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 Hyrum Rex Lee
Hiram Rex Lee ( 1910 2001) was the governor of American Samoa from May 24 1961 to July 31 1967 and from May 28 1977 until January 3 1978. /wikipedia/h/hy/hyrum_rex_lee.html

 Index Le-Lh
Lee brought his country an efficient administration and spectacular prosperity at the cost of a mildly authoritarian style of government that sometimes infringed on civil liberties.
Lee received the Award for Distinguished Federal Civilian Service toward the end of his six-year tenure in American Samoa.
Lee's political dominance was made easier when the main opposition party, the Barisan Sosialis (Socialist Front), decided to boycott parliament from 1966. /indexl2.html

On May 24, 1961, President John F. Kennedy appointed Hyrum Rex Lee, a veteran administrator in the Department of the Interior's Bureau of Indian Affairs, as American Samoa's seventh appointed civil governor (until July 31, 1967), succeeding Governor Peter Tali Coleman, who was the Territory's only appointed Samoan governor.
On May 28, 1977, Hyrum Rex Lee began his interim term as American Samoa's 13th (and last) appointed civil governor (until January 3, 1978).
Lee's first term was the longest of any of American Samoa's governors (civil or naval), and he served an additional half-year term (May 28, 1977-January 3, 1978), thus becoming the longest-serving appointed civil governor, and the only appointed civil governor to serve two non-consecutive terms. /historicalcalendar_may.htm

 BYU Magazine
Coming into the six-year campaign when the two-year quiet phase was nearly finished, President Bateman was not only embracing the goals and vision of his predecessor, the late Rex E. Lee, he was expanding them.
But the campaign is not nearly as ambitious as it would have been had plans gone as President Rex Lee originally desired.
"I've never worked with a man who had as much enthusiasm and as much courage and as high a level of commitment as Rex Lee," says campaign director Barry B. Preator, who is also the director of support services for the LDS Foundation. /article.tpl?num=20-Sum96

 Descendants of John Hoggard - aqw26.htm
Rex James Huggard ( Glen James Huggard, Franklin Huggard, Hyrum Huggard, James, Samuel, William, William, Richard, William, William, Nathaniel, John, Richard, John)
Roy Lee Huggard ( Glen James Huggard, Franklin Huggard, Hyrum Huggard, James, Samuel, William, William, Richard, William, William, Nathaniel, John, Richard, John) was born 6 Jun 1949 in American Fork, Utah, Utah.
She died 25 Feb 1996 in Murray, Salt Lake, Utah and was buried 28 Feb 1996 in Sandy, Salt Lake, Utah. /hoggardhtml/aqwg26.htm

 Descendants of John Hoggard - aqw21.htm
Max Hyrum Huggard ( Franklin Huggard, Hyrum Huggard, James, Samuel, William, William, Richard, William, William, Nathaniel, John, Richard, John) was born 17 Dec 1927 in American Fork, Utah, Utah.
He died 7 Mar 1997 in Provo, Utah, Utah from heart disease and incidence to age and was buried 12 Mar 1997 in American Fork, Utah, Utah.
He died 17 Jun 1998 in American Fork, Utah, Utah and was buried 22 Jun 1998 in American Fork, Utah, Utah. /hoggardhtml/aqwg21.htm

 LDS Criticisms-- Bibliography
Edward Ashment, “‘A Record in the Language of My Father’: Evidence of Ancient Egyptian and Hebrew in the Book of Mormon,” in Brent Lee Metcalfe, ed., New Approaches to the Book of Mormon: Explorations in Critical Methodology (Salt Lake City: Signature).
Harold B. Lee, “Strengthening the Stakes of Zion,” Ensign (July 1973).
William Lee Stokes, “David O. McKay’s Position on Evolution,” Can Science Be Faith-Promoting? /bibli.html

