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Topic: Revolution

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In the News (Wed 20 Mar 19)

REVOLUTION OS tells the inside story of the hackers who rebelled against the proprietary software model and Microsoft to create GNU/Linux and the Open Source movement.
REVOLUTION OS features interviews with Linus Torvalds, Richard Stallman, Bruce Perens, Eric Raymond, Brian Behlendorf, Michael Tiemann, Larry Augustin, Frank Hecker, and Rob Malda.
REVOLUTION OS is available in the 35 mm motion picture format and runs 85 minutes.
www.revolution-os.com   (234 words)

  revolution: fuel for the fire   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Welcome to revolution, one person's view of ideas that can change our world for the better.
Revolution was started in 1995 as a guide to libertarian ideas.
Most information was added in the 1993-1998 time period, although a recent overhaul ensured everything is still correct and relevant.
www.boogieonline.com /revolution   (47 words)

  Revolution Product Selector
Revolution Is A Topical Parasiticide That Is Applied To The Skin Of Dogs Six Weeks Of Age And Older And Cats Eight Weeks Of Age And Older.
Revolution is a topical parasiticide used in the treatment or prevention of heartworm disease, fleas, the American dog tick, ear mites and canine sarcoptic mange in dogs.
Revolution is applied to the skin on the back at the base of the neck once a month, in cats and dogs.
www.1800petmeds.com /pselect.asp?LV=201&PG=Revolution   (1957 words)

  Revolution - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The word revolution means "a turn around." This may be a change in the social or political institutions over a relatively short period of time, or a major change in its culture or economy.
A political revolution is the forcible replacement of one set of rulers with another (as happened in France and Russia), while a social revolution is the fundamental change in the social structure of a society, such as the Protestant Reformation or the Renaissance.
Social and political revolutions are often "institutionalized" when the ideas, slogans, and personalities of the revolution continue to play a prominent role in a country's political culture, long after the revolution's end.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Revolution   (640 words)

 American Revolution - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Revolution was also a series of broad intellectual and social shifts that occurred in American society as new republican ideals took hold in the population.
The end of the Revolution is usually marked by the Treaty of Paris in 1783, with the recognition of the United States as an independent nation.
The American Revolution was the first wave of the Atlantic Revolutions that took hold in the French Revolution, the Haitian Revolution, and the Latin American wars of liberation.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/American_Revolution   (5420 words)

 Revolution Drum & Bugle Corps   (Site not responding. Last check: )
After Revolution went inactive in 2004, Kuzma was hired to assemble a team that would bring the drum corps back for a full national tour with a trip to Drum Corps International World Championships.
Revolution successfully returned with the passing of a DCI Evaluation,and ranking 4th place out of 21 drum corps in Division III.
Revolution topped a very successful 2006 season in Madison, Wisconsin, with a Division III silver medal by scoring an 83.950 at the Division II/III World Championship Finals competition presented by A.J. Wright.
www.revolutionypa.org /drumcorps   (1015 words)

 Industrial Revolution - HighBeam Encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: )
By 1850, however, the transformation wrought by the revolution was accomplished, in that industry had become a dominant factor in the nation's life.
The railroad and improved transportation preceded the introduction of the revolution into Germany, which is conventionally said to have accompanied the formation of the Zollverein ; industrial Germany was created after 1850.
The Industrial Revolution was introduced by Europeans into Asia, and the last years of the 19th and the early years of the 20th cent.
www.encyclopedia.com /html/i/industr1.asp   (1083 words)

 FUTURE RETRO Revolution Synthesizer
The revolution also provides the correct 3 pole filter design, gated amplifer, accent and glide circuits which are all crucial to the TB303's sound.
In addition to the original controls of the TB303, the Revolution also has a CV Modulation amount control which allows the filter's cutoff frequency to track either the internal control voltages generated by the Revolution's sequencer, or external control voltages may also be applied to modulate the filter.
Although the Revolution's analog signal is mono, the DSP effects do provide movement through the stereo sound field, and appropriately we have provided a stereo master output, as well as a stereo headphone output using standard 1/4" jacks.
www.future-retro.com /REVOLUTION.html   (1214 words)

 revolution. The Columbia Encyclopedia, Sixth Edition. 2001-05
The American Revolution, however, is a misnomer: it was a war of independence.
It was not until the 18th cent., with the French Revolution, that revolution began to mean a new beginning.
Contemporary thinking about revolution is dominated by Marxist ideas: revolution is the means for removing reactionary classes from power and transferring power to progressive ones.
www.bartleby.com /65/re/revoluti.html   (261 words)

