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Topic: Region (England)

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  England Travel Guide | England Travel Information Guide
England’s heritage, and therefore its appeal as a destination, is many-faceted and deeply rooted, ranging from the literary genius of Shakespeare to ‘everyday’ pageantry in the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace.
England is a country of patchwork landscapes: from the rugged coastlines and golden beaches of Devon and Cornwall, to the craggy mountains of the Peak District, ancient forests riddled with folklore, to the picturesque Lake District, and from great cities to centuries-old villages.
England is welcoming, friendly, fascinating and fun, where pomp and circumstance balance the often bizarre idiosyncrasies of its people, and a sense of humour is the passport to certain acceptance.
www.columbusguides.com /data/eng/eng.asp   (302 words)

  New England - MSN Encarta
The region is bordered on the west by New York, on the north by the Canadian provinces of Québec and New Brunswick, on the east by New Brunswick and the Atlantic Ocean, and on the south by Long Island Sound.
The hilly and forested region was an early center of British settlement in North America.
Mount Washington rises to 1,917 m (6,288 ft) in north central New Hampshire and is the highest peak in New England.
encarta.msn.com /encyclopedia_761573909/New_England.html   (545 words)

 New England Region - The Embroiderers' Guild of America, Inc.
The New England Region Inc., affectionately known by its members as NER, has approximately 875 members in 12 chapters.
As a region, we offer Group Correspondence Courses, a Region Day educational program or tour and other educational opportunities.
A multi-day seminar or stitch-in is held each year giving region members a chance to study with nationally recognized teachers.
www.newenglandregionega.org   (314 words)

 New England Online
The Commission drew up boundaries for a state of New England, which was not voted on until 1967 where the question was defeated 198,812 to 169,103 with a strong geographical difference in the results of the vote.
The Crown was tied to the Euro as part of the ERM IV in late 2032 and the free trade and military agreement, known as the Treaty of Aachen was signed in early 2033.
Indeed, the New England on the 2050's is only distantly related to the nation of farmers and rebels of forty years ago, and almost unrecognisable to the region of New South Wales that had suffered a stunted development in the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.
www.newenglandonline.info /history   (2210 words)

 Reference.com/Encyclopedia/New England
In the 20th century, the region remained a source of political thought and intellectual ferment in the nation, eventually becoming the forefront of the civil rights issue of gay marriage, with Vermont being the first state to allow civil unions between homosexual couples, and Massachusetts being the first state to allow marriage between homosexual couples.
These characteristics of the region's population are due mainly to historical factors; the original colonists settled mostly on the coastline of Massachusetts Bay.
The overall feeling of the region can be described as decidedly European, with the region's colonial past still alive and thriving through tourism, the hundreds of historic sites that dot the region, and the rich cultural traditions that have endured and developed over centuries.
www.reference.com /browse/wiki/New_England   (3616 words)

 New England Regional Assessment
The New England region (including upstate New York) is dominated by weather and physical climate, and New Englanders have come to expect to be able to "work around" their weather.
Because the region is "down wind" from the rest of the country, New England weather is often a combination of the full range of weather patterns experienced by the rest of the country.
A key component of living in New England is one of "quality of life." Maine’s state motto is "The way life should be," a statement essentially describing the entire region.
www.necci.sr.unh.edu /assessment.html   (1090 words)

 [No title]
The Monadnock Region encompasses Keene and Cheshire County.
Geographically situated in the heart of New England, residents and visitors have easy access to and from several popular metropolitan areas.
Add the quintessential New England beauty, recreational resources, cultural, entertainment and employment opportunities, it is easy to see why the "quiet corner" is a special area to live or visit.
www.lycos.com /info/monadnock-region--new-england.html   (491 words)

 Environment Agency - North West Region   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The North West region covers around 14,000 square km, from Cheshire in the south to its northern border with Scotland.
The region has significant environmental challenges, with 25% of England's derelict land and a third of the poorest quality rivers in England and Wales.
The Agency is working hard with partner organisations to repair the damage caused by previous industrial activity and to protect and enhance the region's environment for future generations.
www.environment-agency.gov.uk /regions/northwest   (218 words)

 Duo aid earthquake-hit region - England - ECB
England's captain and vice-captain were allowed to join the crew of a Chinouk helicopter delivering aid to the thousands of survivors made homeless by this month's natural disaster.
The outcome was Sunday's trip to hand parcels of food and cover to survivors, at the mercy of the elements as winter begins to bite so soon after the earthquake which has already claimed an estimated 80,000 lives.
England's cricketers are hoping to raise around £100,000 towards the earthquake relief fund via proceeds from a golf day and match fees from a one-day international, both in Lahore later in the tour.
www.ecb.co.uk /england/vaughan-and-trescothick-join-relief-effort,6516,EN.html   (293 words)

