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Topic: Reserve Good Conduct Medal

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  Good Conduct and Reserve Medals
American good conduct medals started out as a simple piece of paper: a Navy discharge document given to a sailor by his captain upon the expiration of his enlistment.
American sailors were issued one such medal for each discharge with good conduct, and the medal (along with the sailor's discharge papers) had to be shown to the recruiting officer to prove the quality of his previous enlistment, obtain any re-enlistment bonus, and to receive credit for continuous service.
These medals are important for another reason: Reservists do not generally have the opportunity to earn the medals awarded to their active duty counterparts, and it is possible to serve for many years in a reserve program without recognition in the form of a medal.
www.foxfall.com /gcrm.htm   (517 words)

  Marine Corps Times - Good Conduct Medal awarded to millions   (Site not responding. Last check: )
As originally designed, the Good Conduct Medal included an upper bronze suspension bar inscribed with the words “U.S. Marines.” When the medal was worn, bronze bars denoted additional awards, but this practice was discontinued in 1953 along with the use of the upper suspension bar.
In the early years of the Good Conduct Medal, the large, empty space on the back of the disc was used to inscribe the recipient’s name and service number, and dates for which the medal was issued.
The Good Conduct Medal originally was awarded to both active-duty and Reserve Marines, but in time, the criteria were changed so that only active-duty leathernecks were eligible for the award.
www.marinecorpstimes.com /story.php?f=1-292308-1634194.php   (580 words)

 Reserve Good Conduct Medal - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The primary difference between the regular Good Conduct Medal and the Reserve Good Conduct Medal is that the Good Conduct Medal is only issued for active duty service while the reserve equivalent is bestowed for reserve duties such as drill and annual training.
To be awarded a Reserve Good Conduct Medal, a service member must be an active enlisted member of the Reserve or National Guard and must have performed three to four years of satisfactory duty (to include drill and annual training) with such service being free of disciplinary action.
The Armed Forces Reserve Medal is a similar decoration which is awarded for ten years of honorable reserve service and is presented to both officers and enlisted personnel.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Reserve_Good_Conduct_Medal   (562 words)

 Good Conduct Medal
On the reverse is a five-pointed star and a scroll between the words "FOR GOOD" and "CONDUCT", surrounded by a wreath formed by a laurel branch on the left and an oak branch on the right.
For Active Guard Reserve personnel, the Good Conduct Medal qualification period may commence at a time during the three years immediately preceding the 1 September 1982 effective date, provided no portion of service for the Good Conduct Medal is included in a period of service for which the Army Reserve Components Achievement Medal was awarded.
The Good Conduct Medal was established by Executive Order 8809, dated 28 June 1941, and authorized the award for soldiers completing three years active service after that date.
www.goodconductmedal.info   (462 words)

 Good Conduct Medal - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Service for the Good Conduct Medal must be performed on active duty and the medal is not awarded to members of the military reserve or National Guard who are not federalized to active service.
The medal was considered a “transitional decoration” and was the first of the Good Conduct Medals to be worn on a uniform.
The Army Good Conduct Medal is one of the most recognizable of the Good Conduct Medals and remains one of the most widely issued decorations in the history of the United States military.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Good_Conduct_Medal   (961 words)

 US Medals
The medal is awarded to naval personnel who have actually landed on foreign territory and engaged in operations against Armed opposition or operated under circumstances which are deemed to merit special recognition and for which no service or Campaign medal exists.
Personnel who were awarded the China Service Medal for service during the period 1937to 1939 and were also eligible for the award for the period 1945 to 1957 were awarded a 3/16th inch bronze star for attachment to the service and suspension ribbons of the initial award in lieu of a second medal.
The medal was awarded for service in the Women's Army Auxiliary Corps between 10 July, 1942, and 31 August, 1943, or service in the Women's Army Corps between 1 September, 1943 and 2 September, 1945.
www.nchsinc.com /shop/US_Medals_Page_Four.htm   (1240 words)

