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 Victoria Station (London) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The London Underground station lies to the north of the mainline station concourse.
The station was now serving boat trains, and during WWI it became the hub of trains carrying soldiers to and from France, many of them wounded.
The area around the station also became a site for other other forms of transport: a bus station in the forecourt; a coach terminal to the south; and it is now the terminal for trains serving Gatwick Airport. /wiki/Victoria_Station_(London)

 Euston station - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The original station was opened on July 20, 1837, as the terminus of the London and Birmingham Railway constructed by Robert Stephenson.
Euston station, also known as London Euston, is a major railway station to the north of central London and in the London Borough of Camden.
It is connected to Euston tube station and near to Euston Square tube station of the London Underground. /wiki/Euston_station

 station. The American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language: Fourth Edition. 2000.
Station Roman Catholic Church Any of the 14 Stations of the Cross.
Social position; rank: “He was degraded in their eyes; he had lost caste and station before the very paupers” (Charles Dickens, Oliver Twist 1838).
An establishment equipped for observation and study: a radar station. /61/85/S0718500.html

 International Space Station Overview
Station crew members could perform a spacewalk directly from the 14.7 psi cabin atmosphere, but they would have to go through a several hours-long prebreathe of pure oxygen first.
In addition, the station arm eventually will be able to ride on a Mobile Servicing System (MSS) platform that will move on tracks along the length of the station's 350-foot truss, putting much of the station within grasp of the arm.
The station's growing size and complexity will make it virtually impossible for astronauts to train for every possible contingency and maintenance EVA, as is the case in training for Shuttle missions. /ISS_OVR/orbit_assembly.htm - Space station starved for service
NASA space station program manager William Gerstenmaier said this month that the station, which is likely to cost $100 billion by its scheduled completion at the end of the decade, would stay in business regardless of whether shuttles flights resume.
Space on the station is so precious that NASA got special permission from its safety office to store cargo in a place that blocks access to fire equipment.
Only seven to 14 days of food will remain on the station by the time the pod is scheduled to arrive, so the crew would be forced to return home if there were any glitches with the pod, Gerstenmaier says. /tech/science/space/2004-12-19-space-station_x.htm

 Salon Technology Where do you want to work today?
"Station domination," incredibly enough, is the term for the massive ad buy that has converted the Embarcadero station into Microsoft-land for the month of March.
More than anything else the "station domination" campaign may be a testament to just how hard it is to get the attention of technical talent.
Old Navy blanketed a San Francisco station to promote the opening of its flagship store in the fall; and right now Bridge Information Systems, a financial information services company, has wallpapered another station. /tech/feature/2000/03/02/microsoft_station -- First Commercial Space Station Agreed to by MirCorp and Russians
Mini Station 1 will be manufactured by RSC Energia, the Korolev-based organization that built Russias Salyut stations, the Mir space station and Russias contributions to the international space station.
The mini station will incorporate new Russian-built hardware and be about the size of the Salyut stations Russia operated in the 1970s and early 1980s, Manber said.
Once Mini Station 1 is operational, each mission will have a paying customer accompanied to the private station aboard a Soyuz by two professional cosmonauts. /missionlaunches/mini_station_010904.html

 The PENNSYLVANIA Pages... Suburban Station
Suburban Station was built by the Pennsylvania Railroad as part of a 1920’s city-wide project to revamp the transportation infrastructure and correct some railroad-created eyesores.
Through passenger traffic would be accommodated by a new Pennsylvania Station at 30th and Market Streets; commuter traffic would be handled jointly by the 30th Street Station and a new combination office building and station structure to be built one block northwest of Broad Street Station.
Above Suburban’s concourse level station would be a 22-story office structure (the visible part from the street) occupying a city block, 20 floors of which were leased as office space. /~apu/prr/suburban.html

 WHFS Changes Its Tune to Spanish (
WHFS-FM, the Washington area radio station that was a pioneering purveyor of alternative rock to generations of young music fans, did a programming U-turn yesterday by ditching the genre for a Spanish-language, pop-music format that transforms it into the largest Spanish-language station on the local dial.
WHFS was among a handful of stations that developed the album-oriented format: The music was alternative and free-form, featuring such groups as Led Zeppelin, the Who and Yes, but with the occasional bluegrass or other unexpected ditty.
The moves were orchestrated by Jake Einstein, who began as an advertising salesman and became one of the station's owners in the mid-1960s. /wp-dyn/articles/A4390-2005Jan12.html