 Blacks and Mormons - LDS Racism Bigotry
For example, it didn't take much investigation to discover that in 1981 the Solicitor General of the United States, Rex Lee, a Mormon, recused himself from a case against Bob Jones University.
Lee explained that previously when representing the Mormon church in a similar case, he had argued that the church should retain its tax-exempt status despite its racist policies and felt conflicted from arguing an opposing view in the Bob Jones case.
Given Lee's explanation, Olsen's "categorical" assertion that federal tax law was never a motivating factor in the church's 1978 change in racial policy rings disingenuous. /gazelem/blacks

 mauldin - mau216.htm
Gerald Wayne Rutherford ( Audrey Mae Mauldin, Roy N. William P. Andrew Austin, Hyrum, Laban, Henry Laban).
Ernest Eugene Mauldin ( Loyd Hooker, Ernest Adin, William P. Andrew Austin, Hyrum, Laban, Henry Laban).
William Loyd Mauldin ( Loyd Hooker, Ernest Adin, William P. Andrew Austin, Hyrum, Laban, Henry Laban). /~oldpend/mauldin/maug216.htm

 Some Descendants of John Doyle Lee
Aggatha's family had followed the Lees' move to Nauvoo in 1840, and when not living in some of the Lee homes, they were living nearby.
In the 1860's, Lee had property in several different areas of southern Utah, had married by that time, nineteen wives, and fathered sixty-four children, eleven of whom were born to Aggatha Ann, his first wife.
The requirements of getting together an outfit, including wagon and team, for the removal of only one wife and a couple of children was challenge enough under such circumstances, but John D. Lee had to provide means for removal of ten wives and six children. /lee/chapter_02.html

 Some Descendants of John Doyle Lee
Lee wrote of his excommunication from the church the following year.
During that period, a company led by John D. Lee explored the region south of Cedar City, and, after building a fort on Ash Creek, soon moved to the permanent site that became Fort Harmony.
She must have been married to John D. Lee at an early age, for her name appeared in some of the emigrant records as Mary Leah G. Lee. /lee/chapter_16.html

 Letters to the Editor: December 2003
A Mormon friend lent me a book written by a Mormon, "What do Mormons Believe?" by Rex E. Lee (1992).
(Hyrum L. Andrus, Doctrinal Commentary on the Pearl of Great Price [Salt Lake City: Deseret Book Co., 1967], 113.)
The primal life within man is designated as " intelligence, or the light of truth." A time came when the primal intelligence of man was organized and became a spirit personage. /onlineresources/letters_to_the_editor/2003/2003december.htm

 Meridian Magazine :: Line Upon Line: Hard Questions and Keeping the Faith.
Rex E. Lee has referred to them as ‘the rational process and the extra rational process.’” [xxxi]   Rational, non-contentious, argument can open minds (and thereby hearts) to the testimony of the Spirit.  Citing C.S. Lewis (a famous non-LDS defender of Christianity), Wm.
When President Lee said that “elder” means “defender” he was not speaking of the etymological definition of “elder” but rather as a defining characteristic of those who are elders.
[ix]   Harold B. Lee, Conference Report, April 1970, General Priesthood Meeting, 54. /lineuponline/040318harquestions.html

 Rex Lee Run Men's 5K Division Race Results
Rex Lee Run Men's 5K Division Race Results
If you feel that your race time is incorrect and you'd like to correct it, please send an email to, and we will try to remedy the situation.
Click here for a list of all sponsors /men5division.php

 Mormonism 201: Chapter 11
In citing McConkie and Rex Lee who emphasize the resurrection, or the "general salvation" offered to everyone, it appears perfectly clear that at least the Apostle Paul agreed.
We simply view his statement, "in Christ all will be made alive," as being synonymous with "salvation from physical death"--or simply put, the resurrection.
And according to the Apostle Paul, there will be a resurrection of the just and unjust. /apol/morm201/m20111.html

 My Family
Children were: William Oliver LEE, Elizabeth Addline LEE, Sarah Jane LEE, John Alma LEE, Mary Adeline LEE, Joseph Hyrum LEE, John Heber LEE, John Willard LEE, Louisa Eveline LEE, Samuel Gully LEE, Ezra Taft LEE.
, Hyrum Gulley LEE, Thomas Rainey LEE, Oliver Lionel LEE, Dora LEE, Lucinda Margaret LEE, Lillian LEE, Ida LEE, Franklin LEE, Garland LEE, Marion LEE, Evalyn LEE, Claude LEE, Minnie LEE.
Marion LEE Parents: John Willard LEE and Lucinda Margaret CLARK. /~markham/reynolds/rosy/d26.htm