 Medal   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The medal was not created until June 1, 1963 when the Secretary of the Air Force established it.
Persons awarded this medal must have had character and efficiency ratings of excellent or higher throughout the qualifying period, including time spent in attendance at service schools, and there must have been no convictions of court martial during this period.
The medal is the same as the Army Good Conduct Medal and was designed by Joseph Kiselewski.
www.afpc.randolph.af.mil /awardsnet/Decoration.aspx?Decoration=AFGCM   (280 words)

 Good Conduct Display Recognition
Good Conduct Medal Clasps are awarded and worn on the suspension and service ribbon of the Army Good Conduct Medal for second or subsequent awards of the medal.
The Marine Corps Good Conduct Medal is awarded on a selective basis to enlisted members in the Regular Marine Corps or Marine Corps Reserve to recognize good behavior and faithful service in the U.S. Marine Corps while on active duty for a specified period of time.
The ribbon to the Navy Good Conduct Medal is red and is based on the red stripe in the original three-colored ribbon; it was darkened to avoid its being confused with the ribbon of the Specially Meritorious Service Medal, 1898, which is a brighter shade of red.
www.amervets.com /replacement/gcm.htm   (5008 words)

 Boot Camp - MilitaryKidz.com - www.militarykidz.com
The request for establishment of the medal was forwarded from the Secretary of War to the President in a letter dated December 28, 1917.
Upon examination of the first medals struck at the Mint, it was considered advisable to make certain minor changes to add to the beauty and the attractiveness of the medal.
These medals were furnished with the provision that these crosses be replaced when the supply of the second design was accomplished which would also be numbered 1 to 100.
www.militarykidz.com /bootcamp/medals/descript/m004.html   (425 words)

 MILNET Brief: Medals
The Soldier's Medal was established in 1926 to recognize soldiers for voluntary acts of bravery during peacetime or heroism not involving actual conflict with an enemy.
A campaign medal was designed for each Theater, and participation in designated battles or campaigns was designated by the use of small campaign stars (rather than bars as was the case for the WW I Victory Medal) affixed to the medal and service ribbons.
This medal is only awarded to personnel attached to one of the ships or units listed in the notice or instruction at some time during the respective periods shown, and who actually participated in the operation.
www.milnet.com /pentagon/medals/medals.htm   (11867 words)

 Army Good Conduct Medal
The Army Good Conduct Medal (AGCM) was established by Executive Order 8809, 28 June 1941 and was amended by Executive Order 9323, 1943 and by Executive Order 10444, 10 April 1953.
There is no right or entitlement to the medal until the immediate commander has approved the award and the award has been announced in permanent orders.
The number of the last earned award will be centered immediately beneath the line "THE GOOD CONDUCT MEDAL" for example "Sixth Award." The period shown on the certificate will be the period cited in the last award earned by the soldier.
members.tripod.com /rinaldol/medals/agcm.html   (1588 words)

 George Wilhelmsen - Medals and Insignia
The medal and ribbon are in excellent condition.
This was the last official government contract striking of this medal, produced by N.S. Meyer in the late 1940's.
Medal and ribbon bar are sealed in the original plastic bag.
home.earthlink.net /~mcassa   (2026 words)

 Navy Good Conduct Medal
The Navy Good Conduct Medal was established by SECNAV on 26 April 1869 to recognize the "all-around" good Navy enlisted person, well qualified in all phases of conduct and performance.
A member not eligible for the Navy Good Conduct Medal under the foregoing criteria who reenlists or reports for active duty within 3 months after discharge or release to inactive duty is considered to be serving under “continuous active service” conditions.
If there is insufficient evidence in a member’s service record to determine eligibility for the Navy Good Conduct Medal or subsequent award, a copy of service record page 9, Enlisted Performance Record, (NAVPERS 1070/609) should be requested from BUPERS in order to complete the service record and determine the member’s eligibility for the award.
ussrich.org /medals/good_conduct.html   (1200 words)