 O'Reilly Media -- Bookstore: Revolution in The Valley
Revolution in the Valley traces the development of the Macintosh computer from its inception as an underground skunkworks project in 1979 to its triumphant introduction in 1984 and beyond.
Revolution in the Valley traces this vision back to its earliest roots: the hallways and backrooms of Apple, where the groundbreaking Macintosh computer was born.
There is some of both Steves in "Revolution in The Valley," but the focus of the book is the Macintosh and the people that directly gave it life, as told by these everyday heroes, the Mac's collective parents.
www.oreilly.com /catalog/revolution   (1019 words)

 Wii - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A major feature of the Wii is the console's wireless controller, the Wii Remote, that may be used as a handheld pointing device and can detect motion and rotation in three dimensions.
Nintendo unveiled the system under the code name Revolution in 2005 at its E3 press conference.
The console was known by the codename of "Revolution" until immediately prior to E3 2006.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Nintendo_Revolution   (3193 words)

 Six Flags Magic Mountain : REVOLUTION
Revolution's loop is 90 feet high and 45 feet in diameter - it was the first loop ever built into a roller coaster.
This white steel track coaster is built into the Park's lush hillsides and features a fast and furious series of steep, daring dips and dives inspired by those experienced on old-fashioned wooden coasters.
You must be at least 48" tall to ride Revolution.
www.sixflags.com /parks/magicmountain/Rides/revolution.html   (144 words)

A lot of crap gets talked about what a revolution is though so as well as discussing this in the abstract here we look at specific examples of revolutions each of which met with mixed success.
The first of the modern revolutions was the Paris Commune of 1871 when the workers of Paris held the city for two months before being bloodly massacred.
The Russian revolution was the model for many socialists this century but behind the mythology created around it were many problems, even in the early years.
www.geocities.com /CapitolHill/2419/revoindx.html   (495 words)

 Amazon.com: Revolution: DVD: Al Pacino,Donald Sutherland,Nastassja Kinski,Joan Plowright,Dave King,Steven Berkoff,John ...   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The film brings to the screen two main stories, which are unfolding simultaneously: On the one hand, a father and son trying to survive the turmoil of a country at war with itself, and on the other, the War of Independence and its ripple effects on America in the background.
As a result, Revolution is a daring movie, which shatters several misconceptions, deliberate and not, surrounding attitudes towards the War of Independence, and provides for historical truths, which had been suppressed for long years in the name of "patriotism".
Revolution is for those who like great theatre and the acting and scripts that are part of that sort of entertainment and its flesh and blood and depth.
www.amazon.com /Revolution-Al-Pacino/dp/B00004RYKD   (2590 words)

 Michael Ledeen on National Review Online
Following 9/11, the revolution was brought violently to the periphery of the Middle East, in Afghanistan.
While most of the revolutions have been accomplished with a minimum of armed force, military power has been used on several of the battlefields, and not only in the recent cases of Afghanistan and Iraq.
The Cedar Revolution in Beirut has now toppled Syria's puppets in Lebanon, and I will be surprised and disappointed if we do not start hearing from democratic revolutionaries inside Syria — echoed from their counterparts in Iran — in the near future.
www.nationalreview.com /ledeen/ledeen200503010752.asp   (1201 words)

 Freedom or Death | Revolution
The very word 'Revolution' conjures up peasants storming the palace gates, Kings fleeing for their lives, a corrupt system of government crumbling, and a new form of fair order taking its place.
The French Revolution was not just a revolt against the regime of the Bourbon Kings; it embodied an entire new way of viewing the world and human society.
The attempts to redesign the Church in the wake of the tumultuous Revolution.
library.thinkquest.org /C006257/revolution/default.shtml   (378 words)

 Revolution (1985)   (Site not responding. Last check: )
I've just seen "Revolution" on TV and I have to say that it's a much better movie than one may think.
"Revolution" is also an important film because there are only about a dozen films on the Revolutionary War and almost all of them are a matter of obscurity - at least for a Hungarian movie lover.
When "Revolution" was released it was a critical and commercial disaster.
www.imdb.com /title/tt0089913   (397 words)

 IGN: More Revolution Specs Uncovered
We cannot stress this enough: Revolution is not being positioned as a competitor to either Xbox 360 or PlayStation 3.
Revolution's Broadway CPU, developed by IBM, is an extension of the Gekko CPU in GameCube, according to official Nintendo documentation passed to us by software houses.
Readers discouraged by Revolution's seeming lack of horsepower when compared to Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3 should remember that Nintendo is not interested in competing in the high-definition gaming arena, and as a standard-definition console, Revolution is more than capable.
wii.ign.com /articles/673/673799p1.html   (719 words)

 Runtime Revolution Ltd - Application design and programming for everyone
Revolution Enterprise includes all the features in Revolution Studio and a seat of each operating system IDE of Revolution.
Runtime Revolution Ltd and Daniels & Mara, Inc announce the release of GLX2, the new Script Editor for Revolution 2.8.1.
Revolution Forums are set up by level so that those new to rich media or software development can find exactly the information they want and need to extend their skill sets.
www.runrev.com   (412 words)