 GSA - Regions
GSA’s 11 geographic regions acquire office space, equipment, supplies, telecommunications, and information technology in support of federal agencies throughout the 50 states, U.S. territories, and overseas. 
Regions are headquartered in Boston, New York, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Chicago, Kansas City (Missouri), Fort Worth, Denver, San Francisco, Auburn (Washington), and Washington, DC.
For more information on each of the Regions, click on the map or select a location from the lists below it.
www.gsa.gov /regions/r9/travel/balv.htm   (70 words)

 Discover New England - A Region Worth Discovering - The official tourism web guide to Connecticut, Maine, ...
Yet I've since discovered that kindness like this is not uncommon in New England, and for me the openness, genuine hospitality and trustfulness (Vermonters, in particular, rarely lock their car or house doors) of the people is part of the allure.
In Maine, which is larger than the other five New England states combined, the coastal region known as Down East Maine was the obvious choice.
But there is much, much more to New England than its coastline, and the great variety of the landscapes is yet another reason why I love it.
www.discovernewengland.org /press/press03.shtml   (929 words)

 New England research at the Woods Hole Research Center
In spite of their importance to society, forests throughout New England are continuously under pressure for commercial and residential development.
To better understand whether forests will continue to provide their key services to society in the future requires that we understand how they respond to disturbances today, and how quickly they are disappearing.
We study the environment of Cape Cod not only as a location of ecosystems unique to the New England region, but also because it is changing rapidly - more rapidly than any other region in New England.
whrc.org /new_england/index.htm   (337 words)

 Climate Change Impacts on the US. Region: New England
The New England regional workshop was held at the University of New Hampshire, September 3-5, 1997, as part of the series of US Global Change Research Program (USGCRP) regional climate change workshops.
The first was: education on regional issues related to climate change is not readily available and is essential for informed sectoral discussion.
The New England approach has been to facilitate the development of a dynamic partnership among regional research, service, industry, and end-user communities.
www.usgcrp.gov /usgcrp/nacc/newengland.htm   (501 words)

 Natural England
Natural England works for people, places and nature to conserve and enhance biodiversity, landscapes and wildlife in rural, urban, coastal and marine areas.
Natural England, which is one year old, was established with a wide-ranging environmental remit and the responsibility for safeguarding England’s natural environment.
The Big Lottery Fund has awarded £25 million to Natural England for its Access to Nature initiative, to help people across England get in touch with and enjoy their natural environment.
www.naturalengland.org.uk   (145 words)

 New England Council :: Become A Member :: Membership Benefits
Membership in the New England Council makes you part of the nation’s oldest regional business group and one whose membership is as broad and diverse as New England itself.
From small offices to some of the region’s and nation’s largest businesses, the Council’s membership truly reflects the spirit and the economy of New England.
In short, there are numerous opportunities and ways to interact with members of the region’s congressional delegation, senior Administration officials, and members of the New England business community through participation in the New England Council.
www.newenglandcouncil.com /membershipBenefits.php   (345 words)

 Welcome To Sport England
Chairman of Sport England, Derek Mapp, has today called for a 'holistic, cross-governmental' approach to improving public health and tackling lifestyle diseases such as obesity.
One of the Government's aims is to improve the quality of life for everyone, by providing people with the chance to get involved with a variety of sports, arts and cultural activities.
Sporting Champions is a Sport England initiative, which brings world-class athletes face-to-face with young people to inspire and motivate them to participate in sport.
www.sportengland.org   (392 words)

 Welcome To Sport England East
Sport England East’s primary role is to increase and sustain participation in community sport in the East of England.
Sport England is the Government’s community sport key delivery partner and a Lottery distributor.
Regionally we are aiming to get 203,688 people participating more by 2012.
www.sportengland.org /east_index.htm   (199 words)

 NN/LM New England Region -- Home Page
Supporting collaboration among 16 regional libraries and over 500 library and information centers in the states of Connecticut, Maine, Massachusetts, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, and Vermont.
Contact us at the Regional Medical Library, University of Massachusetts Medical School (Worcester) at 508-856-5979 or 800-338-7657 if you are calling from one of the states in the region.
Funded by the National Library of Medicine under a contract (N01-LM-1-3508) with the University of Massachusetts Medical School in Worcester.
nnlm.gov /ner   (230 words)

 East Midlands Region - England Fencing
Region will be inviting Mick to brief the committee and possibly the AGM on the achievement, but organisers should feel free to contact Mick if you want to learn more.
The Commitee and all members of East Midlands Region England Fencing wish Richard Sharpe, our Regional Chairman, a speedy recovery from his recent operation to repair a damaged achilles tendon, an injury suffered whilst coaching at his club Frisby last week (1 August 2007).
The East Midlands Region England Fencing Coach Development programme is for anyone wishing to qualify in foil, sabre or epee at Level 1 or 2.
www.emfencing.com   (380 words)

