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Topic: Reggaeton

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In the News (Sun 21 Apr 19)

  Reggaeton - ReggaetonFever.com
The REGGAETON brand, which shares the name of the explosive music genre that has fueled Latino music growth, will be sponsoring the conferences being held from April 23-26.
Reggaeton star Daddy Yankee is preparing a 40-city tour through the U.S. and Latin America this fall to promote his upcoming album, "The Cartel: The Big Boss," due June 5 via El Cartel/Interscope.
Reggaeton, a mix of dancehall, rap, tropical music and a distinctive bass-heavy beat, dominated the Latin charts in 2006, with titles in the genre occupying four of the top five slots of the year-end Top Latin Albums recap.
www.reggaetonfever.com   (704 words)

 :Reggaeton.FM: - Where The Music Never Stops
Reggaeton.FM, la primera y unica emisora de reggaeton en internet directamente desde Puerto Rico!
Escucha a tus artistas favoritos como Don Omar, Tego Calderon, Daddy Yankee, Wisin & Yandel, Master Joe & Og Black, Ivy Queen, Hector "The Father" y muchos mas!
Reggaeton - Reggaeton Community - Reggaeton Booking - Reggaeton Hits
www.reggaeton.fm   (86 words)

  Music Genre: Reggaeton - Music of Puerto Rico
Reggaeton was also heavily infuenced by other Puerto Rican music genres and by urban hip-hop music craze in the United States.
Reggaeton is closely associated with the "underground" movement of urban youth and is sometimes also referred to in Spanish as "perreo", meaning "doggie"; a term describing a common reggaeton dance move that evokes a sexual position.
Currently, the leading exponents of reggaeton include Tego Calderón, Queen Ivy, Don Chezina and Daddy Yankee, but the explosive growth in the genre's popularity promises to bring many new artists to the dance halls and discotheques and thereby, to the forefront of the urban youth culture.
www.musicofpuertorico.com /index.php/genre/reggaeton   (379 words)

 [No title]
Reggaeton is a relatively new genre of dance music that has become popular in Puerto Rico over the last decade.
Reggaeton has its roots in Panama, where Spanish-language reggae was developed in the 1970s by Jamaicans who were descendants of immigrants who helped build the Panama Canal.
Ivy Queen, reggaeton's leading lady, showed her dance moves and moved the ladies with her catchy hit "Quiero Bailar," as her stage dancers proudly held the Puerto Rican flag aloft.
www.lycos.com /info/reggaeton.html   (464 words)

  Reggaeton - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Reggaeton and hip-hop are often remixed together, and reggaeton songs and live concerts may feature hip-hop artists such as Lil Jon, 50 Cent, and Eminem.
Reggaeton may or may not be objectionable depending on the artists, song, and the listener's interpretation, as one reggaeton song may have many interpretations because a song's meaning may not be very clear and direct.
Reggaeton is most commonly thought of as originating from Puerto Rico, where it has flourished and spread across Latin America and the international stage.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Reggaeton   (2912 words)

 Perreo Store: Reggaeton DVDs | PerreoRadio.com   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Reggaeton (also spelled with the Spanish accent as Reggaetón, and sometimes as Reguetón in Spanish) - blends Jamaican music influences of reggae and dancehall with those of Latin America, such as bomba and plena, as well as that of hip hop.
Reggaeton has given Hispanic Caribbean youth, specifically those of Puerto Rico, Panama, Dominican Republic, Venezuela, and Cuba as well as the Latin American audience and the Latino communities in the United States, a musical genre of their own.
Reggaeton's most notably unique feature is a driving drum-machine track, which sounds almost identical in virtually all reggaeton songs, derived from Trinidadian soca music and Jamaican dancehall rhythms.
www.perreoradio.com /pages/store.html   (1935 words)

Reggaeton's multi-ethnic flavor may be interpreted as a sign which demonstrates the openness and positivity of Puerto Rican society.
Reggaeton's creativity and break from American and Jamaican musical styles is reflective of Puerto Rico's multi-ethnic flavor and its cultural proximity to other Latin American countries as well as the US and Jamaica.
Reggaeton is also beginning to amass a large following in areas such as Florida, New York, the Boston area, Chicago, Los Angeles, and small pockets of the USA where the Latino population is sizeable or where there is a large club scene.
www.latinclub.com.au /newsview/10   (1264 words)

