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Topic: Reviewing

In the News (Fri 20 Apr 18)

  Review - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
In addition to a critical statement, the review's author may assign the work a rating (for instance, one to five stars) to indicate its relative merit.
In terms of scientific literature, reviews is a category of scientific paper, which provides a synthesis of research on a topic at that moment in time.
Peer review is the process by which scientists assess the work of their colleagues that has been submitted for publication in the scientific literature.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Review   (319 words)

 Book reviewing - Hutchinson encyclopedia article about Book reviewing
The term ‘criticism’ is often taken to mean exclusively adverse comment, but in fact it refers to all literary assessment, whether positive or negative.
Students are often asked to adopt one of three approaches for a text analysis: a character and relationship study, a description of the principal themes and ideas in a work, or a review.
This information should not be considered complete, up to date, and is not intended to be used in place of a visit, consultation, or advice of a legal, medical, or any other professional.
encyclopedia.farlex.com /Book+reviewing   (307 words)

 Reviewing a Manuscript for Publication
Because a reviewer’s review is, in the same way, a recommendation to an editor, I have come to believe that a summary of the manuscript being considered is no less useful in the reviewer’s review.
Reviewers, in voluntarily identifying where their expertise may be lacking with regard to the manuscript being reviewed, might even gain additional credibility for their claims about where they do have expertise.
If the reviewer wishes to suggest a different framework and set of assumptions to the authors, this suggestion would be more convincing after the reviewer has demonstrated that he or she has given due consideration to the authors’ original framework, rather than dismissing it outright.
www.people.vcu.edu /~aslee/referee.htm   (3287 words)

 Active Reviewing ~ article by Roger Greenaway
There is a risk that active reviewing might be seen as 'anti-language' or as an attack on the value of verbal reviewing.
Reviewing can be a time for examining any of these theories (whether about managing, or about teamwork, or about the nature and behaviour of their own group).
Active and creative reviewing techniques should be seen as basic tools in a reviewer's toolkit, but they will never replace the need for the skilful and imaginative use of verbal techniques, and for facilitating group discussions.
reviewing.co.uk /actrev.htm   (2196 words)

 MISQ Reviewers
Good reviewers act both as "gatekeepers" - ensuring that poor quality research is not published- and "value-adders." In this latter role reviewers are asked to recognize the potentialof a piece of research and then, through their written comments, try to help the authors meet that potential.
As the reviewing process is, unfortunately, a very slow one, by participating in a review panel you can see work a year or two before it appears in print.
Reviewing is also a very helpful way to get into the network of researchers working in your field.
www.misq.org /roadmap/reviewer.html   (711 words)

 DVD Reviewer - Software Reviews
It's not like reviewing a movie where you watch the main feature, look at the extras and then rack your brain for something witty and erudite to say.
The only common ground with a DVD review is that the entire reference work comes on a single DVD and therefore takes up an awful lot less room than the paper equivalent.
Jitendar Canth's review of the 2003 edition refers closely to Chris Cox's review of the 2002 release of the software, so similarly I've referred to Jitendar's views of the software and whether any of his criticisms have been addressed in this new release.
www.dvd.reviewer.co.uk /reviews/software.asp?Index=10346   (849 words)

 USATODAY.com - NASA studies robot servicing of Hubble   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
NASA is reviewing over two dozen proposals to extend the useful scientific life of the Hubble Space Telescope, as well as safely dispose of the Earth orbiting observatory at the end of its life in space.
At present, a review of submitted ideas and discussions with proposal groups is actively underway.
However, while the submittals are now being reviewed, any go-ahead on a robotic servicing scheme for Hubble is far from assured.
www.usatoday.com /tech/news/2004-04-05-hubble-plans_x.htm   (725 words)

 Paper Writing and Paper Reviewing   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
You can't throw all your time into a paper at the last minute and expect a good result: you will become saturated, lose perspective because you are too close to the material, and ultimately be spinning your wheels, changing stuff back and forth without a really good feeling for why you're doing it.
Even if you have written the paper with plenty of time and had a lot of outside review, after a certain point you will not be able to add much value without taking a break for a while (maybe a week or two).
Remember that this will be read by people who (a) have never heard of you and the review is anonymous anyway, (b) have never heard of your project, (c) are reading about 15-20 papers apiece, all in different subject areas.
swig.stanford.edu /~fox/paper_writing.html   (2865 words)

 Technorati Tag: reviewing   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
Specialist advice March 19th, 2006 I’ve just caught up with Saturday’s Casualty, which my wife was particularly looking forward to because a subplot...
One of the main reasons for this is because people don't believe me. It's not a failing on my part, I don't...
The headlines for today's reviews of Failure to Launch generally failed to impress.
www.technorati.com /tag/reviewing   (355 words)