 Los Angeles Union Station
Union Station, built with the cooperation of the region's three principal railroads, the Union Pacific Railroad, the Southern Pacific Railroad and the Atchison, Topeka and Santa Fe Railway, was the transportation gateway into Los Angeles, years before there was an LAX.
Metrolink turned Union Station into the hub of the Southland's commuter rail network and brought passenger and train traffic back nearly to its former glory.
In the 21st century, Union Station will also be a major destination in the proposed high-speed rail system for California. /~elson/larail/laus.html

 Looking Forward to the International Space Station
Jessup was one of five researchers participating in the first in a series of International Space Station media forums NASA will hold as the Agency and its international partners move into high gear for construction and research on the infant space platform.
Shuttle flight STS-106 is scheduled to visit the station in September to deliver supplies and outfit Zvezda in preparation for the station's first permanent crew, which is scheduled to arrive at the station in early November.
However, the International Space Station will be a vital platform for providing greater insight into understanding the human body, exploring the universe, studying the Earth and atmospheric changes, and improving the overall quality of life on Earth. /headlines/y2000/ast02aug_1.htm?list

 Abandoned Stations : City Hall (IRT)
The commemorative plaques originally in the station, which had been moved to Brooklyn Bridge station by 1962, were taken back to City Hall and reinstalled in their original positions in 1996.
Brooklyn Bridge station is shown extending just south of the turnoff to City Hall loop, which is what it did at the time (see the page on Brooklyn Bridge station).
The three station skylights corresponded to three gratings in City Hall Park, but they have been covered over in the past few years; a solid hatch door appears to mark one of them. /~brennan/abandoned/cityirt.html

 NCDC: Locate Weather Observation Station Record
The intent of depicting station types is to inform the user of the general nature of a given station.
The last four digits are assigned to stations within a state in general accordance with the alphabetic order of the station name.
WBAN station numbers were first used as identifiers for stations reporting meteorological observations on the then-standard WBAN series of forms (e.g. /oa/climate/stationlocator.html -- New Crew Takes Up Residence on Station; Moving Van Mounted to Outpost
The trio is replacing outgoing station skipper Frank Culbertson and two Russian cosmonauts, Vladimir Dezhurov and Mikhail Turin, the three of whom are wrapping up a four-month station tour that began in August.
The shuttle's stay at the station, however, might be extended a day so Endeavour's astronauts can help repair an outpost treadmill that plays a key role in keeping tenants in shape.
Known as the Expedition Four crew, the new station tenants plan to live and work aboard the 17-story complex until mid-May, conducting science experiments and overseeing the delivery and installation of an outpost truss segment. /missionlaunches/sts108_011208.html

 Alpana Station
Today, 120 years later, the Alpana Station property is managed by John and David Henery and spans 51,000 acres (20,600 Hectares) and carries a flock of 3000 merino sheep.
Blinman began as a copper mine discovered in 1859 by a shepherd, Robert Blinman, who noticed a great mineral outcrop on a hill above a creek in ANGORICHINA Station.
Blinman took out a mining lease for the area and later sold his rights to the Yudanamatana Copper Mine of South Australia.

 Station Players
Station Players gives you the depth and breadth of tools as well as contact with the community that is unmatched by any other MMO on the market.
Station Players™ is the official online service that connects players to the EverQuest®II community.
This web-based suite offers an array of features that give players incredible access to their characters and guilds by merging the game world with the world wide web.

 C# Station - Tutorial, Links, Info - C Sharp
C# Station offers several avenues of education and the ability to communicate with people who have the same interests as you.
Dan is an active moderator for the C# Station Discussion Forums.
We updated the C# Station Discussion Forum FAQ.

