gray Cary attorney Mark Radcliffe said.
Red Hat also stated that it has set up a fund, the Open Source Now Fund, to defray any legal costs that may be incurred by the Linux community.
Red Hat is also seeking a preliminary injunction to bar SCO from continuing its assertions that Red Hat's Linux violates SCO's intellectual property.
news.com.com /2100-7252-5059547.html   (1274 words)

 Red Hat Network tour
I've used Red Hat Network successfully in the past, so I was happy to get my hands on a demo of Red Hat Network 4, which is in the process of being released.
By default, Red Hat Enterprise Linux systems are configured to check in with Red Hat Network every four hours, though customers can change this as needed for their environment.
Red Hat network provides the ability to remotely reprovision systems, which save you the trouble of needing a boot disk at each and every system.
searchenterpriselinux.techtarget.com /tip/1,289483,sid39_gci1127049,00.html   (1268 words)

 Red Hat News
Red Hat Wednesday pushed out Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5, the first major update of its operating system in a couple of years, a rev on which much hangs considering the threatening noises coming from the...
Red Hat Exchange will be much more than just an online product catalog; it's designed to function as a community where users of open-source software can read reviews, rate the products, and compare notes.
Red Hat launched the newest version of its Linux computer operating system in San Francisco Wednesday, unveiling a new strategy to become the hub of all things open source.
www.topix.net /com/rhat   (773 words)

 Red Hat News | Liberation Fonts
To address this issue and to take a key step toward liberating desktops, Red Hat contracted with Ascender Corp., one of the leading commercial developers of fonts, to develop a set of fonts that are metrically equivalent to the key Microsoft fonts.
Today Red Hat announced the public release of these fonts under the trademark LIBERATION at the Red Hat Summit.
This is just one way for Red Hat to say thank you to all our friends in the open source community for all you have done to make us successful.
www.press.redhat.com /2007/05/09/liberation-fonts   (609 words)

 Linux.com :: Review: Red Hat Desktop
Recently Red Hat announced that it was still in the corporate desktop market, despite having handed off its former desktop product to the Fedora project last September.
Red Hat Desktop has a number of really stupid problems, the first of which was that it wasn't able to reassign ownership of the files in a user's home directory that I carried over from a previous RH9 installation.
Red Hat Desktop is intended as a companion for RHEL served environments, not for standalone or home users that are looking for support for the latest and greatest hardware.
www.linux.com /articles/113718   (3477 words)

 Bugzilla Main Page   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Bugzilla is the Red Hat bug-tracking system and is used to submit and review defects that have been found in Red Hat distributions.
If you are a Red Hat Enterprise Linux customer and have an active support entitlement, please log in to Red Hat Support for assistance with your issue.
You may also find answers to many issues in the Red Hat Knowledgebase or you may also connect with the Red Hat community to find technical answers through Red Hat Technical Mailing Lists.
bugzilla.redhat.com /bugzilla   (398 words)

 DistroWatch.com: Red Hat Enterprise Linux
Red Hat is the leader in development, deployment, and management of Linux and open source solutions for Internet infrastructure - ranging from embedded devices to secure Web servers.
Red Hat was founded in 1994 by visionary entrepreneurs Bob Young and Marc Ewing.
Red Hat is headquartered in Raleigh, North Carolina, USA.
distrowatch.com /redhat   (394 words)

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