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Topic: Rhapsody (music)

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In the News (Tue 23 Jul 19)

  Rhapsody Orchestra
Time allocated for special toasts or prayers or slide shows while musicians are on stage during a music set is considered part of the music set and is not considered a music break.
If the client opts to not have cocktail or dinner music, then there is a good chance that set up may be occurring during dinner service.
If there is no back entrance, it is the client's responsibility to work with the caterer/venue to ensure that there is adequate space that is not blocked my tables to move the equipment from the entrance to the band stand.
www.rhapsodyorchestra.com /faq.html   (2382 words)

 Rhapsody 4 Reviews. Online Software & Services Reviews by CNET.
Real's Rhapsody is the number-one music subscription service in the United States, and we can see why: it's easy to use, it offers a fun and attractive way to discover new music, and it provides witty editorial content to go along with your listening experience.
The e200R's firmware is custom-tailored for Rhapsody 4.
Of course, Rhapsody doesn't offer a "view by album art" sort, so the impressive performance may be attributed to the fact that the app isn't handling a large amount of graphics and other extraneous files (videos and photos).
reviews.cnet.com /Rhapsody_4/4505-9239_7-32102350.html   (1404 words)

 JamBase Rhapsody
JamBase Rhapsody does not accept submissions from tapers: all of the live music in Rhapsody comes directly from the bands, and tracks are made available only when the bands choose to release them.
Rhapsody provides a centrally located positive distribution option for bands and their music, while at the same time keeping it legal.
RealNetworks (the maker of Rhapsody) is currently working on the next generation of the PC version of the service, and with a relatively small team, simultaneously building and supporting the service on two platforms just isn't an option.
rhapsody.jambase.com /faq.html   (2883 words)

 Personal Technology -- Personal Technology from The Wall Street Journal.
You don't actually own these songs, and any music you've rented and downloaded from Rhapsody becomes unplayable if you stop paying the monthly fee, which is $14.99 a month if you want to hear the music on both a PC and on a portable device.
I also found transferring music to the player from Rhapsody to be slower than on the iPod, despite Real's claims to the contrary.
For people who don't want to choose their own music, or who value discovering new artists over hearing familiar ones, the Sansa Rhapsody may be just the ticket.
ptech.wsj.com /archive/ptech-20061005.html   (865 words)

 Listening Post
Rhapsody, Sandisk, and Best Buy made a series of big announcements today at a joint press conference in New York hosted by none other than his royal puffness, Sean "P. Diddy" Coombs: Rhapsody 4.0, the Sandisk Sansa Rhapsody e200R (3GB, 4GB, 6GB), and a new, 4.0-powered version of Best Buy's Rhapsody clone.
Rhapsody 4.0, which I previewed here recently, overhauls the service with even more ways to access the 2.5 million or so songs currently offered.
The main attraction this Rhapsody DNA adds is the ability to interact with your subscription songs on the player itself (although certainly, the player's compatibility with Rhapsody can only be helped by the fact that Rhapsody designed the device's firmware).
blog.wired.com /music/index.blog?entry_id=1568666   (1298 words)

 Rhapsody (online music service) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Aladdin prototype was transformed into the Rhapsody music service and was launched in December 2001.
Rhapsody's main focus is on an a la carte subscription jukebox model, although it also supports per-track purchases.
Rhapsody Unlimited subscribers using the Jukebox software are also able to download an unlimited number of tracks to their computers, but these tracks are not owned by the user (and hence, cannot be burned or transferred to a portable device).
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Rhapsody_(online_music_service)   (920 words)

 Rhapsody (music) - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A rhapsody in music is a one-movement work that is episodic yet integrated, free-flowing in structure, featuring a range of highly contrasted moods, colour and tonality.
Rhapsodies particularly appealed to Romantic composers, as they aspired to embody in permanent musical form "the first fine careless rapture" of the thrush's song described by Robert Browning in "Home Thoughts, from Abroad" (1845).
A rhapsody that just consists of a lot of tunes flung together is a pot-pourri.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Rhapsody_(music)   (199 words)

