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Topic: Rhinoceros Party of Canada

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  Canada - dKosopedia
Canada is officially a "compact between nations" formed after the Seven Years War, which recognised the British dominance of New France that resulted from the defeat of French forces on the Plains of Abraham (near Quebec City) in 1759.
Marijuana Party of Canada - generally libertarian, several provincial allied parties; completely legalizing marijuana is their central issue, but the platforms are growing; making strong gains in provincial elections across the country, especially in rural areas.
Rhinoceros Party of Canada - formerly the main Canadian joke party until the Canadian Alliance was formed.
www.dkosopedia.com /wiki/Canada   (2621 words)

 CBC - Canada Votes 2006 - Leaders and Parties - Parties and Leaders - Other Leaders
He went to court after the Communist Party of Canada was deregistered for not running enough candidates in the 1993 federal election (it ran in only eight ridings).
The party's name can be placed on the ballot next to that of its candidates if it competes in just 12 ridings, down significantly from the 50-candidate rule imposed in the 1993 election.
She ran as a candidate in the municipal election in Niagara Falls in 1997, and as a PCP candidate in 2004 in Dartmouth-Cole Harbour, garnering one per cent of the vote.
www.cbc.ca /canadavotes/leadersparties/leaders/bio_otherleaders.html   (1574 words)

 Rhinoceros Party of Canada@Everything2.com
The founder of the french wing of Rhino party was Jacques Ferron québécois author and storyteller.
The Rhinoceros Party of Canada was started in 1968 by a group of Quebecois including Robert Charlebois and François Gourd.
The Rhinoceros Party boycotted the election in protest, and subsequently disbanded.
www.everything2.com /index.pl?node_id=1528178   (1132 words)

 BBC - h2g2 - The Rhinoceros Party of Canada
The Rhinoceros Party of Canada may have been seen as a 'joke' party, in much the way as Screaming Lord Sutch's Monster Raving Loony party, but they were in fact a registered party in Canada from about 1960 - 1990.
The rhinoceros was an appropriate symbol for a political party since politicians, by nature, are 'thick-skinned, slow-moving, dim-witted, can move fast as hell when in danger, and have large, hairy horns growing out of the middle of their faces'.
The party also claimed to be spiritual descendants of a Brazilian rhinoceros who had been elected member of Satilde;o Paulo's city council in the 1950s.
www.bbc.co.uk /dna/h2g2/A5287845   (972 words)

 [No title]
The Rhinoceros Party was a genuine political party in Canada from 1963 to 1993.
Party members claimed to be the spiritual descendents of a Brizillian rhinoceros who had once been elected mayor of Sao Paulo.
They claimed the rhinoceros was a perfect political symbol, since politicans by nature are thick-skinned, slow-moving, dimwitted and have large, hairy horns growing out of the middle of their faces.
www.670kboi.com /chris_archives/07_28.doc   (265 words)

 Rhinoceros History
Meanwhile, Rhinoceros' reputation was beginning to spread beyond LA. Advanced tapes sent across the country to the press and to radio VIPs resulted in a flurry of activity that bode well for the future.
Rhinoceros meanwhile earned a second residence at The Scene, before a brief set of Toronto dates were hurriedly arranged to coincide with the release of their debut album.
In May, Rhinoceros embarked on a flurry of activity, the highlight of which was the group's performance at a WNEW-FM radio concert in Central Park on June 13 with BB King and others, where they attracted some 40, 000 people.
www.rhinoceros-group.com /rhino2.htm   (10248 words)

 Is it time for America to shuffle political parties? - FileFront Gaming Forums   (Site not responding. Last check: )
I would say the Liberal party of Canada represents well this version of economics, and with them Canada is currently accumulating surplus after surplus each year, and the Canadian dollard is almost as good as the US dollard now.
Parties that are supported by, say, more than 5% of the population should be in the debates.
This kindof party would be neither democrat and neither republican, though it would be leaning towards the the democratic party.
www.gamingforums.com /showthread.php?t=224913   (3309 words)

 Rhinoceros Party of Canada - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Parti Rhinocéros, commonly known as the Rhinoceros Party in English, was a registered political party in Canada from the 1960s to the 1990s.
Sharp's platform on the controversial abortion issue was clear: "If elected, I promise to never have an abortion." In the 1988 election, the Rhinoceros Party ran a candidate named John Turner in the same riding as Liberal leader John Turner, and received 760 votes.
In the 1980 federal election, for instance, the Rhinoceros party nominated a professional clown/comedian named Sonia "Chatouille" Côté ('chatouille' means tickles in French) in the Laurier riding in Montréal.
en.wikipedia.org /wiki/Rhinoceros_Party_of_Canada   (1720 words)

It follows then that if the party were to re-form and raise $308,000 to pay candidates deposits it could continue as long as it got 2 percent of the vote in federal elections.
BIOGRAPHY OF CANADA'S RHINOCEROS PARTY The Rhino Party of Canada, was a registered political party in Canada from the 1963 to 1993.
Political successors The party disbanded in 1993, when it chose to boycott that year's federal election due to new rules that deregistered any political party that did not run candidates in at least 50 ridings at a cost of $1,000 per candidature.
www.angelfire.com /crazy/rhino   (1194 words)

