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Topic: Religous dictatorship

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In the News (Mon 24 Jun 19)

  United Elias: www.home.gov.ue
General: The Federal Dictatorship of United Elias is a large nation stretched between the Red Sea and the Persian Gulf; the Capital is the beautiful and ancient city of Baghdad.
System of Government: United Elias is a Federal Dictatorship meaning that the Executive Branch of the national government is non-elected and all officials are appointed to their offices by The President.
Being a minor ally of the USSR also played well with the lower classes and further decreased the liklihood of religous in fighting and also made the economy much less dependnant on those of the West and therefore was convnient at the time.
www.freewebs.com /unitedelias/thenation.htm   (2845 words)

 Glenda and Grady
They were, for the most part, religious men but they knew that the differences in their religious beliefs would soon destroy the country and bring about another dictatorship if they didn't keep politics free of religion.
They want to make this another religous democracy which will then become another religous dictatorship.
Once you give power over to religous zealots, you won't have long to enjoy your freedom.
www.hal-pc.org /~gdlx   (689 words)

 Juan Donoso Cortés [Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy]
His theory of dictatorship and his critique of liberal democratic parliamentarianism significantly influenced the thinking of the twentieth century German conservative political theorist Carl Schmitt.
Revolution had to be met with counterrevolution, anarchy with dictatorship, freethinking with dogma, doubt with certainty, and discussion with decree.
The ultimate battle for Donoso was to be a quasi-Manichæan struggle between Catholicism and socialism, or Catholic civilization and philosophical civilization, two systems of belief in a combat to the death for the control of societies and souls.
www.utm.edu /research/iep/d/donoso.htm   (2427 words)

 Maryam Rajavi - Importance of women Role in political leadership
The religious dictatorship ruling Iran, which has massacred 120,000 political opponents, is on the verge of obtaining nuclear arms.
Nuclear weapons in the hands of a violent dictatorship, whose terrorist tentacles have reached many parts of the world, including Buenos Aires, Paris, Berlin, Beirut, Riyadh, Manila, Istanbul and Baghdad and instilled fear and perpetrated atrocities in those countries, is quite dangerous.
The extensive presence of women in the anti-monarchic revolution in 1979, their heroic role in the confrontation with the clerical dictatorship, including their astounding resistance to torture in the regime’s prisons, and the invaluable role they have played in the organized Resistance, prove that women are the growing force of our times.
www.maryam-rajavi.com /content/view/330/61   (4050 words)

 Daddy, Papa and Me   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
The first is a theocratic despotic dictatorship that executes gay men regularly for nothing more than being accused of being gay (or found kissing, or having sex).
The second is a despotic dictatorship that murders opponents and sends gay men to jail for 3 years.
The third is a Communist dictatorship that silences opponents and disallows dissent.
www.lathefamily.org /warren3/blogs/001898.shtml   (842 words)

 AEI - Events
As you know, the history of Iran, the history of Iran in 19th Century was the history of a country under dictatorship but the constitutional movement in Iran, which was a modern constitution, ushered in a new state of politics.
Those who know, who have studied these societies, they know how the dictatorship and despotism stifles the psyche and the soul of individual, and it turns individual into a rebel because basically individual seeks freedom all the time, and under these kinds of conditions turns into hateful individual.
In fact, if you compare that dictatorship and the conditions prevailing at the Ottoman Empire with those prevailing in Nasaf's [ph] time, Nasaf's dictatorship was much milder than what was going on during the Ottoman Empire.
www.aei.org /events/filter.,eventID.630/transcript.asp   (4212 words)

 'Pope Benedict XVI and the “Dictatorship of Relativism”' by Shlomo Sher - Get Underground ...
Pope Benedict XVI and the “Dictatorship of Relativism”
With all due respect, the claim that “It is a logical impossibility to argue soundly from a description of a state of affairs to a prescription or an evaluation of the rightness or wrongness of that state of affairs” has got to be one of the most ridiculous things I’ve ever read.
It seems to me there is a perfectly good example by which to judge any moral, religeous or political institution, although relativism may actually hold sway: by their own measure and their own rules.
getunderground.com /underground/columns/article.cfm?Article_ID=1829   (6633 words)

