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Topic: Red packet

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In the News (Wed 21 Aug 19)

  Red packet
A red packet or hong bao (紅包) is a gift of cash which is given in a Chinese society.
Red packets are often given on social occasions such as a wedding reception or a holiday such as Chinese New Year.
The red of the packet symbolizes good luck and the amount of money in the packet is often some lucky number (such as a number with a lot of eights in it).
www.ebroadcast.com.au /lookup/encyclopedia/re/Red_packet.html   (218 words)

 [No title]
For the RED implementation in the ns-2 simulator, setting the parameter ``ns_red(bytes)'' to ``true'' results in a RED packet-dropping probability that is a function of the packet size in bytes.
For a router where the transmission delay for a packet is largely a function of the size of the packet in bytes, then measuring the queue in bytes has the advantage that the average queue size corresponds to the average queueing delay for a packet, in seconds.
For a router where the transmission delay for a packet is fixed, regardless of the size of the packet in bytes, then measuring the queue in packets gives the most accurate indication of the average queueing delay for an arriving packet.
www-nrg.ee.lbl.gov /floyd/REDaveraging.txt   (1023 words)

 RED queuing discipline
Avoiding packet drops (being as conservative as is possible) the global synchronization problem is minimized (where several TCP connections reduce their throughput to a minimum at the same time due, mainly, to a packet massacre at router queue).
The RED gateway uses randomization in choosing which arriving packets to mark; with this method, the probability of marking a packet from a particular connection is roughly proportional to that connection's share of the bandwidth through the gateway.
The red curve is the current queue size of the router; the green curve is the average queue size calculated using the EWMA low-pass filter.
www.opalsoft.net /qos/DS-26.htm   (3762 words)

 [No title]
Thus, for a dropping probability of 6.25% or greater for a 500-byte packet, RED in byte mode will drop either an 8K packet, or at least one of sixteen 500-byte packets, with probability 1, resulting in a congestion signal to the transport.
The truth is that for RED in byte mode, for higher drop probabilities and very large packets, the very large packets are somewhat *less* likely to receive at least one drop than if they were broken into small packets, meaning that there is a mild incentive for larger packets.
It is true that RED in packet mode has a very strong bias against flows with smaller packets - for RED in packet mode, halving the packet size means significantly increasing your chances for a packet drop in a window of data, keeping the sending rate in bytes/sec fixed.
www.icir.org /floyd/REDaveraging.txt   (1874 words)

 Red envelope - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A red envelope or red packet (Traditional Chinese: 紅包; Simplified Chinese: 红包; pinyin: hóng bāo) is a monetary gift which is given in Chinese society.
Red envelopes are often presented on social and family occasions such as a wedding reception or a holiday such as Chinese New Year (in which context it is also known as yāsuì qián, Traditional Chinese: 壓歲錢).
A white envelope, however, is used instead in Japan and Korea, with the name of the receiver written on its obverse.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Red_packet   (368 words)

 Quality of Service Configuration
from psc 0 dropPref red to dscp 30 exp 0
from psc 1 dropPref red to dscp 0 exp 1
from psc 3 dropPref red to dscp 0 exp 6
www.avici.com /documentation/HTMLDocs/03507-06_revAA/QoSConfig.html   (7602 words)

 Red Envelope
A Red packet is simply a red envelope with money in it which symbolizes luck and wealth.
Red packets are typically handed out to younger generations by their parents, grandparents, relatives, close neighbors and friends.
Red is the lucky color and will bring good luck to the person receiving the present.
www.tuvy.com /chinese/info/red_envelop.htm   (128 words)

 ViaSat, Inc. - Secure Networking: KIV-21 FAQ   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
The ARP Query is generated by a host or router on the localsegment of the KIV-21's Red LAN when it wishes to send a packet to a Red destinationon a remote segment of the Red LAN, and it does not have the MAC address for thatdestination.
The bridging module of the source KIV-21 appends theLSB to the original (Red) IP header of a unicast packet and populates the LSB with theIP address of the Red destination and the TTL of the original packet.
Upon decryption of thereceived packet, the remote KIV-2 replaces the destination address and TTL in thedecrypted IP header with the Red destination address and TTL in the LSB option,deletes the LSB option from the packet, and updates the IP header length, thepacket total length, a nd the IP header checksum of the packet.
www.viasat.com /secure/kiv21/faq   (3519 words)

