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In the News (Thu 18 Jul 19)

  Toward a Critical Revolutionary Pedagogy
Revolutionary critical pedagogy can assist us in understanding history as a process in which human beings make their own society, although in conditions most often not of their own choosing and therefore populated with the intentions of others.
The overall goal of revolutionary critical pedagogy, in my view, is to help students discover how the use-value of working-class labor-power is being exploited by ruling class capital but also to learn that working-class initiative and power can destroy this type of determination and force a recomposition of class relations.
As revolutionary educators, we need to understand how philosophy and political economy end up being articulated from the standpoint of capital in which practical dualisms are reproduced in actuality, while attempts are made to resolve them at some metaphysical level.
facpub.stjohns.edu /~ganterg/sjureview/vol2-1/mclaren.html   (8735 words)

The philosopher, Taine, drew attention to the affinity between the revolutionary and what he calls the classic spirit, that is, the spirit of abstraction which gave rise to Cartesianism and produced certain masterpieces of French literature.
At Avignon the Revolutionary Lécuyer, having been slain in a church, some citizens reputed to be partisans of the pope were thrown into the ancient papal castle and strangled (16-17 Oct., 1791).
The measures taken by the Convention to substitute the Revolutionary calendar for the old Christian calendar, and the decrees ordering the municipalities to seize and melt down the bells and treasures of the churches, proved that certain currents prevailed tending to the dechristianization of France.
www.newadvent.org /cathen/13009a.htm   (7766 words)

 The revolutionary mass movement
The revolutionary mass movement is the movement and struggle of the working class and other oppressed and exploited sections of the people to fight for their economic and democratic interests and objectives which can only be achieved through the complete demolition of the exploitative system and the ruling class to ultimately seize political power.
The revolutionary mass movement should never be afraid or be limited by laws imposed by reaction, on the contrary it should work to stretch and override these to widen the space for advancement of the revolution.
As the leadership of the party in the revolutionary mass movement is being carried out, we should see to it that the development and advance of the revolutionary mass movement is paralleled with the corresponding sustained development of the party.
www.hartford-hwp.com /archives/54a/200.html   (2621 words)

 Glossary of Terms: Re   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
Reformists are politically between revolutionaries and reactionaries; they are revolutionary in the sense that they want to change laws and institutions to adhere to emerging social-relations.
Revolutionaries provoke differences and violently ram together contradictions within a society, overthrowing the government through the rising to power of the class they represent.
A revolutionary realizes that the content of the world cannot change, but that she can give it a new form based on new productive forces.
www.marxists.org /glossary/terms/r/e.htm   (2931 words)

As they engage in the revolutionary movement and mass struggle, the working class and other oppressed sections of the people gradually but in large numbers develop their consciousness on the uselessness of reaction in achieving genuine change.
Aside from the publications and journal of the party, the revolutionary mass movement will also be able to effectively propagate the party line and tactics, specifically in the concretization of its call, line and tactics.
Hence, it is the revolutionary mass movement that will be able to effectively lead to a revolutionary front of all oppressed and exploited in the present society.
www.angelfire.com /rpg2/rpmp/ormm.htm   (2628 words)

 ethiopundit: Politburo Knows Best III - Revolutionary Democracy
However, Ethiopia's revolutionary mantras and their associated spiritual beliefs are now in their third decade as the central element of Ethiopian governance - their effect has not had the spiritual uplift of any great religion.
As ugly as the revolutionary democratic path of vicious logic and policy has been historically it does have its absurd moments of tragi-comedy: at the time the revolutionary tome was being translated one of the government parties had this to say about it
Upholding the principles of revolutionary democracy could be significant in ensuring the independence of the judiciary, strengthening unity and tackling threats posed to the well being of the nation, cadres and members of the Harari national league said.
ethiopundit.blogspot.com /2004/11/politburo-knows-best-iii-revolutionary.html   (4890 words)

 About the Revolutionary Communist Party, USA
More than anything, we need proletarian revolution: we need to overthrow the bourgeois class in power by defeating their armed enforcers through revolutionary warfare, smash their whole state apparatus, and begin to build up a new and radically different society in which the masses of people will take center stage.
One of the most important questions for any revolutionary forces anywhere--and for their allies and supporters--is the question of leaders and leadership.
One of the main points raised by anarchism is that there is no need for, no positive role for, a vanguard party--that such vanguard parties constitute elite and unnecessary hierarchical structures which stand in the way of liberation, and where they come to power such vanguards inevitably become new oppressive and tyrannical ruling cliques.
revcom.us /rcp-e.htm   (480 words)

