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Topic: Redneck

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  Redneck Philosophy
Rednecks truly feel sorry for the poor bastards who worked their ass-off for 8 years in college only to become a corporate slave, all this hard work just to get a decent BMW and Rolex.
You see, a real Redneck never feels the need to brag and they would not think of mentioning to hard working yuppies that their 80 acre farm is with eight million dollars of that they have $5,000,000 in farm equipment that they only use a few weeks each year.
D.S. is a Redneck's Redneck, free of the constraints of conventional society.
www.dba-oracle.com /redneck.htm   (1478 words)

 Redneck Trailer Supplies - the leading wholesale distributor of trailer supplies
Redneck Trailer Supplies - the leading wholesale distributor of trailer supplies
The eSales System will be down for System Maintenance beginning
The nation's leading wholesale distributor of trailer parts and towing supplies.
www.redneck-trailer.com   (44 words)

 Pam's House Blend
Rednecks are traditional Americans, who work hard to support their families, and go to church on Sunday.
Rednecks mow their own lawns and work on their own vehicles and they have every manner of tool imaginable (which they keep in a shed that they built themselves).
Rednecks usually wear work boots or cowboy boots, but at some point in their lives most rednecks owned a pair of combat boots, when they risked their lives to give the "pampered" the privilege of criticizing our "cowboy" president.
www.pamspaulding.com /weblog/2005/02/wingnut-tar-heels-definition-of.html   (1280 words)

 [No title]
A redneck, a sheep, and a dog were survivors of a terrible shipwreck.
Redneck birth control After having their 11th child, a Missouri couple decided that was enough, as they could not afford a larger bed.
Redneck Family Tree Many many years ago when I was twenty three, I got married to a widow who was pretty as could be.
www.manbottle.com /humor/category/Redneck_Jokes   (510 words)

 New Page 2
The term Afrikaans Rooinek, which translated literally means redneck, is a disparaging term the Boers used to apply to the British and later became associated with any European immigrant to South Africa as detailed by David Wilton at UselessKnowledge.com.
The redneck is often portrayed as slow, shallow in thought, and regulated to the rural areas, often out of their element when introduced to new concepts or ideas.
Redneck as defined by David Wilton, "Dates back to around 1830, when it was first used to denote the Presbyterians of Fayetteville.
kpearson.faculty.tcnj.edu /Dictionary/redneck.htm   (619 words)

 True Definition of a REDNECK
Rednecks are good ol' boys/gals who usually live in the south (usually in the country) and also tend to have a southern accent.
Rednecks and white-trash are the ones that built this country(and that aint figurative).
There are old rednecks in these hills that never went past the second grade that have more knowledge in the head than most of those acedimic boobs that profess to be "educated".
members.lycos.nl /jurgenspage/newpage28.html   (1066 words)

 Dean's World - Redneck
Of course the other guy responded with "Well, I am a redneck" and we went on to conclude that what may be slurs coming from an outsider is a mark of familiarity within a group.
"Redneck" of course, is a term derived from the tendency of outdoor workers (mostly agricultural) to expose the back of their necks while working out in the sun, which in time turned the back of their necks a nice red color.
I have a good bit of redneck in me. But then I remember the days when wearing bluejeans was not only an open admission of redneck-ness, but blue-jean wearers were ridiculed as backwoods neanderthals...
www.deanesmay.com /posts/1164365468.shtml   (863 words)

 Urban Dictionary: redneck
redneck 2 sounds hick white trash hillbilly cracker nascar trailer trash mullet racist idiot inbred south stupid blue collar republican southern asshole country nigger dumbass ghetto trailer park wigger alabama rebel rednecks southerner hicks ignorant cowboy george bush red neck working class bush hill billy honkey retard beer george w.
you might be a redneck if the tires on your truck cost more than your truck
The rednecks went to Daytona just to get their daughter baptized there.
www.urbandictionary.com /define.php?term=redneck   (696 words)

