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Topic: Reliability

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In the News (Tue 19 Feb 19)

  Reliability Analysis: Statnotes, from North Carolina State University, Public Administration Program
Researchers must demonstrate instruments are reliable since without reliability, research results using the instrument are not replicable, and replicability is fundamental to the scientific method.
Reliability is the correlation of an item, scale, or instrument with a hypothetical one which truly measures what it is supposed to.
Reliability may be thought of as the correlation of a variable with itself.
www2.chass.ncsu.edu /garson/pa765/reliab.htm   (5701 words)

 Sandia National Laboratories - Architectural Surety - Architectural Design for Reliability
On the other hand, the formal reliability techniques that are routinely applied in many other industries are not commonly used in the construction industry.* This paper considers whether design-for-reliability concepts could be applied to structures and what steps might be taken during design, construction, maintenance, and remodeling to increase architectural reliability.
Although it is clear that the reliability of a system is known with certainty only after it has been used until it is worn out and its failure history has been faithfully recorded, design for reliability is a cost-effective step toward increasing the time period of reliable performance.
We define a reliable structure to be one that can continue to serve its original function (or a closely related function) for at least the design lifetime without a significant increase in main-tenance and repair costs.
www.sandia.gov /archsur/C12.htm   (1659 words)

  Intercoder Reliability in Content Analysis
Reliability is a necessary (although not sufficient) criterion for validity in the study and without it all results and conclusions in the research project may justifiably be doubted or even considered meaningless.
Following instrument design and preliminary coder training, assess reliability informally with a small number of units which ideally are not part of the full sample (or census) of units to be coded, and refine the instrument and coding instructions until the informal assessment suggests an adequate level of agreement.
Before they examine their reliability data, researchers need to select an index of intercoder reliability based on its properties and assumptions, and the properties of their data, including the level of measurement of each variable for which agreement is to be calculated and the number of coders.
www.temple.edu /mmc/reliability   (5810 words)

 Reliability. ERIC Digest.
For example, reliability has elsewhere been defined as "the degree to which test scores for a group of test takers are consistent over repeated applications of a measurement procedure and hence are inferred to be dependable and repeatable for an individual test taker" (Berkowitz, Wolkowitz, Fitch, and Kopriva, 2000).
Technically, the theoretical definition of reliability is the proportion of score variance that is caused by systematic variation in the population of test-takers.
Reliability is a joint characteristic of a test and examinee group, not just a characteristic of a test.
www.ericdigests.org /2002-2/reliability.htm   (2116 words)

 Reliability and Maintainability Resources - Relex Software
IMPORTANCE OF Relex Software is dedicated to helping companies improve the reliability, maintainability, and availability of their systems and products.
Reliability: A Practitioner's Guide - a comprehensive handbook of the many disciplines related to reliability engineering.
Obtain a glossary of terms commonly used by reliability and quality professionals.
www.relex.com /resources/index.asp   (258 words)

 Reliability Prediction
The reliability analyses can be used to define the quantitative parameters for an item, equipment or a complete system, and may be expressed in number of failures in a given set period of time, set number of cycles or set number of operations, such as rounds fired from a small caliber gun, etc.
The full stress analysis is completed by the reliability engineer, who with the detailed knowledge of the electrical and electronic design, in addition he/ she will require specific data pertaining to each component type used within the design.
In deriving their actual reliability they may have factored in a duty cycle with respect to the total number of hours that the equipment (on average) is used or powered up.
www.mtain.com /relia/relpred.htm   (2580 words)

 Hard Disk Drives - Hitachi hard disk drive reliability
Reliability has been measured in the industry with Mean Time Between Failure (MTBF), a term or claim that is easy to advertise (a higher number is better), difficult to explain, and nearly impossible to prove or guarantee.
Reliability Demonstration Tests are run which demonstrate a specified reliability level at the end of the development stage.
Reliability engineers also check the error-logging integrity of the disk drive by forcing opens and short circuits and by assuring the fault is detected and reported correctly.
www.hitachigst.com /hdd/library/reliab.htm   (1061 words)

 Stan Stephenson on Reliability - Reliability Team Leader - Halliburton
Reliability is not a feature built in; it is an act of vigilance day in and day out throughout our services and process and the life of any of our equipment or tools.
For Halliburton, reliability is now a part of the culture permeating the organization, from development and design through process controls and verification of manufacturing tolerances, to field operations training and procedures, and even the support organizations like procurement and accounting.
Achieving reliability means that every day, on every task, in every part of the organization, the whole team is working to eliminate even the smallest factors that lead to downtime or lost opportunities for us or our customers.
www.halliburton.com /divisions/Default.aspx?navid=279&pageid=711   (684 words)

