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Topic: Religious tolerance

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In the News (Sat 17 Aug 19)

  Religious toleration - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Religious toleration is the condition of accepting or permitting others' religious beliefs and practices which disagree with one's own.
In a country with a state religion, toleration means that the government permits religious practices of other sects besides the state religion, and does not persecute believers in other faiths.
In the Middle Ages, toleration of Judaism was a contentious issue throughout Christendom.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Religious_tolerance   (574 words)

 United Arab Emirates
There are no reports that these holidays negatively affect other religious groups because of their religious affiliation; however, all residents and visitors are required by law during Ramadan to publicly respect and abide by some of the behavior restrictions imposed on Muslims, they are forbidden to eat, drink, or smoke publicly during fasting hours.
Religious instruction in non-Muslim religions is not permitted in public schools; however, religious groups may conduct religious instruction for their members on their religious compounds.
Non-Muslim religious leaders from inside and outside of the country regularly refer to it as one of the most liberal and broadminded countries in the region in terms of governmental and societal attitudes toward allowing all persons to practice their faiths freely.
www.state.gov /g/drl/rls/irf/2004/35510.htm   (3793 words)

 Glimmerings of Tolerance
Believing that all religious groups are equally beneficial and equally harmless to their followers.
It is not necessary, nor is it desirable, for an individual to suppress their own religious beliefs, in order to accept the human rights of others to follow a different religion.
Without tolerance there is no religious liberty, no freedom of conscience and no freedom of thought.
members.tripod.com /inspirational/glimmerings_of_tolerance.htm   (1713 words)

 Promoting Religious Tolerance
Some fresh thinking on the subject would not only make religious tolerance more palatable to those with strongly held religious beliefs, but it could lead to a genuine appreciation of the various expressions of faith.
However, to eradicate religious intolerance at its root, legislation must be supported by education, beginning in primary school.
Religious education should teach children to manifest the nobility with which they were endowed by a loving God.
www.bic-un.bahai.org /95-0110.htm   (1051 words)

 War Watch - August 26, 2002 - The Ornery American
Indeed, the Romans created the most religiously tolerant society up to their own time, by allowing all their provinces to continue to worship their ancient gods, as long as they added to their rituals the public worship of the emperor-as-god.
Religious tolerance was not rediscovered until after the bloody Thirty Years War ravaged Europe and the Inquisition made religious intolerance seem worse to decent people than the "treason" of rejecting the state religion.
The religious intolerance of Muslim nations is probably the most important reason why those nations continue to be overwhelmingly poor and ignorant and powerless in the world at large.
www.ornery.org /essays/warwatch/2002-08-26-1.html   (1591 words)

 Islam & Religious Tolerance
Religious tolerance has always been a necessary law of life which cannot be neglected except at great hazard to human society.
Religious tolerance is embodied in the Holy Quran itself: at the heart of the Holy Quran are all the essential teachings of the Torah of Moses and the Gospel of Jesus (including some miracles of Jesus not mentioned in the New Testament itself).
Sixth: Another feature of religious tolerance in Islam is the idea that, where religious differences exist, the followers of various religious traditions should engage one another on a basis of mutual respect and kindness.
www.kuftaro.org /English/WOT/Islam_and_Religious_Tolerance.htm   (3114 words)

 Boston University | CURA - Institute on Culture, Religion and World Affairs | Cross-National Study of Interreligious ...
The guiding principle of the project is simple: arguments for tolerance and pluralism must be developed from within religious traditions and not simply from secular, Enlightenment principles of citizenship and of the polity.
The Tolerance Project is designed to identify and explore the resources for tolerance and pluralism intrinsic in the three revealed religions-Judaism, Christianity, and Islam-in a global context, with a particular emphasis on the relevance of these resources to educational practice.
This is the goal of the Tolerance Project: rather than seeking to export a particular, Western (and secular) vision of self and society to other parts of the globe, the Tolerance Project is designed to enhance the development of arguments for tolerance from within religious contexts and traditions and, most importantly, within religious pedagogic institutions.
www.bu.edu /cura/programs/tolerance.html   (647 words)

 Promoting Religious Tolerance
She concludes that of all the causes of religious intolerance, the most prevalent is "ignorance and lack of understanding of the most basic elements of various religions or beliefs."
In the Bahá'í view, religious tolerance is not only compatible with strong religious beliefs, it is the hallmark of a clear understanding of the purpose of religion.
They have a spiritual responsibility to sow the seeds of religious tolerance and understanding in the hearts of their followers.
www.bic-un.bahai.org /89-0302.htm   (708 words)

 Freedom: A History of US. Webisode 3: Liberty for All? Segment 2 | PBS
Under the new king, Charles I, things were even worse for the religious dissidents—who called themselves "Puritans." They hoped to "purify" the Church of England.
"[Tolerance is] liberty … to tell lies in the name of the Lord," said John Cotton.
In 1763, thanks to the atmosphere of tolerance that Roger Williams fostered, Rhode Island became the home of the first permanent Jewish house of worship in America, the Touro Synagogue.
www.pbs.org /wnet/historyofus/web03/segment2.html   (560 words)

