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Topic: Regions of Scotland

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In the News (Sat 20 Jul 19)

  Scotch malt whisky regions
The regions in Scotland, the Lowlands, the Highlands, Campbeltown and the island of Islay have their origins in the regulation of licences and duties, but they do also embrace certain characteristics.
Although it is not precisely defined, Speyside is commonly agreed to extend at least from the River Findhorn in the west to the Deveron in the east.
The Highland region includes a good few coastal and island malts, but one peninsula and just one island have been of such historical importance in the industry that they are each regarded as being regions in their own right.
www.sohowhisky.com /regions.asp   (705 words)

  Scotland - MSN Encarta
Scotland retains a separate national identity, however, supported by separate legal and educational systems, a national church, a parliament with wide-ranging powers, and other national symbols and institutions.
Scotland’s main commercial port is Leith, on the eastern coast near Edinburgh.
Scotland is endowed with an abundance of streams and lakes.
encarta.msn.com /encyclopedia_761561065/Scotland.html   (1036 words)

 Regions and districts of Scotland - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The local government regions and districts of Scotland were established under the Local Government (Scotland) Act 1973 as a two-tier system of local government in Scotland.
The regions and districts were abolished on April 1, 1996 and replaced with the current unitary council areas of Scotland.
In addition to the regions and districts, there were three island council areas, covering Shetland, Orkney, and the Western Isles (Outer Hebrides).
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Regions_of_Scotland   (254 words)

This is the backbone of the culture of Scotland.
In the second century A.D. the land of Scotland was divided into four kingdoms: Pictland (the Picts), Scotia (the Scots), the kingdom of the Britons, and Anglica (the Angles).
From their settlements in Scotland, the Vikings were able to raid the Western Isles, the Scottish Coast, and most importantly Ireland.
www.umsl.edu /~sauter/Mike/scotland.html   (921 words)

 Regions of England - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Also, the Maastricht Treaty encouraged the creation of regional boundaries for selection of members for the Council of Regions: Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland had each constituted a region, but England represents such a large proportion of the population of the United Kingdom that further division was thought necessary.
In 1998, regional assemblies were created in each English region.
Regions are also divided into sub-regions which usually group socio-economically linked local authorities together.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Regions_of_England   (1036 words)

 Map of scotland, maps, travel guides, photos photographs of Scotland
You will find information on most towns and villages in Scotland and I hope that this guide will allow you to have a great experience Scotland is a great place to visit and with our fascinating history, legendary culture and superb hospitality, you are guaranteed an experience second to none.
The Grampian area is one of the largest regions in Scotland, comprising the former counties of Aberdeenshire, Banffshire, Kincardineshire and Morayshire.
This is a large area covering the sea-cracked western coast of Scotland from the foot of the Great Glen, south to the Mull of Kintyre and, all the way to its border with Fife, a huge diverse section of the interior.
www.destination-scotland.com /guidetoscotland   (753 words)

 European Commission - Information Network - Regions - Scotland
Scotland is the northernmost part of the United Kingdom and the most north westerly of the EU's nations and regions.
Scotland's cultural achievements have been matched by her contribution to the advancement of human knowledge.
Scotland is still represented in the UK Government by the Secretary of State for Scotland and the Scotland Office.
www.europe.org.uk /info/scotland   (422 words)

 Regions - Scotland
I attended, for the first time, the Regional Contact Weekend in Coalville Leicestershire on the weekend of 5th and 6th April.
It was with all these feelings I addressed some of the issues of the weekend and I came away with a better sense of what is needed and envying the English reps their more manageable regions.
I feel we may need to chop Scotland up into sections and have link members who can be in contact with the members in their areas in the same way as the English reps are.
www.tagonline.org.uk /archive/scotland_archive2003.html   (970 words)

 The Communications Market: Nations and Regions - Scotland | Ofcom
These include the Media Literacy Audit, (the main report was published in March 2006 and the supplementary report on media literacy in the nations and regions is being published alongside this report), reports on consumer and SME engagement with digital services and the annual Communications Market report, (all to be published later in the year).
A series of Rural, Regional and Remote seminars in the nations and regions will be held shortly after publication so they can be used as a forum for discussion of the research findings.
It is our intention that the nations and regions survey should be repeated on a regular basis and supplemented, where appropriate, by further UK-wide research amongst ethnic minorities, disability groups and key age and social groups.
www.ofcom.org.uk /research/cm/nations/scotland   (535 words)

 auto industry - regions - scotland - index   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
Scotland is divided into three main regions; the Highlands, the Midland Valley and the Southern Uplands.
The cities of Edinburgh, Glasgow and Dundee together with numerous towns, most of the population and the majority of Scotland's industry is located within the Midland Valley.
Scotland has a population of approximately 5.1 million with a workforce of 2.5 Million.
www.autoindustry.co.uk /regions/scotland   (163 words)