 Software Metrics and Reliability
The IEEE defines reliability as "The ability of a system or component to perform its required functions under stated conditions for a specified period of time." To most project and software development managers, reliability is equated to correctness, that is, they look to testing and the number of "bugs" found and fixed.
There has been extensive work in measuring reliability using mean time between failure and mean time to failure.[1] Successful modeling has been done to predict error rates and reliability.[1,2,3] These activities address the first and third aspects of reliability, identifying and removing faults so that the software works as expected with the specified reliability.
When measuring reliability, we are usually measuring only defects found and defects fixed.[4] If the objective is to fully measure reliability we need to address prevention as well as investigate the development starting in the requirements phase – what the programs are developed to.
satc.gsfc.nasa.gov /support/ISSRE_NOV98/software_metrics_and_reliability.html   (3006 words)

 Regulations and reliability are the easy parts of risk management | Plant Services
Reliability excellence also includes culture change, another critical factor that is mandatory for preventing environmental events.
The final component of reliability excellence that directly contributes to a safe environment, as well as high performance, is an effective proactive, rather than reactive, risk management process.
The risk management process, implemented and administrated by reliability engineering, should be designed to constantly identify, evaluate and eliminate risks that could impact plant performance, with a central focus on environmental, health and safety issues.
www.plantservices.com /articles/2007/023.html   (851 words)

 [No title]
The reliability problem occurs when a thread uses Abort to terminate another thread—or when AppDomain.Unload is called, which has the effect of calling Abort on all threads currently executing in the target domain or that have an existing stack frame from that domain.
A reliability contract expresses two different, but related, concepts: what kind of state corruption could result from asynchronous exceptions being thrown during the method's execution, and what kind of completion guarantees the method can make if it were to run in a CER.
Reliability contracts are an attempt to abstract away that type of detail from the runtime, allowing the code author to clearly state whether callers need to worry about failures, and if so, how much state may need to be thrown away.
msdn.microsoft.com /msdnmag/issues/05/10/Reliability   (6855 words)

 Extended Source Reliability In Release 2
The reliability is relaxed to 80% for stellar densities of 3.4 - 4.0, roughly corresponding to 20 > b
Given this reliability specification, the only way to measure the reliability is for a human to examine a set of sources and determine one by one whether each source is truly a galaxy.
Thus although the reliability specification may be achievable at K, it is likely that we cannot ever achieve a 99% reliability specification at J given that there are other sources of unreliability in addition to double and triple stars.
spider.ipac.caltech.edu /staff/tchester/2mass/analysis/galaxies/rel/r2.html   (1418 words)

Reliability is the extent to which an experiment, test, or any measuring procedure yields the same result on repeated trials.
Without the agreement of independent observers able to replicate research procedures, or the ability to use research tools and procedures that yield consistent measurements, researchers would be unable to satisfactorily draw conclusions, formulate theories, or make claims about the generalizability of their research.
Reliability is such an important concept that it has been defined in terms of its application to a wide range of activities.
writing.colostate.edu /guides/research/relval/pop2a.cfm   (138 words)

 Reliability and Item Analysis
For example, reliable measurement of employee performance is usually a difficult task; yet, it is obviously a necessary precursor to any performance-based compensation system.
The assessment of scale reliability is based on the correlations between the individual items or measurements that make up the scale, relative to the variances of the items.
Specifically, we may define an index of reliability in terms of the proportion of true score variability that is captured across subjects or respondents, relative to the total observed variability.
www.statsoft.com /textbook/streliab.html   (2628 words)

 ConsumerReports.org - Consumer Reports Car Reliability FAQ
Note that just because a model is not listed as a Reliable Used Car or a CR Good Bet does not mean that it is necessarily unreliable--it may be the case that we do not have sufficient data to assess its reliability, or that we do not have a recent enough road test.
While reliability history is no guarantee of a new car's reliability, by choosing a car that has been relatively problem-free for owners of recent models, you can improve your odds of having a problem-free car.
Reliability refers to whether the information generated by the survey would be repeated if the survey were to be conducted again.
www.consumerreports.org /cro/cars/new-cars/auto-test/consumer-reports-car-reliability-faq-8-06/overview/0608_consumer-reports-carreliability-faq_ov.htm   (6627 words)

In its everyday sense, reliability is the "consistency" or "repeatability" of your measures.
Because of this, there a variety of different types of reliability that each have multiple ways to estimate reliability for that type.
In the end, it's important to integrate the idea of reliability with the other major criteria for the quality of measurement -- validity -- and develop an understanding of the relationships between reliability and validity in measurement.
www.socialresearchmethods.net /kb/reliable.htm   (184 words)