 Objectivist Philosophy vs. Christian Religion
To remain in power, the dictatorship of the religious majority would ultimately need to censor, tax, fine, deport, imprison, kill, or, in general, do whatever it takes to silence its most vocal and influential secular antagonists.
The democratizing government would gain gradual support over time, and once the dictatorship of the religious masses becomes obvious for all to see, I doubt there would be much of a revolt—unless, of course, the typically pacifistic forces of secularism were willing to and capable of mounting a military offensive.
If there is to be freedom without bloodshed, I believe it will be due to the spread and influence of Objectivism and any other truly reason-based movements that can successfully outthink, outspeak and outmaneuver the religious powers that be.
www.misterswig.com /philosophy/religion/rush_limbaugh.html   (2755 words)

 NG BBS - Search
Yes marrige is a religous institution but once it became binding under the law it can't be restricted to certain groups.
You can say you hate gays all you want but once you try and restrict a govermentally supported institution to them (sorry but that's what marrige is now) you've crossed a line and you're oppressing their rights.
If marrige was still religous you could keep them out but now you have to give them all the same rights and priveleges even if it's called a civil union.
www.newgrounds.com /bbs/search.php?kind=a&terms=aXuS   (1531 words)

 AEI - Short Publications
While the American track record of avoiding imperialism and encouraging freedom is clear, the same cannot be said for the countries and institutions seeking to push the United States aside and take over Iraq for their own interests.
Ironically, Shiites, who were celebrating their religious freedom for the first time in a generation, were being told they should drive out the very country that had given them the opportunity to go to the holy city of Karbala.
Involving foreign countries, especially dictatorships and those with a weak tradition of democracy, will only make it more difficult for the Iraqi people to achieve the safety, health, prosperity and freedom that should be their birth right as a free and independent people.
www.aei.org /publications/filter.social,pubID.17051/pub_detail.asp   (405 words)

To me a dictatorship, mixed with visions of divine responsibilities is probably the most horrendous type of repression possible.
Close to a quarter of a century of an autocratic government in Iran, bringing mass executions, murders, large-scale imprisonments, terror, oppression and corruption is the prime confirmation of this line of reasoning....
it's better than the dictatorships many people have to suffer - regardless of the fact that "suffering" the kuweiti or saudi-arab dictatorship is easy living (at least for the natives, that is).
www.buzzmachine.com /archives/003666.html   (2357 words)

 Democracy in Iraq - The CHUD.COM Message Boards
But, after all, it is the leaders of the country who determine the policy, and it's always a simple matter to drag the people along whether it's a democracy, a fascist dictatorship, or a parliament, or a communist dictatorship.
nobody is saying for their religous values aren't important or won't influence parts of their gov't but it can't be in their constitution.
All they need is one religous zelot to distort the Quran like say Osama bin Laden, and any progress we made is finished.
www.chud.com /forums/showthread.php?t=53591   (3622 words)

 OPB :: OPB Radio: Morning Edition
When freedom of choice is negated we fall into the hands of a dictatorship, we are slowly heading in that direction with a republican executive branch, a republican supreme court, a republican senate, and a republican house.
Those who are "Christian" like to tell the story of the founding of this nation by religous people but not all those who came were "Christians" and many were fleeing religious prosecution and looking for a place to believe in a more individual way of "beliefs".
I'm afraid that the current administration is trying to make this country into a "my way or the highway" mentality and although they say they are for "freedom", it is only freedom to believe and perceive as they do.
www.opb.org /radio/archives/2005/05/morning_edition_2.php   (1429 words)