 Map of Scotland - Detailed Maps of the Scottish Regions
Use the map of Scotland on the left to explore what each the different regions of the country has to offer.
Scotland is blessed with some of the most precious and special natural environments in the world.
Scotland's rich and accessible heritage is one of the country's star attractions.
www.visitscotland.com /aboutscotland/explorebymap   (207 words)

 scotland whisky regions   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
On the Whisky Heritage Tour you will learn about Scotland's Whisky producing regions, and the influence they have on different scotch whiskies.
The tour will give background information on the regions in which the distilleries operate.
Grain Whisky is not influenced by geographical factors and it may be distilled anywhere in Scotland.
www.whisky-heritage.co.uk /tour/whiskyregions.html   (192 words)

 auto industry - regions - scotland - automotive industry   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
Scotland has nearly 200 companies in the automotive supply chain, and a cluster of commercial vehicle manufacturing companies.
It has world-class expertise in electronics, plastics and aluminium founding, all of which are becoming increasingly important in vehicle manufacturing.
Vehicles built in Scotland include heavy commercials, buses, earth-moving equipment, aerial working platforms, refuse collection trucks, fire-fighting vehicles, rough terrain vehicles and armoured personnel carriers.
www.autoindustry.co.uk /regions/scotland/2.xml   (173 words)

 Xchangeteam - About Us - Regions - Xchangeteam Scotland
Scotland’s dynamic marketing and creative services industry can now access over 650 consultants around the country from Shetland to Dumfries.
Gordon Cherrington who is running Xchangeteam Scotland’s operation from a base in Edinburgh is finding that, businesses of all sizes, agencies and public sector bodies, are welcoming the arrival of a hub for accessing Scottish talent - both freelance and permanent.
Freelance consultants and permanent candidates registering with Xchangeteam Scotland are forming a rapidly growing, first-class, talent pool north of the border.
www.xchangeteam.com /about-us/regions/scotland.asp   (329 words)

 Scotland Golf Tours, Golf Scotland, Golf Vacations, Scotland Golf courses   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
Scotland is the home of golf, rugged and romantic, friendly and affordable and the world’s number one golf destination.
Scotland is the birthplace of the game and for the past 600 years golf has been an intrinsic part of Scottish life.
Golf in Scotland is unlike golf in any other Country in the world – as you would expect in the land of its birth!
www.valhol.com /golf/golf-scotland.shtml   (305 words)

 Whisky Producing Regions Of Scotland
The four main Whisky Regions of Scotland are Campbeltown, Islay, Lowlands and the Highlands.
Each of these individual regional groups do to some extent produce many whiskies which are similar in their broad basic flavours, although there are certainly a few exceptions.
When looking to buy a whisky of the same style and characteristics to one you already enjoy, the region in which the whisky is produced should be considered but by no means should it be used as the only guideline.
www.scotchmaltwhisky.co.uk /regions.htm   (236 words)

 Golf Areas - Golf in Scotland
The beauty of coming to play golf in Scotland is that you will experience golf as it is supposed to be played - the natural environment, climate and topography of Scotland has made golf what it is today.
Scotland can boast some of the best golf courses in the world from links to parkland, 18-hole championship giants to wonderful 9-hole charmers that you will fall in love with.
Use the map of Scotland to guide you round each area, the golf courses, the regional golf passes and some itineraries that can help you plan your golf break to Scotland.
golf.visitscotland.com /course_search/areas   (160 words)

 Scotland: Maps, Regions and Places   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
These pages present details of the regions of Scotland, our cities, towns and villages and various maps of the country.
The Gazetteer for Scotland includes maps of Scotland's Local Government Subdivisions (Councils), City Plans, Historic Maps etc.
Charting the Nation: Maps of Scotland and Associated Archives 1550 - 1740.
www.geo.ed.ac.uk /home/scotland/maps.html   (127 words)

 Whisky regions of scotland
This is the region of Scotland south of an imaginary line drawn from Greenock on the west coast to Dundee in the east
Whisky produced here tends to be lighter in body and colour and less assertive than its highland neighbors with the softness of the malt much more evident ~ untempered by the Highland peatiness or coastal brine and seaweed.
Now there are only two distilleries in Campbeltown: Springbank and Glen Scotia making it the smallest region in Scotland.
home.primus.ca /~eastleaf/regions.html   (330 words)