All records are now in the possession of Rex D. Cook, Hyrum, Utah.
Family Records: Rex D. Cook, Dean S. Cook, Pearl C. Day 2 CONC, Claudia P. King, Edwina Pendleton, Rowena C. Tingey, William Longhurst, H. Ba 2 CONC rney, Charles Lynn Hayward, Jane M. Jackson, Ted Garfield, Helen Ely Rorvik, Mattie Hia 2 CONC tt, and others.
Family Records: J. and S. Bryson Cook, Carl Cook, Dean S. Co 2 CONC ok, Pearl C. Day, Claudia P. King, Edwina Pendleton, Rex D. Cook, Rowena C. Tingey, William L 2 CONC onghurst, H. Barney, Charles Lynn Hayward, Jane M. Jackson, Ted Garfield, Helen Ely Rorvik 2 CONC, Mattie Hiatt, and others. /gedcom/unverified.ged

Henderson, Virgil Lee Henderson, W. Henderson, Ward W. Henderson, Warren Fay Henderson, Wayland James Henderson, Will Henderson, William Delmer Henderson, William Weaver Hendon, David Jack Hendren, Napoleon B. Hendren, Robert E. Sr Hendrick, John Gaylon Hendricks, Carl Edward Hendricks, Charles Lowber Sr Hendricks, Charles Robert Hendricks, Geo.
Holt,, John Washington Jr Holtby, Orlo Jackson Holter, Joel Frazier Holthoff, Howard Lee Holthoff, Howard Lee Holthusen, Christian Martin Holtoff, Bruce Allen Holtzclaw, Henry H. Holtzen, Matthew Henry Holtzman, Harry Thomas Holwell, Wm.
Howder, Pete Burmess Howdershelt, Samuel Herbert Howe, Benjamin Henry Howe, George E. Howe, Guy G. Howe, Harvey Lee Howe, John C. Howe, John David Howe, Melvin Adrain Howe, Otis W. Howe, Paul David Howe, Vernon C. Howe, Wiley Howe, Wm. /MASONH.TXT

 July 2001
American Samoa: Former governor (1961-67) Hyrum Rex Lee dies.
Pakistan: Former foreign minister (1991-93) Siddiq Khan Kanju is shot dead by four assailants. /rulers/2001-07.html

On July 31, 1967, Hyrum Rex Lee ended his term as American Samoa's seventh (and longest-serving) appointed civil governor (since May 24, 1961).
The sun beat down, and we lamented, 'It will take us a long time to get used to the heat.'" (Bearss 1978-1981: 54) /historicalcalendar_july.htm

 Search Book Club
Rex and the Crater of Doom, Alvarez, Walter
Rex at Swan Lake, Carrier, Lisa; Demarest, Chris
Tapestry: The Journey of Laurel Lee, Lee, Laurel /titlebrowse.asp?letter=T

 Genealogy Index for surnames beginning with L
Lee, Edward Harold (10 May 1893-22 Dec 1944)
Lee, Clarence Lester (16 Mar 1891-13 Jun 1956)
Lee, Robert Eldon (23 Mar 1925-19 Feb 1945) /~ljanvrin/idxl.htm

 Casey Family History
In 1840, William and Rebecca Orton were living in Lee County, Iowa.
Hyrum Smith died as a child on November 14, 1897.
Hyrum and Mary Stott were the parents of three children: /master/bryhuey.htm

COMING HOME Janet G. Lee Janet G. Lee is the wife of Rex E. Lee, President of Brigham Young University.
WHERE MUCH IS GIVEN: SOME THOUGHTS ON APPRECIATION Rex E. Lee Rex E. Lee is the president of Brigham Young University.
Rex and I both feel that we have come "home"--that this is where we belong. /LDS/BYU-speeches/speeches-89-90.txt