 Religiously based civil unrest and warfare
They were protected by, and integrated with, the Taliban dictatorship in the country.
The Northern Alliance of rebel Afghans, Britain and the U.S. attacked the Taliban and Al Quada, establishing a new regime in part of the country.
Yourubas and Christians in the south of the country are battling Muslims in the north.
www.religioustolerance.org /curr_war.htm   (1665 words)

 Neither secular not theocratic state dictatorship! - Greece / Turkey / Cyprus Religion - Anarkismo
A tendency of dictatorship cannot be repressed by another dictatorship.
This ideological dictatorship aims to abolish not only Islam but all thoughts and beliefs which do not comply with the Kemalist-Jacoben dictatorship.
It does not matter under which ideology, power and the state are the enemies of freedom; whether secular or theocratic, it does not matter.
www.anarkismo.net /newswire.php?story_id=974   (824 words)

 Bonhoeffer Documentary - About Dietrich Bonhoeffer
But in January 1933, after two years of political turmoil, the president, Field Marshal von Hindenburg, appointed him as chancellor when Hitler deceived him with a promise to form a majority coalition government.
Instead, Hitler immediately abolished the constitutional guarantees of civil rights and established a dictatorship with a terrorist secret state police, the Gestapo.
Hitler knew to expect hostility from his own people once they realized that he was sacrificing them for his world-power ambitions.
www.bonhoeffer.com /bak3.htm   (1154 words)

 Pakistan Peoples Party
A military dictatorship in Pakistan failed to stop Al-Qaeda and its Taliban sympathizers from escaping during the bombing of Tora Bora.
Perhaps the Generals wanted to tell the world that the choice in Pakistan is a choice between military dictatorship and religious constraint.
We fight against dictatorship and intolerance that will confine and constrain and victimize in the generations ahead.
www.ppp.org.pk /speeches/speech47.html   (1355 words)

 Howstuffworks "Responses by Vincent_Romano"
This way the UN will be able to stop dangerous countries like North Korea for example and actually be able to point out reasons why they don't qualify for such powerful weapons.
If your harming cells to save people than less harm is being done than healing.
Religous or not, Health should be a top priority for everyone anyway.
health.howstuffworks.com /rcc_profile.php?username=Vincent_Romano&articles=pop&view=responses   (594 words)

 Mysogyny Pillard of Religious Fascism - Women against Islamic Fundamentalism
Founded on the principle of velayat-e faqih (the absolute supremacy of clerical rule), the religious dictatorship ruling Iran resembles, generally speaking, the regimes of medieval Europe whose laws were rooted in religion.
While the Shah claimed that Iran was at the gateway to the "great civilization," for the vast majority of Iranians, particularly the deprived strata of society and women in the rural areas, little had changed.
When the mullahs' regime took over, it faced a society that had just toppled a monarchic dictatorship after 100 years of struggle for freedom and expected its historic demands to be met.
www.free-woman.org   (9250 words)

 [No title]
Linking the words "America" and "dictatorship" is a daily staple of leftwing blogs, which thrive on the idea that Bush administration policies since 9/11 are taking the country ever closer to totalitarian rule.
As for an American dictatorship, well all that I can say is that this is no longer an impossibility.
When a respected person as the former supreme judge makes a comment using the words Dictatorship unless anybody here can prove that she is losing her mind, it is something to be worry about and to take very seriously.
www.atsnn.com /story/198773.html   (3949 words)

 Sigtonoi - Tomorrow's leader... what?
Iraq is an ancient culture with highly educated, comparitively gender balanced society accustomed to secular rule.
Granted, they've had to deal with dictatorship for so long, but if there is any nation that stands a chance of truly embracing the concept of consentual rule without sacrificing Muslim identity, it's Iraq.
Granted, they'll never be the religous leader (the title held by Saudi Arabia), but given that they're literally neighbors, there's a huge opportunity for cooperation in forging a brighter future for everyone, Muslim and non-Muslim alike.
www.quinthar.com /Sigtonoi/messages.php?messageID=35   (143 words)