 Freemuse: Puerto Rico: Censorship on reggaeton genre
Young artists found reggaeton was a means to share their experiences in life, raw and uncensored, which has made reggaeton's lyrics hard for much of the upper class of Latin America to digest.
Reggaeton artists were not allowed to perform concerts in a few Caribbean countries.
However, reggaeton was banned in Puerto Rico until in the end of the 1990s where new reggaeton artists came along who began to "clean up" the lyrics to ensure that their music would be played on the radio.
www.freemuse.org /sw12069.asp   (629 words)

 AskMen.com - Reggaeton
Once dismissed as a passing fad, reggaeton is now one of the busiest sections of music stores across the nation.
Reggaeton stars such as Tego Calderon and Daddy Yankee are commanding huge deals with American music labels as they emerge from their contracts in Puerto Rico.
Don't be surprised if reggaeton originals and remixes continue to climb the urban and pop charts over the months to come.
www.askmen.com /toys/special_feature_100/102_special_feature.html   (541 words)

 Reggaeton: The Survival Guide - Pop Playground - Stylus Magazine
Reggaeton is a huge industry in the Latin music industry, on its way to eclipsing established genres like salsa and merengue in popularity.
This is reggaeton filtered through the European club scene, and as awful as that may sound, it works wonderfully.
Ivy Queen is the most notable female MC in reggaeton, which has to be due to her voice.
www.stylusmagazine.com /feature.php?ID=1326   (1358 words)

 LatinRapper.com Musica | Reggaeton Music | Lyrics | News | Pictures | CD Videos de
Born of Colombian origin in Miami and grown in the Virgin Islands, she is an artist that represents a new multicultural generation.
Supported by all the major stars of Reggaeton and numerous social organizations such as the NAACP, the Free Tempo Campaign seeks the release of the groundbreaking young Puerto Rican artist who was falsely accused and unjustly imprisoned on federal narcotics conspiracy charges without any supporting physical evidence.
They are the first exponents of the reggaeton genre in their native country, with a fresh approach that fuses the popular beat with the more tropical sounds of the salsa and merengue.
www.latinrapper.com /reggaeton.html   (8498 words)

 BBC NEWS | Americas | Puerto Rico shakes to a new beat
Reggaeton stars like Tego Calderon, Daddy Yankee, Don Omar and Ivy Queen played to thousands of fans at New York's Madison Square Garden last October, highlighting reggaeton's growing international appeal and potential commercial power.
Outside one of the capital's top reggaeton nightclubs, two young women admit the music might be frowned upon by their parents.
She says that she is sick of the blatant portrayal of women as sex objects in reggaeton, and resents the degree to which it has taken over youth culture on the island.
news.bbc.co.uk /2/hi/americas/4304185.stm   (795 words)

 Reggaeton Ringtones
Reggaeton is a form of dance music which has become popular with Latin American youth during the late 1990s and has spread to North American and European audiences during the first few years of the 21st century.
Reggaeton - also spelled Reggaetón and hispanicised as Reguetón - blends Jamaican music influences of reggae and dancehall with those of Latin America, such as bomba and plena, as well as that of hip hop.
Reggaeton's distinguishing feature is the Dem Bow beat (alternately spelled Dembow), which originated in a song by Shabba Ranks in the mid-1990s.
www.scrup.com /reggaetonringtones.htm   (243 words)

 The World: Global Hit   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Reggaeton burst onto the U.S. Latin scene about a year ago, but it's been flourishing outside America for nearly a decade.
Gonzalez says Reggaeton is unique and highly marketable because it appeals to Latin immigrants from many countries and regions.
While Reggaeton has gone global in many ways, people still wonder what will happen to the gritty, urban genre when it fully crosses over to the American mainstream.
www.theworld.org /globalhits/2005/08/25.shtml   (1143 words)

 USATODAY.com - Spanish- spiced hip-hop   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Reggaeton superstar Daddy Yankee, whose 2004 album Barrio Fino is the first reggaeton album to sell1 million copies, will soon add more fuel to the genre's wildfire spread into mainstream culture with his first major arena concert tour.
Reggaeton is the latest genre of Caribbean music to filter into the U.S. mainstream.
Reggaeton is seen as the vanguard of a broader Latin urban music movement that could continue to grow for years.
www.usatoday.com /life/music/news/2005-08-04-reggaeton_x.htm   (1959 words)

