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Topic: Res (singer)

  Wash. Univ. Department of Psychiatry
Singh PK, Lustman PJ, Clouse RE, Freedland KE, Perez M, Anderson RJ, Vlastos E, Mostello D, Holcomb W: Association of depression with complications of diabetic pregnancy: A retrospective analysis.
Williams MM, Clouse RE, Rubin EH, Lustman PJ: Evaluating late-life depression in patients with diabetes.
Wozniak DF, Hartman RE, Boyle MP, Vogt SK, Brooks AR, Tenkova T, Young C, Olney JW, Muglia LJ: Apoptotic neurodegeneration induced by ethanol in neonatal mice is associated with profound learning/memory deficits in juveniles followed by progressive functional recovery in adults.
www.psychiatry.wustl.edu /c/Faculty/Publications   (4467 words)

 Congressman Mark Steven Kirk - 10th District of Illinois
I am proud to be one of five original co-sponsors of H. Res.
Recently, the lead singer of the rock band U2, Bono, invited me to meet with him about the Sudan and other issues affecting Africa.
I brought along Caroline and Brit, two outstanding Americans who were making a difference right here on the North Shore.
www.house.gov /kirk/blog   (11726 words)

 Reference Wordsmith
When Norse Vikings created settlements along the coasts of England, the Norse word gala, "to sing," entered English speech.
The early name of this bird, nahtigala, meant "night singer."
Nightingales also sing during the day when it is breeding and nesting season.
www.reference-wordsmith.com /samples.html   (7061 words)

 Tomaso Poggio - CV
In: Neuronal Mechanisms in Visual Perception, E. Poppel, R. Held and J.E. Dowling (eds.), Neurosciences Res.
"Visually Guided Movements," (T. Poggio, E. Bizzi, R.E. Eckmiller, A.M. Graybiel, K.G. Gotz, M. Ito, M.F. Land, F.A. Miles, W. Reichardt, D.A. Robinson, D.C. Sandeman, P.H. Schiller and G. Westheimer).
In: Proceedings of Symposia in Pure Mathematics (PSPUM), D. Jerison, I.M. Singer and D.W. Stroock (eds.), American Mathematical Society, 1996.
cbcl.mit.edu /people/poggio/poggio-cv-web.htm   (14041 words)

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