 Salon Directory
We headed down a dimly lit hallway, past a janitor's office, a storage space with extension cords on the floor and an abandoned copy-machine room, and finally arrived at a stockroom.
Oscar and I were glad to meet, as I often write book reviews for the Chronicle, but we had only spoken on the phone.
The book editor at the time, David Kipen, was shifted to "book critic," responsible for reviewing two books per week, and Oscar got the job of overseeing Sunday's seven book pages, which now fall between "Dining Out" and "Get Together," the personals.
dir.salon.com /story/books/feature/2001/07/19/book_reviews/index.html   (575 words)

 Active Reviewing Guide: how to facilitate active learning
This is typically achieved by developing dynamic approaches to the reviewing and transfer of learning.
By placing these reviewing tools in the hands of learners your reviews will engage all learning styles and encourage full participation.
If you are looking for live training events (anywhere on this shrinking planet) check the details of my trainer-training workshops or what customers have said about them.
reviewing.co.uk   (926 words)

 Neil's World - XP Service Pack 2 Review
Now that I’ve been using XP SP2 for a bit longer, I’d like top present a fuller review of what’s new.
First, the bad news: Microsoft didn’t take the time to fix IE’s CSS bugs, nor the bug with changing the font size where absolute font sizes are specified, so us web designers don’t get a break with this release.
There are also improvements Bluetooth support, but I can’t review that since I have neither a Bluetooth dongle nor any device to use it with, as yet.
www.neilturner.me.uk /2004/Mar/21/xp_service_pack_2_review.html   (3031 words)

 DMI Publications - Design Management Review
Design Management Review Volumes on CD An entire year (4 issues) of the Design Management Review on CD.
The Design Management Review (formerly the Design Management Journal) is devoted to articles and case studies exploring how design – in products, communication, and environments – is an essential resource, a component of every organization that can be effectively managed to make important contributions to the bottom line and to long-term success.
The DMI Review was founded in 1989 and is published quarterly.
www.dmi.org /dmi/html/publications/journal/journal_d.jsp   (210 words)

 People For the American Way - Raising a New Right-Wing Generation: Dinesh D'Souza
He is also a regular contributor to the Heritage Foundation's Policy Review and was its managing editor from 1985 through 1987.
Hardly a member of the radical left, a description generally applied to D'Souza critics, Woodson called D'Souza "the Mark Fuhrman of public policy," referring to a racist policeman in the O.J. Simpson case.
Loury, in his review of the book, notes that AEI marketed it extensively in business circles, that "Republican staffers on Capitol Hill are said to have eagerly anticipated how the book might move the affirmative action debate in the 'right direction,'" and that D'Souza was generously supported for the book's duration by the Olin Foundation.
www.pfaw.org /pfaw/general/default.aspx?oid=2070   (758 words)

 remembering rebecca: 01.03
I've added a short list of classes that are using The Weblog Handbook in their courses (let me know if you are, too), and two more reviews: Metapsychology says 'This is an extremely well-written, informative, fun, and important book'.
The conference is requesting submissions on current and emerging uses of weblogs, and I have been asked especially to encourage women to submit their work.
Gray literature is the body of reports, studies, surveys, workshops, etc. often produced by local government agencies, private organizations and educational facilities, which have not been reviewed and published in journals or other standard publications and thus are not widely available for study.
www.rebeccablood.net /archive/2003/02.html   (6671 words)

The main objective of this section is to provide the members of our Society with book reviews that are relevant and of interest to all of us.
Reviewer: Joe Gani, School of Mathematical Sciences, Australian National University, Canberra ACT 0200, Australia.
We would like to have a very comprehensive publication that is of interest to our members by including items such as members' and regional news, Environmetrics and related conferences, research projects and programmes, book reviews, letters to the editor and articles of general interest.
www.nrcse.washington.edu /ties/newsletter/ties0111.html   (9118 words)

 BBC NEWS | Entertainment | Music | Cat Stevens case 'under review'
"I think we have that obligation to review these matters to see if we are right," said US Secretary of State Colin Powell.
Mr Powell said the review of the case was not because of the publicity surrounding it, saying he undertook reviews, "not only with celebrities such as Mr Stevens, but for the average citizen coming across who gets stopped".
The case of another prominent Muslim, professor Tariq Ramadan, is also under review.
news.bbc.co.uk /1/hi/entertainment/music/3704120.stm   (369 words)

 Buddhist Channel | Books
Reviewed by Sharon Smith, Department of Historical and Cultural Studies
Reviewed by Michael G. Barnhart Kingsborough Community College of the City University of New York, Published on the Buddhist Channel, Feb 3, 2005
Reviewed by Edward Skidelsky, The New Statesman, Nov 10, 2004
www.buddhistchannel.tv /index.php?books   (4846 words)