Located in the east end of Colonial Williamsburg’s Historic Area, “Revolutionary City” will be presented primarily in and around the buildings on Duke of Gloucester Street in a four-block area bounded by the Capitol on the east, Botetourt Street on the west, and Francis and Nicholson streets on the south and north.
Also, admission is included in the Revolutionary City Adventure Package offered by the official hotels of Colonial Williamsburg.
Programs throughout the Historic Area reference and reinforce the events depicted in “Revolutionary City.” Activities at all historic sites emphasize citizen participation at the heart of democracy, as it is in the heart of America today.
www.history.org /visit/planYourVisit/revcity   (2917 words)

 Revolutionary Government by Peter Kropotkin
Far from being a "revolutionary government it becomes the greatest obstacle to the revolution and at last the people find themselves compelled to put it out of the way, to dismiss those that but yesterday they acclaimed as their children.
Their function, their historic mission is to prepare men's minds for the revolution, and then when men's minds are prepared and external circumstances are favorable)e, the final rush is made, not by the group that initiated the movement, but y the mass of the people altogether outside of the society.
But if govemment, were it even an ideal revolutionary government, creates no new force and is of no use whatever in work of demolition which we have to accomplish, still less can we count on it for the work of reorganization which must follow that of demolition.
www.spunk.org /library/writers/kropotki/sp001857.html   (3734 words)

 EurasiaNet Eurasia Insight - Iran's Revolutionary Guards Making a Bid for Increased Power
Iran’s Revolutionary Guards, the military force that has served as the main pillar of support for the Islamic republic, is seeking to play an independent role in the country’s domestic political life.
In justifying its action, Revolutionary Guard representatives said the fact that a Turkish consortium, TAV, was in charge of operating the airport terminal posed a threat to Iran’s "security and dignity," the official IRNA news agency reported.
Others believe the Revolutionary Guard commanders may be overplaying their hand, and thus could soon be subject to action designed to curb their political ambitions.
www.eurasianet.org /departments/insight/articles/eav051904a.shtml   (987 words)

 Revolutionary Agreements
Revolutionary Agreements reveals principles tens of thousands have used to create greater inner peace and fulfillment at home and at work.
Revolutionary Agreements is a series of powerful and profound life messages that can open up a world of possibilities for you."
"Revolutionary Agreements is a wonderful guide to a fulfilling and loving life in the world.
www.revolutionaryagreements.com   (292 words)

 Revolution - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
They vary in terms of numbers of their participants (revolutionaries), means employed by them, duration, ideology and many other aspects.
They may result in a socio-political change in the socio-political institutions, or a major change in a culture or economy.
Revolutionary as a noun is first attested 1850, from the adjective.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Revolution   (421 words)

 HistoryCentral.com - Your Source for Everything History -> America's Wars > Revolutionary War> Major Events ...
Revolutionary War: Birth of a Nation consists of a number of major elements.
Another major section is Legends of the Revolutionary War, which tells the major stories of the war in an entertaining way.
It covers the economics of Revolutionary America; describes the Americans of the time from the perspective of national, ethnic, and religious heritages; and includes a complete section on the arts.
www.multied.com /revolt/Teachers.html   (2051 words)

 The Kidnapping of a Revolutionary in Venezuela
In the initial phase of the official Venezuelan investigation, the Minister of Interior Chacon and the Minister of Defense emphasized that Granda was "illegally" in the country, that he had "false papers" and that "he was not officially invited to the international conferences".
Instead of viewing the Colombian revolutionary as a victim of a heinous crime (a victim of international class warfare as we would have said in the old days), he was criminalized on the basis of immigration technicalities, which any low-level immigration functionary would appreciate.
Revolutionaries pursued by dictators and repressive regimes have participated, entering host countries without visas, with false passports and occasionally with their papers in order.
www.venezuelanalysis.com /articles.php?artno=1354   (1930 words)

 Promoting Democracy... :: Dissent Winter 2006 Issue
For one thing, as those who study revolution know, the outcomes of revolutionary upsurges are highly unpredictable and just as often lead to failure and prolonged civil war as to democratic success.
Karatnycky and Ackerman are aware that their statistical association between the strength of nonviolent civic movements and long-term gains in democratization was not controlled for the influence of levels of income, education, or other factors widely known to be associated with stable democratic development.
In Georgia, democratic revolutionaries have been attempting to transform what amounts to a failed state into a functioning democracy within a short period of time—a daunting task in a society where, in many areas, electricity functions for only an hour a day, and large swaths of the country remain outside the government’s control.
www.dissentmagazine.org /article/?article=155   (3198 words)

