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Topic: Rhetorical question

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In the News (Wed 20 Mar 19)

  The Question of Defining "Rhetoric"   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
In the Middle Ages rhetoric was reckoned one of the seven 'liberal arts', being comprised, with grammar and logic, in the 'trivium'.
Rhetoric is an antistrophos to dialectic; for both are concerned with such things as are, to a certain extent, within the knowledge of all people and belong to no separately defined science.
[Rhetoric] is rooted in an essential function of language itself, a function that is wholly realistic, and is continually born anew; the use of language as symbolic means of inducing cooperation in beings that by nature respond to symbols.
web.missouri.edu /~engjnc/rhetoric/defining.html   (2112 words)

Rhetoric is the study of the various kinds of forms and impact that utterances have.
Rhetorical questions are frequently used in the Bible.
Note that the ISV nicely restructures the rhetorical question to begin in the form of a statement, "It is written," followed by the question tag, "is it not".
www.geocities.com /bible_translation/glossr.htm   (1208 words)

 Sequenza21/The Contemporary Classical Music Weekly   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Rhetoric in music is perhaps the soul of narrative music – particularly where vocal music and texts are concerned.
And while many composers have used rhetoric as a form of surface text painting in their music, it’s perhaps most effective, if not immediately understood, when it dives beneath the surface of human experience.
Rhetoric establishes policy, enthrones and dethrones kings and presidents, and incites revolution.
www.sequenza21.com /2005/09/rhetorical-question.html   (592 words)

 The UVic Writer's Guide: Rhetorical Question   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
A rhetorical question implies that the answer is obvious--the kind of question that does not need actually to be answered.
It is used for rhetorically persuading someone of a truth without argument, or to give emphasis to a supposed truth by stating its opposite ironically.
On the other hand, Iago uses rhetorical question for sinister ends, persuading Othello that his loving wife is a whore.
web.uvic.ca /wguide/Pages/RhetRhetQuestion.html   (130 words)

 Rhetorical question - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
A rhetorical question is a figure of speech in the form of a question posed for rhetorical effect rather than for the purpose of getting an answer.
A rhetorical question seeks to encourage reflection within the listener as to what the answer to the question (at least, the answer implied by the questioner) must be.
On the BBC comedy quiz show QI, host Stephen Fry once asked panellist Alan Davies, "Is this a rhetorical question?" to which Davies correctly answered "No".
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Rhetorical_question   (452 words)

 Question mark - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The question mark (also known as an interrogation point, query, or eroteme) is a punctuation mark that replaces the full stop at the end of an interrogative sentence.
Another hypothesis about the origin of the question mark proposes that the mark originated in the 9th century, when it appeared as a point followed by the curvy bit written slanted (similar to the tilde, although the tilde was tilted more upward to the right).
The rhetorical question mark first appeared in the 1580s and was used at the end of a rhetorical question.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Question_mark   (1314 words)

 Rhetoric to Zeugma
Put another way, a rhetorical situation occurs when a rhetor, audience, medium (such as text or speech) and a context converge to create a rhetorical act, such as an act of writing or speaking.
Style is essential to rhetoric in that its guiding assumption is that the form or linguistic means in which something is communicated is as much part of the message as is the content (as MacLuhan has said, "the medium is the message").
Technically, syllogism is a term used in science and dialectic (according to Aristotle) and rhetoric is concerned with the term enthymeme.
www.nt.armstrong.edu /term6.htm   (3417 words)

 Rhetorica: Press-Politics Journal: A rhetorical question...
It is asked merely to highlight the assumed answer and to encourage the audience's participation in the discourse by supplying the assumed answer.
So even though the questions were to come from the soldiers, the press is free to gather and report the answers as usual (and, apparently, some soldiers did ask unprompted tough questions--why wouldn't they?).
The anecdote portion of the question has three good traps to catch a reporter: drama, injustice, and irony.
rhetorica.net /archives/002976.html   (707 words)

 Guide to Literary Terms Rhetorical question
Rhetorical question - one asked solely to produce an effect or to make a statement, but not expected to receive an answer.
The purpose to such a question, whose answer is obvious, is usually to make a deeper impression upon the hearer or reader than a direct statement would.
The etymology of rhetorical is the same as that of rhetoric, as discussed above.
www.enotes.com /literary-terms/37834   (177 words)

