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Topic: Resurrection of Jesus

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  CATHOLIC ENCYCLOPEDIA: Resurrection of Jesus Christ
Resurrection is the rising again from the dead, the resumption of life.
The idea of a resurrection from the grave was familiar to the disciples from their Jewish faith; they had also vague intimations in the prophecies of the Old Testament; finally, Jesus Himself had always associated His Resurrection with the predictions of his death.
The Resurrection of Christ has much in common with the general resurrection; even the transformation of His body and of His bodily life is of the same kind as that which awaits the blessed in their resurrection.
www.newadvent.org /cathen/12789a.htm   (1996 words)

 The Resurrection of Jesus Christ
Jesus also told his disciples many times that he would be killed by the leaders in Jerusalem, but be raised to life on the third day.
Therefore, unbelief in the resurrection is not a recent idea, but especially beginning in the latter part of the seventeenth century, some in the church began to question putting faith in miracles, particularly in the miraculous resurrection of Jesus Christ.
The Lord Jesus is the Son of God who became man. He is very God and very man. He was crucified, he died and was buried, and he was raised from the dead on the third day according to the Scriptures.
dcn.davis.ca.us /~gvcc/radio_trans/resurrection.html   (1810 words)

 The Resurrection of Jesus
It is to be noted that Jesus' Resurrection from the dead is mentioned in all of the early creeds of the Church.
Since Jesus was buried Friday afternoon and rose from the dead on Easter Sunday, he was in the ground during some part of three different days.
Kenneth Baker, S.J. "The Resurrection of Jesus." In Fundamentals of Catholicism Vol.
www.catholiceducation.org /articles/religion/re0756.html   (790 words)

 The Resurrection of Jesus Christ
Jesus also told his disciples many times that he would be killed by the leaders in Jerusalem, but be raised to life on the third day.
Therefore, unbelief in the resurrection is not a recent idea, but especially beginning in the latter part of the seventeenth century, some in the church began to question putting faith in miracles, particularly in the miraculous resurrection of Jesus Christ.
The Lord Jesus is the Son of God who became man. He is very God and very man. He was crucified, he died and was buried, and he was raised from the dead on the third day according to the Scriptures.
www.dcn.davis.ca.us /~gvcc/radio_trans/resurrection.html   (1810 words)

 Contemporary Scholarship and the Historical Evidence for the Resurrection of Jesus Christ
So complete has been the turn-about during the second half of this century concerning the resurrection of Jesus that it is no exaggeration to speak of a reversal of scholarship on this issue, such that those who deny the historicity of Jesus' resurrection now seem to be the ones on the defensive.
Since belief in Jesus' resurrection was the foundation for the origin of the Christian faith, it can't be a belief formed as a result of that faith.
Jesus did not die on the cross, but was taken down and placed alive in the tomb, where he revived and escaped to convince the disciples he had risen from the dead.
www.leaderu.com /truth/1truth22.html   (5290 words)

 The Resurrection of Jesus
Since the resurrection of Jesus is a central truth-claim of orthodox Christianity, any questions about its validity automatically call into question the validity of the Christian faith itself, and call for apologetic responses dealing with the philosophical worldview behind the objections.
The resurrection of one person (as opposed to a general resurrection at the end of the age) was not part of their religious beliefs, and they could not accept such an idea even though dozens of people claimed to have seen proof.
As it may have been in Corinth, the end-of-age resurrection was apparently the focus of objections; the resurrection of Jesus was considered a minor anomaly compared to the scandal of eternal bodies.
www.wcg.org /lit/jesus/hist-res.htm   (4756 words)

 Resurrection of Jesus Christ-Historical Evidence
Jesus' resurrection is what gives Him the authority to say He is God and that there is no other means to experience eternal salvation except to acknowledge Him as your Lord and Savior.
They went to great pains after the resurrection of Jesus to try to hush it up, because they knew that if the facts of the matter were broadcast, there would be no controlling the people as they turned towards Jesus, and away from them.
The mythical view asserts that Jesus' resurrection was a myth created by the early church to maintain and grow the significance of Jesus' teaching and death.
www.creatingfutures.net /resurrection.html   (3926 words)

 JESUS Database | 17: Resurrection of Jesus   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
The resurrection was simply the departure of Jesus pending a now imminent return in glory.
Crossan suggests that Mark reshaped the resurrection narrative from GPet in the Transfiguration event and relocated it to an earlier point in Jesus' ministry where it pointed not to his resurrection but his parousia (see Mark 9:1,9-10).
The resurrection of Jesus from the dead was the central claim of the church's proclamation.
www.faithfutures.org /JDB/jdb017.html   (1098 words)

