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Topic: Relationship Marketing

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In the News (Wed 24 Apr 19)

 Relationship marketing - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The practice of relationship marketing has been greatly facilitated by several generations of customer relationship management software.
Relationship marketing has been strongly influenced by reengineering.
At the core of marketing is the marketing philosophy of first determining what the market wants, then providing it.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Relationship_marketing   (2305 words)

 relationship marketing - south africa
Marketing is one of the key, if not the most important, function needing to be carried out by all businesses today.
Relationship marketing is a specialised form of marketing which places emphasis specifically onto the existing client base of a company.
Constant contact is a core element of relationship marketing because through this a company can gain an understanding of who their customers are and how to effectively catch their attention, resulting in a further understanding of how to effectively reach them and better satisfy their identified needs and wants.
www.intoweb.co.za /et-relationship-marketing.html   (914 words)

 Customer Relationship Marketing by CRM Today
Customer Relationship Marketing is a practice that encompasses all marketing activities directed toward establishing, developing, and maintaining successful customer relationships.
The focus of relationship marketing is on developing long-term relationships and improving corporate performance through customer loyalty and customer retention.
The very marketing techniques used to separate the customer from their hard earned cash are helping to train both the old and newer generations of customers to be more wary and become smarter.
www.crm2day.com /relationship_marketing   (480 words)

 How Relationship Marketing Built Profits
To do database marketing properly, you need to set up test and control groups so that you are absolutely sure of what you are doing.
This is the story of a very creative and successful business to business database marketing program, which serves as an example of the profits that can come of building a profitable relationship with customers.
Their job was to build close relationships with the personnel in the 500 test firms, using telephone, mail, fax and email contacts.
www.dbmarketing.com /articles/Art171.htm   (1135 words)

 Relationship Marketing Model   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
After developing your basic organizational marketing philosophy, materials, and structure and implemented an internal marketing program, you are ready to develop an external marketing program.
Relationship marketing is the most powerful and time-intensive method of communication.
Relationship marketing reaches target audiences through involvement in such group activities as volunteer leadership, Cooperative Extension membership, and participation in educational meetings and through personal contact by staff, volunteers, or clientele.
www.cas.psu.edu /docs/casadmin/NSO/MktgModel.html   (299 words)

A good way to begin relationship marketing is to build concentrated core groups of key target audiences and focus attention on that group, with the idea of creating a "ripple effect" as members of that group help carry the school's messages to their friends, associates and colleagues.
Segmentation is a practical marketing principle but it needs to be done as part of a grander plan; not only as individual spurts of activity, often unrelated and with little continuity and cohesiveness.
As mass marketing ideas have come to be utilized by higher education for services of all kinds, schools have cared more for volume and quantity and enrollment figures, fund totals, quantities of alumni, and numbers of students, rather than for individuals who comprise the numbers.
www.marketinged.com /library/articles/relationship_mktng.html   (2075 words)

 Relationship Marketing
From marketing mix to relationship marketing: Towards a paradigm shift in marketing.
From marketing mix to relationship marketing - Towards a paradigm shift in marketing.
Hocutt, M. Relationship dissolution model: antecedents of relationship commitment and the likelihood of dissolving a relationship.
astro.temple.edu /~clarkh/html/relationship_marketing.html   (8202 words)

 Overview: Relationship Marketing
Relationship Marketing uses the event-driven tactics of customer retention marketing, but treats marketing as a process over time rather than single unconnected events.
The relationship marketing process is usually defined as a series of stages, and there are many different names given to these stages, depending on the marketing perspective and the type of business.
Using the relationship marketing approach, you customize programs for individual consumer groups and the stage of the process they are going through as opposed to some forms of database marketing where everybody would get virtually the same promotions, with perhaps a change in offer.
www.drilling-down.com /Relationship-Marketing-more.htm   (811 words)

 Chapter 10, Relationship Marketing, IT and Forecasting
Enabled marketers to effectively utilize the information they have been storing for years, but have not been able to use, it was therefore data, not information.
Relationship marketing and information...key weapons that offer a competitive advantage for those with the technological capabilities.
Marketers will look at the sales potential of a customer (LCV) for all its products as opposed to the market of one product with the use of relationship marketing.
www.udel.edu /alex/chapt10.html   (641 words)

 What's Relationship Marketing?
Relationship marketing is the process of attracting, maintaining, and enhancing relationships with key people.2 This marketing process applies to Extension since funding is garnered from a few sources and continuous educational programs are delivered to specific audiences.
Targeted relationship marketing initiatives that raise Extension's credibility with decision makers are no longer a luxury, but a necessity for public funding.
While these relationship marketing initiatives could target key representatives of the general public, clientele, media, and decision makers - an audience critical to Extension's future viability is that of elected officials.
www.joe.org /joe/1988fall/a9.html   (1196 words)