 USATODAY.com - Rednecks find ingredients for another successful Games   (Site not responding. Last check: )
He also got to dine on a tasty redneck treat not many get a chance to sample, as he went bobbin' for pigs feet.
As for another local and proud redneck who's been around the games for several years, Freight Train, the games have a deeper meaning than flopping in mud or chomping on pig's feet.
Games such as redneck horseshoes, the hubcap hurl, bobbin' for pig's feet, the mud pit belly flop and the seed spitting contest were set to continue throughout the day, depending on the weather.
www.usatoday.com /news/offbeat/2005-07-09-redneck-games_x.htm?csp=34   (519 words)

 Redneck Incense
Redneck incense is a designer line of smells that all true rednecks can appreciate.
If your not a real redneck, buy some to impress your friends, or buy some for one of your Redneck friends.
Redneck incense is made by gen-u-ine Texas rednecks deep in the heart of Texas.
www.redneckincense.com /index.html   (399 words)

 Redneck - Moviefone
The REAL Redneck Movie --Jason Golod Blogs I came a cross a link to the real redneck movie after reading up on some stuff at Jeremy Zawodny?s blog.
redneck - movie and tv vault at videovista Originally a sick fuck movie with an inarguable X rating, Redneck has been granted a 15 for video today, though it is still an edgy film that will age you...
Redneck - Cast & Crew, movie showtimes, plot, synopsis, exclusive features, trailers, clips, theater listings, reviews, message boards, dvd, videos, rentals and more on Moviefone.
movies.aol.com /movie/redneck/13818/main   (178 words)

 Redneck Rampage for PC Review - PC Redneck Rampage Review
Redneck Rampage packages the Duke Nukem 3D engine with a low-concept theme - invading aliens are cloning backcountry hicks - that could have very easily fallen apart.
But Redneck Rampage works on several levels - as a shooter, adventure, and humor title.
Xatrix Entertainment invested the time to load Redneck up with endless little in-jokes and details - the game is a rich, twisted parody of the deep south.
www.gamespot.com /pc/action/redneckrampage/review.html   (789 words)

 Redneck RamPage   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Others don't even realize they are rednecks, and contrary to popular belief, redneck is not synonymous with white trash, incest, trailers, or even hunters.
Here in my part of the country, "rednecks" were those that worked the fields and gardens and consequently developed permanently red roughened skin on the back of their necks.
Although these "rednecks" were not the ones to be praised as leaders of men, they would be considered to be givers of life.
webpages.marshall.edu /~davis23/rampage.htmlx   (532 words)

You know yer a redneck when you take a load to the dump and bring back more than you took
Your aunt and your grandmother went to the funeral and had a fight over who gets to be the widow.
You may be a redneck if you ever
www.fortogden.com /foredneck.html   (791 words)

 FOXNews.com - Supreme Court Refuses Redneck T-Shirt Case - U.S. & World
An appeals court held that the word "redneck" was not used to intimidate and harass other students, and that the school in New Jersey overstepped its bounds in punishing Thomas Sypniewski Jr.
James Broscious, the school district's attorney, had urged the court to schedule arguments in the case, telling justices "this issue is very significant, considering the current situation in our nation's schools, and the need for administrations to be proactive to ensure a safe atmosphere for all the children."
Gerald Walpin, the attorney for Sypniewski, who has already graduated, said there were no problems with redneck T-shirts at the high school near the Pennsylvania border.
www.foxnews.com /story/0,2933,87285,00.html   (766 words)

 Definition of redneck - Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary
1sometimes disparaging : a white member of the Southern rural laboring class2often disparaging : a person whose behavior and opinions are similar to those attributed to rednecks
Find more about "redneck" instantly with Live Search
See a map of "redneck" in the Visual Thesaurus
www.m-w.com /cgi-bin/dictionary?book=Dictionary&va=redneck   (51 words)

 Redneck Jokes
Redneck jokes and humor, ranging in topics from rednecks going flying to indications of being a redneck.
We have literally hundreds of redneck jokes for you to enjoy!
Each day, click to read the Redneck Joke of the Day!
www.ahajokes.com /redneck_jokes.html   (61 words)

 Redneck Card
Present benefits include discounts and specials and in the near future, a voice for the hardworking--now disenfranchised--people of America who make up its heart and soul.
To offer a helping hand to other Redneck World members in need of assistance.
To be pro-active in protecting our God given home, this Earth of ours.
www.redneckworld.com /Redneck_Card/redneck_card.html   (131 words)

