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Topic: Rhodes Scholarship

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  The Rhodes Scholarship Memorandum
The Rhodes Trustees have instituted two (2) Rhodes Scholarships tenable at the University of Oxford to be awarded to candidates from the Commonwealth Caribbean as follows:
Election to the Scholarship, once confirmed, is normally for two years but the scholarship may be held for one year only, depending upon the degree programme pursued by the scholar.
Since June 1995, marriage could apply for Rhodes scholarships, and a scholarship was forfeited by marriage is no longer a bar to applying for, or holding, a Rhodes Scholarship.
www.rhodes-caribbean.com /memorandum1.html   (2060 words)

 The Rhodes Trust - an educational charity enabling study at Oxford University
The Rhodes Scholarship is a postgraduate award for study at the University of Oxford.
Rhodes Scholars may study any full-time postgraduate course offered by the University except for the MBA – whether a taught Master’s programme or a research degree; or a second undergraduate degree (senior status), over two years.
The Scholarship is for two years in the first instance, though may be held for one year only; applications for a third year of Scholarship (for those pursuing the DPhil) are considered during the course of the 2nd year.
www.rhodeshouse.ox.ac.uk /infoscholar.htm   (406 words)

  Obtaining graduate and undergraduate scholarships
The Rhodes Scholarship was established through the 1902 will of British colonial businessman and statesman Cecil Rhodes to bring outstanding young scholars from many nations to the University of Oxford for two- or three-year-long programs of study in a virtually unlimited variety of fields.
Each autumn 32 American Rhodes Scholars are chosen through an intense three-stage selection process that begins at the campus level and continues through state and district levels.
The Rhodes Scholarship, therefore, represents an investment in the individual as much as in the particular study project proposed.
www.centre.edu /web/academic/scholarships/rhodes.html   (163 words)

 Rhodes Scholarship
The Rhodes Scholarships, the oldest international fellowships, were initiated after the death of Cecil Rhodes in 1902, and bring outstanding students from many countries around the world to the University of Oxford.
A scholarship may be renewed, at the complete discretion of the Trustees, for a third and final year for those who were initially admitted to Oxford to pursue a doctoral degree.
Rhodes’ phrase, will "esteem the performance of public duties as [their] highest aim." From this statement one may infer that he expected his Scholars to play an influential part in the betterment of society, wherever their careers might lead them.
www.mercer.edu /nfs/RhodesScholarship.htm   (976 words)

 Rhodes, Cecil John - HighBeam Encyclopedia   (Site not responding. Last check: )
One of his chief benefactions was the Rhodes Scholarships to Oxford, administered by the Rhodes Trust.
Rhodes became the prime minister, and virtual dictator, of Cape Colony in 1890.
Although Rhodes did not approve the timing of the raid, he was so clearly implicated that he was forced to resign as prime minister in 1896.
www.encyclopedia.com /html/R/Rhodes-C.asp   (672 words)

The Rhodes Trustees have instituted three (3) Rhodes Scholarships tenable at the University of Oxford to be awarded to candidates from the Commonwealth Caribbean as follows:
The Rhodes Trust will not consider granting a third year unless it can be shown that a third year is eminently in the interest of the scholar's immediate studies and future career, nor unless work, conduct and general record have been satisfactory.
Rhodes believed that the last of these qualities was the best tested through participation and success in sports.
www.angelfire.com /biz/RhodesScholarship/MEMORANDUM.html   (1587 words)

 Rhodes Scholarship - Boston College   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The Rhodes Scholarship Program was established through a bequest of the late Cecil Rhodes, to give promising young leaders and scholars from seventeen different countries the opportunity to study for two to three years at Oxford University, in any academic field.
Rhodes Scholars may pursue any field of study at Oxford, as long as they are enrolled in a recognized degree program.
The Rhodes is a highly-competitive scholarship, and work on the application should begin during the Spring semester of the Junior year.
www.bc.edu /offices/ufel/fellowships/graduates/rhodes   (527 words)

 12.09.2002 - UC Berkeley student wins prestigious Rhodes Scholarship
Winners of the prestigious scholarship were chosen from among 981 applicants from 341 colleges and universities nationwide.
Luthra is the 21st Rhodes Scholarship winner from UC Berkeley.
Scholarship recipients are chosen for their high academic achievement, integrity of character, a spirit of unselfishness, respect for others, potential for leadership and physical vigor.
www.berkeley.edu /news/media/releases/2002/12/09_rhodes.html   (714 words)

