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 Resident assistant - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A Resident Assistant (commonly shortened to "RA") is a trained student leader, within a college or university, charged with supervising typically less-senior students living in a residence hall.
Tangible benefits of the RA position are generally intended as means of improving/increasing the RA's ability to identify and address the needs of their residents, as well as a way to compensate for the increased responsibility and demands on time that the RA agrees to accept by virtue of the position.
These programs are usually designed to build community between residents, help resident develop academic skills, hone leadership skills, or simply encourage personal growth and understanding in a particular area. /wiki/Resident_assistant   (563 words)

 Resident - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A resident alien is a person who is living in a particular foreign country for an extended period of time under authority or color of law as opposed to a tourist who is visiting the country without the intent to establish a residence in that country.
A resident bird or animal is one that does not migrate, but stays in the same location throughout the area.
In the US a resident at a hospital is a physician, or other medical professional, who has completed a specified level of schooling and an internship, and is now receiving specialized clinical training. /wiki/Resident   (340 words)

 Australian resident
Australian residents are residents of Australia who have not elected to or are yet unable to become citizens of the Commonwealth of Australia.
Residents are unable to vote, suffer from social discrimination for not embracing Australia and are unable to take HECS credit from the Australian Government if they arrived here before 1996.
They are currently approximately a million permanent residents in Australia, and a further sizable proportion of people who were born outside the country. /wikipedia/a/au/australian_resident.html   (340 words)

 Resident Evil - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Although Resident Evil was one of the first games to use this gameplay style on console systems, the technique was first pioneered on the PC by the Alone in the Dark series which is often cited as the first game in the survival horror genre.
Resident Evil 4, which introduced drastic changes to the storyline and gameplay (including a new camera and aiming system), was originally released as a GameCube exclusive, but has been ported to the PlayStation 2 with added content from the GameCube original.
Resident Evil: Apocalypse- Novelization of the second movie, Resident Evil: Apocalypse, the events of which are an alternate storyline in the Resident Evil 3: Nemesis timeframe borrowing some plot concepts. /wiki/Resident_Evil   (3565 words)

 Move To Australia - Emigrate/Immigration to Australia
Australians all let us rejoice, for we are young and free; We've golden soil and wealth for toil, our home is girt by sea; Our land abounds in Nature's gifts of beauty rich and rare; In history's page, let every stage Advance Australia fair!
Immigration details and links to help you get on your way to emigrating to Australia.
In joyful strains then let us sing, "Advance Australia fair!"   (3565 words)

 Otterbein College - Resident Assistant Job Description
Resident Assistants wishing to continue in the position for the next year, must a have a positive recommendation from their Residence Hall Director, interview for the position and be hired for continuation by the Director of Residence Life with approval of the Vice President of Student Affairs.
Resident Assistants are called upon to provide administrative support, which is important to the operation of the hall and assists in maintaining resident's understanding and involvement in community living expectations.
Resident Assistants are undergraduate members of the Residence Life Staff under contract to the Vice President for Student Affairs, who report to and are directly supervised by a Residence Hall Director and the Assistant Dean of Students/Director of Residence Life. /studentlife/RL_housing/staff/returning_ra/job.asp   (1781 words)

 Resident - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A resident alien is a person who is living in a particular foreign country for an extended period of time under authority or color of law as opposed to a tourist who is visiting the country without the intent to establish a residence in that country.
A resident bird or animal is one that does not migrate, but stays in the same location throughout the area.
In the US a resident at a hospital is a physician, or other medical professional, who has completed a specified level of schooling and an internship, and is now receiving specialized clinical training. /wiki/Resident   (1781 words)

 Resident genius - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
Resident Genius is a three-piece Springfield, Illinois-based independent rock band.
Resident Genius played a quick set that featured covers by The Germs and Jim Carroll along with three originals.
With band members living mere blocks from the steps of the Illinois Statehouse, the members of Resident Genius are affected by the political environment that befalls around them. /wiki/Resident_genius   (706 words)