 RED (Random Early Detection) Queue Management
RED is implemented for the Cisco AS5200, 4000, 4500, and 4700.
Of particular interest are the graphs of the packet drop rates on the afternoon of May 2, 2001, during a several-hour period of heavy outbound traffic from a compromised Windows machine on campus.
RED was turned on and off several times during this two-hour period, and the results show that the use of RED significantly reduced the packet drop rate during this period.
www.icir.org /floyd/red.html   (3026 words)

 Cincinnati Reds : Fan Forum : Mr. Red
Red is the original member of the Reds entertainment group.
Red will be entering Great American Ball Park with a renewed commitment to cheering the team to victory.
Red reservation packet, please call (513) 765-7000 and ask to speak to the Mr.
cincinnati.reds.mlb.com /NASApp/mlb/cin/fan_forum/mr_red.jsp   (484 words)

 Magic Magnets Color Separation
He places the red magnet on top of one end packet and the fl magnet on top of the other end packet.
He then removes the magnets from the packets and places one on top of the center packet and one on the bottom.
This tells you that the red packet is to your left and the fl packet to your right.
web.superb.net /cardtric/tricks/intermed/mmcm.htm   (485 words)

 Quality of Service Configuration
(RED) is a congestion avoidance mechanism that detects the onset of congestion by estimating an average observable queue size relative to minimum and maximum queue thresholds.
The packet drop probability is therefore one in four or.25 of all packets when the average queue size is at maximum threshold of 40ms.
Packet treatments are configured at the global level and do not have interface resources associated with them until you establish a traffic assignment at the interface level and specify the packet treatment, using the
www.avici.com /documentation/HTMLDocs/03507-03_revBA/QoSConfig.html   (8073 words)

 Red Flags
In the packet were red flags that warned me that this was not the church for me. The first red flag was the “Pastor Job Description” that was included.
The second red flag was found in a bulletin they sent to me from a previous Sunday which announced “Reverend” so and so was going to be the guest speaker next week.
I heeded the red flags and did not pursue the ministry in that particular church.
restorationplea.com /documents/red_flags.htm   (830 words)

 Mama Lisa's World Blog
Red packet money, however, is not limited to kids.
Then, when you run into someone and have to give their kids red packet money, you make a quick assessment of how close these people are to you, and you decide how much, i.e.
the reason why married people give unmarried people red packets is because marriage is seen as a mark of maturity… married people give red packets as a blessing to the ‘younger’ people.
www.mamalisa.com /blog/?p=173   (1315 words)

 Nessoft Knowledge Base - Time graph packet loss height
In this case, a lost packet will show 100% packet loss on the graph, and the red period will be multiple pixels wide.
In this case, if one packet was lost, you'll see a jump in red-height of a fixed amount.
If a single pixel width represents 20 packets, then the height of the bar in that pixel is an average (mean) of the latencies.
www.nessoft.com /kb/20   (556 words)

 [No title]
Reactive discard is performed by demoting or dropping yellow and red packets in reaction to a green packet demotion at the marker.
While for TCP flows a packet loss is followed by the retransmission of the packet, for Audio/Video flows dropped information is in general not retransmitted due to time constraints.
B and the packet has been pre-colored as green, the packet is marked as green.
www.ietf.org /proceedings/99nov/I-D/draft-medina-mmcm-00.txt   (2201 words)

 Red Alert... quiz -- free game
Red Water is (or was) one of these.
A layer of red sandstone in the midst of white sandstone
Red Rum is (or was) one of these.
www.funtrivia.com /playquiz.cfm?qid=195173   (345 words)

 Mama Lisa's World Blog
In general, red packet money is given on occasions that are worth celebrating, e.g.
When I was growing up, we used to receive “ang pao” or red packets, which contained lucky money, during birthdays, chinese new year, graduations, weddings, baby christenings, and any occassion that would call for a present.
Red packets are given by the older generation to the younger generation and is not usually exchanged within the same generation.
www.mamalisa.com /blog/?p=306   (653 words)

 Zinnia plant and seed varieties from rich farm garden
Colors are red, pink, yellow, white, purple and orange.
Variations of browns, reds, and yellows, some solid, many more bicolors in a variety of patterns make this a good companion to sunflowers.
Red Spider - Zinnia tenuiflora - Annual; Heirloom variety documented as early as 1801.
www.richfarmgarden.com /zinnia.html   (587 words)