 The Rhodes Scholarship - Distinguished Scholarships
American Rhodes Scholars are selected from all over the nation to pursue a course of study of their own choosing at Oxford; students may work toward a master's degree or a second bachelor's degree.
Proven intellectual and academic achievement of a high standard is the first quality required of applicants, but they will also be required to show integrity of character, interest in and respect for their fellow beings, the ability to lead, and the energy to use their talents to the full.
Rhodes, who endowed these scholarships, believed that the last of these qualities was best tested through participation and success in sports.
www.distinguishedscholarships.unc.edu /scholarships/rhodes.html   (866 words)

 Community Programs : Rhodes Scholarships : The University of Melbourne
A Rhodes Scholarship is tenable at the University of Oxford.
In addition, a Rhodes Scholar receives a personal stipend and assistance with travelling expenses to the U.K. Applications for the Victorian Rhodes Scholarship are invited from those who have passed their 18th.
Competition for the scholarships in Victoria as in other states, is extremely keen and candidates are of a very high standard as admission to Oxford is extremely competitive.
www.unimelb.edu.au /rhodesscholarship   (477 words)

 Rhodes Scholarship   (Site not responding. Last check: )
The Rhodes Scholarships were initiated after the death of Cecil Rhodes in 1902 and now bring outstanding students from nineteen countries and five continents to Oxford University.
The administrators of the Rhodes Scholarships seek out qualities of excellence in young people which would contribute to "the world's fight." Proven intellectual and academic achievement are the primary criteria.
Rhodes Scholars may read for either the Oxford Bachelor of Arts in any of the Final Honour Schools or for a higher degree, such as the M.Phil.
naples.cc.stonybrook.edu /CAS/uaa.nsf/pages/rhodes   (401 words)

 Rhodes Scholarship
Thirty-two Rhodes Scholarship are awarded each year to U.S. citizens, for two years of study at Oxford University in England.
Please note that Rhodes Scholarships are available to citizens of more than 20 countries besides the United States.
Finally, although Rhodes applicants need not be athletes, some activity that attests to “physical vigor” will certainly strengthen their application.
www.brynmawr.edu /deans/fellowships/rhodes.html   (907 words)

 rhodes scholarship
The Rhodes Scholarship Trust is designed to enable students of outstanding intellectual, moral.
The Rhodes Scholarship, one of the most competitive and prestigious awards, funds two or three years of post-bachelor study at Oxford University in Great Britain.
Rhodes Scholarships are given for a one, two or three-year period of study at Oxford University...
www.scholarship-info.com /rhodes-scholarship.html   (867 words)

 rhodes scholarship   (Site not responding. Last check: )
Rhodes Scholarships are administered by the Rhodes Trust and are subject to the terms of the last will and testament of John Cecil Rhodes, as amended.
The new Cornell Rhodes scholars, both from the College of Arts and Sciences, are seniors Brian Finucane, of...
Rhodes Scholarship, grant of financial aid awarded to selected college and university students for...
www.education-universe.com /articles/39/rhodes-scholarship.html   (484 words)

 Rhodes Scholarship Interview Experiences   (Site not responding. Last check: )
One of my professors told me about the Rhodes during my senior year, but I decided not to apply at that time because I really did not have a clear sense of my academic focus, and had not given enough thought as to what type of post-undergrad work I would be pursuing.
From my experience, those individuals who are awarded the scholarship distinguished themselves not by the grandeur of their accomplishments, but by their ability to communicate well, to express intellectual curiosity and to demonstrate genuine compassion for others.
More than anything, the Rhodes selection process demonstrated to me how difficult the selection process is for all people involved and how marginal the difference is between those who are fortunate enough to be selected Rhodes scholars and those who are not.
web.mit.edu /scholarships/details/rhodes-interviews.html   (8604 words)

 Six MIT students win Marshall and Rhodes scholarships - MIT News Office
Elizabeth Masiello, Laurel Yong-Hwa Lee and Javed Samuel are new Rhodes Scholars at MIT.
Rhodes Scholarships, first awarded in 1904, are a legacy of Cecil Rhodes, the 1881 Oxford University alumnus and founder of the DeBeers diamond mining company, who became the entrepreneurial embodiment of British colonial expansion into Africa.
MIT's Foreign Scholarships Committee comprises 18 members of the faculty, student body and academic staff, most of whom are former holders of Marshall, Rhodes, Fulbright and other major foreign scholarships or who administer MIT programs abroad.
web.mit.edu /newsoffice/2004/scholars.html   (1294 words)

 Marist College: Rhodes Scholarship
Thirty-two Rhodes scholarships are awarded to graduating seniors each year.
The Rhodes Scholarships, in short, are investments in individuals rather than in project proposals.
Rhodes scholars are well-rounded individuals possessing many attributes such as leadership ability and service activities.
www.marist.edu /academics/scholarships/rhodes.html   (308 words)

