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Topic: Reproduction

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  MSN Encarta - Reproduction
Reproduction is one of the essential functions of plants, animals, and single celled organisms, as necessary for the preservation of the species as eating is for the preservation of the individual.
The typical male reproductive cell, which is known as a sperm, spermatozoon, or spermatozoan, is a motile cell with a head containing the nucleus and a whiplike tail with which it swims.
Plant reproductive cells are roughly similar to animal cells, the male cell being known as the sperm or microgamete and the female cell as the ovum or macrogamete.
encarta.msn.com /encyclopedia_761572784/Reproduction.html   (667 words)

 Vegetative reproduction - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Natural vegetative reproduction is mostly a process of herbaceous and woody perennials, and typically involves structural modifications of the stem, although any horizontal, underground part of a plant (whether stem or a root) can contribute to vegetative reproduction of a plant.
A rhizome is a modified stem serving as an organ of vegetative reproduction.
Man-made methods of vegetative reproduction are usually enhancements of natural processes, but range from simple cloning such as rooting of cuttings to artificial propagation by laboratory tissue cloning.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Vegetative_reproduction   (522 words)

 reproduction. The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition. 2001-05
In all cases reproduction consists of a basic pattern: the conversion by a parent organism of raw materials from the environment into offspring—or into cells that develop into offspring (see meiosis; mitosis)—of a constitution similar or potentially similar to that of the parent.
Sexual reproduction is essentially cellular in nature, i.e., it involves the fertilization of one sex cell (gamete) by another, producing a new cell (called a zygote), which develops into a new organism.
Sexual reproduction is of great significance in that, because of the fusion of two separate parental nuclei, the offspring inherit endlessly varied combinations of characteristics that provide a vast testing ground for new variations that may not only improve the species but ensure its survival.
www.bartleby.com /65/re/reproduc.html   (873 words)

 asexual reproduction
Asexual reproduction is the simplest form of reproduction, occurring in many simple plants and animals.
Reproduction that does not involve the manufacture and fusion of sex cells (gametes) from two parents.
However, every new organism produced by asexual reproduction is genetically identical to the parent – a clone.
www.tiscali.co.uk /reference/encyclopaedia/hutchinson/m0030820.html   (351 words)

 reproduction -> Asexual Reproduction on Encyclopedia.com 2002   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Reproduction: un enjeu essentiel en sant au travail.
Asexual Reproduction in Pygospic elegans C1aparede (Annelida, Polychaeta) in Relation to Parasitism by Lepocreadium setiferides (Miller and Northup) (Platyhelminthes, Trematoda).
Reproduction d'une photo prise en 1999 de Denis Besson, interpellé, le 11 février 2004 Denis Besson, le ravisseur présumé.
www.encyclopedia.com /html/section/reproduc_asexualreproduction.asp   (838 words)

 Sexual Reproduction: A Continuing Mystery to Evolutionists
It is apparent from the fossil record that asexual reproduction was the first form by which living organisms reproduced on the early earth.
Scientific explanations that could account for the maintenance of sexual reproduction in some species usually have no influence on asexual organisms from which their sexual descendents were supposed to have evolved.
Sexual reproduction and recombination are part of God's plan, since they limit the expression of mutated genes that would have had detrimental effects upon the individual who possessed the gene.
www.godandscience.org /evolution/reproduction.html   (1780 words)

 Young Students Learning Library: REPRODUCTION@ HighBeam Research   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Reproduction is the way an organism (a living plant or animal) produces another organism like itself.
In asexual reproduction there is only one parent.
The simplest kind of asexual reproduction is fission, or division.
www.highbeam.com /library/doc0.asp?DOCID=1P1:28017145&refid=ip_encyclopedia_hf   (138 words)

Reproduction contains atmospheric melodies built around pioneering synth sounds and the albums stature has grown amongst music critics in recent years.
The album sleeve featuring a 'dancefloor' of naked babies was the subject of controversy at the time of release and one of the babies used was the son of Noddy Holder (lead singer of Slade).
A wash of pure electronics, Reproduction is the flipside of Gary Numan's straight-laced futurist image - the future for The Human League consists of the Hawaii Five-O-styled drama of Circus Of Death and people turning into buildings (Empire State Human).
www.league-online.com /reproduction.html   (317 words)