 Religious freedom, religious tolerance and religious intolerance
The concepts of religious freedom and tolerance - allowing individuals to believe in, practice, and promote the religion of choice without repercussions - are legitimate and worthwhile.
The practice of discouraging religious freedom and the freedom to express and/or promote all or certain religious beliefs - with repercussions ranging from discrimination and harassment to prevention and prosecution (by legal and/or illegal means).
Religious Pluralism The theory that there are more than one or more than two kinds of ultimate reality and/or truth - and that therefore more than one religion can be said to have the truth (way to God, salvation, etcetera).
www.apologeticsindex.org /r04.html   (1385 words)

 Tolerance - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Tolerance is a recent political term used within debates in areas of social, cultural and religious context, as an emphatic antithesis to discrimination, as such may advocate persecution.
The term "tolerance" itself, like "toleration", is controversial and disliked by some due to its implication that the "tolerated" custom or behavior is in fact an aberration.
Historically, political and religious tolerance have been the most important aspects of tolerance, since differences of political and religious ideology have led to innumerable wars, purges and other atrocities.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Tolerance   (879 words)

 Presentation by Rev. Heber C. Jentzsch, President of the Church of Scientology International
Under this bill, any religious organization which the government, or the French anti-religious movement, decided to classify as a sect could literally, and without much ado, be shut down and extinguished as a fellowship of believers.
French religious leaders and some of the French media have correctly pointed out that it could be applied to anybody from Carmelite nuns to newspaper reporters to insurance salesmen.
This intended legislation is the most dangerous attack on religious freedom and civil liberties in Western Europe in the last 60 years, since the Nazi master plan to annihilate the Jews and their religion.
www.religiousfreedom.com /Whatsnew/heber.htm   (2774 words)

 On Religious Tolerance
That the protection of life, property and religious freedom of minorities is the religious duty of the Islamic state.
The result of these teachings was a Muslim rule that set the gold standard for religious tolerance in a world that was not used to the idea.
They forgot that religious tolerance means accommodation to religious minorities; it does not mean undermining the majority.
www.youngmuslims.ca /articles/display.asp?ID=43   (1040 words)

 Recent Patriarchal Encyclicals on Religious Tolerance and Peaceful Coexistence
The case in point is Patriarch Metrophanes III of Constantinople, who issued a sharp condemnation of the maltreatment of the Jews in Crete in an encyclical written in 1568.
This conference was declared in support of peace and tolerance and the Patriarch was a co-signer of its statement.
The Patriarch opposes as an economic vision of globalization devoid of moral application because "man must not live by bread alone" (Matt.4: 4) but by values and principles that transcend economic concerns, because economy is the servant of humanity and not its master.
www.goarch.org /en/ourfaith/articles/article8072.asp   (2006 words)

 Fundamentalist Doctrinal Debate: Religious tolerance ...: Re: religious tolerance
You, and I, and everyone else have two options: Promote religious tolerance: The right of people to hold religious beliefs that are strange to us, without hindrance, harassment, or oppression.
The implication that religious intolerance is hate and one of the main reasons which causes violence is the reasoning behind this statement.
If that is true, then [religious] intolerance has nothing to do with [religion] at all and that [intolerence], as descibed in the first question, is actually the root cause of hateful and warmonging men, which as well has nothing to do with religion and is used simply to oppose religion, or the freedom of such?
www.suite101.com /discussion.cfm/16647/98791/881303   (408 words)

 All Sides of the Story   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Teaching religious tolerance in our classrooms sounds a great deal easier in theory than it is in practice.
As individuals, our religious beliefs (or non-beliefs) might be extremely important to us, and that could tempt us to preach instead of teach in the classroom.
Children should be encouraged to bring in information on their family's religion and religious beliefs, and an atmosphere of mutual acceptance should be created and maintained throughout.
www.teachingreligion.com /tolerance.html   (256 words)

 One Hand Clapping » Blog Archive » Religious tolerance watch
Religious tolerance for thee, but not for me. I’ll start listening to Muslims giving me advice about religious toleraance when Christians can openly, publicly worship in in Saudi Arabia.
Most scholarly analyses ignore the religious dimensions of the tragedy, portraying the Hutu extermination campaign as an indictment of European colonialism or a metaphor for the dilemmas of post-cold-war foreign policy.
P.S. I suspect that the primary reason the ‘religious’ are so far behind the atheists, in terms of body counts, is that the ‘religious’ have, at least, SOMETHING of a moral code that is recognized inside of their ranks which seems to act as an inhibitor against slaughtering their own.
www.donaldsensing.com /?p=128   (1608 words)

 religious tolerance
It means to accept the rights of others to follow freely their own religious beliefs and practices, even though they seem false to you.
He who has prejudice, or intolerance, or discrimination, or oppression, or hate, is a very bad religious person, even if he is a pastor or a rabbi or a nun or any kind of religions leader… and even then, he is the most refined hypocrite, abhorred by God himself!.
But most important is that you and I start to be tolerant, love the members of any other religion…; the tiny light of a candle won't be blown out by the deepest and greatest darkness.
biblia.com /christ/tolerance.htm   (971 words)