 JR Ueno Station
The station building is quite old, being one of the original stations in the city, and it is surprisingly still one of the busiest stations in Tokyo.
This view is facing the South exit of the Station, from both the JR lines and the subway.
Ueno Station is the site of Shitamachi or the original "downtown" during the Edo period. /tokyo/uenoeki.html

 ESA - Human Spaceflight - International Space Station - The Automated Transfer Vehicle
The ATV will remain there as a pressurized and integral part of the Station for up to six months until its final mission: a fiery one-way trip into the Earth's atmosphere to dispose of up to 6.5 tonnes of Station waste.
With the ATV securely docked, the Station's crew can enter the cargo section and remove the payload: maintenance supplies, science hardware, and parcels of fresh food, mail and family tapes or CD-ROMs.
To succeed in docking safely with a huge manned station, the 20-tonne ATV, developed by the European Space Agency, has to be a highly sophisticated, new generation spacecraft. /export/esaHS/ESAE021VMOC_iss_0.html

 Hiram Percy Maxim's Ham Radio Station in 1915
The receiving station outfit consists of a large loose coupler by means of which I can get very accurate tuning, an Audion Detector and variable condenser.
The station holds a special license for the purpose of relay work in the American Radio Relay League.
This station can work points in southern New Jersey, northern Massachusets and can receive Colon, Panama and ships at sea, when two or three days out of New York. /oldradio/history/maxim/maxim1915.htm

Transfer slips are available from transfer dispensers in these stations good for one trip on the Silver Line Washington.
Please comment on how "Cleaning Between the Lines" is working at your Subway Station.
Warrant is available at the boarding station collector's booth. /traveling_t/schedules_subway_stationinfo.asp?staname=Copley

 Welcome to Typhon Station
What we on Typhon Station endeavor to do is create the loose structure of an interesting overarcing plotline, with plenty for everyone to do, and then.......stand back, play our own roles, and let them *do* it.
First, we chose one canonical ship that people are familiar with, the Galaxy Class from ST:TNG, and one Station, so we are not aiming to 'outgun' the opposition with untested technological mumbo-jumbo.
And Last, we always remember to measure every decision against what's come to be the Typhon Station mantra.

 Projector Directory
Projector Station aims to be the most comprehensive presentation resource on the web!.
With only a little investment of time on your part, you'll gain a thorough understanding of various kind of projectors, and you'll be well on your way to putting it to work should you ultimately decide to purchase it.
Presenters of all levels can get the tips, tools, and techniques they need to develop powerful multimedia presentations.

Sooner or later we must realize there is no Station, no one place to arrive at once and for all.
On a certain day at a certain hour we will pull into the Station.
"When we reach the Station, that will be it!" we cry.

 The Bus Station - bus coach tram trolleybus and transit links worldwide
The Bus Station is also pleased to host the website for Drayton Pre-school - a small but friendly pre-school in Drayton, near Abingdon in Oxfordshire.
The Bus Station was updated 10 October 2005, with a couple of dozen new links from across the world.
The Bus Station hosts The Guernsey Tram Page - describing an ambitious plan to establish a Heritage Centre on the site of Guernsey's former tramway.

 Dover, New Hampshire - The Downeaster
The station, which houses both C&J Trailways and the Downeaster, is just a block from Dover's downtown shops and riverfront attractions.
Proceed one block to Chestnut, turn left; station is directly on your right.
C&J Trailways - Portsmouth, Newburyport, Boston South Station, Logan Airport. /dover.php - SOE All Access
Station Access provides the subscriber with a single account that grants access to each of the SOE published titles the player owns.
For more information about Station Access subscription and SOE’s current catalog of premium titles, please read the Station Access FAQ and Terms.
To sign up for Station Access, follow the link “Sign up Now” and sign in using the same Station ID and password you use for your current or cancelled SOE subscriptions. /stationaccess

 Station - Hostel Cologne - Your Backpacker Hostel in the heart of Europe
Station - Hostel Cologne - Your Backpacker Hostel in the heart of Europe
Cologne Central Station is the most important railway station in Germany today, trains running directly to
Directly at the central station, 300 m to famous cologne cathedral (Kölner Dom)

 JuPiter Station's Main Page
Station's Survey Center is open for anyone to vote one's opinion on questions asked.
Once the fonts are in one's font main directory/folder, the Station will be much better to view and enjoy.
Afterward, I encourage you to tell me what you think of the Station by email or use the Hello Form, and if you feel the Station is a good site, one can vote for it by clicking on any of the

 CNN - City in Space
Residents of the international space station made their first foray into the vacuum of space, preparing the orbiting outpost for the arrival of a Russian docking module.
The residents of the international space station must remain in space an extra month, due to nagging problems with the new robotic arm attached to the orbiting outpost.
Space station Alpha crew tackles false fire alarm /SPECIALS/space/station

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