This shell shape difference cannot be explained by the space occupied by the penial complex, but is rather a reproduction strategy: the male can block the entrance of the female's mantle cavity during mating, in order to prevent other males from copulating with the female.
The male reproductive tract consist of the testis and vas deferens, the seminal vesicle and the prostate gland, the penial sac, the penis and the penis sheath.
And while the ovaria are located in the top of the shell, the albumen glands are located in the top of the mantle cavity and in the reproductional season they move closer to the shell opening and can even fill a large part of the right mantle cavity.
www.applesnail.net /content/anatomy/reproduction.php   (1923 words)

 Asexual Reproduction
Asexual reproduction is the formation of new individuals from the cell(s) of a single parent.
Reproduction by parthenogenesis is more rapid that sexual reproduction, and the use of this mode of asexual reproduction permits the animals to quickly exploit the available resources.
Perhaps sexual reproduction has kept in style because it provides a mechanism to weed out harmful mutations that arise in the population (through the recombination process of meiosis).
users.rcn.com /jkimball.ma.ultranet/BiologyPages/A/AsexualReproduction.html   (1519 words)

 Reproduction, Travelogue, Dare/Love and Dancing - The Human League   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Reproduction, shows the Human League to be, in many ways, pioneers.
Reproduction is as persuasive an argument against living in late-70s England as anyone could want.
Reproduction is just no fun, but in 1979, as the logical step after punk’s insistence on rebooting pop music, fun might well have seemed out of the question.
www.culturevulture.net /Books2/HumanLeague.htm   (928 words)

 [Regents Prep Living Environment] Reproduction & Development: Asexual Reproduction
Reproduction and development are necessary for the continuation of any species.
Asexual reproduction is a method of reproduction with all the genetic information coming from one parent.
All forms of asexual reproduction are variations of the cell division process of mitosis.
www.regentsprep.org /Regents/biology/units/reproduction/asexual.cfm   (262 words)

 Information on the Female Reproductive System
Understanding your reproductive system is an important part of knowing how to prevent or increase your chances of pregnancy.
Your reproductive organs are comprised of a vagina, a cervix, a uterus, fallopian tubes and ovaries.
It ends at the cervix and is the point of entry for the penis during sex as well as the final passageway through which a baby exits when it is born.
www.epigee.org /guide/reproduction.html   (1075 words)

 N C H S - 2004 Fact Sheet - New Report Presents Rates of Reproduction for 1990-2002 and Latest U.S. Intrinsic Rates
The rates of reproduction measure the total number of births expected for a group of women over their lifetime, whereas the intrinsic rates measure the births, deaths, and growth of a population expected if the birth and mortality rates of a given year were to remain unchanged.
The report showed that rates of reproduction and the intrinsic birth rate were lower in 2001 than in 1990.
Among the race and Hispanic subgroups, the total fertility and gross reproduction rates were lower for all groups except Cuban and white women.
www.cdc.gov /nchs/pressroom/04facts/reproduction.htm   (303 words)

 New Page 1
Asexual reproduction which is not as complex and requires far less energy, would be preferable.
When colonizing a new area, finding a mate for sexual reproduction may be difficult or impossible.
If the environment is particularly harsh, the more delicate or susceptible organs or stages of sexual reproduction may not be able to survive.
io.uwinnipeg.ca /~simmons/16labman05/lb4pg6.htm   (465 words)

 Amazon.ca: Books: Disciplining Reproduction   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Reproductive issues from sex and contraception to abortion and cloning have been controversial for centuries, and scientists who attempted to turn the study of reproduction into a discipline faced an uphill struggle.
Modern scientific study of reproduction, human and animal, began in the United States in an overlapping triad of fields: biology, medicine, and agriculture.
By the 1960s, reproduction was disciplined, and the young and contested scientific enterprise proved remarkably successful at attracting private funding and support.
www.amazon.ca /exec/obidos/ASIN/0520207203   (424 words)