The Revolutionary era was both exhilarating and disturbing----a time of progress for some, dislocation for others.
In the wake of the Revolution came events as varied as the drafting and ratification of the Constitution of the United State of America and the rebellions of slaves who saw the contrast between slavery and proclamations of liberty.
The Battle of bunker Hill was an important and decisive battle in the Revolutionary War.
schools.lwsd.org /RHJH/homehelp/revwar/rwar/revolutionary.htm   (3210 words)

 alvin + heidi toffler {futurists} :: Books
Revolutionary Wealth is about how tomorrow's wealth will be created, who will get it and how.
In Revolutionary Wealth they expand the concept to reveal how many of our activities -- whether parenting or volunteering, blogging, painting our house, improving our diet, organizing a neighborhood council or even "mashing" music -- pump "free lunch" from the "hidden" non-money economy into the money economy that economists track.
Prosuming, they forecast, is about to explode and compel radical changes in the way we measure, make and manipulate wealth.
revolutionarywealth.com /?fa=booksdetail&name=rw   (315 words)

 Revolutionary History
The 'Revolutionary History' AGM will be held on Saturday 25 November 5pm at the Calthorpe Arms, Grays Inn Road, London WC1.
When Nikita Khrushchev denounced Stalin in a private session at the Twentieth Congress of the Soviet Communist Party in February 1956, he must have been aware that the general gist of his 'Secret Speech' would soon be revealed to the world at large.
This issue of Revolutionary History, assembled and edited by John McIllroy, is dedicated to responses to Khrushchev's 'Secret Speech', and in particular the reactions within the Western Communist Parties.
www.revolutionary-history.co.uk   (405 words)

 NASA Institute for Advanced Concepts -- What is Revolutionary
The term "Revolutionary" has many interpretations in the context of a multitude of recognized fields of endeavor.
It is not unusual for synergy between seemingly unrelated disciplines to inspire creative paradigm changes resulting in "Revolutionary" breakthroughs.
Revolutionary paradigm shifts are simple, elegant, majestic, beautiful and characterized by order and symmetry.
www.niac.usra.edu /revolutionary.html   (187 words)

 Research Guide to Revolutionary War Sources at the Connecticut State Library   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-10)
Although the information in this set serves as a clue to establishing a connection to a Revolutionary War ancestor, it should be remembered that some lines and service claims may have been subsequently disproved and that DAR membership requirements are now more stringent than they once were.
Those researching the Revolutionary War who are unable to utilize the original manuscript volumes may wish to consult the Fifth Series, vol.
Revolutionary War pension application files frequently contain documents such as discharge papers, affidavits and depositions of witnesses, narratives of events during service, pages from family Bibles.
www.cslib.org /revwar.htm   (2317 words)

 Revolutionary Links
Revolutionary War This interactive web site allows students easy access to information to decide which side of the American Revolutionary War they would have been on.
Revolutionary War Flags This is an extremely excellent visual presentation of a student in 7th grade.
Betsy Ross: Her Life Women played a significant part in the American Revolutionary war, which unfortunately is often overlooked.
www.ecsu.ctstateu.edu /depts/edu/textbooks/revolutionarylinks.html   (813 words)

 Shopping.com - Shopping made simple
Revolutionary Cooling Systems Cooper Cooler Rapid Beverage Chiller, Silver/...
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Revolutionary Cooling Systems Cooper Cooler Rapid Beverage Chiller - Brushe...
www.shopping.com /xGS-Revolutionary   (682 words)

 National Revolutionary Army - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The National Revolutionary Army (NRA, Traditional Chinese: 國民革命軍, Simplified Chinese: 国民革命军, pinyin: Guómín Gémìng Jūn, sometimes shortened to 國軍 or Nationalist Army) was the National Army of the Republic of China in the early 20th Century.
Controlled largely by the Kuomintang (KMT), the National Revolutionary Army fought major engagements in the Northern Expedition against the Chinese Beiyang Army warlords, Second Sino-Japanese War against the Imperial Japanese Army, and the Chinese Civil War against the People's Liberation Army.
The NRA was founded by the Kuomintang in 1925 as the military force destined to unite China in the Northern Expedition.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/National_Revolutionary_Army   (918 words)

 ThinkQuest : Library : Colonies & the Revolutionary War
Their daily routines, schooling, home life, and recreation are brought to life with stories and facts as told by the children who would have… More
Research was done on these two battles to educate others about them in a fun, interactive manner, and to provide a comparison of the battles.
Our entry is all about the Revolutionary War which is part of the social studies curriculum for most elementary school students.
www.thinkquest.org /library/cat_show.html?cat_id=374   (1025 words)

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