 Rhetorical Question   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Perhaps the most common and important type of rhetorical device is the rhetorical question.
This is a particular kind of question which, although seemingly entirely innocent, because it assumes its own answer - is a very persuasive rhetorical device indeed.
Here is an example: 'How would you like to be in his position?', you might ask in a persuasive essay - and obviously the answer is implied in the question and need not be given, yet the effect is to engage the reader's attention persuasively.
www.englishbiz.co.uk /popups/rhetquestion.htm   (225 words)

 Silva Rhetoricae: The Forest of Rhetoric
Sometimes it is difficult to see the forest (the big picture) of rhetoric because of the trees (the hundreds of Greek and Latin terms naming figures of speech, etc.) within rhetoric.
This site is intended to help beginners, as well as experts, make sense of rhetoric, both on the small scale (definitions and examples of specific terms) and on the large scale (the purposes of rhetoric, the patterns into which it has fallen historically as it has been taught and practiced for 2000+ years).
For students of rhetoric, literature, or communication, don't forget to look at the examples of Rhetorical Analysis (at the bottom of the "trees").
humanities.byu.edu /rhetoric/silva.htm   (459 words)

 A semi-rhetorical question about barrel bedding - THR
My question is, for now, rhetorical - I hope to be buying a hunting rifle (most likely either one of the Savage Model 10 variants, a Rem 700, or a Win 70) in the fairly near future.
Ching, and I hope to get one when/if I buy that hunting rifle) he mentions that sling pressure could interfere with point of impact with a weapon that is bedded with upward pressure at the tip of the forend.
As I said, this is rhetorical for the moment, but I'm definitely planning to buy a.308 bolt action for hunting/plinking.
www.thehighroad.org /showthread.php?t=2266   (1327 words)

 rhetorical questions   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
A rhetorical question implies its own answer; it’s a way of making a point.
Many people mistakenly suppose that any nonsensical question, or one which cannot be answered, can be called a rhetorical question.
It all depends on how you define victory.” The speaker is engaging in rhetoric, but the question asked is not a rhetorical question in the technical sense.
www.wsu.edu /~brians/errors/rhetorical.html   (173 words)

 Tropes and Schemes
In classical rhetoric, the tropes and schemes fall under the canon of style.
Note: Some examples from "Classical Rhetoric for the Modern Student" by Edward P. Corbett.
Rhetorical Question: A trope in which the one asks a leading question.
rhetorica.net /tropes.htm   (643 words)

 Rhetorical Question
Totally unscientific here, but I would like to see what actual first years think of such events, rather than what the hypothetical first years in my my head are thinking.
The topic of this post should be HYPOTHETICAL question, not rhetorical.
but this is a rhetorical question, so apparently you're not interested in hearing the replies, huh?
my.brandeis.edu /bboard/q-and-a-fetch-msg?msg_id=0001Al   (379 words)

 The Purpose of a Sentence
A direct question requires an answer from the reader, while an indirect question does not.
There is, however, a special type of direct question called a rhetorical question -- that is, a question which you do not actually expect the reader to answer:
If you do not overuse them, rhetorical questions can be a very effective way to introduce new topics or problems in the course of a paper; if you use them too often, however, you may sound patronising and/or too much like a professor giving a mediocre lecture.
www.uottawa.ca /academic/arts/writcent/hypergrammar/sntpurps.html   (549 words)

 60. The Dirtiest Campaign
Massachusetts Governor Michael Dukakis, unwilling to pigeon-hole himself, argued that the election wasn't about ideology but rather competence, and he claimed to have demonstrated the requisite competence by engineering what was called the "Massachusetts miracle," turning around that state's economy in a few short years.
Some, however, questioned the governor's ethics; his campaign had released "attack" videos that forced Delaware's Sen. Joe Biden from the race.
Few would question his intelligence and personal integrity, but even close friends admitted that "Duke" was impassive, undemonstrative and impersonal.
eightiesclub.tripod.com /id346.htm   (2472 words)

 Rhetorical Question   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
A rhetorical question is a question asked in order to guide an argument, sway a listener, or otherwise have a rhetorical effect.
The asker of a rhetorical question does not expect, nor even desire, a verbal response.
S/he merely wants the listener/reader's brain to react in a way that disposes him toward the speaker, sets up a logical chain for her to follow, or the like.
c2.com /cgi/wiki?RhetoricalQuestion   (214 words)

 Emotions at Work: Begging the Question; rhetorical fallacies, rhetorical fallacy
Begging the question is a common, usually undetected, rhetorical fallacy.
There are dozens of different kinds of fallacies, and "begging the question" is among the most common.
Many of us have heard the term "begging the question," but we aren't sure what it means.
www.chacocanyon.com /pointlookout/040915.shtml   (1199 words)