French Revolution, the most diverse and hostile schools having contributed to it.
French Revolution proclaimed by Louis Blanc and by freemasonry itself is proved by the researches of M.
French Revolution was the convocation of the States General by Louis XVI.
www.newadvent.org /cathen/13009a.htm   (8481 words)

 Revolution (selamectin) provides heartworm and flea protection for cats.
Revolution (selamectin) provides heartworm and flea protection for cats.
Learn more about the safety and efficacy of Revolution® (selamectin).
All decisions regarding patient care must be made with a healthcare provider, considering the unique characteristics of the patient.
revolution4cats.com /display.asp?...&drug=RV&species=FL&sec=100   (150 words)

 Revolution | Heartworm | Flea | Parasite Prevention
Revolution is a topical liquid medication which is used for flea prevention, heartworm prevention, and the prevention and control of ear mites, sarcoptic mange, and American dog ticks.
It is used once a month and is applied conveniently at one spot on the skin.
Revolution for cats 5 to 15 lbs (6 Month)
www.entirelypets.com /revhearandfl.html   (154 words)

 USATODAY.com - Revolution joins the gaming wars   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Revolution is about the size of a stack of three DVD cases and has no visible knobs, buttons or ports for joysticks.
Revolution will offer broadband access to a free Internet-based player matching service, similar to Xbox Live, that also will have downloadable versions of nearly every Nintendo game — from arcade classic Donkey Kong through current titles such as Mario Sunshine.
Says Kaplan: "We've built Revolution around the concept of 'all-access gaming,' " a term Nintendo uses to mean the system is easily adapted to by both gamers and designers.
www.usatoday.com /tech/products/games/2005-05-17-revolution_x.htm   (526 words)

 IGN: IGNcube's Nintendo "Revolution" FAQ
Nintendo's GameCube console is far from dead, but that hasn't stopped the company from announcing that it is underway with a next-generation successor, codenamed "Revolution." The system has been given an appropriate codename if Nintendo is to be believed: the publisher says that the console will revolutionize the way people play games.
At E3 2005, Nintendo said that with Revolution it is aiming to make a "small, quiet and affordable console." It stressed this point and avoided direct questions about technical specifications.
Nintendo has revealed that Revolution will be backward compatible with GameCube, play both GCN discs and proprietary new 12cm discs, go online via Wi-Fi connections, be able to download software from the Internet, use 512MB flash memory to save data, and feature wireless controllers.
cube.ign.com /articles/522/522559p1.html   (1019 words)

 The Haitian Revolution
All were largely inspired by the French Revolution of 1789 with its call for liberty and equality.
The Haitian Revolution was a remarkable phenomenon, which is of great importance for many people concerned with revolutionary class struggles, colonialism, fl history, Latin American and the Caribbean, particularly with the country of Haiti.
Although much of the notable research on the Haitian Revolution was written in French, this pathfinder is limited to English language publications.
www.albany.edu /~js3980/haitian-revolution.html   (3145 words)

 The Scientific Revolution: An Encyclopedia
The author defines the scientific revolution, in part, as that time when knowledge of the physical and natural world developed from simple discrete observations by isolated individuals into subjects for analysis, explanation, controversy, and ultimately integration and interaction with all other aspects of society.
The foreword by Paula Findlen, director of the Science, Technology and Society Program at Stanford University, is itself a timely essay on the integration of information that is contained within the pages.
This title will entice readers from high school through professional, generalists, scientists and historians, into better understanding and appreciation of the historical complexities inherent in the scientific revolution.
www.istl.org /02-summer/review1.html   (490 words)

 New England Revolution
Revolution Head Coach Steve Nicol, along with players Pat Noonan and Matt Reis appeared on the "Planet Mikey" show with host Mike Adams live from Gillette Stadium immediately following the Revs' victory over the Chicago Fire.
Revolution central defender Michael Parkhurst's only career goal - a 60-yard wonder strike last Saturday in Toronto that ESPN has awarded the "MLS Goal of the Year" - is among the 34 candidate for Major League's Soccer 2007 Sierra Mist Goal of the Year.
This is the official website of the New England Revolution and is ┬ęCopyright New England Revolution (the "Club").
www.revolutionsoccer.net   (698 words)

 Revolution and Other Essays: Revolution
They compose, when the roll is called, an army Of 7,000,000 men, who, in accordance with the conditions of to-day, are fighting with all their might for the conquest of the wealth of the world and for the complete overthrow of existing society.
The point is, not that the socialists of the world were unafraid to do it, not that they dared to do it, but that they did it as a matter of routine, giving publication to what may be called an official document of the international revolutionary movement.
Break a strike with an injunction or bankrupt a union with a civil suit, and the workingmen hurt thereby listen to the siren song of the socialist and are lost forever to the political capitalist parties.
london.sonoma.edu /Writings/Revolution/revolution.html   (6121 words)

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