 The Origin of Religious Tolerance
Legally and historically, England was not a bastion of religious toleration: laws against nonconformists and atheists were still in force.
One of its themes was that freedom -- especially freedom of commerce -- was the true wellspring of religious toleration and of a peaceful civil society.
After all, if people were allowed to choose and practice their own religious values, if values became a commodity open to competition, then civil chaos and conflict would inevitably ensue.
www.zetetics.com /mac/volt.htm   (2014 words)

 Religious Tolerance - Religion, Spirituality
Christian initiative to report on threats and actions against the religious freedom of all people, regardless of their religious affiliation.
At the Foundation for Religious Freedom, our common purpose is to foster understanding, tolerance and basic respect amongst all faiths faith-groups.
The International Association for Religious Freedom is an NGO with general consultative status at the UN that works for freedom of religion and belief through mutal understanding, respect and the promotion of harmony between religions, freedom of oppressi
www.conscious.be /browse-religious_tolerance-83-1.html   (295 words)

 BRIA(17:1) Religious Tolerance, Prayers, public events, schools, Persecution, Mormons, Protestant Reformation, Luther
During colonial times, religious groups like the Baptists and Quakers were often persecuted in communities where they were in the minority.
In such a setting, the court concluded, students should not be forced to participate in a religious exercise that might violate their beliefs.
The plaintiffs objected to teachers promoting their religious views in the classroom, school administrators permitting Bibles to be distributed on the campuses, and a long history of Christian prayers at graduations and athletic events.
www.crf-usa.org /bria/bria17_1.htm   (6065 words)

 Bracks’ religious tolerance laws
Before I analyse some of the gross defects in Victoria's Religious Tolerance Act 200l and the issues which arise from its enactment, it is important to mention the historical background to so much of our present law.
In the context of religious beliefs this could be a particularly difficult presumption to rebut.
In criminal matters in assessing the conduct of a Defendant, motive is often of the utmost relevance, yet Section 9 of the Racial and Religious Tolerance Act declares that the person's motive in engaging in any conduct is irrelevant.
www.brookesnews.com /062301bracks.html   (2347 words)

 Rethinking religious tolerance | csmonitor.com
In the aftermath of the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks, calls for greater religious tolerance and understanding have reverberated from coast to coast.
Indeed, while scholars agreed women should be men's equals in religious life and spoke of the importance of religious tolerance, the question of how to do both in a world where many religions regard men and women differently remained unresolved.
Yet for those who prize religious tolerance as a top virtue in its own right, the American pattern is unsettling.
www.csmonitor.com /2002/0328/p11s02-lire.html   (1209 words)

 Religious Tolerance in Australia
This is a site to promote religious harmony, tolerance, understanding and communication between peoples of different backgrounds in Australia and the surrounds.
And Australia is confronted with the balancing act of pursuing closer regional ties without damaging the alliance with the United States.
Australia must also respond to terrorism without undermining its status as a country which prides itself in its multicultural identity and religious tolerance.
religioustoleranceaustra.motime.com   (634 words)

 Promoting religious understanding, tolerance and freedom.
To extend religious freedom to people of all religious traditions, even though you may disagree with their beliefs and/or practices.
It promotes religious freedom, and diversity as positive cultural values.
If you believe in religious tolerance and understanding, will you please consider making a one-time donation via Credit card, PayPal, or check -- or set up a small monthly donation.
www.religioustolerance.org   (720 words)

 Open Directory - Society:Religion and Spirituality:Religious Tolerance   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Religious, adjective, having a strong belief in a god or gods, or any such system of belief and worship.
Tolerance, noun, willingness to accept behavior and beliefs which are different from your own, although you might not agree with or approve of them.
The sites listed here in Religious Tolerance are intended to provide information and understanding of differing beliefs in order to increase acceptance.
dmoz.org /Society/Religion_and_Spirituality/Religious_Tolerance/desc.html   (346 words)

 Tolerance.org: RELIGIOUS INTOLERANCE: A Personal View
I do know two very religiously conservative people who have played ongoing roles in my life.
One is a man who runs a very successful homeless shelter; we both recognize that we dwell on different ends of the political-religious spectrum, but we focus instead on our common ground, a sort of shared integrity.
You also can start reading about, discussing, and exploring religious groups you don't fully understand.
www.tolerance.org /news/article_tol.jsp?id=912   (1165 words)

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