 Relationship Marketing
Gummesson argues that marketing theory is based on retail consumer goods marketing and what is now needed is a marketing that "can be seen as relationship management: creating, developing and maintaining a network in which the firm thrives..
After Levitt (below), the first of the notable books focusing on business-to-business relationships, Jackson shows the relationship variables that have to be taken into account when developing a marketing strategy and - most important - she argues that relationship marketing is totally inappropriate for certain kinds of firms.
Levitt first compared the customer relationship with the marital relationship and was very explicit that they both needed to be worked on.
www.s4consulting.com /resources/bibrelation.asp   (1280 words)

 Program Descriptions: Relationship Marketing, Customer Loyalty
In relationship marketing, there is acknowledgement of a customer LifeCycle, and marketing is viewed as a process rather than a series of seemingly unconnected events.
Relationship marketing with a currency, a store of value that tries to keep the customer "locked up" with a company.
Relationship Marketing with a gentler hand on the communications issues.
www.jimnovo.com /programs.htm   (1686 words)

 Cliff Allen on Marketing, Sales and Networking
The process of creating a customer relationship begins with the first experience the customer has with your company and, hopefully, it's followed by many more positive experiences.
The use of cell phones has grown tremendously during the past few years, but marketers are still looking for ways to use mobile marketing successfully.
Every CEO and marketing executive periodically faces urgent strategic marketing challenges that can affect the future of the company for many years.
www.allen.com   (813 words)

 CRM, Relationship Marketing, Integrated Marketing Communications — Ernan Roman Direct Marketing
We are the pioneers who created the methodologies for integrated marketing communications which are deployed per the opt-in preferences of customers and prospects.
We are proud to have earned their trust and continued confidence in our ability to achieve the relationship marketing results they want.For a complete list of our clients, please click on Our Clients.
To cut through the clutter, you need the dual leverage of integrated, multichannel marketing which is deployed per the opt-in preferences of your customers and prospects.
www.erdm.com   (432 words)

 Open Directory - Business: Marketing and Advertising: Relationship Marketing   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Carlson Marketing Group - A Relationship Marketing company with international capabilities, helping Fortune 1000 clients build better relationships with the audiences they depend on for success: employees, channel partners and customers.
Lucid Marketing - Works with businesses to discover how relationship marketing can be more effective and produce greater profits than promotional marketing alone.
Relationship Marketing, Inc - Company focusing on creativity, technology and communication strategies.
dmoz.org /Business/Marketing_and_Advertising/Relationship_Marketing   (1105 words)

 Relationship Marketing   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Whether a business has 2 or 2 million customers (and goodness knows how many prospective customers), it is now well understood and documented that the prudent development of long term, sustainable and mutually beneficial relationships is the most effective way to build real stakeholder value.
Whilst, at first glance, those who should attend should be Marketing practitioners (and they should certainly attend), it is important to note that, as with most MarketWise™ Workshops, the non-academic, plain language approach brought to the topics make them highly desirable for anyone involved in the operation of any organisation.
The concepts (as in this Workshop) are equally applicable to small and large organisations, public and private sector, profit and not-for-profit operations.
www.themarketingbureau.co.nz /MarketWise/mwise_relationships.htm   (164 words)

 Relationship Marketing - increase revenues by making your customers into lifelong partners
Relationship Marketing, in addition to emphasizing keeping current customers rather than getting new ones, reminds us that customers are important long-term assets that must be valued (and treated likewise) not harvested.
Web-based Relationship Marketing is based on two types of content: Open Content and Premium Content.
The Web may be a "new technology," but that doesn't mean you can't use it as a "classic" marketing tool to build close, loyal relationships with your existing customers.
www.efuse.com /Design/relationship-marketing.html   (1982 words)

 What is Customer Relationship Marketing (CRM)
According to http://www.jimnovo.com/home/Customer-Retention-gt.htm, Customer Retention Marketing is a “tactically driven approach based on customer behavior.” The theory behind it is that if the business is able retain its customers, it will succeed.
The goal of Relationship Marketing is to align all these aspects of a company with its chosen customers.
In most marketing texts, it is known that acquiring customers is much more expensive than keeping them.
academic.emporia.edu /smithwil/001smmg476za/eja/dalke3.htm   (1489 words)