 British Resident - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A British Resident or British Resident Minister was a British colonial official who lived and worked in smaller self-governing colonies or protectorates as a political advisor to the leader and as an ambassador of the British Government. /wiki/British_residents   (82 words)

 Resident Commissioner of Puerto Rico - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Resident Commissioner of Puerto Rico is a nonvoting representative of the United States House of Representatives elected by Puerto Ricans every four years.
The Commissioner is allowed to serve on U.S. Congressional committees, and functions in every respect as a Representative except for being allowed a vote on the final disposal of legislation (a "floor vote"). /wiki/US_Congress_Representatives_from_Puerto_Rico   (111 words)

 List of Sri Lankan birds - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In addition to the many resident birds, a considerable number of migratory species winter in the country to escape their northern breeding grounds.
The other resident species are also found in the adjacent Indian mainland, but over 80 have developed distinct Sri Lankan races.
233 species are resident, of which the most important are the 26 endemics. /wiki/List_of_Sri_Lankan_birds   (283 words)

 Taxation of resident aliens in the U.S.
Taxation of resident aliens in the U.S. by Smolowitz, Sidney
Resident aliens, like U.S. citizens, are taxed on their worldwide income, while nonresident aliens are generally taxed at regular rates on income which is effectively connected with a U.S. trade or business, and at a 30% (or less, as provided by treaty) withholding rate, on dividends, interest and other fixed or determinable periodic income.
Resident aliens seeking to cease residence for tax purposes must prove a closer connection to a country other than the US and will be treated the same as US citizens expatriating themselves for tax avoidance if tax avoidance is the purpose of ending resident status. /cpajournal/old/07916842.htm   (3826 words)

 Encyclopedia: Australian resident
Australian permanent residents are residents of Australia who hold permanent residency visas but are not citizens of the Commonwealth of Australia.
A resident is automatically eligible for a permanent residency visa if he or she has lived in Australia without breaching visa conditions for five years without an absence of more than three months.
Citizens of New Zealand are allowed to enter and remain in Australia indefinitely without a visa, but must obtain a proper permanent residency permit if they wish to enjoy the privileges of permanent residents. /encyclopedia/Australian-resident   (3826 words)

 Head Resident and Resident Assistant
Resident Assistant Under supervision incumbents assist in implementing the day-to-day activities affecting the welfare of resident students in a residence unit.
Resident Assistant One year of college or an equivalent combination of education and experience; and skills, knowledges and abilities essential to the successful performance of the duties assigned to the position.
The Resident Assistant series consists of two levels with the distinction between levels based on the scope and complexity of the residence hall program, the degree of involvement in program planning and development, and the degree of supervision exercised. /uc-ser/a/20/aa0-10.html   (284 words) British Easily Advance Into Heart of Basra
The British thrust came after long days of besieging the city, Iraq's second-largest with 1.3 million residents, in hopes of wearing down loyalists who mounted a stubborn defense and sparing the civilian population the ravages likely to result from a frontal attack.
As Iraqi government authority disintegrated in parts of the city, residents took cheerfully to looting whatever they could find.
British commanders here in recent days had begun to talk about a "tie-in" between how the U.S. troops are faring in Baghdad and how that would help facilitate an end to the standoff here in Basra. /ac2/wp-dyn/A39501-2003Apr6?language=printer   (1232 words)

 Georgia Code Chapter List
Vacancies in the office of resident commissioner shall be filled for the unexpired term by appointment of the governing body of such county.
In the event any person serving as resident commissioner ceases to be a resident of a housing project located within the unincorporated area of such county, then such person shall cease to be a resident commissioner and a vacancy shall result.
In the event any person serving as a resident commissioner ceases to be a recipient of direct assistance from the public housing authority within such county, then such person shall cease to be a resident commissioner and a vacancy shall result. /cgi-bin/   (777 words)