 Northcentral Pennsylvania Chapter of the American Red Cross - Blood Services - Facts
Packet red cells are prescribed for anemic patients.
Red Cross regional blood services are financed by recovering expenses from the users of their services.
The Red Cross charges hospitals a processing fee to cover the expenses of recruiting, collecting, testing, processing, and distributing blood and blood products.
ncparedcross.org /services/blood/facts.php   (381 words)

 Purchase Seeds
Medium-hot pods maturing to red, 2 inches by 1/2 inch across, a variety from India.
The pepper is a deep translucent red with a shiny thin skin.
When dried, they are red and often called California or New Mexico chiles.
www.chocolatehabanero.com /purchase.htm   (942 words)

 The Red Badge of Courage by Stephen Crane. Search, Read, Study, Discuss.
The Red Badge of Courage by Stephen Crane.
Commonly considered Stephen Crane's greatest accomplishment, The Red Badge of Courage (1895) ranks among the foremost literary achievements of the modern era.
Published in the autumn of 1895, Red Badge went through two editions before the end of the year.
www.online-literature.com /crane/redbadge   (861 words)

 red packet definition - Dictionary - MSN Encarta
red packet definition - Dictionary - MSN Encarta
Search for "red packet" in all of MSN Encarta
Hong Kong gift of money: money enclosed in a red envelope and given for luck by married people to unmarried young people during the first 15 days of the Chinese New Year
encarta.msn.com /dictionary_561539303/red_packet.html   (87 words)

 Red Packet with 3 Gold Coins - 3pcs per set @ FengShui-Supply.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
The Red Packet or Ang Pow is the traditional Chinese custom of wishing someone good luck.
The Ang Pow can either be carried along with you in your handbag/purse or placed in the North sector of your home to aid you in your Career.
The Chinese characters for “Abundant Wealth” are emblazed in gold on the Ang Pow packet.
www.fengshui-supply.com /product/viewprod.asp?pid=3953   (194 words)

 [No title]
The trTCM meters an IP packet stream and marks its packets based on two rates, Peak Information Rate (PIR) and Committed Information Rate (CIR), and their associated burst sizes to be either green, yellow, or red.
Service Example The trTCM can be used to mark a IP packet stream in a service, where different, decreasing levels of assurances (either absolute or relative) are given to packets which are green, yellow, or red.
For example, a service may discard all red packets, because they exceeded the peak rate, forward yellow packets as best effort, and forward green packets with a low drop probability.
www.ietf.org /rfc/rfc2698.txt   (969 words)

 The David Devlin Effect!
While the packet is being shuffled, take back the red deck, and place it in front of you, slightly to your right.
After the packet has been shuffled, take it back, turn it face up, and spread the cards to show that they are all different.
The misdirection here is that you are placing the red packet in front of the spectator, telling him to cover it with his hand.
www.magicalmayhem.com /Devlin.html   (1251 words)

 Chinese Gift Packet
The money is usually placed in a red packet/envelope decorated with an appropriate symbol, greeting or lucky sign, like the one pictured on the right.
Cut out the packet and fold it along the dotted lines, folding in the direction away from the printed Chinese characters (if you want to make your packet particularly nice, you can paint the characters with gold paint).
Straighten the packet out again, and turn it over so you are looking at the side without the characters, as in the diagram below.
www.chinesemoods.com /chinesegiftpacket.html   (259 words)

 Sainsbury's Archives Virtual Museum - Red Label Tea Packet
Each was named after the colour of the seal on the top of the packet.
Each type of tea was available in 2oz, 4oz and 8oz packets which were prepacked at George Payne's warehouse, in a brown greaseproof paper and a foil lining.
You can print out a replica section from an original packet of Red Label tea in Sainsbury's Archives or you can print out the template onto coloured paper to produce a variety of blends.
www.j-sainsbury.co.uk /museum/teahist.htm   (238 words)

 ABC Wholesale Pty Ltd -   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-03)
Red and White balloons with white and red ink.
Packet has at least 4 different shapes and assorted colours.
Sold in packets of 10 or in packets of 100.
abcwholesale.com.au /index.php?action=pricelist   (1144 words)

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