 Institute for the Secularisation of Islamic Society   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
In a place where the pressure for Islamic theocracy is overriding, it is a bad idea to derail an existing secular dictatorship, without exterminating the islamic fanatic forces within and without, and try to establish secularism AND democracy anew.
Dictatorships are not good no matter what because they are the objective within themselvbes.
The best way to change a state to secularism is to force its dictators to implement such education system that favours secularism and democracy and once people are ready they would be able to take over their own state themselves and become a proper democracy.
www.secularislam.org /visitors/66.htm   (11549 words)

 Brief On Iran - Iranian Resistance has potential to bring about democratic change in Iran — Maryam Rajavi
Maryam Rajavi, President-elect of the Iranian Resistance, highlighted the threats posed by the religious dictatorship ruling Iran and reiterated that change in her homeland is within reach.
Today, the world is facing a dangerous dilemma: the prospect of a fundamentalist dictatorship acquiring the world's most dangerous weapon or the prospect for a disastrous war in the region.
The mullahs seek to acquire atomic weapons as a lever to preserve the religious dictatorship.
briefoniran.com /content/view/294/29   (1907 words)

 Upcoming Iraqi Elections - America's Debate   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
But...the polls cited in the article indicate that the majority of the parliament members elected to draft the new constitution are going to be religous leaders.
If another dictatorship is established it is because they chose it - through the Democratic process which is HIGHLY unlikely no matter who is elected.
Democracies that include large parties that opt for non-democratic forms of government (dictatorship, theocracy, fascism, communism, anarchism) have a hard time staying as a democracy.
www.americasdebate.com /forums/index.php?showtopic=8325   (1824 words)

 Defining Left Wing and Right Wing Politics :: Who has claim to what?   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-11-06)
Monarchists (even "Benevolent" ones) are nothing more than Dictatorships who impose their will on their subjects more or less unchecked that is clearly an extreme Left Wing form of politics.
The only exceptions are the totalitarian dictatorships, that appealed to the masses to get in power..
The one of the most typical example of the right wing goverment is the nationalistic, religous and authoritative kind of goverment, which still drives 'hard value' and the benefits of the 'have'..
www.politicalforum.com /viewtopic.php?p=151220   (6687 words)

 Roger L. Simon: Sufi Sadness
They are fighting to install a minority led fascist regime that will kill all religous or political opponents.
they may be fighting for a religous dictatorship or a tribal dictatorship but the results will be the same.
The stunning thing about Amenesty International is that if, along with their left wing acolytes, are succesfull in helping these dictatorships regain controll they will forget their aid and comfort to these thugs and turn a round and self rightously condemn the actions of these pigs that they are helping.
www.rogerlsimon.com /mt-archives/2005/06/sufi_sadness.php   (917 words)

 Kurt Lewin
The external motivators evolve form negative (to threat with harm and pain) to positive (to allure with wages, reward and social reinforcement).
It's the progressive evolution from dictatorship towards true participation and democracy, and in modern times the cyclic inter-reactive game of Right and Left.
With the collapse of traditional religous and political systems, which failed to keep up with quickly evolving technical and sociocultural progress, the need for a modern and practical spirituality emerges, and a tolerant but realistic idealism tends to replace the obsolete political discourse.
www.psicopolis.com /kurt/tconcept.htm   (2184 words)

 Online NewsHour -- Nigeria in Transition: Recent Religious Tensions and Violence
Throughout recent decades, Nigeria has been plagued by religious and political conflict, and that violence has often undercut democratic governments and paved the way to chaos or military dictatorships.
The northern states of the sub-Saharan country are predominantly Muslim while the southern states are predominantly Christian, a situation that has in many ways made it more difficult for national leaders to maintain control.
In 1999, democratic reforms ended 15 years of military dictatorship and political leaders drafted a new constitution aimed at ending Nigeria's revolving-door history of attempted democratic rule followed by violence and military takeovers.
www.pbs.org /newshour/bb/africa/nigeria/religous_violence.html   (1036 words)

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