 Order of Wear
A holder of the British Empire Medal for Gallantry, granted between 6th December 1957 and 19th June 1974, if subsequently appointed to the Order, continues to wear the Emblem on the riband of the Medal.
Holders of this Medal who are subsequently awarded a Bar to the Medal for gallant conduct should wear the Medal and gallantry Bar, and the Meritorious Service riband with gallantry rose Emblem in the order assigned to the Colonial Police Medal for Gallantry.
When the Defence Medal has not been granted or the award is for services subsequent to the war, the Emblem is worn directly on the coat after any Medal ribands.
www.honours.gov.uk /honours/wear.aspx   (2031 words)

This establishes the process for applying for the CG Reserve Good Conduct Medal.
Reserve member in the SELRES or IRR can be eligible for the Reserve Good Conduct if they:
Results and Follow Up If the Reserve Good Conduct Medal and/or ribbon is not received, the member should contact his/her unit administrative Yeoman.
www.uscg.mil /mlclant/iscstlouis/fot_res_good_conduct_process.htm   (218 words)

 Coast Guard Reserve Good Conduct Medal Medal
The Coast Guard Reserve Good Conduct Medal has been awarded for qualifying service from February 1, 1963 to the present.
The Coast Guard Reserve Good Conduct Medal is awarded on a selective basis to Coast Guard enlisted Reservists on inactive duty who fulfill with distinction the obligations of inactive Reservists, such as excellent attendance at drills, proficiency in rate, and development of leadership qualities for a three-year period.
The Coast Guard Reserve Good Conduct Medal is worn after the Good Conduct Medal.
www.foxfall.com /gcrm-uscg-rgcm.htm   (251 words)

 Service Awards : 39th Bomb Group [VH]
The Combat Readiness Medal is awarded to military service members after August 1, 1960, for sustained individual combat or mission readiness or preparedness for direct weapon system employment.
The American Defense Service Medal was awarded to personnel for active duty service from 8 September 1939 to 7 December 1941 for a period of twelve months or longer.
The American Campaign Medal was awarded to personnel for service within the American Theater between 7 December 1941 and 2 March 1946 under any of the following conditions.
39th.org /39th/sa.htm   (987 words)

 Army Reserve Component Achievement Medal Display Recognition
The medal is a bronze medallion one and a quarter inches in diameter, consisting of a faceted twelve-pointed star with a narrow beveled edge the points of which surmount a wreath of laurel.
Description: A bronze medal, 1 inches in diameter, consisting of a faceted twelve-pointed star with a beveled edge, the points surmounting a wreath of laurel and bearing on a disc within a smaller wreath of laurel, a torch between two swords crossed saltirewise, points up and flanked by two mullets.
The member must have exhibited honest and faithful service in accordance with the standards of conduct, courage and duty required by law and customs of the service of a member of the same grade as the individual to whom the standard is being applied.
www.amervets.com /replacement/arc.htm   (1130 words)

 Regulation US Military Medals
At Uniforms-4you, Our Military medal mounting service is considered by many to be the best in the nation and you can rest assured that a veteran is handling your order and mounting your medals that you have worked so hard to achieve and want professionally mounted.
Our experience in mounting medals for all branches of the Armed Forces comes from years of experience and knowing how to decipher the sometimes complicated Uniform regulations that are sometimes difficult to interpret.
All of our medals, ribbons and attachments conform to uniforms regulations, are made by authorized manufacturers and are additionally approved by the Institute of Heraldry.
stores.uniforms-4you.com /-strse-Regulation-US-Military-Medals/Categories.bok   (1021 words)

 Ribbon Checker - USMC
An alphabetical listing of ribbons and medals is in the works, as is a "medals" page.
Subsequent awards of either medal are represented by a bronze star on that medal even if it is from the other area of operations.
Updates can now be found on a different page.
kepler.pratt.duke.edu /USMCRibbons.html   (203 words)