 Millet--BYU as a Covenant Community
Lee, Rex E. "The State of the University: Sound Spiritually, Academically, and Financially." BYU Annual University Conference, August 1991.
Something took place on this campus on February 27, 1990 that had a profound impact on me. On that day President Rex Lee called a special meeting for all BYU faculty and announced that his cancer had returned.
Lee, Harold B. Stand Ye in Holy Places. /fc/ee/w_rlm92.htm

14 hmiller1381613- Alderman, Troy D. 10 jimleenm44- Aldridge, Frank 10 rsettx7847- Aldridge, Lee 13 leobell3D5151- Alec, Celeste 1956- 14 hmiller24E1413 Aleshire, Brad Lee 1960.8.30- 14 hmiller24E1411 Aleshire, Brent Allan 1957.7.24- 14 hmiller24E1412 Aleshire, Rita Jo 1959.8.18- m.1981.7.18 13 hmiller24E141- Aleshire, Robert Elmo 1929.7.13- 12 xxb1253228ab- Alexander, ?
8 xxb14AA1- Bell, Jim c.1840- 10 ctaylor525 Bell, John B.V. 12 leobell3D561 Bell, Lee Elwyn 1959- (n.m) 11 leobell3D56- Bell, Leo Elwyn 1917- 10 ctaylor526 Bell, Louisa 1856- 11 xxb133A3133- Bell, Patricia (m1.) 12 xxb133145113- Bell, Patricia m1.
8 cjleexH9 Barnes, Jim ?-1850.10.19 8 cjleexH4 Barnes, John Abner 1821.4.1-1891.9.1 12 adlerA362751 Barnes, Mary Ann 1941.StLouis,MO-1941 8 cjleexHA Barnes, Mary Jane 12 adlerA362752 Barnes, Sandra Lee 1943.StLouis,MO- 14 adlerA36275421 Barnes, Sara Louise 1997.San Jose,SantaClara'CA- 8 cjleexH2 Barnes, Sarah 10 xxb14B1121- Barnes, Tom m2. /index-a.txt

 Utah Events
The Rex Lee Run is held each year in memory of former BYU president, Rex E. Lee who was lost to cancer.
You will have an opportunity to support and purchase unique fine art from some of our favorie artists, such as Wallace Lee, Spike Ress, Jimmy Jones, Brad Holt, and many others.
Solo athletes as well as teams will mountain bike, trek, paddle, rappel and navigate a 50-60 mile course through the spectacular canyon country near Moab. /database/events/?statewide_events=1&all_locations=1

 March 1992
Joseph Smith Building, Religion, Franklin S. Harris, Brimhall Building, Fred L. Markham, Heber J. Grant, Founders Day Assembly, construction, BYU, Stephen L. Richards, dedicated, Division of Religion, Ernest L. Wilkinson, cafeteria, Jeffrey R. Holland, Rex E. Lee, Franz Johnasen, Layton Construction Company, President Gordon B. Hinckley
U.S.-Japan, Lee Farnsworth, international relations, negotiators, Lee Iacocca, automobiles, Jeep, Nissan, myths
Cannon, Tom M. Gourley, R. Kirk Stron, Rex Pugmire, Admissions and Records Department, Milton E. Smith, dean of Marriott School of Management, John W. /bym/1992/march.html

 Posterity of Hyrum Smith - Name Index - Generated by Ancestral Quest
Lee Mack b.1938 - Salt Lake City, Salt Lake, Utah
Posterity of Hyrum Smith - Name Index - Generated by Ancestral Quest /hyrum/hsmx39.htm

 Countries Ab-Am
1989) 1 Oct 1976 - 27 May 1977 Frank Barnett 28 May 1977- 3 Jan 1978 Hyrum Rex Lee (2nd time) (s.a.) 3 Jan 1978- 3 Jan 1985 Peter Tali Coleman (2nd time) (s.a.) 3 Jan 1985 - 2 Jan 1989 A.P. Lutali (1st time) (b.
1997) 24 May 1961- 31 Jul 1967 Hyrum Rex Lee (1st time) (b. /rula1.html

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