 Dave's Redneck Photos Page
If you have a redneck photo that you would like to submit, or if you just want to drop me a line, please click here.
From the Redneck Riviera - The Southern Redneck Dictionary!
Bertram's Lair has got a ton of redneck stuff, including games (warning - this site is NOT rated G!).
www.lilligren.com /Redneck   (238 words)

 Flickr: Photos tagged with redneck
Our redneck t-shirts are made from 100% cotton and are hand-dyed, high quality garments.
Find and Compare prices on redneck games at Smarter.com.
Feed – Subscribe to photos tagged with redneck
www.flickr.com /photos/tags/redneck   (121 words)

 redneck blogs
This sickens me. I am proud of my roots in Upstate New York, but we have a legacy of shame that needs to be exposed.
Too often, northerners make crude jokes about southerners as being racist rednecks and little more than hillbillies.
Well take a good hard look at this and learn that we northerners have our pockets of ignorance and unchecked corruption, too.
www.mindsay.com /tags/redneck   (1621 words)

These two brothers have got some hilarious redneck tales set to music..
These Ole Boys have a brand of RedNeck Metal that just has to be experienced.
You Might Be A RedNeck IF and some other RedNeck sundries....................
www.redneck.org /redneck.html   (1109 words)

If any of y'all have a great redneck site that oughta be on this page, add a link to this page and then, E-Mail with your URL, category and a brief description of your site.
Enjoy the story of a hillbilly girl who meets a redneck rocket scientist on the Web and lives happily ever after.
redneck rebel pics jokes humor southern stuff flag flags rednecks foxworthy confederate skoal country gordon graphics and brooke sites music screen savers pictures sounds page cards world kentucky free hillbilly homepage official redneckorg hazard dukes web downloadable links images neck auburn rebels red the lyrics bama georgia alabama cool rampage home
www.shucks.net /shucks/HOMEPAGE/rednecks.htm   (306 words)

 Redneck jokes
Welcome to www.redneck-jokes.net - home of the funniest redneck jokes on the net!
We have hundreds of redneck jokes that are guaranteed to have you laughing your socks off!
Be sure to bookmark us and check back often, we are contstantly adding new, funny redneck jokes to our reneck jokes collection.
www.redneck-jokes.net   (322 words)

 Redneck Rampage for PC - Redneck Rampage PC Game - Redneck Rampage Computer Game
Redneck Rampage for PC - Redneck Rampage PC Game - Redneck Rampage Computer Game
Redneck Rampage Suckin' Grits on Route 66 v1.01 patch
Posted Sep 17, 2006 9:55 pm PT Tell the world what you think of Redneck Rampage.
www.gamespot.com /pc/action/redneckrampage/index.html   (299 words)

 boortz.com: More Boortz Redneck Scrap Book
Videos, text and other sorts of things are added to the end of the list at the bottom.
View the ten most popular Redneck Scrapbook entries for 2006
You know you're in a redneck church if...
www.boortz.com /more/funny/redneck_pics.html   (152 words)

* Radio Country Humorist Earl Pitts discusses a redneck's choice of lunch meat...
"There's a little bit of redneck in all of us."
www.redneckworld.com   (154 words)

 Redneck Jokes
This is my growing collection of redneck jokes.
Hope you enjoy them as much as I do.
There might have been a redneck using your computer if...
www.frontiernet.net /~tzuleger/webjokes/redneckjokes.htm   (46 words)

 Rednecks and the Computer
A very special thanks to Paul for his gigantic redneck joke collection that can be found on Redneck Acres.
Rednecks have been to this site as of it's launching on April 27, 1998.
Use of any entries on this page for your own personal gain may result in a redneck coming after ya with thier shotgun.
members.tripod.com /~AngelOfTheNet/rednecks.htm   (321 words)

 Is your church Redneck?
Your Church Might Be A Redneck Church If:
All of the redneck jokes on this site are assumed to be in the public domain.
If you are the owner of any redneck humor item and would like it removed then please contact us
www.redneck-humor.com /content/6199.html   (144 words)

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