The Board of Commissioners of the Housing Authority of the City of Americus are appointed by the Mayor of the City of Americus, GA. Each commissioner, except the resident commissioner, is appointed to serve a five year term or to complete the term of the commissioner they have replaced.
Our resident commissioner is also appointed by the Mayor of the City of Americus, GA., and that person is appointed to serve for a one year term.
If the resident commissioner should lose their housing assistance from the Housing Authority, they would then be replaced. /leader.htm   (471 words)

 DVRC Resident Bird Bios
Although these birds are no longer resident birds at the center, they can still educate our website visitors as they were examples of both what these amazing birds are capable of and how we are capable of affecting them.
Birds are turned into DVRC's clinic for a variety of reasons, including poisonings, gunshots, diseases, starvation, bite wound abscesses, entanglements, cat and dog attacks, and having been removed from the wild illegally.
He was a wonderful bird, both to care for as he was very social and verbal and as the star of Bill's programs, striking awe in the faces of each and every audience member for 15 years. /residentbios.html   (5464 words)

 Taxation of trusts with Australian resident trustees
This article attempts to fill the gap, but the attempt is only partial, in that the article deals primarily with accumulation trusts with Australian resident trustees who derive foreign source income.
On the other hand, the omission leaves a possible loop-hole in Division 6, in that the ultimate beneficiary may be an Australian resident and, as mentioned, Division 6 has no provision to capture untaxed income at that has been accumulated and that is distributed to a beneficiary in a later year.
For people using an Australian trust to receive foreign-source income that will eventually go to non-Australian residents, but that should be accumulated in the meantime, there was until 13 August 1998 a possible strategy to avoid both the payment of Australian tax and the tax recovery procedure that has just been described. /~prebble/publications_available/taxtrustsaustraliabtr.html   (5464 words)

Resident Assistant positions are open to any member of the Class of 2007 or 2008 who is in good academic standing.
Community Development - A Resident Assistant is responsible for helping to develop an atmosphere in the residence hall in which students have a concern and respect for the rights and responsibilities of others as well as their physical surroundings.
If a Resident Assistant wishes to be away for Interim, they need to nominate a replacement for the month and work with their Area Coordinator and Assistant Director of Residence Life in the interview process. /stulife/reslife/media/ra_position_description_0607.doc   (1557 words)

 Springfield College Home Page/residence life/resident director/assistant director
The Resident Director position is viewed as a graduate fellowship and he/she is entitled to a quasi-faculty status and may participate in faculty meeting, etc. The Office of Residence Life views each Director as a professional educator and expects each Director to conduct him/herself in a manner expected of a professional educator in higher education.
Oversee and assist each Resident Assistant with the development and implementation of at least three educational programs per semester to be presented to the RAs floor, or open to the entire residence hall.
Resident Directors report directly to the Associate Dean and are evaluated by her. /homepage/dept.nsf/04E52AE2BE212E4245256BD80029D783/D0993E554391A99045256CA80039DDEF?OpenDocument   (579 words)

 Housing Pros
Resident advisors have a unique opportunity to influence the “out of classroom experiences” of our resident students through programming and this is why we developed a model based upon the common transitions our resident student population goes through while living in our communities.
Resident advisors play a big role in educating their residents to know what resources are either on campus for them or in the Chico community.
I began to realize that the resident advisors did not really understand the purpose of having a programming model and that when we tried to have them use this model with their programming they felt the model was a burden upon their programming efforts. /html/programming_0502a.html   (579 words)

 Migration - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The species that periodically migrate are called migratory, those that do not are called resident (or sedentary).
The longest known migration of a bird is that of the Arctic Tern, which migrates from the Arctic to the Antarctic and back each year.
Flyways are routes that certain bird species take to migrate. /wiki/Resident_(species)   (303 words)