 Death and Resurrection of Jesus - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The death and resurrection of Jesus are the most important events in Christian Theology, as they form the point in scripture where Jesus gives his ultimate demonstration that he has power over life and death, thus he has the ability to give people eternal life.
Defending the historicity of the Biblical narrative, including that of the resurrection, is within the field of study known as Christian apologetics, and applying the historical method to the Bible (which may or may not conflict with defending historicity) is a field of study known as Biblical criticism.
Had Jesus been anointed and given an honorable burial in the way that the Gospel of John claims, then this would remove the rationale for the narratives about a woman "anointing Jesus beforehand for his burial" and of the women going to the tomb early on Sunday morning to anoint the body.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Death_and_Resurrection_of_Jesus   (5056 words)

 The Resurrection of Jesus Christ, Fact or Fiction?
Simon Greenleaf believed the Resurrection of Jesus Christ was a hoax.
An article, suggesting Jesus faked His death and resurrection, appeared in the prestigious British Journal of the Royal College of Physicians.
To deny the resurrection of Jesus Christ you have to close your eyes to the overwhelming facts of history.
www.av1611.org /resur.html   (2084 words)

 The Resurrection of Jesus Christ
Jesus' disciples fled when Jesus was arrested and taken away for trial prior to being crucified.
After Jesus was crucified and buried, they remained in hiding, afraid and depressed, until Mary and others came to tell them that Jesus had risen from the dead.
Several historians have performed exhaustive evaluations of the facts surrounding the resurrection of Jesus Christ and concluded that there is no event of ancient history that is better supported by historical evidence.
www.riverpower.org /resurrection.htm   (2170 words)

 Evidence for the Resurrection
After more than 700 hours of studying this subject, I have come to the conclusion that the resurrection of Jesus Christ is either one of the most wicked, vicious, heartless hoaxes ever foisted on the minds of human beings--or it is the most remarkable fact of history.
Here are some of the facts relevant to the resurrection: Jesus of Nazareth, a Jewish prophet who claimed to be the Christ prophesied in the Jewish Scriptures, was arrested, was judged a political criminal, and was crucified.
John, a disciple of Jesus, looked over to the place where the body of Jesus had lain, and there were the grave clothes, in the form of the body, slightly caved in and empty--like the empty chrysalis of a caterpillar's cocoon.
www.leaderu.com /everystudent/easter/articles/josh2.html   (3032 words)

 The Resurrection of Jesus   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
If Jesus was not raised from the dead, then Christian beliefs don't amount to much, since Jesus himself said that he would be raised from the dead on the third day.
The belief in a resurrected Jesus had to be authentic to take root in Jerusalem and grow to encompass the whole world.
Yet, after his resurrection and their experience at Pentecost, these same discouraged, disappointed men and women were transformed by the mighty power of the risen Christ.
www.whoisjesus-really.com /simpchinese/muscled3.htm   (1292 words)

 Jesus’ Resurrection and Christian Origins* by N.T. Wright
Resurrection is one point on a larger spectrum; it will happen all at once as part of God’s future for Israel and the world; and, third, it was fairly unspecific in detail.
Some theologians have brought together Jesus’ resurrection and the early disciples’ recognition of his divinity in a way which seems to me to short-circuit any process that we can reasonably suppose to have been historical.
We are forced to conclude that when the early Christians said that Jesus had been raised from the dead, and gave that as their reason for reshaping their beliefs about resurrection itself on the one hand and Messiahship on the other, they were using the language in its normal sense.
www.ntwrightpage.com /Wright_Jesus_Resurrection.htm   (6918 words)

 The resurrection of Jesus
The body of Jesus was gone and the only thing left behind was the cloth that was used to wrap his body for the burial.
Jesus appeared to seven of his disciples on the shore of the Sea of Galilee.
Then Jesus came to them and said, "All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, and teaching them to obey everything I have commanded you.
about-jesus.org /loj7.htm   (1177 words)

 Christian CADRE -- The Resurrection of Jesus
The resurrection accounts in the Gospels and Paul are often accused of being hopelessly contradictory.
Michael Martin and philosopher Stephen Davis have engaged in a dialogue on the rationality of the resurrection.
Craig rebuts the argument that the original resurrection appearances were of "Christ as a luminous, heavenly body" that only later developed into a belief in his materiality.
www.christiancadre.org /topics/resurrection.html   (1681 words)