 The rise of reggaeton - Music - The Phoenix
Reggaeton has already accomplished something that other Latin musical forms — son, mambo, salsa, merengue, bachacta — never quite attained: not only has the music ignited the imaginations of young Latinos and Latinas, but it’s found unprecedented favor in mainstream US culture.
Reggaeton artists and producers have not simply piggybacked on the success of their hip-hop brethren, they have exploited and expanded hip-hop’s hustle-hustle business model, especially in such areas as shameless self-promotion, savvy cross-branding, street-team marketing, and grassroots distribution.
Reggaeton’s self-sustaining relationship to a sizeable core audience draws our attention to the most obvious underlying reason for the genre’s seemingly sudden ubiquity: simple demographics.
www.thephoenix.com /article_ektid1595.aspx   (905 words)

Reggaeton is a form of dance music which became popular with Latin American youth during the late 1990s and spread to North American, European and Japanese audiences during the first few years of the 21st century.
Reggaeton has empowered the Spanish Caribbean youth, specifically those of Puerto Rico, Panama, Dominican Republic and Venezuela, as well as the Latin American audience and the Latino communities in the United States, with a musical genre as a voice.
Reggaeton lyrics tend to be more derived from hip hop than dancehall.
www.squidoo.com /reggaeton   (617 words)

 PUERTO RICO HERALD: Q&A: Tego Calderon, The Reggaeton King   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Maybe because Calderon is king of "reggaeton," a rebellious new style of Latin music composed of rap and dancehall reggae with a Latin twist.
Speaking by telephone from Puerto Rico, Calderon talked in Spanish with The Associated Press about the beginnings of reggaeton; his popularity and unpopularity; and the content of his lyrics.
Calderon: Reggaeton is the new way the youth here (in Puerto Rico) express themselves, mainly it was a form of expression among the poor.
www.puertorico-herald.org /issues2/2005/vol09n06/QATego.shtml   (1108 words)

 Reggaeton Videos | Rap en Espanol
Reggaeton however is most closely associated with Puerto Rico, where the music later popularized and became most famous.
Reggaeton is a form of music which during the late 90's became popular with Latin American youth.
Reggaeton (sometimes spelled with the Spanish accent as Reggaetón) - blends the music influences of reggae and dancehall with those of Latin America, such as cumbia,bomba and plena, as well as that of hip hop from NY.
alphabetiks.com /video/reggaeton-videos   (698 words)

 Reggaeton - Jamaica Talk - Jamaican Forums   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Reggaeton is a mixture of Reggae and Merengua(sp)..
My friend told me reggaeton was just another name for reggae in spanish..oh well, the music is smooth either way.
Pure club music here, the kind of stuff that gave reggaeton the nickname perreo (loosely, "doggie-style," a reference to the dance style that often accompanies the music).
www.everytingjamaican.com /jamaicatalk/t1408   (2059 words)

 It's a reggaeton summer   (Site not responding. Last check: )
It's on the sales charts and on the Latin radio charts in all its forms, thanks to the latest trend: reggaeton remixes of straight-ahead pop tracks.
But even acts whose sound has nothing to do with reggaeton are finding that the beat can fit into their mix.
Whereas before those acts might have opted only for a salsa version to gain traction on the tropical chart, now they're going for reggaeton, which allows them airplay on traditional tropical stations as well as on reggaeton, urban and hurban stations.
www.azcentral.com /arizonarepublic/centralphoenix/articles/0729ext-reggaeton0729Z4.html   (343 words)

 -:: www.Reggaeton.be ::- Noztra
This was a remarkable year, because of several reasons by which he got his own recording studio and made his first appearance in a commercial release, in addition he attained his own recording studio.
Shortly after, Noztra was given the opportunity to be the opening act in show's which featured some of todays top Reggaeton names such as: Daddy Yankee, Nicky Jam, Tego Calderon, Don Omar, Wisin y Yandel, Las Guanabanas, Don Chezina, etc...
These events marked a very important time in Noztra's career not only because he shared the stage with the biggest names in this genre, but also because the public's reaction to his performance provided him with a clearer picture and the fuel he needed to continue pursuing his dream.
www.reggaeton.be /artiesten/N/Noztra.htm   (591 words)

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