 Rhapsody Web Services Expands - Interview and Profile
Rhapsody Web services APIs and RSS feeds, along with a 3-month competition aimed at getting developers to build on their platform.
Rhapsody is one of the biggest music subscription services on the Web.
He also noted that Rhapsody is the only company outside of Apple that supports purchasing and then transferring music to the iPod, which they do using their own technology.
www.readwriteweb.com /archives/rhapsody_web_se.php   (1294 words)

 Rhapsody 3.0 Reviews. Online Software & Services Reviews by CNET.
Now, RealNetworks has taken Rhapsody to an entirely new level with its launch of three variants, the most newsworthy being Rhapsody To Go, which allows you to untether your subscription-based downloads and listen to them on compatible portable devices.
Rhapsody To Go costs $14.99 a month, while Rhapsody Unlimited, which gives you unlimited streams and downloads--but no transfers--to portable devices, is available for $9.99 per month.
Rhapsody went with the same drag-and-drop method as Napster, though it doesn't have a completely separate window for your device.
reviews.cnet.com /Rhapsody_3_0/4505-9239_7-20050753.html   (2301 words)

 Why Music Rhapsody
Music Rhapsody began its groundbreaking work in early childhood music education at a time when few programs of this kind were offered in the U.S. We were there at the beginning-and we're still here more than 22 years later, with a proven track record of success in teaching music and movement, from babies to teens.
Music Rhapsody classes, as described above, are offered at many local schools — preschools, elementary schools, and daycare centers — on a weekly basis.
Music Rhapsody is part of the school’s curriculum, offered to all students and teachers, and is included in the school’s tuition.
musicrhapsody.com /why.php4   (1021 words)

 Rhapsody Services
Rhapsody subscription tracks are available only to the Rhapsody Unlimited tier of subscribers (or higher).
Playlist Central is an online Rhapsody community where you can find playlists to listen to or add to your collection, or publish your own playlists to share with the world.
If you get tired of the music on your portable device, you can delete some or all of the tracks from your device and reload it with different tracks, as often as you like.
home.real.com /product/help/rhapv3_ts/en/Rhapsody_Service.htm   (899 words)

 Rhapsody Music Guide
If you're an avid music listener, for years you knew that the future in music delivery is on the internet.
The golden age of music delivery is here and we'll help you navigate to the best source out there without breaking your bank...and if you think you know the answer, its Rhapsody.
After spending time with many music services, we fell in love with Rhapsody and that is why we decided to put together a detailed review and guide to get you familiarized with the service before you even sign-up for the free trial.
www.rhapsodyguide.com   (853 words)

 CNS: Rhapsody at Berkeley
Rhapsody is a streaming music service and in order to play songs from the radio or in your play list, you must be connected to the Internet and on-line.
Rhapsody is a subscription service that pays musicians, record labels, publishers, and songwriters for the music you listen to and bundles these costs as a flat monthly fee of $2.00 for "All Access" subscription plan.
Rhapsody is a subscription service and you will need a valid credit card if you would like to burn a CD copy of particular songs for $0.79 per song.
rts.berkeley.edu /rhapsody/faq.shtml   (951 words)

 Rhapsody - Free Trial - Music Downloads
Rhapsody's music library is easy to use and explore even for a novice user.
Rhapsody is so great that once you sign-up to the free trial, you'll fall in love with the service.
Rhapsody Unlimited doesn't include unlimited portability to MP3 players, but music purchased at $0.89 is still portable.
www.rhapsodydirect.com   (290 words)

 Rhapsody Radish: Playlists by Subject, Mood, Cover Songs, Etc.
Rhapsody playlists are free to distribute for non-commercial purposes, but please give us credit and a link if you do.
It was a fantastic year for music as this 6.8 hour playlist proves beyond any reasonable doubt.
Santaolalla delved into native world music, but has come up with new creations that sound authentic, but with a sophisticated twist on this double disc collection that also includes non-score tracks.
www.scopecreep.com /Rhapsody   (1729 words)