 Shopping Home Garden Plants Seeds Directory IndiaPress
Mr Seeds - Seed supplier in England specializing in chili and sweet peppers, tomatoes, giant pumpkins, poppies, and sunflowers.
New England Seed Company - Sells flower, herb and vegetable seeds.
West Coast Seeds - Regional seed company featuring plants adapted for Canada's Pacific coast.
www.indiapress.org /directory/Shopping-Home_and_Garden-Plants-Seeds.html   (2281 words)

 BBC NEWS | England | Draft plan for region criticised
The East of England Regional Assembly (EERA) is concerned the housing figures are "minimums" to be exceeded if more sites can be found in urban areas.
The government said the plan was a major step forward for the region.
The Regional Assembly will be considering its detailed response to the Government's proposed changes to the draft East of England Plan at its next meeting on 2 February 2007 in Norwich.
news.bbc.co.uk /1/hi/england/6193657.stm   (303 words)

 IPA 3 Region UK
One of the most popular benefits available to IPA members must be the facility to rent IPA Houses throughout the world at very reasonable rates and if required you can view them from the link shown under our 'Travel' section.
In an effort to expand on the IPA Houses 3 Region Website would like to offer an extra facility to our members who would like to rent holiday property either in the UK or abroad at special discounted rates.
The idea is in its infancy so please pass on details of our website and this unique facility which will be of mutual benefit to holiday home owners and 3 Region members alike.
3regionuk.50megs.com /index.htm   (341 words)

 East of England - the region in focus
The East of England is the UK region where there is the intellectual and creative space to promote new ideas.
An economically and culturally diverse region, the East of England places people and ideas at its centre and provides the right environment for ingenuity and innovation to flourish.
We are proud of the region's business success, and the high quality of life that exists here.
www.eastofengland.uk.com /about/region_focus.htm   (169 words)

 Understanding Air Quality
In the Texas region: Leaks of reactive gases from the petrochemical refineries prevalent in the Houston region are a much, much larger factor in Houston's poor air quality than had been expected.
Further, NOAA's research has demonstrated that the pollution per unit power also depends on the ambient chemical background of the air in the region of the power plant, and therefore the location of the power plant is a factor.
In the New England region: Nighttime chemical processes, as well as coupling between land and offshore processes, are more important to the region's air quality than previously thought.
www.oar.noaa.gov /weather/t_understanding.html   (1481 words)

 New England
The office of the Regional Director is located in Tamworth, with local offices located in Armidale, Moree and Tamworth; 126 public schools are located in the region.
Immediately prior to taking up his role of Regional Director of New England, Mr Gorman was working in the central office of the Victorian Department of Education and Training.
New England Regional Director, Des Gorman, is calling for the Tamworth community to participate in a wide-ranging discussion about the future of public education in the city.
www.schools.nsw.edu.au /regions/new_england/index.php   (312 words)

 Environment Agency - Anglian Region   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The Anglian Region covers more than 27,000 square kilometres, from the Thames Estuary in the south to Humber Estuary in the North, and from the East Anglian Coast to Daventry in the West and the main urban areas are Norwich, Peterborough, Ipswich, Chelmsford, Cambridge Northampton and Lincoln.
Almost six million people live in the region that has one of the fastest growing populations in the United Kingdom.
The Region has large areas of flat, low lying land, a quarter of which is below sea level and more than 160 kilometres of coastline.
www.environment-agency.gov.uk /regions/anglian   (219 words)

 New England Region of Narcotics Anonymous - Frequently Asked Questions   (Site not responding. Last check: )
In NA® Groups and Area's decide what Region or Area they would like to "belong" to, as a result some parts of New England have formed their own regions to better serve the local fellowship in that area/region.
The New England Region services groups from all of RI and from Worcester to the east of MA.
Please pass on the Regional Helpline Number, 1-866-624-3578, to your family member so that when he/she leaves the facility they have a way to contact NA®.
www.newenglandna.org /faqs/index.html   (1432 words)

 Mid-Atlantic/New England/Maritimes Region Waterbirds   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Geographic Extent: Region stretches from the Gulf of St. Lawrence to the southern end of the Chesapeake Bay.
Development pressure is a critical issue for this region, which hosts tremendously dense human populations, especially in its southern end.
The working group hopes to help local resource managers within the region protect waterbirds and their habitats by facilitating the development and distribution of information on the status and conservation needs of waterbirds and habitats, and by building partnerships between wildlife managers, scientists, conservationists and supporters.
www.fws.gov /birds/waterbirds/MANEM   (515 words)

 England Golf - EuropeGolf.com
England's Lancashire Coast and surrounding region is blessed with a superb collection of links courses, providing an ultimate test for golfing purists.
Clubs such as Royal Birkdale, Royal Lytham and the parkland-style Belfry, which have played host to several British Open Championships, Ryder Cup Matches and other major events, are a must for the serious golfer.
These well-drained courses provide year round golf, and are characterized by many holes that can vary in difficulty from one day to the next depending on the strength and direction of the wind.
www.europegolf.com /golf-destinations/england-golf.htm   (336 words)

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