 SU Scotland: Schools - Vacant Regions
Scripture Union's work in these areas is well developed and much has been achieved among young people, through the churches and in schools and communities, over many years.
There are still lots of opportunities in schools both for SU groups to start and for assemblies to take place – only some of these are able to be followed up at present.
We are praying for the remaining resources so that we will be able to advertise the Regional Worker in the New Year.
www.suscotland.org.uk /regional/vacant_regions.html   (639 words)

 Scotland.com - Scotland Travel, Hotels in Scotland, Visit Scotland | Scotland
Live at Loch Lomond Scotland’s Loch Lomond is an area that has long been recognized for its spectacular environment and amazing serenity.
Join in the Excitement of Wild Isles 2007 The Wild Isles Week has taken place annually for the last four years, and the fifth event this 2007 is guaranteed to be as spectacular as the previous.
Cairns of Scotland The definition of a cairn is a group of stones that have been placed on top of one another to form a mound.
www.scotland.com   (401 words)

 Regions - Scotland
We currently reside in Gourock just SW of Glasgow and we are TAG Regional Contacts for Scotland.
In general we are there to offer guidance and support to you, so please do not hesitate to contact us should you have any questions or concerns, or if you would just like a chat about Arthrogryposis.
On a local level we are settling in nicely to our new home and I’m delighted to write that Rhiannon has had her Plaster Casts removed and replaced with a nice lightweight pair of KAFO’s.
www.tagonline.org.uk /html/scotland.html   (424 words)

 Scotland >> Whisky Making Regions
The Highland whisky region has been subdivided into Central, North, East, and West Highland and Speyside.
The last area, on the banks of the River Spey in northern Scotland, is home to more than half of the malt whisky distilleries in Scotland.
Distinctive flavors come from a number of factors, including the water and barley used, the fuel used to heat the drying kiln (especially peat), and the wooden barrels in which the whisky is matured.
www.folklife.si.edu /resources/Festival2003/scot_whisky2.htm   (313 words)

 accomodation scotland highlands edinburgh Accomodation accommodation
From the isolated islands of the north to the fertile plains of the Southern Uplands, there are few places on Earth that offer such a wealth natural beauty.
Scotland is also the home of golf and offers some of the best sailing in the British Isles.
One of the first regions of Scotland to become a popular holiday destination, the Trossachs are often called ‘The Highlands in...
www.goscotland.info /regions/index.asp   (299 words)

 Scotland Map showing location of Scottish restaurants   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-11)
From the wild rugged west coast through picturesque highland villages to the awesome majesty of Glen Coe and the Scottish mountains the Highlands offer natural beauty, a warm and friendly people and a great holiday base.
Scotland's capital city is a striking panorama built on centuries of Scottish history and achievement.
With Robert Burns Country to the West and Sir Walter Scott's borders region to the east this area is dotted with historic castles, abbeys, stately homes, woollen mills and some of Scotland's most charming villages.
www.taste-of-scotland.com /map.html   (304 words)

 Regions / Cities: Scotland the Brave Group on Care2 Connect
Regions / Cities: Scotland the Brave Group on Care2 Connect
There are currently no Shares tagged by hosts of this group.
Christin W. is a member of this group and lives in Topeka.
www.care2.com /c2c/group/Scotland_the_Brave   (116 words)

 Scottish Tourist Board - accommodation, activities, events and holidays in Scotland
Discover the amazing colours of Scotland this Spring with fantastic money-off vouchers to spend on accommodation, visitor attractions, eating out and more...
Follow the celebrities and choose Scotland as the perfect location for the biggest day of your life.
Set a course for Scotland and experience clean air and water, superb coastal scenery, excellent facilities and a warm welcome.
www.visitscotland.com   (352 words)

 Kayaking in Scotland, whitewater rafting in Scotland
If you are interested in any of these kayaking, canoeing, and whitewater rafting package, please contact the operator directly with any questions for ordering free brochures or booking.
In the company of our highly experienced and qualified guides, explore one of the wildest regions of Scotland by open canoe and camp in fantastic locations.
Sea-Kayaking in Scotland is at its finest when exploring the many islands that dot our coastline.
www.infohub.com /travel_packages/paddling_rafting_scotland_219.html   (179 words)

 UK-GolfGuide.com: Towns with golf clubs and courses the regions of Scotland
This page lists all Scotland regions and within each region, the names of towns in or near which are golf clubs.
By clicking on any given region, you will be shown a page with all its towns and links to information pages for the clubs in each town.
Mention the actual page address or the name and town of the club or course concerned.
www.uk-golfguide.com /scotland   (396 words)

 Scotland Maps
Scotland is generally divided into major geographic regions as follows:
However, there are many other ways of dividing the country.
Perthshire, Angus and Dundee and the Kingdom of Fife
www.geocities.com /dtmcbride/places/europe/scotland_maps.html   (37 words)

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