 Residency in General Surgery
A further goal of the program is to present opportunities for residents to write papers, chapters, do book reviews, etc. This opportunity is available whether or not the resident chooses to do a year (or more) of research (each resident has the option of doing research during their residency (thus extending their total residency)).
Residents required to be on-call in the hospital overnight receive a $9.25 credit (full price) for use in purchasing meals during the established hours for dinner, night supper and/or breakfast during the on-call interval (5:00 p.m.
Resident physicians are granted three weeks of vacation during each year of training (that is 15 working days and six weekend days). /htmpages/residency.htm   (303 words)

 Georgetown Law - Resident's Life General Information (Housing and Residence Life)
Residents of the District of Columbia are required to recycle aluminum, glass, plastic, paper and newspapers.
Residents may be subject to additional charges, however, if their utility usage is excessive.
Georgetown Law - Resident's Life General Information (Housing and Residence Life) /reslife/handbook/general.html   (303 words)

 British Columbia Parents and Teachers for Life - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
British Columbia Parents and Teachers for Life (BCPTL) is a pro-life (anti-abortion and anti-euthanasia) group of parents, teachers, and other residents and former residents of British Columbia who have a common interest in the education of youth.
The group seeks, in its own words "to promote a positive attitude towards human life and to have schools support universally applicable principles of morality." /wiki/British_Columbia_Parents_and_Teachers_for_Life   (149 words)

The members of the British community lived in three different social contexts--one was in the large towns such as Nagpur, Jabalpur, and the summer capital of Pachmarhi; the second was as smaller groups in, district headquarters and outposts; the third, as officers periodically toured the Indian countryside by themselves.
British Communities in India still looked back to England, and to her Englishmen in India, for cultural and moral sustenance; they attempted to recreate little England enclaves wherever they lived and worked, remaining socially and culturally segregated from the Indian community.
Though the British community was small in numbers and dispersed to over a:::h different district centers, its members developed a "family tradition" which ensured close communication and periodic meetings, Samll enclaves of English life were found in a number of settings: in the larger towns, in district headquarters, and even while on tour. /area-studies/SouthAsia/Ideas/CP/ch03english.html   (10350 words)

 Colonial Administration Pages 2: Charles Rey and previous Resident Commissioners of Bechuanaland
Garraway, the son of an Irish colonel, was appointed Resident Commissioner of the B.P. in 1916.
The missionary factor was partially reasserted in colonial administration by the appointment of the Reverend John Smith Moffat as Assistant Commissioner for the Bechuanaland Protectorate- resident at Shoshong and Palapye, and itinerant to Bulawayo - between 1887 and 1895.
A later Resident Commissioner, writing his memoirs in the 1960s-70s, was to agree that the administration had been 'mildly dynastic', and that its recruitment had been too much on the 'office boy' system of promotion through the ranks before 1932. /ubh/bw/colad/colad2.htm   (4518 words)

 KIDL - News from Kent Island Defense League -
All candidates for commissioner - whether they are seeking one of the four resident commissioner slots or the at large slot - would run for office countywide and voters could vote for one at large candidate and one candidate per resident district.
Centreville area resident Richard A. Smith, a member of the Queen Anne's County Board of Education, said he is "very opposed" to the 4 resident/1 at large plan and having the at large commissioner automatically made commission president.
She favors keeping the current arrangement in which three at large commissioners are elected; there are no residency districts; and the commissioners themselves elect the commission president. /news82.html   (822 words)

 Nevada Natural Resources Status Report
Nevada is home to a large and diverse group of resident and migratory bird species, and yet since birds are mobile, none of the 283 native species are considered endemic.
All wild birds, with the exception of the starling and house sparrow, are covered by the Federal Migratory Bird Treaty Act, and are further protected from shooting or capture by State wildlife regulations.
Sixteen birds are classified as upland birds, of which eight are native to Nevada and eight are introduced. /nrp01/bio04.htm   (1764 words)

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