 The cliffhanger as rhetorical question
Though we are to find out the answers to them in due course, for the moment it suffices to have the gap as a result of the question the cliffhanger asks as an artistic statement in itself.
What makes it so powerful is the backdrop against which it is set- in the Abramsverse, alliances are temporary and fluid, water out of a jug, and even fathers and daughters are not at liberty to invest too much importance in each other as agents.
The question 'Who are Sydney's parents?' has been the driving force behind the Season.
members.fortunecity.com /tchaikovsky/alias120.html   (3542 words)

 rhetorical question definition - Dictionary - MSN Encarta
rhetorical question definition - Dictionary - MSN Encarta
question requiring no answer: a question asked for effect that neither expects nor requires an answer
Everest: Beyond the Limit on the Discovery Channel
encarta.msn.com /dictionary_1861702501/rhetorical_question.html   (62 words)

 The Rhetorical Question- Olympic Fashion   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
One would think that designers around the world would be chomping at the bit to have the challenge of creating high-performance yet fashionable Olympic designs to be paraded in front of the world on one of the most important international stages.
Trebay raises this question of “Why some of the best physical specimens on the planet, people with physiques most designers dream of dressing, are being crammed into get-ups that make them look like either refugees from ‘Pee-Wee’s Playhouse,’ Hello Kitty cultists or Saturday morning cartoons?”
Our Athletes looked like the muses of El Greco, as though they belonged in Maneristic paintings in their skintight Lycra silhouettes that tended to elongate torsos and warp even the rock solid toned figures of Olympians.
collegiateacademy.com /rhetoricalquestion/march06/SportsOlympics.html   (508 words)

 Rhetorical Question - Glossary Definition - UsingEnglish.com
A rhetorical question is one that requires no answer because the answer is obvious and doesn't need to be stated.
The speaker (of the rhetorical question) is not looking for an answer but is making some kind of a point, as in an argument.
See Also: Academic question; Hypothetical question; Question types
www.usingenglish.com /glossary/rhetorical-question.html   (97 words)

 "not running Gnome compliant windows manager" and a rhetorical question. - LinuxQuestions.org
If it is Linux Related and doesn't seem to fit in any other forum then this is the place.
So ever since I installed RedHat 7.1 with all the basic defaults, I get this error message when booting into X: "Warning you are not running a Gnome compliant windows manager etc etc." And I have all sorts of troubles with it such that I have to reboot and hope it doesn't happen again.
Here's the rhetorical question (although you're welcome to answer it if you have an insight on this subject):
www.linuxquestions.org /questions/showthread.php?t=5171   (509 words)

 Terms -- Rhetoric -- AASU
A Glossary of Rhetorical Terms with Examples, Kentucky Classics
The Forest of Rhetoric, Dr. Gideon O. Burton
--examples provided by the editor and by students enrolled in ENGL 5730 (Rhetoric) at Armstrong Atlantic State University from 1991 to the present
www.nt.armstrong.edu /terms.htm   (98 words)

 What is a rhetorical question?
A rhetorical question is an illocutionary act that
has the direct illocutionary force of a question, and
This page is an extract from the LinguaLinks Library, Version 5.0 published on CD-ROM by SIL International, 2003.
www.sil.org /linguistics/GlossaryOfLinguisticTerms/WhatIsARhetoricalQuestion.htm   (73 words)

 Rhetorical forums question « WordPress Support
We don't see what I would say is sufficient questions specific to Kubrick to justify another forum do we ?
Didn't your momma ever teach you: never answer rhetorical questions!
This was also little more than a humorous observation on the number of Kubrick threads.
wordpress.org /support/topic/19862   (180 words)

 » The answer to Radio Shack’s rhetorical question on buying cell phones | Between the Lines | ZDNet.com   (Site not responding. Last check: 2007-10-13)
Today, while listening to the radio, an advertisement came on that asked, when shopping for a new cell phone, whether you should shop by phone or carrier first (I didn’t even realize the the word "carrier" had entered the common American lexicon).
So, in answer to Radio Shack’s question, I agree that you’ll want to trust your retailer.
Add an arcade to your game room A collection of MAME cabinets and consoles that any arcade enthusiast could love.
blogs.zdnet.com /BTL/?p=3147   (1086 words)

 The Curt Jester: A Rhetorical Question
As with Greg I am in the cynical camp when it comes to USCCB documents.
Though I think his question can be broadened to include all USCCB documents.
They are usually the document form of porridge.
www.splendoroftruth.com /curtjester/archives/006350.php   (496 words)

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