 College of Mathematical and Physical Sciences, Ohio State |
The College of Mathematical and Physical Sciences is proud to announce that Jessica Hanzlik, a senior majoring in French and physics, is a 2008 winner of the Rhodes Scholarship.
Rhodes Scholarships are presented to only 32 U.S. students each year, and Jessica is both the fifth Ohio State Rhodes Scholar and the first female OSU student to win this prestigious award.
Rhodes Scholarship awards include funding for two years of graduate study at the University of Oxford (England), where Jessica plans to pursue a doctorate degree in physics.
www.mps.ohio-state.edu   (288 words)

 The Rhodes Scholarships Australia - Rhodes Scholarship - The University of Sydney
The Rhodes Scholarships Australia - Rhodes Scholarship - The University of Sydney
Here you will find a brief history of the scholarships, eligibility requirements and academic standards expected of applicants for the scholarships, contacts for advice and further information, and just how different you may find life at Oxford compared with university life in Australia.
Please note that applicants are expected to apply through their home state.
www.usyd.edu.au /su/rhodes/Cecil_John_Rhodes.html   (160 words)

 Adelaide student wins Rhodes Scholarship
Phillip, 23, is the second person from Bordertown to become a Rhodes Scholar, the first being former Prime Minister Bob Hawke (Rhodes Scholar for Western Australia, 1953).
The Rhodes is one of the world's most prestigious scholarships and is offered annually in every State in Australia, plus three for Australia at large.
"The award of a Rhodes Scholarship is a very significant achievement which reflects on the all-round attributes of the awardee and also on the institutions where studies were undertaken," Professor McWha says.
www.adelaide.edu.au /news/print603.html   (546 words)

 Scholarships | Rhodes Scholarship Information
Applications are currently being accepted for Rhodes Scholarships to study at the University of Oxford in 2007.
Cecil Rhodes expressly desired that his scholars should not be mere bookworms, and what has given the Rhodes Scholarships their unique character is that they were never intended for the brilliant academic without more to offer.
Potential applicants need to understand that competition for the Rhodes Scholarship is very keen, and the standard of academic achievement required is very high (candidates should also be aware that the standards for acceptance at Oxford are equally rigorous).
www.adelaide.edu.au /graduatecentre/scholarships/postgrad/rhodes.html   (2101 words)

 Carthage - Career Services - Rhodes Scholarship
The Rhodes Scholarship was founded in 1903 to fulfill Cecil J. Rhodes dream of bringing together outstanding students from through out the English speaking world to study at the University where he took his degree.
The Rhodes Scholarship is perhaps the most prestigious honor a senior or recent graduate can receive.
The Scholarship pays full tuition, living expenses and transportation for two years of study at the University of Oxford with the possibility of renewal for a third year.
www.carthage.edu /careerservices/rhodes.html   (242 words)

 Education Scholarships News Scholarships Details Information Crossing seas Scholarship Resource Net Rhodes Scholarship ...
This is a prestigious scholarship, tenable at the University of Oxford.
Election to the scholarship is normally for two years; may be renewed, at the discretion of Trustees, for a third and final year for those who were initially admitted to Oxford to pursue a doctoral degree.
Chevening scholarships offer an opportunity to deserving Indian students and professionals who wish to study or train in the U.K., to achieve their goals, by providing financial assistance.
www.winentrance.com /scholarships/Crossing-seas-Scholarship.html   (994 words)

 Rhodes Scholarship Information
This information is to inform prospective applicants and their advisors about the special character of the Rhodes Scholarships and the opportunities for study they provide in one of the world's most ancient and distinguished universities.
The first provides a brief sketch of the history of the Rhodes Scholarships; the second describes Oxford's approach to learning; and the third discusses the procedures for application, criteria for selection, and the selection process in the United States.
The Rhodes Scholarships are tenable at Oxford University.
www.rhodesscholar.org /info.html   (156 words)

 Scholarship | Taman Siswa
Six students of Indian or South Asian origin are among the recipients of the scholarship, the oldest international study awards available to American students.
The Arizona Association of Chicanos in Higher Education created the scholarship to honor Lopez during the 20th anniversary of the Arizona Hispanic Community Forum, a volunteer-based advocacy group she formed in 1987.
The University of Georgia Arch Foundation has established a scholarship fund to help UGA students study in other countries in honor of university President Michael Adams and his wife, Mary, both strong proponents of international education.
www.tamansiswa.com /category/scholarship   (574 words)

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