 Canada's lesser-known political parties
As a result of these draconian measures, the Rhinoceros Party will be boycotting this election, robbing the campaign of its sense of humour.
Parties who come out against industry and against the very concept of economic growth are not exactly cash magnets.
As a gift for the Communist Party of Canada (CPC)'s 75th anniversary this year, leader Miguel Figueroa simply wishes not to be associated with some of the more hardcore musings of that other Communist party, the Communist Party of Canada (Marxist-Leninist).
www.montrealmirror.com /ARCHIVES/1997/050197/news6.html   (1088 words)

 VH1.com : Rhinoceros : Biography - Urge Music Downloads
Rhinoceros was a well-planned but poorly executed supergroup whose roots were based in a set of musicians collected by Elektra Records and called Project Supergroup.
Remaining in the city for several months, Rhinoceros had the opportunity to share the stage at different venues with Muddy Waters, John Mayall & the Bluesbreakers, and the Moody Blues.
Rhinoceros headed to New York to perform and record in 1970.
www.vh1.com /artists/az/rhinoceros/bio.jhtml   (750 words)

 Neatorama » Blog Archive » Rhinoceros Party of Canada.
Here’s a "neat" political post: the Rhinoceros Party of Canada [wiki], which was an actual registered (satirical) political party from the 1960s to the 1990s:
Operating within the Canadian tradition of political satire, the Rhinoceros Party’s basic credo, their so-called primal promise, was "a promise to keep none of our promises." They then promised outlandishly impossible schemes designed to amuse and entertain the voting public.
The party claimed that the rhinoceros was an appropriate symbol for a political party since politicians, by nature, are "thick-skinned, slow-moving, dim-witted, can move fast as hell when in danger, and have large, hairy horns growing out of the middle of their faces."
www.neatorama.com /2006/11/30/rhinoceros-party-of-canada   (447 words)

The Glendon Gallery was the second stop of an itinerant multimedia show from Montreal, commemorating the 20th anniversary of the death of Jacques Ferron: medical doctor, humorist, author, playwright, inveterate letter-writer and originator of the satirical Rhinoceros Party of Canada.
One of the highlights of the conference was the participation of Jean-Daniel Lafond, spouse of Canada's governor general, Michaëlle Jean, and director of the 2003 film, Le cabinet du Docteur Ferron (Doctor Ferron's Office), which was screened on Jan. 20.
A socialist who believed that Quebec needed to separate for its survival as a distinct culture, Ferron also founded the Rhinoceros Party in 1963, a bona fide registered political party, whose credo was promising to keep none of its promises.
www.yorku.ca /yfile/archive/index.asp?Article=5833   (938 words)

 Les Entartistes: Article The Gazette
The Montreal group was founded last year by François Gourd, 49, an artist, street performer and six-time federal candidate for the Rhinoceros Party of Canada.
Many of Les Entartistes have roots in the satirical Rhino Party, wich disbanded in 1993 after the federal government introduced tough financial rules for parties seeking official status.
Canada's entartistes tend to be more political than their European counterparts.
www.entartistes.ca /Gazette310199.html   (1602 words)

The Congress of which all labour unions within Canada, with the exception of the CAW, are represented.
Russia's major social democratic party draws most of its support from professionals and intellectuals and was the only party to condemn the war in Chechnya.
America's third largest political party, based on 2000 presidential and congressional elections, is headed by Ralph Nader.
www.geocities.com /rlennon1/political_links.htm   (1305 words)

 Marijuana Party of Canada – Parti Marijuana du Canada | Party Leader Bio   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Marijuana Party of CanadaParti Marijuana du Canada
From 1985 to 1987, Blair was a registered agent of the Rhinoceros Party.
He finally won his case by proving that his use of the political contribution tax credit had always been legal, and that senior officials in Revenue Canada had been dishonest, arrogant and high handed when they had denied this use of political tax credits was legal.
www.marijuanaparty.com /article.php3?id_article=161   (354 words)

 Satiric Press - Canadians High on Marijuana Party?; "Performing" in Public; Full Frontal   (Site not responding. Last check: )
In 1998, the Bloc Pot, the Parti Marijuana's Quebec-based predecessor, fielded 24 candidates in the Quebec general election, but received only 0.025% of the vote, a number so statistically insignificant, most major news organizations chose to round it down to zero.
St.-Maurice fails to see how other political parties could join together to form a workable coalition government, given the enormous ideological differences between them, as well as the profound personal enmity and disdain that the party leaders have for one another.
For St. Maurice, who left behind a promising musical career for politics (he was the bass guitarist for one of Canada's most innovative punk rock bands, according to the Marijuana Party's official website), the issue of legalizing pot is very personal, given that he's been busted a total of seven times for cannabis possession.
www.satiricpress.com /sp/archive/2004-06-07/a_marijuanaparty.asp   (1404 words)