The question of resurrection from the dead is a central subject of scripture, ancient and modern.
The assurance of resurrection gives us the strength and perspective to endure the mortal challenges faced by each of us and by those we love, such things as the physical, mental, or emotional deficiencies we bring with us at birth or acquire during mortal life.
Resurrection is much more than merely reuniting a spirit to a body held captive by the grave.
www.lds.org /conference/talk/display/0,5232,23-1-4-5,00.html   (2239 words)

 Jesus Christ
Jesus Christ is Jehovah "While some Christians do not equate Jesus Christ and Jehovah in their theologies, Biblical passages indicate that relationship, and Latter-day scriptures often refer to Jesus Christ, the Son, as Jehovah (e.g., DandC 110:3-4; Moro.
Jesus Christ is the Firstborn in the Spirit "Fundamental to the teachings of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints is the concept that all human beings were born as spirit sons and daughters of heavenly parents before any were born as mortals to earthly parents.
Birth of Jesus Christ "Latter-day Saint scripture affirms unequivocally that the birth of Jesus Christ was the mortal advent on earth of an actual God, a second and distinct member of the Godhead.
www.lightplanet.com /mormons/basic/christ/index.htm   (2454 words)

 Resurrection Harmony
Jesus was arrested late at night in the Garden of Gethsemane, betrayed into the hands of his enemies by Judas Iscariot, who had been one of the twelve disciples.
Jesus committed his mother into the care of John (who was her nephew), and it is recorded that "from that hour" John took her into his home, which was in south Jerusalem.
The five accounts of the resurrections are all from the first-century, written between fifteen and thirty years of the death of Jesus.
www.answering-islam.org /Andy/Resurrection/harmony.html   (5808 words)

 Resurrection Of Jesus
The resurrection of Jesus is the foundation of the Christian faith.
As it turns out, no legitimate scholar or religion today denies that Jesus was a historical figure who walked the earth approximately 2,000 years ago, was a great teacher and miracle worker, and who died on a cross for the crime of blasphemy.
Therefore, the only legitimate dispute is whether Jesus was the Son of God who was resurrected from the dead after His crucifixion.
www.allaboutjesuschrist.org /resurrection-of-jesus.htm   (450 words)

 Jesus Christ And the Resurrection
Although the Resurrection was an historical event that could be verified by the sign of the empty tomb and by the reality of the apostles' encounters with the risen Christ, still it remains at the very heart of the mystery of faith as something that transcends and surpasses history.
Christ's Resurrection is the fulfillment of the promises both of the Old testament and of Jesus himself during his earthly life.
If, then, a resurrection took place, it must be demonstrated with a reasonable degree of certainty, historiographically speaking, that Jesus actually died and then was seen at some later time alive and in bodily form.
www.adishakti.org /jesus'_resurrection.htm   (3494 words)

 Easter Sunday - Christians celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ, Eid-e Gheeyaam, Eid-e Paak, What is Easter ...
The resurrection of Jesus Christ is one of the fundamental principles and beliefs of Christianity and a well documented historical fact.
Jesus was buried on Friday and rose from death on Sunday.
Easter and the holidays that are related to it are moveable feasts, in that they do not fall on a fixed date in the Gregorian calendar (which follows the motion of the Sun and the seasons).
www.farsinet.com /easter   (670 words)

 The resurrection of Jesus:
fact or fiction?
  (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-19)
Christians make much of the way Jesus perfectly and miraculously fulfilled prophecies pronounced centuries before he was born.
Except for Jesus, all humans are defiled by sin and so their sacrifice would be a senseless waste of human life and an insult to the holiness of God.
Jesus took some food, had a bite and with the remainder still in hand said, ‘You’ve heard my teaching.
net-burst.net /jesus/resurrection.htm   (3134 words)

 He is risen!
Woodward expresses his understanding of the importance of the resurrection to Christianity--"By any measure, the resurrection of Jesus is the most radical of Christian doctrines." To strengthen his point, he quotes the late German Marxist philosopher Ernst Bloch.
All they would have needed to do was state that Jesus' body was stolen, show the authorities where they had put it and their life would have been spared.
The most powerful piece of evidence for the resurrection of Jesus is the Bible's record of His appearances.
www.bayou.com /~lou2247/risen.html   (2907 words)

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