 ASQ: Links: Reliability
The Equipment Reliability Institute is an engineering school that focuses on the reliability and durability of equipment in the aircraft, automobile, telecom systems and satellite industries.
The European Safety and Reliability Assn. (ESRA) is a nonprofit umbrella organization with a membership consisting of national professional societies, industrial organizations and higher education institutions.
Reliability Center Inc. has a Web site with features such as forums on various topics, a newsletter and articles, links to other organizations, a definitions page and a search service.
www.asq.org /links/reliability.html   (377 words)

 Reliability Engineering at the University of Maryland
The academic and research program of the Reliability Engineering Program are based upon the recognition that the performance of a complex system is affected by engineering inputs that begin at conception and extend throughout its lifetime.
Reliability engineers perform a wide variety of special management and engineering tasks to ensure that sufficient attention is given to details that will affect the reliability of a given system.
Prepare a reliability program plan, that is, list the needed reliability tasks and for each give the depth to which it should be performed, when it should be performed, who will use the results, and the resources (time, people, money) that the task will use.
www.enre.umd.edu   (597 words)

 Big iron lessons, Part 2: Reliability and availability: What's the difference?
Reliability is evaluated by mean time to failure, and availability is measured by service uptime over a year of continuous operation.
The RAS (Reliability, Availability, Serviceability) concept for system design integrates concepts of design for reliability and for availability along with methods to quickly service failures that can't be designed for automatic recovery.
Building systems for very high reliability can be cost prohibitive, so RAS offers an approach to balance reliability with recovery and servicing features to control cost and ensure safety and quality of service.
www-128.ibm.com /developerworks/power/library/pa-bigiron2   (4902 words)

 Car Reliability Ratings - MSN Autos
MSN Autos' reliability ratings help offset this concern by clearly identifying key problem areas in best-selling used cars, complete with "reparability" information that includes estimated repair costs.
Then, too, the ratings of all vehicles are analyzed to provide Best of Class Ratings for individual vehicles with the highest reliability scores in their category—e.g.
Reliability ratings for used vehicles are deteremined by judging seven major vehicle systems.
autos.msn.com /home/reliability_ratings.aspx   (260 words)

 ReliaSoft Consulting Services (RCS) Menu of Services
The development of a world-class reliability program requires expertise in topics such as training for engineers and managers, developing and evaluating reliability specifications, test design, information capture, storage and retrieval as well as effective data analysis.
Reliability requirements or specifications are a central component of product design, vendor selection, quality assurance, reliability analysis and other manufacturing activities and decisions.
It is critical for the manufacturer to determine cost-effective maintenance policies and to improve the overall reliability and performance of vital plant components.
www.reliasoft.com /rsps/services.htm   (585 words)

 TriQuint: Company / Quality & Reliability / Publications
This report summarizes the reliability testing that was completed to verify that the TQ5M31 has a failure rate of less than 100 FITs when subjected to high temperature operating life test.
This qualification was intended to evaluate the reliability differences between the original SC-2682-DM qualification on material fabricated in Fab 2 and material fabricated in Fab 3.
All testing was satisfactorily completed and the TQ8103 is considered to be suitable for reliable operation in commercial environments.
www.triquint.com /company/quality/pubs/products   (2051 words)

 Statistical Careers in Reliability
Reliability means the product, service or system will perform as expected now and in the future.
Statisticians and reliability engineers (often with significant reliability training) guide and perform critical reliability prediction, experiment, assessment and assurance activities.
Given the reliability goal and other constraints, the development team attempts to meet the reliability goal at the lowest cost.
www.amstat.org /careers/copss/index.cfm?fuseaction=reliability   (377 words)

 Consumer Reports list most reliable cars - Nov. 8, 2004
Reliability, however, is not among them, according to the latest Consumer Reports reliability survey.
Of the 11 sedans with the lowest predicted reliability, according to the survey, 10 were from European brands including Mercedes-Benz, Jaguar and BMW.
The reliability ratings form part of the data used to determine which models are recommended by Consumer Reports.
money.cnn.com /2004/11/08/pf/autos/cr_auto_reliability   (502 words)

 Consortium for Electric Reliability Technology Solutions (CERTS)
The Consortium for Electric Reliability Technology Solutions (CERTS) was formed in 1999 to research, develop, and disseminate new methods, tools, and technologies to protect and enhance the reliability of the U.S. electric power system and efficiency of competitive electricity markets.
Reliability and Markets—performing science-based analysis and demonstrations of options for increasing the effectiveness of market-based approaches for managing reliability.
Reliability Technology Issues and Needs Assessment—monitoring and identifying technology trends and emerging gaps in electricity system reliability research and development (RandD) to anticipate what RandD efforts are in the public interest to enable the grid of the future.
certs.lbl.gov   (227 words)

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