 Les Entartistes: Article Globe & Mail
Now, the entartistes' burlesque brand of political commentary has sprouted in Canada with the formation of a Montreal cell of the self-proclaimed "pie terrorists," who aim to wound only the inflated pride of their targets.
In the late 1970s, members of the Vancouver-based Anarchist Party of Canada, calling themselves the Groucho-Marxists, hit a number of targets, including former U.S. president Jimmy Carter's brother Billy, as well as the federal opposition leader, Joe Clark, and future B.C. premier Bill Vander Zalm.
But in English Canada, most satirical attacks on politicians have been more like the benign fun-poking outbursts of This Hour Has 22 Minutes' Marg Delahunty -- who even had Ontario Premier Mike Harris laughing along when she accosted him in her Princess Warrior garb last year.
www.entartistes.ca /Globe27598.html   (1071 words)

 Canadian Political Parties/Les Partis politiques du Canada
Parti Libéral du Canada (Québec)/Liberal Party of Canada (Quebec), PLC(Q)/LPC(Q)
Party of Citizens Who Have Decided To Think For Themselves And Be Their Own Politicians, POC
Parti communiste du Québec/Communist Party of Quebec, PCQ
home.ican.net /~alexng/can.html   (851 words)

 Leading Canada-First Among Equals
"To be Prime Minister of Canada, you need the hide of a rhinoceros, the morals of St. Francis, the patience of Job, the wisdom of Solomon, the strength of Hercules, the leadership of Napoleon, the magnetism of a Beatle and the subtlety of Machiavelli.
In so doing, the prime minister must contend with a wide range of competing forces, including the Cabinet, the party and caucus, Parliament, the media, public-interest groups, extra-parliamentary opposition, provincial premiers, foreign leaders  -  and the voters.
Given the dimensions of the task, it is not surprising that many leaders have found Canada to be a difficult country to govern.
www.collectionscanada.ca /primeministers/h4-2200-e.html   (184 words)

 Pebbles Take
Canada's economic health requires investing in large cities such as Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver that produce much of our wealth.
Given the Harper Conservatives' circumscribed small-government approach, it should not be difficult for the Liberals to define themselves as the party of vision and energy, ready to use the considerable power of government to improve people's lives.
Kennedy's position August 29th "Canada should push NATO to re-evaluate what amounts to a losing strategy in Afghanistan and push Prime Minister Harper to address the shortfall in aid development.
liberalpebbles.blogspot.com   (1586 words)

 The Canada Webring
The federal Conservatives are dogged by the public's lack of enthusiasm for Canada's Afghanistan mission and skepticism over their pledge to improve the environment, an Ekos poll reveals.
All three major political parties have agreed to work together to change what Canadians are doing to their lungs.
His political party is $1.3 million in debt due to his overspending in 2004.
a.webring.com /hub?ring=canada   (2462 words)

 The Infozone -- News and Headlines ©2006
Canada's ambassador to the United States, Frank McKenna is reported to be musing about offering his resignation, a possible prelude to a Liberal leadership run.
Canada East reports, "The life cycle of a political operative is as brief as a January thaw, and as brutal as a jilted lover.
Canada's parliamentary newspaper The Hill Times reports former Liberal MP Carolyn Parish as describing the Liberal campaign as "an extremely weak, unfocused campaign which resorted to bullying, wild promises and policy made on the fly took the Keystone Kops techniques of the 2004 campaign to an even greater low.
www.theinfozone.net /news_stories/infozone-news2005_Canada_.html   (16023 words)

 Canadian Cottage Holidays - Select cottage region
Quebec (pronounced "keh-BECK"; French: le Québec) is the largest province in Canada geographically, and the second most populous, after Ontario, with a population of 7,509,928 (Statistics Canada, 2004).
Quebec, Canada's largest province, occupies a vast territory (nearly three times the size of France), most of which is very sparsely populated.
This huge new addition to Quebec bordered James Bay and is where Quebec is located in eastern Canada, bordered by Ontario and Hudson Bay to the west, Atlantic Canada to the east, the U.S. (Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont and New York States) to the south, and the Arctic Ocean to the north.
www.cottageholidays.ca /map-province-11.html   (1276 words)

 Curried Lambda: Geoff Wozniak’s weblog · Politics
The Competition Bureau of Canada has investigated this multiple times and found no reason to believe that oil companies were doing anything wrong.
Canada has had some very productive minority governments in the past and the current federal one — nothwithstanding my position on their policies — seems to be able to get things done so I’m not buying the paralysis argument.
Three of the party leaders have already said their parties would use a democratic process to nominate their at-large candidates (standard practice in all MMP countries).
wozniak.ca /category/politics   (2682 words)

 Political Parties & Party Platforms - Election 2004 - CANADA
A pre-election comparison of the Conservative, Liberal, and New Democratic platforms, by economists Ellen Russell and Sheila Block, assesses the ability of the parties to balance their budgets and deliver on their promises.
The study, released today by the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, also found that men received the lion's share--73%--of the value of the tax reductions under the Conservative's proposal.
The Green Party supports the right of gay couples to choose a lifelong partnership and to achieve the full and equivalent legal status of any married couple.
dawn.thot.net /election2004/pp.htm   (1222 words)

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