 Writing.Com: Reviewing
Reviewing is an extremely important part of the Writing.Com community.
Helpful, honest reviews assist our authors to improve their talents.
Only the 1,000 most recent public reviews with more than 250 characters of text are included.
www.writing.com /main/my_feedback/online/freelance_writing/action/rrs   (542 words)

 SF Signal - A Science Fiction Blog
REVIEW SUMMARY: A novel that's thought-provoking, literary and entertaining despite a slow start.
REVIEW SUMMARY: An example of how change is inevitable.
Do you think it's possible for a book reviewer to remain objective if he or she has received the book for free from the publisher?
www.sfsignal.com   (2911 words)

 Paul Thurrott's SuperSite for Windows: MSN Search Toolbar with Windows Desktop Search Review
The most visible is Apple's Spotlight, a feature of Mac OS X 10.4 "Tiger" (see my review).
In this review, I'll examine what's changed since the public beta.
The Deskbar can be floated on the desktop or attached to any side of the desktop.
www.winsupersite.com /reviews/msn_search_toolbar_wds.asp   (2824 words)

 Product Reviews and Reports - Consumer Search.com - Reviewing the Reviewers
If you don't want to commit to a monthly contract, or prefer to keep your wireless costs as low as possible, a prepaid wireless plan is the way to go.
Although T-Mobile's service has gotten a lot better, reviews say Verizon has be best call quality and coverage when it comes to monthly plans......
ConsumerSearch is not sponsored by any source reviewed, and we accept no consideration or payment for including, excluding, or ranking any reviews, products or services in our reports.
www.consumersearch.com   (243 words)

 BBC NEWS | Americas | Bush aide 'edited climate papers'
The White House denied Mr Cooney, a former oil industry advocate, watered down the reports.
It said the changes were part of a normal inter-agency review process.
The reports were "based on the best available science", spokesman Scott McClellan said.
news.bbc.co.uk /2/hi/americas/4075986.stm   (339 words)

 reviewing concept from the Object Oriented Software Engineering knowledge base   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-12)
reviewing concept from the Object Oriented Software Engineering knowledge base
is a subtopic of 4.8 - Reviewing Requirements
requirements review (4 facts) - The process of systematically evaluating a requirements document
www.site.uottawa.ca:4321 /oose/reviewing.html   (70 words)

 Book Review -- Code Reading: An Open Source Perspective - OSNews.com
Book Review -- Code Reading: An Open Source Perspective - OSNews.com
Written by special contributor Owen Anderson on 2003-11-27 05:25:53 UTC
Reproduction of OSNews stories is granted only by explicitly receiving authorization from OSNews and if credit is given to OSNews.
www.osnews.com /story.php?news_id=5243   (979 words)

 Vector Linux 4.0 Review - OSNews.com
Vector Linux is a distribution based on the oldest Linux distribution available today - Slackware.
It comes in two flavours - a freely downloadable ISO 'lite' version (which I used for this review) and a Deluxe CD edition which can be ordered from www.vectorlinux.com.
The deluxe edition includes extras such as Gnome and KDE, as well as a whole pile of extra software.
www.osnews.com /story.php?news_id=5009   (1098 words)

 PokerTips.org - Pacific Poker Review
Additionally, please note that Pacific only allows players to play one table at a time on their site.
More information about this bonus can be found in the Pacific Poker Bonus Review.
They also give you bonus dollars for your play.
www.pokertips.org /reviews/pacific.php   (559 words)

 The New York Review of Books: The Wars of the Texas Succession
The New York Review of Books: The Wars of the Texas Succession
Please contact with any questions about this site.
The cover date of the next issue of The New York Review of Books will be April 27, 2006.
www.nybooks.com /articles/16911   (3912 words)

 The New Yorker: The Critics: Books
Max Ophuls is a highly distinctive name, well known to movie lovers as that of a German-born actor and stage director who, beginning in 1930, directed films in Germany, France, Russia, Italy, the Netherlands, and, after 1946, the United States.
Readers of this review will be spared, as the reviewer was not, the maddening exercise of trying to overlay Rushdie’s Ophuls with the historical one.
Why has Rushdie attached a gaudy celebrity name to a different sort of celebrity, preventing the Ambassador from coming into sharp, living focus on his own?
www.newyorker.com /critics/books/articles/050905crbo_books   (1150 words)

Body, Meaning, and the Culture of Capitalism, Monthly Review Press, 2005 [16.4K]
Other Reviews -- Television, Movies, & Popular Fiction
Reply to a Review by Jedediah S. Purdy of The End of Work, by Jeremy Rifkin [G.P. Putnam's Sons, 1995], in the April 1995 Perspective, Harvard-Radcliffe's Liberal Monthly.
www.friesian.com /review.htm   (2148 words)

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