 Military Professional Development Center
The Army Promotion System grants up to 100 promotion points for awards and medals for those soldiers competing for advancement to Sergeant and Staff Sergeant.
Personal awards range in value from 1 point for a "Letter of Commendation" to 10 points for the "Congressional Medal of Honor." On average, most awards carry a value of 2 to 3 points each.
Awards must be approved by 01 February preceding the May SWE and 01 August preceding the November SWE.
www.military.com /MilitaryCareers/Content/0,14556,MPDC_Awards,00.html   (467 words)

 eBay Store - Dylan's American Medals: US Medals, Campaign Medals, UN Medals   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Medals - US Navy Reserve Meritorious Service Medal
Medals - US Purple Heart Cased Medal Set
Medals - US 1st Nicaraguan Navy Campaign Medal
stores.ebay.com /Dylans-American-Medals   (125 words)

 Navy Awards
Initially established as the Coast Guard Reserve Meritorious Service ribbon, this award was renamed and authorized as the Coast Guard REserve Good Conduct Medal on September 3, 1981.
Awarded on a selective basis to enlisted personnel of the Coast Guard Reserve on inactive duty who fulfill with distinction the obligations of inactive Reservists.
The service required is similar to that for the Coast Guard Good Conduct Medal for active duty personnel of the U.S. Coast Guard.
www.navalhelicopterassn.org /medsribs/cgrgcm.htm   (76 words)

 NZDF Medals - The Royal New Zealand Naval Volunteer Reserve Long Service and Good Conduct Medal
This medal was instituted in 1985 with eligibility backdated to 1977.
It is awarded to ratings in the Royal New Zealand Naval Volunteer Reserve for fifteen years continuous service at least twelve of which must be efficient.
The position of this medal in the Wearing of Medals in New Zealand Table can be viewed here.
medals.nzdf.mil.nz /category/e/e10.html   (315 words)

 Fred's Place | Recognition WebPage
Machinery Technician First Class Rawlins D. Apperson is the 2000 Reserve Enlisted Person of the Year for the U.S. Coast Guard.
He is a reflection of what every Reserve Enlisted person can achieve at their best.
Petty Officer Apperson is the recipient of this award because of his dedication to Coast Guard missions, core values, and his tireless community involvement.
www.fredsplace.org /homepage/fred2   (561 words)

 Service Metals,Service Metals,air force,navy,United State Coast Guard,marine,Achievement & collectible service ...
Combat Readiness Medal (Air Force), awarded for completion of an aggregate of four years of sustained professional service as an Air Force combat-ready aircrew member.
Coast Guard Expert Rifleman Medal awarded to Coast Guard personnel who qualify as expert with the M-16 rifle.
Organized Marine Corps Reserve Medal, based on four consecutive years service in the Organized Marine Corps “Reserve, Fidelity, Zeal, Obedience.
www.bcdantiques.com /Military_Service_Metals1.htm   (108 words)

 Coast Guard Good Conduct Medal
The Coast Guard Good Conduct Medal was authorized on 18 May 1921.
Criteria for receipt are outstanding proficiency, leadership, and conduct during 3 continuous years of active enlisted Coast Guard Service.
This is awarded on a selective basis to enlisted personnel of the Coast Guard and Coast Guard Reserve for periods of three year's above-average continuous service.
www.gruntsmilitary.com /cggcm.shtml   (116 words)

 Hollywood On The Flip Side ~ by The PalletMaster's Workshop®
Montgomery served five years of active war duty, was awarded a Bronze Star, the Good Conduct Medal, the American Defense Service Ribbon, the European Theater Ribbon with two Battle Stars, one Overseas Service Bar, and promoted to the rank of Lt. Commander.
In 1993 Martha Raye was awarded the Medal of Freedom for her lifetime service to America.
Among his numerous Medals and Commendations are, the Good Conduct Medal, the American Defense Service Ribbon, the European Theater Ribbon with three Battle Stars, one Overseas Service Bar, and the French Legion of Honor for his service in France during World War II.
www.palletmastersworkshop.com /flipside.html   (3734 words)

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