 Rhapsody – Music at Last.fm
Rhapsody (now known as Rhapsody of Fire) are a Symphonic Power Metal band from Italy.
Rhapsody is the crappiest shit I ever heard in my entire life.
Hahaha rhapsody and nu-metal, I think that dude doesn't have the slightest idea what kind of shit nu-metal is. And I wonder why you guys are making a mountain out of a molehill because of the name change, you know it's a copyright issue and they HAD to change it.
www.last.fm /music/Rhapsody   (388 words)

 Music Guide
The Music Guide is the Rhapsody Online home page, and your portal to Rhapsody's music services.
The Music Guide Home page displays a variety of music selections to sample, including top tracks and artists, a list of music you've recently played, recommendations, and a featured playlist Click any artist name for a detailed artist information page.
Look for information about artists and composers, the music and albums they produced, and which tracks or albums are available for purchase and on-demand playback.
home.real.com /product/help/rhapweb/en/MG_Music_Guide.htm   (658 words)

 Rhapsody Review - Recommended Service - Online Jukebox / Streaming Service
The player software that comes with Rhapsody is well designed, providing good sound quality and a good interface for browsing and music discovery, one that significantly adds to the value of the service.
Rhapsody displays both the releases it has the rights to play and those it doesn’t have the rights to play.
Rhapsody provides 90 plus stations of commercial free radio and gives you the ability to create custom radio stations by entering the names of up to ten artists whose music you like.
www.giantpath.com /TMIU/rhapsody.html   (1585 words)

 Power of the Dragon Flame - Rhapsody - Music Downloads
There are those who feel that Rhapsody's style of over-the-top, neo-classical, Dungeons and Dragons-driven metal, along with the rest of the genre, is too much.
To draw a comparison to the old style of music listening, a download is like buying a single, and a stream is like hearing the song on the radio.
Several online music services wrap their song files in DRM in order to have control over what you do with the files.
www.mp3.com /albums/531103/downloads.html   (773 words)

 Rhapsody Music Service | Download, Play and Burn Music ...   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Some of the research I’ve read regarding music and the mind indicates that are brains are much more open to new and different sounds when we’re young, but start to freeze as we get older.
Rhapsody can help this by letting you listen to new, different music from whomever for zero financial risk.
I think Edward hits on one of the best things about Rhapsody (and music subscription services in general) in that the risk of listening to new music is drastically reduced.
www.rhapsodymusicservice.com   (1190 words)

 JamBase Rhapsody
Because Rhapsody is a celestial jukebox and not a download tool, you can effortlessly send a playlist to a friend as an email attachment.
To create a playlist, browse Rhapsody for music you would like to hear, "Save to Library" when you see something you like, then drag tracks from your "Library" down to your "Playlist." Arrange your playlist by clicking and dragging tracks.
If your friends already have Rhapsody installed, all they need to do is double click the attachment and Rhapsody will do the rest.
rhapsody.jambase.com /playlists.html   (278 words)

 Playlist: RealNetworks opens Rhapsody music service to the Mac
Music service provider, RealNetworks Inc., on Monday will open its subscription-based Rhapsody streaming music service to users of the Macintosh and Linux operating systems.
Premium subscribers using Rhapsody Unlimited ($9.99 per month) and Rhapsody To Go ($14.99 per month) will also have access to their accounts via Rhapsody.com.
Real currently has 1.3 million subscribers to it’s Rhapsody music service — that number continues to grow because of several key reasons, the company said.
playlistmag.com /news/2005/12/04/rhapsody/index.php?lsrc=mwrss   (523 words)