 Relationship Marketing Club Industry - Find Articles   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
When I conduct workshops on formulating the right marketing plan for the operator's specific market, I always ask the attendees if they know the difference between advertising and marketing.
Not all marketing works that way and to the benefit of the operator one of the most effective and most economical means of marketing is what I call relationship marketing.
The key is for you to view this as a marketing opportunity and be prepared to capture the attendees as leads, offer some "special" for those that visited and toured your facility and get them back for a close.
www.findarticles.com /p/articles/mi_m0HED/is_8_19/ai_107233175   (684 words)

 uPromote(TM) .: relationship marketing services - interaction :.
This is the interactive approach that uPromote delivers to generate immediate results and build long-term relationships which maximize the lifetime value of customers.
The store manager was then called upon to provide a description of this customer with whom he had a long relationship.
Ultimately, it is the analysis of transaction data married with customer feedback that provides marketers with the most powerful and useful knowledge.
www.upromote.com /relationship_marketing_services_2.html   (668 words)

 Relationship Marketing, One-to-One, Customer Relationship Marketing, Loyalty
Whether you call your customer-focused marketing strategy Relationship Marketing, One-to-One (1:1) Marketing, Database Marketing, Loyalty Marketing, or CRM Marketing, there is one key to maximizing the return on investment (ROI) for your marketing dollars:
Marketing that is relevant to each specific customer dramatically increases ROI because the content and offer in each message is personalized, custom-tailored and targeted to each individual.
Contact us to learn more about our experience with variable data printing and personalized, customized marketing communications that can drive your relationship marketing initiatives.
www.royalimpressions.com /relationship_marketing.html   (155 words)

 Amazon.com: Relationship Marketing: Successful Strategies for the Age of the Customer: Books: Regis McKenna   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
In this spirited recap of the 1980s, marketing consultant McKenna (The Regis Touch) elaborates on a revolution in the computer-age marketplace that has all but laid low corporations whose isolated managements used massive advertising campaigns to dictate what the customer would buy.
If you are interested in form of marketing that emphasizes the development and importance of strong relationships, I highly recommend this book.
In the UK, relationship marketing hasn't taken off as well as it has in the States, we are slightly behind in applying these great concepts.
www.amazon.com /Relationship-Marketing-Successful-Strategies-Customer/dp/0201622408   (1373 words)

 [No title]
An association website relationship enhancement tool to increase usage, satisfaction, and loyalty rates among the membership.
Marketing Advocate is a provider of hosted relationship marketing solutions for B-to-B, Consumer, and Membership organizations.
Membership Relationship Development Solution: A member development system to improve their involvement in the organization, get more value out of their membership, and increase their usage of free and fee-based resources.
www.marketingadvocate.com   (503 words)

 Viral Relationship Marketing: Step by Step
Unfortunately, these qualified but less-immediate opportunities often fall through the cracks because few companies have the time to build a personal relationship with longer-term prospects--who may include a significant portion of the 47% of leads who didn't make a purchase within a year of their inquiry.
As with any direct marketing campaign, the list is one of the most critical factors to the success of a VRM campaign.
Concise dashboard graphics and summary tables of key marketing and sales performance metrics linked to detailed marketing reports are the most useful analytical tools available.
chiefmarketer.com /crm_loop/viral_relationship_marketing_05292006   (1190 words)

 Relationship Marketing Turns Visitors into Customers
The key to the relationship marketing design process is to develop your website to be interactive with your visitors.
As part of the relationship marketing design process, your target audience will be determined, and your website will be designed or redesigned to reach your target market.
One way to achieve this goal is to add interactivity to your website which is the basic premise of relationship marketing.
www.msdetta.com /marketing.html   (748 words)

 Developing Relationship Marketing Through The Implementation Of Customer Relationship Management Technology ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Customer Relationship Management (CRM) has its roots in relationship marketing which is based in turn on the formative work of Berry (1983) and the IMP Group (see e.g.
Its purpose is to integrate marketing, sales and service functions through business process automation, technological solutions and information resources to maximise each customer contact.
In this way CRM systems facilitate relationships among enterprises, their customers, suppliers and employees and so provide the technological means to put relationship marketing philosophy into practice.
smealsearch2.psu.edu /19626.html   (266 words)

 Relationship Biz | Business-to-Business Insurance Telemarketing
Relationship Biz, Inc. has an in-depth understanding of and knows business prospects most likely to buy these following products, adding millions in premiums to an insurance agency's book of business:
We begin with a database of prospects that have a need for the agent's services.
Relationship Biz can also help to maximize the benefits of trade association endorsements and Chamber of Commerce membership.
www.relationshipbiz.com   (100 words)

 Outsourcing Relationship Management | EWA Limited | Home
At EWA we add value through relationship management - value for business, value for customers and value for partners.
Each of our individually tailored relationship management programmes benefit from in-depth knowledge and expertise.
The extensive training of our staff, the substantial investment in project definition and a simple thirst for success are the factors that set us apart.
www.ewa.ltd.uk   (156 words)

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