 Articles - Reproduction   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Sexual reproduction is a biological process by which organisms create descendants through the combination of genetic material taken randomly and independently from two different members of the species.
In addition, sexual reproduction usually results in the formation of a life stage that is able to endure the conditions that threaten the offspring of an asexual parent.
Sexual reproduction is best known for providing means of adaptation to an ever-changing environment by adding phenotypic variance to the population.
www.gaple.com /articles/Reproduction?mySession=b551d401f15a0262723db33f20c70ada   (1373 words)

 Society for Reproduction and Fertility
Reproduction is the Journal of the Society for Reproduction and Fertility
The Society's aims are to enhance the knowledge of reproductive processes and fertility in man and animals (further details are available by clicking the link).
Membership of the Society for Reproduction and Fertility is open to scientists and students worldwide, who work on any aspect of reproductive biology or fertility in man and animals.
www.srf-reproduction.org   (434 words)

 New Page 3
There are no physical signs of ovulation that are readily detectable by human observers, however studies have shown that there are olfactory cues in the scent secretions and urine of female cotton-top tamarins that are readily detectable by their mates (Ziegler et al., 1993).
The reproductive biology of the female cotton-top tainarin is significantly influenced by her social environment.
Although suppressed females do have detectable levels of estrogen and luteinizing hormone, indicating that they are reproductively mature, their hormones are at unusually low levels and are acyclic.
www.csew.com /cottontop/enhusbandry/ench3.htm   (1059 words)

 Asexual Reproduction   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-22)
Any reproductive process that does not involve meiosis or syngamy is said to be asexual, or vegetative.
With mini-adults, the morphology of the reproductive unit is similar to that of the parent.
In conclusion, the asexual process of reproduction is an important one to plants.
www.ucmp.berkeley.edu /glossary/gloss6/asexual.html   (438 words)

 Reptile Reproduction
The male also has a copulatory organ, either a single penis (turtles and tortoises, crocodilians) or a pair of hemipenes (lizards, snakes) that can often be seen as two bulges behind the cloaca at the base of the tail.
The penis or hemipenis is not connected to the urinary tract, and is strictly an organ of reproduction.
While it would seem that reproduction is a natural event, without correct circumstances, such as a balanced diet and a suitable environment for egg-laying, eggs may not develop normally or be laid in a timely manner.
www.exoticpetvet.net /reptile/rerepro.html   (1454 words)

 Conceiving the New World Order
The collection successfully demonstrates the significance of reproduction to social theory and the valuable insights that come from placing reproduction at the center of theoretical analyses of social life.
Using reproduction as an entry point in the study of social life and placing it at the center of social theory, the authors examine how cultures are produced, contested, and transformed as people imagine their collective future in the creation of the next generation.
The studies encompass a wide variety of subjects, from the impact of AIDS on reproduction in the United States to the aftereffects of Chernobyl on the Sami people in Norway and the impact of totalitarian abortion and birth control policies in Romania and China.
www.ucpress.edu /books/pages/6553.html   (661 words)

 reproduction --¬† Encyclop√¶dia Britannica
In a general sense reproduction is one of the most important concepts in biology: it means making a copy, a likeness, and thereby providing for the continued existence of species.
It is dedicated to the scientific study of a broad range of human sexual behaviour and has attempted to establish an...
Since reproduction is sexual in almost all insects, mating must be followed by impregnation of the female and fertilization of eggs.
www.britannica.com /eb/article-9110805   (796 words)

 THE IRANIAN: Reproduction policy
For the purposes of this statement, the term "work" means any work, regardless of nature or form, which is entitled to copyright protection under the copyright laws of the United States, including any common law, or copyright laws of another country, or any applicable international convention.
The term "reproduction" means, regardless or form or medium, any reproduction, reposting, downloading, printing, reprinting, republication, or dissemination of the work, as published on Iranian.com, by a third-party.
In the event, Iranian.com receives from the third-party any royalties, fees, or payment on the account of the reproduction of a work, Iranian.com shall share the proceeds with the author of the work on an equal basis.
www.iranian.com /reproduction.html   (210 words)

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