 RealNetworks Launches RealOne RHAPSODY Music Subscription Service
In addition, RealOne RHAPSODY subscribers can burn full albums or custom mix CDs, build their own custom Internet radio stations, listen to professionally-programmed stations, and browse extensive music information and editorial recommendations.
“RHAPSODY’s unlimited listening model is already a hit with subscribers, who listen to more than 250 unique songs a month on average.
Factors that could cause actual results to differ from the results predicted include risks regarding the pace of development and consumer acceptance of legal online music distribution services, the continued growth of “free” peer-to-peer services, general macroeconomic trends, and whether and when closing of the acquisition of Listen.com by RealNetworks will occur.
www.realnetworks.com /company/press/releases/2003/rhapsody.html   (586 words)

 BBspot - Reviews: Digital Music Stores: Rhapsody
This is not a music jukebox and only works with their service, so if you want to listen to your own MP3s you will need another program.
Since music is streaming you need a good Internet connection to use it.
Someone who only wants to stick with one music program since Rhapsody is not a jukebox program.
www.bbspot.com /News/2003/12/digital_music_store_reviews_rhapsody.html   (519 words)

 TIME.com: Gadget of the Week | Sonos Music System with Rhapsody -- Page 1
Its only problem, as I pointed out when it launched, is that it can't play the music that I'm constantly buying from Apple's iTunes Store.
Rhapsody might not have all of the music available for downloading that iTunes has — it's a different pricing model — but I was happy to see that this week's releases from Barenaked Ladies and Citizen Cope were right there, ready to play.
Either way, the addition of Rhapsody (at $10 per month) means nearly any music you can think of, when and where you think of it.
www.time.com /time/business/article/0,8599,1535014,00.html   (747 words)

All the people behind the scenes (you know who you are) - Thanks for your labor of love, your salty sweat and puffy eyes, because you were the clockwork behidn the entire festival, giving everyone the best times of their lives!
Give us some time to come down from this musical high, and we'll tell you all bout it...
Needless to say we're really looking forward to landing on home soil, cuz it'll be our virgin venture as Rhapsody in Penang, the land of great food...
www.rhapsody-music.blogspot.com   (1011 words)

 TIME.com Gadget of the Week: RealNetworks Rhapsody Music Service
A lot of Rhapsody's new stuff has appeared in other services, and its newest innovations could be called tweaks rather than revolutionary gestures.
But Rhapsody is now Real's flagship player, subscription service and a la carte music store rolled in one.
You can now also manage music you've ripped from CDs (or downloaded from elsewhere) alongside your Rhapsody content, meaning everything you want to listen to is in one place.
www.time.com /time/gadget/20050427   (638 words)

 Rhapsody Web Services ::
Rhapsody Web Services provides developers with direct access to Rhapsody’s technologies and content.
This Pocket PC remote control for Rhapsody took the top prize in novelty and was the clear number one favorite of our judges.
Rhapsody Online has now gone live with an entirely new set of features and capabilities.
webservices.rhapsody.com   (489 words)

 Sonos, Inc. | Get Music | Music Services | Rhapsody | Details
The minute you took your new Sonos® system out of the box or updated your software to Sonos v2.0, your free 30-day Rhapsody® Trial was ready to go.
Now select the Rhapsody Music Guide and browse for your favorite artists, albums, genres, and more.
Note: Rhapsody and the Rhapsody logo are trademarks and registered trademarks of RealNetworks, Inc.
www.sonos.com /get_music/music_services/rhapsody/details.htm   (195 words)

 RHAPSODY.MUSIC: January 2006
KLCC at night, as we made a decision to take our music seriously, fountains sprang up high into the dark sky, we could almost hear violins in the background as tears slid down our cheeks....
So as we take a step, and a few more into the unknown, we keep our hearts open to love and to the little miracles that make up life...
January 5th 2006, Ywenna and Nicole trudged along to Moonshine, the January installment, all excited to see the line-up which had Aminah, Az Samad, and Shelley Leong in it, among others...
rhapsody-music.blogspot.com /2006_01_01_rhapsody-music_archive.html   (631 words)

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